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Current members of Torchwood: Jack, Ianto, Tanwen, Dayton and Roan Harkness-Jones, Cassie Taylor, Dan Alexander and Ioan McMahon

Warnings: Bit of swearing, AU so plenty of OCs

Chapter 1- Attack of the Answering Machines

I was thinking about finishing that report I still had to do about the communication links between UNIT and Torchwood, but then I thought about doing it later and grabbed a book from the Den's bookshelf. I loved the Den, it was a gloriously quiet haven in the busy Hub.

A TV took up most of one wall with various games consoles and a DVD player hooked up to it. A large bookcase and DVD case faced each other, both fully stocked and a variety of comfy chairs lounged about the room. In the back corner there was a reasonably comfy single bed for those occasions when someone was too tired to go home.

At the minute I had the music system on pretty loud and was happily cuddled up in a blanket with a copy of an old book.

Until my idiotic twin brother burst in the room, and I realised I should have locked the door.

"Why was your comms off DJ?" he asked.

I sighed, "Because they were Roan. And you know I hate that"


"DJ. My name has Harkness as much in it as yours"

"Yeah but DHJ just doesn't't have the same ring to it Dayton"

"Would you like it if I started calling you RJ?"

He shrugged annoyingly, "Wouldn't mind really. What you doing anyway?"

"I'm trying to achieve an atmosphere of calm"


"Or in a language you'd understand. Bugger off Roan!"

"Fine," he grumbled, "But Dad wants you. He needs you to talk to UNIT since Tad's away with Cassie on a Weevil hunt"

"Why can't Dan do it?"

"Because he's waiting for Cassie to come back so she can set his rib. He broke it"

I gasped, "Oh my god! I s he all right? What happened?"

"He's fine, he just fell off Myfanwy's ladder a bit. So you're phoning. Better hurry up there, Dad's pretty pissed"

"Fantastic," I muttered as I thumped my book to the ground.


"Dayton," called my Dad from the upper level of the Hub, "I need some files off UNIT, and that idiot wont let me have them. Any chance you could talk to him?" He cut every inch of the dashing hero as his greatcoat fluttered gently behind him. I bet he had a fan behind him somewhere.

I sighed, "If you keep calling The Colonel 'That Idiot' he wont give you any files"

"I refuse to call him that"


"Because he… erm, because he's an idiot"

I rolled my eyes. Dad could be so eloquent sometimes. "Fine, I'll talk to him. What is it you need anyway?"

"We picked up a trace nearby, and it isn't in our records. It is in the UNIT database though"

"I could just hack it you know"

"I know you could, but I'd rather you didn't. UNIT would only step up their security. And then it'd be harder for you to hack in later"

"Could still do it," I muttered.

Dad grinned at me but shook his head.

"Fine. But I'm using your office Dad," and I shut the door before he could argue.


20 minutes later I wasn't getting anywhere.

"Hi Ms Waylon," I told the woman on the end of the line this time, "It's Dayton Harkness-Jones from Torchwo-"

"Hang on Miss, I'll just have to pass you on to the archive department"

"No, no, no! Please don't-"


"-do that…" I sighed and rather worryingly started yelling at the music on the other end of the line, "Stupid bloody UNIT. Stupid, complicated, pointless, idiotic-"

"Hello Miss," came a calm man's voice on the other end of the line, "I'm very pleased to discover your satisfaction with our staff today"

Oh bugger.

"Huh. You heard that?"

"Yup. Good thing I elected to take it off loudspeaker," he sounded quite young but he had a strangely calming English accent.

"Erm… thanks"

"No problem. Anything I can help you with Miss?"

"Dayton. Not Miss. Please"

The man laughed, "Anything I can help you with Dayton?"

"Any chance you can get me on the phone with The Col… I mean Colonel Hopkins. I'm from Torchwood and I need to get a look at some files, and for some reason we're not allowed access"

"I'll do my best Dayton. There's only one problem"

"What's that?"

"I've never even met the Colonel. I'm just one of the soldiers"

"But the last woman said she was transferring me to the archives department"

"Unless archives department is a fancy term for mess hall, I think she was just trying to get rid of you"

"Oh bloody brilliant!"

The man laughed again, "I think you need to find another way to get that file"

"I'll think of something. You don't sound particularly loyal, if you don't mind me saying"

"Neither would you be. Compared to this place Torchwood sounds like heaven"


"Oh yeah. Anyway. I have to go. Good luck with that file"

"Thanks," I said, "Oh wait. What's your name? You know, just incase of, erm…"

"Incase of what?" he asked.

"I dunno, just incase"

He laughed again, "Noah Connell"

"Right. Bye then Noah"

"Goodbye Dayton"

I sighed and touched my ear-piece. "No luck Dad. Guess I'm just going to have to hack it"

"Okay," he sighed, "But can I have my office back first?"


Roan was fiddling with yet another gadget next to me.

"What's this one do?" I asked.

"I dunno yet. At least this one hasn't given me a shock," he replied, shrugging his shoulders, "How's the hack going?"

"Easy peasy. Pass me that pda over"

He threw it over and I plugged it into the computer. My monitor bleeped happily and a cycle of numbers appeared on the screen.

"I reckon you'll be in in eight minutes," said Roan.

I gasped in mock disgust, "Roan, you insult me. I'll have it in five."

"Loser buys the pizza tonight?"

I grinned and started typing, "Sure, now get back to your fiddling"

I cracked it in three and a half.

"Aw crap," moaned Roan.

"Chicken and mushroom please baby brother!"

"You're only twenty minutes older than me," he groaned as he grabbed the phone.

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