I wet upstairs as soon as Edward left. I decided what better way to distract myself other then to clean my room.

~3 hours later~

I looked around trying to find something else I can clean. I looked at my desk, everything in prestine condition my computer dusted, my pencils in a jar and my school books in order. I looked at my bookcase and every book organized in alphabetical order by author and title, my closet organized by colors alice would be so proud. No laundry my bed made perfectly.

"Bella?!?" I heard Charlie shout from downstairs. I ran down as fast as I could without tripping it didn't work I fell over the very last step why is it that last step that always gets me?

"Hey dad What's up?"

"Oh Sweetheart thank god your ok I saw the answering machine and I thought…"

"don't worry im perfectly fine other then my rear end" Charlie chuckled when he remembered me tripping.

"What did happen to the answering machine?"

"You know who called"

"I know who?"

"oh come on dad you know who I'm talking about"

"I do?" I rolled my eyes at his clueless-ness.

"Rennee dad Rennee"

"Oh I'm sorry sweetie"

"Yeah Whatever"

"SO….. Whats for dinner?" He asked trying to change the subject.

"Um I don't know what do you want?"

"I was thinking fish"

"Dad we had that last night and the night before I'm running out of ways to make fish interesting."

"Well okay um pizza we could just order in?"

"Dad you lived on your own for way to long" emphasizing way

"Okay well you some up with something"

"Okay I will" I started going through the cabinets and decided I needed to go grocery shopping tomarrow after school. Finally I decided on stir fry.

~hour and a half later~

"Dad dinners ready" I shouted from the kitchen as I dished us up.

"MMMMM…… It smells great bells"

"Thanks dad"

The rest of dinner was spent in our normal fashion Charlie asking me about school and my friends.

After we were both finished I did the dishes and went upstairs and decided to read a book

but couldn't decide between my two favorite books Twilight (lol sorry couldn't help it)

or Stake that! (If you haven't read it yet its amazing but you have to read the 1st book

to understand called boys that bite by Mari Mancusi) after a while I decided just to

check my email and got on IM.

When I first got on nobody else was on so i went straight to my email most of it was just

junk but I had a couple from Rennee which I quickly deleted I never wanted to talk to her

again. I heard a beeping sound alerting me that someone logged on IM I noticed that it

was Edward and I felt my heart speed up.

E: Hey hell bells what u do today?

B: a lot hbu?

E: nothing really I just listened to music today I found this amazing band you will


B: Oh yeah who are they?

E: There called strange condition ( it the name of my brothers friends band there

really close to becoming famous they just have to sign the contract yah)

B: hmmm… interesting name

E: Yeah so am I picking you up tommarow still???

B: Sure same time?

E: of course I should probably go get some sleep not all of us can look naturally a

beautiful as you.

B: No im not ok… goodnight and don't forget my star bucks.

E: I would never a bella without caffeine I would fear for everybodys lives.

B: ha ha ha go to bed Eddie

Edward Cullen has logged off

Bella Swan has logged off


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long writers block. I promise to try and update soon.