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Margaret watched silently as the men continued to dismantle the tents that made up the 4077th, a blank expression on her face. After what seemed like a lifetime, the police action in Korea had finally come to an end and they were all going home. She felt strange, because although she was incredibly happy to be returning home, at the same time it saddened her to think that she would not be seeing her friends every single day.

Taking a deep breath, Margaret began to walk slowly around the remains of the camp, memories of the time that she had spent there filing her mind, in particular her memories of the past few months. They had been difficult months to say the least.

As BJ had predicted, her recovery had been long and hard and it had taken weeks for her to be well enough to even move back into her own tent, let alone resume her duties. Initially it had been suggested that she be evacuated to a hospital in Tokyo but Margaret had begged to be allowed to stay, feeling the need to have her family around her during her recovery. Colonel Potter had agreed readily, guilt still filling him as he desperately tried to make amends for his behaviour. It had been the right decision for her though, since as her medical condition had steadily improved so too had her spirits. Slowly her smiles had become more frequent and with the support of the entire camp she soon began returning to her old self. None were more pleased at this change than BJ, who had made it his mission to ensure that Margaret recovered both in mind and in spirit.

In fact there was only one member of the camp who was not making sure that she ate and slept or that she was generally happy in herself. This person was Hawkeye, and although it seemed to the outside observer that he was once again neglecting her, this was untrue.

Initially Margaret had been worried that after his declaration of love, Hawkeye would begin to demand more from her than she was able to give, and when he didn't get this, that he would abandon her again. Instead Hawkeye had accepted Margaret's silent plea to allow her to mend her broken heart and had remained at a distance from her. He was not absent from her life though, he was simply invisible. Proof of his continued affections instead came in the form of small gifts. Flowers appeared every morning next to her bed, a trend that continued even after she returned to her own tent. She also discovered small gifts would appear every now and then, nothing fancy but obviously considered carefully by the giver. She also knew that although he didn't have a say in her medical care, that he had still ensured that he received regular updates from a few of the nurses, including Nurse Kellye.

Margaret smiled to herself as she remembered confronting the young nurse about her reports to the Captain. Originally Kellye had been as firm as BJ in ensuring that Hawkeye was kept away from her but following that night where he had visited her to apologise, Kellye had slowly begun to relax her attitudes towards the Captain. She chuckled as she remembered Kellye's simple explanation.

"Well I figured that now that he wasn't acting like a jerk anymore, that it would do you more good if he was alive and aware of how you are doing. Won't be much good if he thinks you're at death's door or something, will it?"

These demonstrations of his concern helped to heal her heart and gradually the friendship between the pair improved and slowly she began to trust him again.

Margaret smiled again as she remembered the first night that she had eaten in the Mess tent, after she had moved back into her tent. The entire camp had been bustling round her, offering to get her something to eat, making room at their tables for her to sit down and generally overwhelming her. She had been struggling to get out of the middle of the crowd that had surrounded her, when she suddenly felt a gentle hand grab her arm and pull her out. Lifting her face, she had seen two sparkling blue eyes staring down at her but before she had a chance to comment, he had led her over to a corner of the tent, away from the crowds of people, where a tray of food was already laid. Shrugging innocently, he had gestured for her to sit down, and then sat down opposite her. Whilst she ate, he remained silent, but his mere presence was enough. It reassured her of his intention to treat her well and not to push her, and on that night a flicker of trust had once again begun to bloom. The silence had not lasted though, she remembered with a laugh. BJ had soon realised that she had escaped the throng of people and spotting her sitting alone with Hawkeye, he had rushed over, and although he was no longer outwardly aggressive, his attitude towards Hawkeye had still been cold.

Margaret had half-expected Hawkeye to leave the moment that BJ sat down, but surprising her again he had stayed until she had finished eating and only when she left, did he also leave.

Margaret sighed contentedly, her lips still curved upwards in a smile as she watched Klinger and Soon-Li walking together.

"I hope with a smile that big that you're thinking about me!" A warm voice teased, as a pair of strong arms slipped round her waist and came to rest on her stomach.

"Hmm, actually I was just thinking about handsome BJ is...." She trailed off laughing as her fiancé tickled her mercilessly.

"Oh well then, I guess I'll just take my ring back then." He teased, gently fingering the aforementioned piece of jewellery.

"Ok, Ok I give, I was thinking about you not BJ." Margaret admitted, still laughing happily. Grinning, she turned in his arms and placed a gentle kiss on his smiling mouth before slipping her arms around his neck in a loving hug.

Hawkeye smiled, his arms tightening around Margaret's petite frame, grateful to whatever deity had been watching over them that he had been able to regain her trust and earn her heart. Eventually Margaret pulled back, her eyes instantly moving to his. Hawkeye smiled lovingly at her and leaning down, he brushed a kiss against her nose, delighting in the giggle that his gesture caused.

"So where were you headed next?" He asked, gesturing back towards the camp.

"I was thinking of going up to the helipad, care to join me?"

"Of course, Mademoiselle. Allow me to be your escort, the hills are fraught with danger for a beautiful flower such as yourself." Hawkeye replied, bowing gallantly before her and offering her his hand, playfully nudging her when she began laughing at his words.

A short time later, they stood gazing out across the remains of the camp, Margaret once again leaning against Hawkeye's chest, as he rested his head on her shoulder.



"You know that I've forgiven you for what happened and that I love you, don't you?" She asked. Hawkeye smiled at her sweet words and pulled her closer into his embrace.

"I knew, but thank you for telling me anyway." He said and turning her head towards his, he bent down and kissed her. "I love you too, my Margaret."

So a bit of fluff to finish with but ah it's just so nice to write. I wanted to make sure that Margaret didn't just forgive him straight away so I hope that that came across here, even though I did always plan on them being together in the end. Sigh. Anywho, hope you all liked the ending. Cheerio. lol. A xxxxxx