This is really random it takes place during Danrics visit in Tlanth but it doesn't say that in the story. Well enjoy.

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"I know!" a small boy's voice chirped excitedly. "Lets play catch me."

"Catch me?" the countess's voice inquired puzzled.

"Yes! I'm the Marquis of Sheveraeth and you be the Countess of Tlanth an' . . ."

"Allow me to take speculate. You are going to chase me around until you catch me."


"Do you play this often?"

The boy was too young to grasp Meliara's agitated tone at be reminded of the transpired events. I could discern humiliation and a slight sadness in her manner of asking that question.

"All the time."

I fought back the impulse to wince but Branaric, who was next to me, was unsuccessfully trying not laugh. Nee gave him a disapproving look.

"Well actually we used to run 'round chasin' each other but then my friend Aric added this part to make it funner."

"How creative."

'Uh huh and the best part is the end."


"Jus play with me you'll see. The boys will be so jealous when they hear I played with the real countess. Please"

By this time we had reached the opened door to the garden and could see the round freckle faced boy looking up at her with a doe-eyed gaze, his whole countenance hopeful.

The countess relented and the boy's hazel eyes brightened with joy. He grabbed a picnic blanket that was neatly fold nearby and wrapped it about his shoulders. Meliara was facing away from us but I could tell this made her smile. "You have a five second head-start. One . . . two . . . three . . . four . . . FIVE." He took of behind her waving a stick, the picnic blanket dragging behind him.

"I'm gonna get you!" he exclaimed.

"Oh no you're not!"

They wove through the winding garden paths until they ended up back were they started. The boy threw himself on top of her and she fell backwards on to the soft grass. "I got you!" He cried triumphantly standing and bouncing up and down.

"Yes you did." She said laughing, still lying on the ground. "What now are you going to torture me?"

"No. SURPRISE I'm a good person!"

The countess laughed again her face practically glowing. I felt guilty watching them especially because I knew that Meliara wouldn't like it but I was becoming addicted to the sound her laughter. "Watch out! It's the evil King Galdran. I'll save you!"

The boy began hacking at a small shrub with his stick. Meliara was laughing so hard she began to tear up. When the boy had sufficiently destroyed the evil bush he got down on one knee before the countess who was now standing. "Countess," he pronounced. "The evil king is dead. Marry me."


This was too much for Branaric and he had to walk away so his laughter couldn't be heard.

"Marry me and we can be happy together."

She smiled. "My dear Marquis, as handsome and enchanting as I find you. I am far to tired to be married today. Try asking me again tomorrow."

Bran who had just returned burst out in hoots of laughter. "Whoa . . . I never heard that part. Who would have thought Mel had such fond feelings for you Danric?"

Meliara looked up mortified at Branaric's words. "I am sure the Countess was merely playing along for the sake of the boy. And if she finds anyone handsome and enchanting it is he not I. I am certain she does not consider me, her dear anything Branaric. I believe it would be best if we left now," I said those words to save the situation and believed them to be true, as much as I didn't want them to be.

Meliara said nothing to contradict me but her sad, wistful look made me think twice about what I'd just stated as fact.

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