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Chapter 8- Revelations

For the first time in a very long time I started to wish I still went to school. Spending the entire day in the hub was slowly driving me crazy, but I didn't want to go outside. My parents were constantly asking if I was all right, to which my answer was normally, "What do you think?"

That wasn't exactly a winning strategy and only deepened their concern.

Most of the time I hid in the Den. This wasn't exactly clever either, since it only reminded me of Noah, but by playing my iPod as loudly as possible and losing myself in a book I managed to block out a lot of stuff.

I also managed to read through the last Harry Potter book in one day. I reckon that's some form of achievement.

The few times I did venture into the main hub, I was on a mission to obtain coffee, or very occasionally to type a few numbers to keep the computer's running since Dan hadn't recovered yet. Everyone stayed away from me knowing I'd snap at them as soon as they said hi.

"I guess you were right," I eventually complained to Tad one morning, "You shouldn't trust UNIT soldiers. I'm such an idiot Tad"

Tad looked up from his computer, "No you're not"

"I am. If it wasn't for me Noah wouldn't have been able to get that information"

"Don't think like that"

"But its true! I was just so… stupid. I thought, just for a little while, I thought that he might have loved me. And that I loved him"

Tad hugged me, "Dayton, everyone's done silly things in the name of love. Believe me. I've done a few ridiculously idiotic things"

"Did you put the rest of your team in danger?"

"Erm… you didn't endanger us"

"Are you kidding me. The most spiteful and downright horrible person is in charge of a military force has a pretty detailed scan of the Hub. If he wanted to he could just invade. Get Torchwood off his back forever. And I don't want to think what UNIT would do with access to our technology"

Tad paused then said, "What did you say?"

"That the Colonel could wipe us out if he wanted-"

"No, no. You said spiteful," he then murmured, "I wonder…"

Tad was deep in thought now. He hugged me again quickly then ran off in the direction of Dad's office.

I sighed again and went to get another cup of coffee.


Dad sat me down later that night in front of my computer.

"What do you need me to do Dad?" I asked, assuming that I was needed to track something.

"I need you to get better love"

I glared at him, "I'm fine Dad"

He snorted, "Fine? Dayton you're messed up. You don't talk. You don't eat-"

"I do eat!"

"Coffee & Ben and Jerry's are not food groups. Look I know I wasn't nice to Noah when he was here-"

"Good. He didn't deserve to have you being nice to him"

"Would you let me talk?"

I shut up.

Dad sighed heavily, "I didn't give him a chance, because he was UNIT. I forgot that Torchwood used to be like UNIT, but back then I found people I could believe in. And we changed Torchwood. UNIT could do the same, if only they had the right kind of people in charge"

"What are you saying?"

"I visited That Idiot today. I had a bit of a hunch about Noah, Dayton the boy jumped in front of a vampire to protect you. Doesn't that say something?"

I shrugged, "Perhaps he was feeling guilty," I mumbled.

Dad sighed heavily, "Look Dan gave me the contact cameras to use. Watch this"

I watched as the screen showed Dad's point of view of The Colonel behind his desk.

"What do you want Harkness?"

"I want to know what the hell you were playing at"

"I believe its called reconnaissance Harkness"

"Not that. That was bad enough, but what the hell were you doing using my daughter. That boy has destroyed her. I cannot believe that you would stoop so low as to let a young girl believe he was in love with her, just to get at me-"

"That was unforeseen"


"He never even knew we had a scanner hidden in his beret. Originally the whole team had scanners, but when Captain Marks noticed the rapport between Connell and your daughter, he suggested that we fell back and let him infiltrate"

"So that's why you left"


"And he had no idea"

"No. We elected not to tell him. Connell is apparently infamous among the barracks for his terrible poker face"

"You're a bastard"

"A bastard with very detailed information of your base. Thanks to your daughter"

"We'll delete it. Ianto is in your system right now. One word from me and any information can be wiped at the touch of a button"

"You do that Harkness. You can hack into our system however much you want. But I had the foresight to create a master copy, which is always on my person"

"You're bluffing"

"I am not"

The Colonel opened his breast pocket and pulled out a green minidisk, "Slightly archaic perhaps, but safe and secure"

The camera moved with Dad as he quickly pulled out his webly and shot the disc out of the Colonel's hand. It shattered into fragments and the Colonel jumped back in shock.

"I was right Hopkins. You are an idiot. And if you ever, ever do anything to hurt my family, I swear that you will be relieved of your command and retconned"

"You can't do that Harkness"

"I'll find away. Because you see, there's one major difference between you and I. Unlike you I actually give a damn about the people in my care. They're just kids, and you used them"

Dad stood up to leave but turned back briefly to say one more thing, "And Colonel. For the last time its Harkness-Jones"

I stared blankly at the screen as Dad switched the video off.

