Here's the first Outtake for Another Chance.

It's Tanya's POV of when the Denali's went to Forks and where she first met Bella.

There will probably be 3 Parts to her POV.

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Three years.

It had been three years since the accident.

Three years since I last saw Edward.

Three years since I last spoke with him.

Three years since I figured out I loved him.

Three fucking long ass years.

But today, today I would finally get to see that adorable little human boy that I have yet to stop thinking about.

He's always on my mind.

He is the main reason I was able to keep on going.

After I killed Jonathan, I didn't think I could go on.

I had fallen in love with Jon and I had planned on changing him.

But I was so stupid.

I waited too long.

It was too late now.

The day after, when everything was starting to hit me extremely hard of what I had done, I was at my lowest of lows.

Everyone gave me space to deal with the tragedy.

I had never felt so alone.

I felt guilt about a lot of things.

Especially when I found out that I was the reason the Cullen's would be moving.

They thought I would be a threat to Edward.

But I could never hurt him.

He had seen what I did.

I had felt even guiltier about that.

I had to apologize to him.

When I got there I didn't think he would want to see me but I had to try.

Surprisingly he did.

I could tell he was scared shit-less, but he hid it pretty well.

He said he didn't blame me for what happened, that he knew it was an accident.

He had witnessed countless times when the Cullen's would 'slip up,' he called it.

He understood.

A simple human boy understood a murderous act I had committed and didn't blame me for it.

He understood.

What amazed me most was when he slowly leaned in towards me and gave me a gentle hug.

He comforted me.

He made me feel like everything would be ok.

How he could make the pain lift from my shoulders I have no idea, but he did.

From that day on I promised myself I would do anything in my power to get back to where I was.

I would have control again.

I would make Edward proud of me.

I heard a sigh come from behind me and looked up at the rear view mirror.

Kate was pouting.

"I hate long car rides." She said.

"Well, we're almost there!" I said excitedly.

We were only a couple miles from Forks now.

I couldn't wait to see Edward's cute face again.

When we finally got there I ran up to the door and Alice let us all in.

"I'm glad you guys could make it!" Alice said cheerfully.

"Well, we thought it would be nice to spend the holidays with our extended family."

Carlisle stepped forward and shook Eleazar's hand.

"It's wonderful to see you guys again!" I sang.

I walked into the living room looking anxiously for him.

"Where's Edward?"

"Right here."

My hair whipped the side of my face as I quickly turned to face the voice standing in the doorway.

Oh my god.

Look at him!

He was drop dead gorgeous.

Boy have you grown up.

I glided over to him in one stride and hugged him as tightly as I dared.

"Edward! I've missed you. How have you been?"

I pulled him over to the couch.

"I've been good. How about you?"

Damn his voice was sexy.

"I've been getting by…" I sighed.

Missing you like hell, though.

I've been so lonely.

And bored.

Wow, I'm pathetic.

"But I'm better now." I continued.

He smiled and it made my knees weak.

A familiar tightening in my stomach made me want to go over and touch him.

"I really have missed you, Eddie!"

I held him close and put my head on his shoulder.

"We have to catch up, what have you been u–"

I was rudely interrupted by an annoying high pitched voice coming from the kitchen.


Edward turned out of my grasp.

I looked to see who the annoying voice belonged to.

Some plain Jane I had never met was walking into the room with Jasper.

Edward practically dropped me out of the couch as he got up to walk over to the girl.

He cupped her cheek and she leaned into it.

That bitch.

What is she doing?

He's mine.

"How was your hunt?" Edward asked her.

"It sucked!" Jasper yelled. "I could barely get in a kill. She was extremely anxious the whole time. With all of it thrown at me in full force, I kept missing my kill and pouncing too soon."

"Yeah, I was a little anxious to get back to you…" the girl laughed.

Her laugh made me cringe.

I glared at the girl who still had her hands all over my Edward.

Jasper raised and eyebrow and smirked.

Was he feeling the annoyance I had for this girl?

He took the girl by her waist and let her towards us.

"Bella this is the Denali Coven from Alaska. This is Carmen, Eleazar, Kate, Irina, and Tanya."

So Bella was her name.

"Nice to finally meet you all." She smiled.

I grimaced.

Who the hell is she?

And why does he have his arm around her...

He couldn't be interested in her.

She was short, with plain brown hair.

Her clothes needed a boost in style too.

It's probably nothing.

…nothing at all.

They're just friends.

That's right.

I still have chance with him.

"Tanya, I heard that you started school again now." Alice said.

I hesitantly turned around to answer her, no need to be rude to my cousin.

"Yeah. A few months ago I started at the college you went to last time. After that incident three years ago I hadn't gone back. I think I now have my control back to how it was before. I was getting extremely bored at home and needed something to do."

I horrible memory of that night came to my mind.

The poor guy didn't even know what hit him.

He was kissing me more passionately that he ever had before.

And damn him, but I was so horny that I didn't even realize he was going too far.

By then it was too late.

His scent had become too intoxicating.

His sweat rolled off of him and it made him smell much sweeter.

I had been denying my natural thirst for way too damn long.

