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Twenty Years Later

Today is Renesme's wedding day. She had turned from a beautiful young girl, into a beautiful young woman. I sound like a proud aunt, but then again that is what I am. I am a proud aunt. Her wedding has made me think how much has changed in my life.

I had always thought that my change from human to vampire, would be the biggest change I would ever experience. I was wrong. The biggest change I ever experienced came after Alec died. I became a mum.

I didn't experience the miracle the birth, quite glad about that really, I saw what happened to Bella. You might have already guessed by now, but me and Jasper adopted Lizzie. She had been an orphan when Alec changed her and she had never really known her parents. Gradually, over time she came to call me and Jasper, mom and dad. Jasper is the greatest and most definitely the proudest father I have ever seen. You should see him and Edward together, constantly bragging about their daughters.

"What are you thinking about?" Jasper asked, as he approached me. I had been so consumed with remebering I hadn't even heard him approach.

"Lizzie" I answered. Jasper smiled and we both turned to watch Lizzie. She was on the dance floor with Seth Clearwater, having managed to convince him to join her.

"She's beautiful isn't she?" he said. See what I mean by being the proudest father I know?

"I'm very lucky with both my beautiful girls" Jasper said, turning to look at me. I would have blushed if I had been human.

"I'm very lucky too" I pointed out. Jasper smiled at me once again.

"Do you want to go hunting together after this?" he asked.

"Sure" I replied.

This was another change that had occurred after Alec's death. I had realised that I couldn't keep being ashamed of what I was. That meant no more hiding from my family as I hunted. Besides, after the Alec episode, there was no way Jasper was going to allow me to go off hunting on my own anyway. Still I can remember the look of extreme surprise yet happiness that Jasper had on his face that day, when I asked him if I could go hunting with him. At first I would only go hunting with Jasper, but now I will go hunting with whoever is availiable. Well except for Emmett, but that's for a completely different reason.

Carlisle though, had found a reason for my initial reluntance to hunt with others. He explained that he thought my gift was the ability to retain more human aspects of myself than most vampires. He also thought that I could project that onto others. For example, he said Lizzie possessed far too much self-control than she should for her age and that it was my influence that had done that. I was proud of my gift. Even though it caused me so much trouble personally, it also gave me the chance to help others. Lizzie was far too innocent to experience what it was like to kill a person.

"You're away with the fairies again" Jasper said, breaking into my thoughts.

"I'm sorry. I guess I've just been thinking a lot lately" I replied.

"What were you thinking about this time?" Jasper asked me gently.

"About my gift and how I use to only hunt alone" I answered. Jasper's eyes looked stormy for a second.

"I hated it that you were suffering so much and there was nothing I could do to help you. How could I teach you not to be ashamed about what you were, when I was ashamed of myself. Still am" Jasper said. I placed a finger against his lips, indicating he should be quiet.

"It's over with now. I'm no longer suffering and neither should you be. You have no reason to be ashamed. When I look at you I don't see a vampire, I see a man who loves me" I told him. I then removed my finger and instead placed my lips to his.

"Urgh. You have got to be kidding me" I heard Lizzie say as she passed by us. Me and Jasper broke apart grinning. Lizzie may be a vampire stuck in a fifteen year old's body, but she was very much your typical teenager. Her parent's public displays of affection towards one another, was enough to mortify her.

"Watch what you say, Lizzie" I heard Jasper call out after her, but I could tell by his tone of voice that he was teasing her. I slapped him playfully on the shoulder.

"Leave our daughter alone. You're cramping her style" I told him.

"Why would she need style. Has some guy come onto her? Which one? Where is he? I'll..." Jasper began to rant. He was cut off as I burst into laughter.

"You're too overprotective. There is no guy" I explained.

"There is no such word as overprotective when it somes to you or Lizzie" he replied.

"You are such a great father, you know that right?" I said. At my words Jasper immediately became bashful. I wasn't use to seeing him like that.

"Well, Mr. Hale, I think you owe me a dance" I said, in order to move on from this embarassing subject. Jasper smiled at me.

"Well, Mrs. Hale, I think you may be right" he replied as he took me by the hand and began leading me to the dance floor. Out the corner of my eye I saw Lizzie rolling her eyes good-naturedly. I rolled my eyes at her behaviour. Lizzie just shrugged her shoulders and went to bother Emmett. Now that worried me. Emmett and Lizzie together was not a good thing. They got on well. Too well. They were like a pair of mischievious twins. Only earlier, I had intercepted their plans to spike the punch. I shrugged my shoulders. I would deal with whatever they had planned, later. For now it was just me and Jasper.

"What is it?" Jasper asked as he spun me around the floor. I knew he must have felt my shoulder shrug.

"Emmett and Lizzie" I answered. Jasper groaned in reply.

"Emmett is her Uncle, you would think he would at least try and be a good influence on her" he added. I laid my head on his shoulder.

"Forget about it. For now, it's just me and you" I said, not wanting anything to disturb this moment between us.

"I think you mean, it's just you and me, for all eternity, my little angel" Jasper whispered in my ear.

"You are quite right, Mr. Hale".

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