"You're a bloody good shot Dad" I said after a second.

Dad smiled, "It wasn't Noah"

"So I see," I couldn't help but smile, "So do you think he really liked me?"

Dad's smile turned into a grin, "Dayton, I know he loves you"

I just had to ask one more thing, "Dad, why does the Colonel hate us?"

Dad sighed, "When you were just a baby we heard about a Hoix attack. It was pretty grizzly, because you know what Hoix are like. A soldier who was back from Iraq and his wife were attacked and the woman was pregnant. She and the baby were killed. That night Andrew Hopkins lost his whole family"

"What was her name?" I asked.

"Sarah. We arrived too late to save her but we managed to stop the Hoix from getting Hopkins. In the hospital that night he asked me if he could work with us. I didn't let him because he had the wrong kind of personality. He wanted revenge and he hated us for not letting him get it. So he transferred from the army to UNIT and worked his way up the ranks"

"Do you ever wish you'd let him work here?"

"No. I knew from one look of his file he was a volatile type"

I nodded then stood up suddenly, "I need to go visit Noah. I don't want to lose him. Can you give me a lift to the hospital?"

Dad nodded and grabbed the SUV keys.


Noah was asleep in the hospital bed when I went in. Dad was having a hurried conversation with the nurse outside. I gasped when I saw him.

He was so pale and deep purple streaks abused his eyes. His hair was plastered to his forehead and he'd gotten so thin. The constant beep of his heartbeat sounded so much weaker than the heartbeat I remembered listening to.

I quickly rushed to his side and took his icy cold hand in mine.

His eyes flickered open, at first they were dull and held barely a fraction of the sparkle I remembered, but then he saw me and they instantly brightened.

"Dayton," he whispered.

"I'm here"

"I didn't think I'd see you again"

"Can't get rid of me"

"Dayton, look, I swear I had no idea-"

I put of finger on his lips to keep him quiet, "Shhh. I know. We were both used"

He delicately kissed my finger then winced in pain.

"You're an idiot, you know that," I laughed.

"I know"

I looked out the window to my Dad and the nurse. Dad nodded at me and guided the nurse away from the window.

"Scooch over will you," I asked.

He carefully moved over allowing me space on the bed. Thankfully the bed was a bit bigger than a standard single so there was a little more room than we had been used to. This time as we lay next to each other he rested his head on my shoulder.

"I've had an idea," I said quietly, "If you left UNIT you could come work with us"

"I don't think your Dad would like that"

"He would"

"He wouldn't."

"But I can't let you go back there… I almost lost you"

"Yeah, but you wont. And I was listening to your Dad a few times, and he's right. One day I'm going to get rid of that beret and earn myself an officer's cap. UNIT needs to change, and if I get a high enough rank, I can change it," he slipped his hand into mine, "UNIT and Torchwood, we can finally stop fighting each other and start working together. Like we're supposed to. We could change things together"

I laughed softly, "A UNIT guy and a Torchwood girl. You think that could work?"

"I know it can"

I smiled, "You should get some sleep"

"I'll try"

We sat quietly for a few minutes.



"I love you"

I smiled, "That's the painkillers talking Noah"

He laughed, "Is it hell. I'm serious. I love you"

I kissed his forehead, "I love you too Noah"

3 years later

There wasn't a large crowd, just the soldiers of the barracks, a couple of high-up officers and our Torchwood team. I stood next to David Ross with Noah on my other side. Both were dressed in their smart military dress uniforms. We were at the front.

Dad had managed to get the Torchwood team just behind us, even though it was a UNIT ceremony. I heard Ioan anxiously snap at the soldier next to Tanwen for bumping into her, hissing, "Hey! Can't you see that she's pregnant?"

Looking around the dull barracks that looked almost unused I could suddenly understand why Noah always found the Hub so interesting.

Eventually the Major in front of us had finished his speech, which had been difficult enough to understand through his French accent. He smiled at Noah.

Noah smiled nervously at me then kissed me lightly on the cheek before going up to the Major. He had his new cap with its bright red UNIT band tucked under his arm and saluted sharply with his other hand. Seemingly unable to stop himself he winked at me. He still hadn't changed.

I grinned proudly as the French Major formally completed Noah's promotion. Noah bowed his head respectfully then signalled for me to go over to him. I blushed, wondering whether I was allowed to when David decided for me and shoved me forward.

Noah hugged me and whispered in my ear, "Told you I was going to earn myself a cap"

"I'm very proud Captain Connell," I whispered back, then knowing the eyes of the small crowd were on us I grabbed the lapels of his smart woollen jacket and kissed him. I wanted everyone to know that he was mine.

I heard my Dad laugh, "What can I say, she must take after me."

I didn't care though. We were going to change things. A UNIT guy and a Torchwood girl.

We were making it work.

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