Little Miss Seductress
Chapter Twenty:: Somewhere Off The Coast...
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"Dobe… where the hell are we?" Sasuke glared at the blonde Shinobi.

Naruto held out the map he was holding. He rotated it several times before deciding that the way where the writing was the right way up was probably the right way to read it. "Er. Somewhere; off the coast." He scratched his head and gave a signature 'baka-grin'.

"Which coast?" Neji asked, wrapping an arm around Ten-Ten's waist.

Naruto looked at his map again. "Hmm." He scratched his head. "I don't know."

As Sasuke began chasing Naruto up and down the long, stretch of beach; the other two Shinobi and four Kunoichi began examining their surroundings. Sakura stood on her tiptoes and tried to peer through the wide expanse of forest in front of her. "I can't see anything." She shivered in her short denim shorts, flip flops and loose, white kaftan. "It's getting dark." Shikamaru stated. Ino punched him in the arm. "Good one. Genius." Shikamaru gave a lazy grin and kissed Ino gently on the neck. "I know."

Sasuke and Naruto soon returned and, as Hinata tended to the painful looking bruise Sasuke had left on Naruto's left cheek; the others tried to figure out what to do.

A quick recon trip by Sasuke and Shikamaru revealed that the island was about 4 miles long and 3 miles wide, there were no houses( or anything else that might indicate the world had changed since the 15th Century), there was nothing but ocean on any side of the island. There was, however, a small lake about a mile from where they were- and plenty of fruit trees.

"So; we live on fruit for three days?" Ino raised an eyebrow. 'Hell, it better not be pineapples. I don't think I'll be able to stop myself imagining eating hi- Geez Ino! Get a grip!'

Shikamaru nodded. "Yep."

"But I don't like fru..." Naruto was cut off by a dark look from the onyx-eyed Shinobi. "I mean, fruit! Yay! We love fruit, don't we Hina-chan?"

"Hai!" Hinata replied, a little too excitedly. See, Naruto was wearing a leather jacket- and Hinata had never been able to resist the appeal of a leather jacket.

Sakura knew full well of this- and sweatdropped.

Her eyes falling on her ring finger, Sakura sneaked a look at Sasuke from the corner of her eyes. He was currently glaring at Naruto. She couldn't really blame him. She scanned Sasuke up and down; plain black t-shirt, white board shorts and flip flops. Her eyes fell on his legs. 'Oh. My. God'. She choked back a small scream. "SASUKE!!"



Sasuke sweatdropped.

"We'll sleep at various points down the island. In groups no less than two." He smirked. "I think it'd be better if it was a boy with a girl- although there aren't any people on the island- we don't know about animals." He winked at Sakura, whose gaze still kept returning again and again to his hairless legs. Ten-Ten smirked, "I'll be the one protecting Neji if anything happens." Neji looked at the chestnut haired girl whose buns had somehow still not come undone. She simply looked back.

Their staring competition continued throughout the Dobe's breakthrough.

"But it's COLD! We're going to FREEZE!!"

"What's human body temperature, dobe?"

Naruto screwed up his face in concentration as he tried to remember Second Period Biology with Shizune-sensei. 'Er, what was that thing Neji said? Oh yeah! The two numbers- they add up to TEN!! 'Cause Neji said it reminded him of Ten-Ten. So what adds up to 10? Oh. Better say something or the teme is going to hit me... again' "Erm… 37 degrees C?" He flinched and protected his face with his arms.

"Well done. That should keep you pretty warm."

Naruto looked at Hinata and saw the blush colouring her pale cheeks. "What's the other option?" Sasuke glared into the cerulean blue ones of Naruto Uzumaki. "Go find some firewood before it gets too dark."

Naruto looked around at his friends. Neji and Ten-Ten both had tears pouring from their eyes from their ongoing staring contest, Sakura and Sasuke were huddled together talking rapidly about something- Sakura blushing. Shikamaru and Ino were…


"Arrghhh! Shika-kun!!" Ino giggled. There were more splashes and then the sound of kisses over the gentle splashing of the ocean.

"Well, Hinata." Naruto turned to face the girl who had changed him so much so recently. "I guess it's just you and me."