It had been centuries since I last had human blood.

And there I had him.

He was right beneath my grasp.

My fingers entwined in his hair and I gripped onto him.

I had to have him.

I snarled as he tried to pull away from me.

"Useless human..." I hissed.

I sunk my teeth into him and let his sweet blood flow from him onto my tongue.

Mmm…yes. I had denied this sweet nectar for way to long.

The pleasure of it made my eyes roll back into my head.

I swear, drinking this human's blood was like having two or three orgasms rip through my body at once.

All too soon the blood was gone.

The body beneath me had gone limp and I let it fall to the floor.

Suddenly my mind twisted and turned as I realized what I just did.

"Shit!" I yelled as I quickly went to my knees taking Jon's lifeless body into my arms.

I suddenly heard a gasp and snapped my head in the direction where it came from.

In the window I saw Edward's horrified face.

Of fuck.

He saw me kill Jon…

Damn it!

What have I done?

Painful sobs took over my body.

I crushed Jon's body as close to mine as I could and rocked us back and forth.

"Oh god…Jon. I'm so sorry. Fuck. How could I have done this to you…" I sobbed.

I vaguely remember someone's hand upon my shoulder before I jumped up and ran into the woods with Jon still in my arms.

"So, what's Bella's story?" Kate asked suddenly.

Edward and this Bella sat with us and I held back a hiss as she was the one who took the seat beside me.

She told us how she almost killed Edward and I wanted to tear her to pieces.

How dare she even think about hurting him!

I'd kill her.

I let out a frustrated sigh and sat back listening to the mindless chatter the family was having.

Hours later Edward got up with Bella to the kitchen to make something to eat, after his stomach growled in protest.

After a couple of minutes I heard them fumbling around the kitchen.

It took everything in me to keep myself in the living room, I wanted to go in there and interrupt what ever it was they were doing.

Suddenly I heard Edward gasp.

"Carlisle!" Bella called with a strained voice.

Carlisle dashed into the kitchen and I saw him blur back out and up the stairs.

I inhaled deeply and jumped to my feet.

The salty sweet smell of blood was in the air.

Edward's blood.

What the fuck did she do to him?!

"What happened?" I demanded as she walked into the living room with wide eyes clutching at her throat.

Alice was by her side in a flash.

"Shit, I'm so sorry Bella. It all happened so fast I wasn't able to stop it in time!" she cried.

"What happened!" I yelled.

"They were cooking and the pot fell from the stove. Some of the water fell on Edward's hand and burned him. He fell backwards reacting to the burning and hit his head." Alice said in one breath.

She led Bella out through the front door.

When they were outside I could here Bella gasping for air.

I sat back down and tried to calm myself.

It was just an accident, calm yourself Tanya.

"We're going to go out and hunt." Eleazar told me as he helped Carmen off the loveseat.

They walked out the back door.

Emmett and Rosalie went out to the garage.

Esme went upstairs.

A few moments later Bella and Alice came back in.

Bella looked horrified and disoriented.

She reminded me of how I looked like when I had killed Jon…

What if…


I won't think about that.

I sighed.

I felt bad for her though.

I knew how hard it could be when you lost control…or almost do.

I offered her a sad smile as she walked passed me.

She took in a deep breath before she made her way upstairs.

"Come in." I heard Carlisle say.

"Bella." I heard Edward whisper.

"Bella… are you crying?" he asked her.

She was.

She was muttering to herself. 'Damn it. I could have killed him. If we were alone…I can't believe I almost…' I knew Edward couldn't hear it though. I could barely hear it myself.

"I'm so sorry, Edward. I should have been more careful. I should have been quicker. I should have caught you before you fell…I should have…."

I didn't hear much of what they were saying after that.

Carlisle had just come back down stairs.

"Is he alright?" I asked him.

He nodded.

"Yes, he just has a small gash on his head. His arm will take a little while to heal. It's burned pretty badly."

I grimaced.

Poor Edward.

I'd hate to see him in pain.

I could help him.

Maybe I could stay with him and keep my hand on his arm.

It could work like an ice pack.

And it would give me a reason to be able to touch him…

I heard footsteps coming down the stairs.

A moment later Bella and Edward stepped into view.

Edward looked pained. His arm was in a sling and I could faintly smell his wound start to heal.

"Hey Alice, have you seen my–"

Alice threw a pair of keys at Bella and she caught them without effort.

Where are they going?

Damn it!

Am I ever going to have time alone with him?!

Well at least I still have a couple of days left before I have to go back home.

I wish Edward would go back with me.

I sighed.

I know I could make him fall in love with me.

I mean seriously, who could resist my beautiful figure?

I have big breasts and golden long hair, perfect skin.

He'd be nuts not to at least lust over me.

Alice cleared her throat and I looked over to her.

"So you guys want to go shopping?" she asked.

I grinned.

Kate and I jumped up from the couch.

"Nothing like a little shopping to get your mind off things…" I said.

Kate and Alice nodded and we walked out towards the garage.

"Ooo, Let's take the Porsche!" Kate squeaked.

Hell yeah.