as I walked out of gym back into my normal clothes I felt someone's hands cover my eyes.

"Guess who?" the person whispered mysteriously into my ear.

"Jacob of course who else would smell like oil and gas" I laughed. Jacob chuckled along with me and started walking with me to my favorite spot on campus when its actually sunny here which is of course once in a blue moon. My spot was behind the school if you walked down the bike trail to the softball fields I found a little hidden pathway there as I slipped through the bushes I walked hunched over so I wouldn't hit my head haha poor Jacob he practically has to crawl. (a/n by the way not poor Jacob I hate him so if ur a Jacob fan u probably wont like this story. Hee hee =D)

Finally we reached the destination it was just a little room made out of vines, flowers, and a water proof blanket on the ground. The reason I only liked to come here when its sunny out is because its to cold when its not and its all wet. I sat down and looked at Jacob as he sat across from me. He opened his auto-shop binder and flipped to his notes while I opened my newest copy of Love and Friendship by Jane Austen. After 45 minutes of trying to read while Jacob kept trying to play footsie with me I snapped.

"Will you knock it off I thought you were studying?"

"Sorry bells" he said with a pout.

"Whatever lets just get out of here" I said as she marked her book and headed out hunched over. The whole way I could feel Jacobs eyes on my ass. As soon as I stepped into the bright light the smell of rust and salt invaded my nostrils, I started getting woozy.

"O my god bella what happened to your arm?" I looked down to see a cut going all across the upper part of my arm. Jacob then picked me up and started running toward the school.

"Jacob put me down" I mumbled.

"No we gotta get you to the nurse"

"No no nurse" I incohererently mumbled.

as we reached the parking lot to get to the nurse I heard Edwards musical voice start shouting.

"Bella, Bella what the hell did you do to her?" I heard Edward shouting

"Nothing she started getting sick from blood whatever her problem is she needs to get over it" I heard Jacob snap back He's known me since I was 6 years you would think he would know that I get sick by the sight and smell of blood. Edward seemed to feel the same way.

"You have known her how long?" he questioned

"Since I was 5 and she was 6" he replied proudly as though he was proud he remembered.

"Don't you think you should know by now about her and blood" he growled as he took me out of Jacobs arms. THaNK GOD! I shouted internally. As Edward took me out of Jacobs arms I could tell by the feel of the arms he had passed me to Emmett as Alice wiped the blood off of my arm. I opened my eyes to see Edward shove Jacob against the wall and launch a perfect punch straight to Jacobs face. Jacob crumbled to the ground in pain.

Edward turned around towards me and came to check on me.

"Bells are you ok? What did that mutt do to you?"

"Nothing Edward I just cut myself on a vine walking out of the garden"

"Oh well Jacob still deserved it." I laughed at that so hard I had to calm down so I could breath.

"Oh well come on hells bells lets get you home." he said while gently dragging and pushing me into the Volvo.

as he opened his door to go home Lauren popped out of nowhere.

"Hey baby" she rasped trying to sound seductive. If you ask me she sounds like a frog trying to ribbet and is being choked. Eventually Edward and her broke apart for air and before they could go back to it I pulled Edward down into the car when he fell back he hit his head on the roof and I started laughing.

"why did you pull me down like that"

"Cause I don't want to wait for you two just so you can snog and its disgusting watching her shove her toung down your throat one day your gonna need the hymlic maneuver" I replied. Geez somebody needs to retract the claws.

"ok 1 Snog? and 2. What's wrong swan jelous?"

"ha ha Cullen in your dreams"

"Every night bells every night" he whispered into my ear before turning back to the wheel

and turning the keys to start the car as soon as the car purred to life the best song in the

world popped onto the radio. As soon as I heard it come on I started to sing with it.

You gotta help me outIt's all a blur last nightWe need a taxi 'cause you're hung-over and I'm brokeI lost my fake I'd but you lost the motel keySpare me your freakin' dirty looksNow don't play meYou want to cash out and get the hell out of townCHORUS:Don't be a babyRemember what you told meShut up and put your money where your mouth isThat's what you get for waking up in VegasGet up and shake the glitter off your clothes, nowThat's what you get for waking up in VegasWhy are these lights so brightOh, did we get hitched last night, dressed up like Elvis, And why, why am I wearing your class ring? Don't call your mother'Cause now we're partners in crimeCHORUS:Don't be a babyRemember what you told meShut up and put your money where your mouth isThat's what you get for waking up in VegasGet up and shake the glitter off your clothes, nowThat's what you get for waking up in VegasYou got me into thisInformation overload, situation lost controlSend out an S.O. get some cash outWe're gonna tear up the townDon't be a babyRemember what you told me (x3)Told me, you told me, you told meShut up and put your money where your mouth isThat's what you get for waking up in VegasGet up and shake the glitter off your clothes, nowThat's what you get for waking up in VegasShake the glitter, shake, shake, shake the glitter, c'mon! Give me some cash out babyGive me some cash out, baby

As the song ended the next song started to play kryptonite by 3 doors down and I was really sad when I noticed we pulled up to my house when he turned off the car.

"You coming in?"

"Just for a minute I left my algebra book here."

As we walked in the first thing I did was check my messages.

I deleted the first 3 because they were just telemarketers then I heard the last voice I ever wanted to hear again. When Edward finally came down he heard the voice to and shut it off.

"I can't believe that bitch is trying to reach you after what she did to you." he grumbled. He quickly saw me staring at the message machine shaking.

"Bella, Bells hey you ok girl?" he asked taking my arm in his hands trying to pull me away from the machine. I quickly yanked my arm back grabbed the machine and threw it against the wall. I watched as it shattered on impact. I slowly slid down the wall pulled my knees to my chest, my arms on top of my knees and burried my face in my arms just letting the tears fall down my face. I felt Edward kneel to my level throw his arms around and whispered comforting words into my ear.

"its ok bella I wont ever let her hurt you again."

"Bells you have no idea how much I want to take away your pain and suffer it myself"

"I will get back at her for you bells I swear."

After a while of sitting there crying I was finally able to pull myself back together.

"You sure your ok bells?"

"I'm fine your mom is probably worried sick about you" after 30 minutes of trying to convince him I was fine and he could leave he finally believed her.

"I know I know" he chuckled he quickly kissed me on the cheek ran to his car and started it and drove away in that horrific speed. I laughed as his bye babe came floating back to me.

So you wanna know my secret. Promise not to tell. Anyone?!

Well im in love with EMMETT CULLEN! Hee hee no im just joking I'm in love with his brother the best piano and guitar player (other then myself) in washinton Edward Cullen.


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