"So, what are we looking for?"

"Erm. Dry branches. I think."

"What, so we just, pull them off?" Naruto stared at Hinata in awe. How did she know so much?

Hinata flushed under his gaze. "Yes." Naruto grinned the grin that had caused Hinata to fall so irrevocably in love with him. He reached up into the nearest tree… and pulled.

Nothing happened.

Naruto reached up and pulled again.

Still the branch wouldn't fall.

"Fall, damn it!" he gave the branch one final, hard tug and finally it came off. "Yeah!" he exclaimed. He turned to glomp Hinata in hug to celebrate his success when he noticed that she had frozen.

"Hey Hinata what's wrong?"

He thought maybe she was cold- she was only wearing a short white skirt, a spaghetti strap white top and a thin black cardigan. He was just about to take his own tan leather jacket off to offer her when he saw what it was she had frozen at the sight of.

Wrapped around the branch Naruto had just pulled off of the tree was the biggest snake he had ever seen. Needless to say, he dropped it. And, dragging the still half frozen Hinata behind him, he ran.

The couple finally collapsed on the sandy banks opposite the side their friends were currently canoodling on. "Whoo!" Naruto whooped. "That was close. Hey, Hinata, you alright?" Hinata didn't say anything. Just stared blankly ahead.

Naruto placed his head directly in front of her face and took her face in his hands. "Yo, Hinata! You there?" he waved a hand in back and forth in front of her face. Still no response. Finally, he decided to take his fingers and *SNAP* them really loudly in front of her.

Finally, Hinata gave a little shake and came to. Her eyes fell on Naruto… and she jumped on him.

Literally, jumped on him. "Naruto-kun. I thought you were dead." She planted a desperate kiss on his lips. "I saw that snake and I'm- I'm sorry I'm just really, really scared of snakes." She shuddered and this time it was Naruto's turn to kiss her. "It's okay. I'm here. Right?!" he grinned at her and they started to laugh. Naruto looked around at the darkening sky. "Well, I guess we'll just have to risk the scary bugs and beasts for tonight." Naruto felt Hinata tense. Oh, right. She's scared of snakes- and there are snakes on this island. "Durh! Dobe!" He muttered to himself. He gently put Hinata down. "Wait right here. I'll be back before you can say 'Naruto you are sexy'. If anything creepy crawly comes towards you, scream and I'll be back like the flash!" He grinned once again and then headed back into the overhanging trees.

"I WIN!!" Ten-Ten shouted. She had seen Neji blink. It was over in a flash… but he had blinked.

Neji wasn't a sore loser. But he wasn't stupid either. "So, Elephant-chan," he whispered huskily, sidling to Ten-Ten's side. He rested a hand on her bare leg (she was wearing super short, combat coloured shorts and a long sleeved, pale pink Abercrombie hoodie), "What's my consolation prize?" he whispered in her ear. He could feel the heat coming off her cheeks from the blush that burned there. She tried to remember what she would have done if she were in this position with any other guy. 'Punch him where it hurts, probably' she thought.

Somehow, she didn't think she'd be doing that to Hyuuga Neji.

But whatever she was, Ten-Ten was still a playgirl. She leaned into Neji's ear and whispered, just as seductively, "You get to sleep next to me for a night. What more could you want?"

'Damn.' Neji thought. 'This girl is good.'. He smirked. 'But I'm better.'

"I don't know, Elephant-chan. What are you willing to give me?"

Ten-Ten's eyes widened slightly. 'Is he- challenging me?'. She returned Neji's smirk with one of her own. "That depends. Screw boy. What is it that you want?"

Neji's smirk spread further across his face. "What I want." He murmured in the smooth shell of Ten-Ten's ear, "You couldn't give me."

Ten-Ten turned to look straight into Neji's eyes. He began to become mesmerised by her chocolate brown pools and leant in for a kiss. With millimetres between their lips, Ten-Ten stuck her hand on the Hyuuga's lips. "What am I, Neji?"

Neji groaned. He did not expect Ten-Ten to be one of those 'Commitment People'. He decided to make use of his playboy charm. He grinned. "A woman. Ten-Ten. And a pretty fine one at that."

