This is a multichapter story with each chapter exactly 100 words. And as I have written ahead, there will be updates. I'm using prompts from 30_kisses on LJ, those'll be chapter titles or something. This is sweet mush too. Maybe angst. I''ll try to post each day.

She is waiting for him by the gate, a thoughtful gesture that he always appreciates, though he is never sure why. He is half an hour late. She is pink and red in the late afternoon sunlight, smiling.

"Kakashi!" she waves. "Look over here!" He walks over to her, hands thrust deeply into his pockets.

"Hey, Sakura,"

She hugs him, a simple gesture. "Good luck on your mission, kay?"

"Thanks." He is strangely pleased by the sentiment. Sakura smiles and waves and watches him go. He shoulders his pack and leaves, looking back over there towards her. Just a little.