'Gotcha!' Ten-Ten smiled. 'Playboy is as playboy does.'

"So tell me, Hyuuga. What is it the only thing a woman cannot give you?"

Ten-Ten was not stupid enough to sit and wait for Neji to realise what she had just said.

Sasuke and Sakura were sitting on a felled log a few feet away from Neji and Ten-Ten. They were watching the sunset and talking about how cliché it was to be watching the sunset on a deserted island beach. Sasuke had an arm hooked around the slim waist of his favourite Kunoichi. He had long since stopped considering her a 'target'. She was resting her head on his shoulder.

A thought suddenly struck her. "Sasuke-kun?" She said, sitting up straight.


"Where am I going to sleep?"

Sasuke raised an eyebrow and motioned around him at the open ground, "Right here."

"I get that. But where."

Sasuke smirked. Sakura couldn't help noticing that it really was something they did. Sasuke smirked. Neji smirked. Shikamaru smirked. Naruto tried to smirk- but he didn't strike her as the smirking kind: Idiots don't smirk.

"You'll sleep in my arms, baby. Don't worry, I'll keep you warm." He nuzzled into her neck; taking in the intoxicating scent.

Sakura scowled and huffed away from him. "Don't call me that." She paused and then unwrapped Sasuke's arm from her waist.. "And I'm not kidding. You don't expect me to actually sleep in sand do you?"

"Well, that was the dobe's plan. He did mention the whole 'no beds' thing you know. You agreed to it." He grinned, wrapping his arm around her waist again.

Sakura fumed and unwrapped his arm from her waist once again. "Sasuke-kun, if I remember correctly it was your vote that landed us here."

Sasuke scowled for a second; before his memory kicked in and he decided to take his chances. He leaned in and nibbled gently at Sakura's neck once again. Her body, still unaccustomed to this sensation- reacted in the way it normally did.

It shivered in delight.

"And if I remember correctly." He whispered. "It was you distracting me that made me vote yes. So really, it's all your fault."

Sasuke, the infamous playboy, had forgotten the cardinal rule of women: The woman is always right...

Sakura flared up and made to slap him. Just before her hand touched his cheek, however, he caught it. "Careful, Sakura. Or that'll be fight number three." He winked, kissed her palm and then stood up.

"Dobe probably got himself and Hinata lost as hell. Better go find them before he does something to Hinata." He dusted off his board shorts and then slid his feet back into his flip flops. He looked over to the ocean where Shikamaru and Ino were still splashing about- accompanied by the odd kiss between the two, "Better go tell those two to get out of there… that BAKA didn't even arrange for a doctor on here."

Sakura watched Sasuke's back as he retreated into the trees. She stood up and dusted off her shorts, before making her way towards the lovebirds in the water.

"Get out of the water."



"Sakura- shouldn't you be trying slightly harder? I mean, I am one of your best friends you know. What would you do if I got pneumonia and died or something?"

Sakura tilted her head to the side and pretended to think. "Could I have your shoes?"

Shikamaru scoffed and Ino and Sakura both turned to look at him. "You two are quite amusing, you know."

Ino rolled her eyes at him. "Men." She groaned. She smiled at Sakura and wrapped a dripping wet arm around her friend's shoulders. "Of course. Though you know, if you die I'm not going anywhere near your shoes. Your mum on the other hand-"

"I know! Hers are just-"

Shikamaru tuned out and stared, bemused, after the two girls. He rolled his eyes. "Women." He groaned. "So troublesome."

He looked up. 'Shame.' He thought. 'No clouds.'

'What is she doing to me?' Sasuke couldn't figure it out. What the hell was wrong with him? Sure he was engaged to her- but he really couldn't put up with actual butterflies in his stomach. He always had hated that Chouji guy... He shook his head to clear his mind and then began to look around.


There wasn't even an echo.








*Several Seconds Later*

"Oh. Hi, teme. What was that you were saying?"

Sasuke looked up towards the top of the hole in the ground that he had just dropped into.

"Shut up. Naruto. Or I will punch you."

To Be Continued...

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