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She was unsure of what to make of the message in front of her. It seemed legitimate, but she could not shake the uneasy feeling. Something was just not right. Yet she had no idea what to do. She looked up and scanned the room with her eyes, she was alone. She tried to listen to any sounds that would mean someone was near by, but she only heard the beating of her own heart. She took a deep breath and looked back at the message in front of her. It was something she would just have to take care of herself.


Across the hall, in another room sits Minamitani Q-Ta waiting on the director. He is bored and alone having nothing to do but watch the seconds tick by. This is one of the few days he would be free and he does not want to waste it by sitting in a room waiting for a director who might be busy and take a while to get there. He rises slowly from his seat and heads to the door. Leaning against the door frame, hands in pockets, he looks down either end of the hall, not knowing which way to go. Making up his mind, he bases his decision on the fact that there is only one unopened door and he is curious to what it will lead to.

Slowly he makes his way over to the room, reaching for the door knob. Not even bothering to knock, he slowly turns the knob and opens the door. What he finds made his spirits rise. Alone in the room is Yura, his Yura. On her lap is her laptop and she is staring at the screen with a blank look on her face. It was hard for him to tell what she is thinking, but he knows she must have been deep in thought to not have notice him when he entered.

Standing directly in front of her, he clears his throat.

She looks up, startled. Then her face softens when she realizes who made the sound. Her expression quickly changes into a hopeful look. Soon he found her in his arms, unsure of how she got there. Not that he is complaining.


She did not know when he had entered the room, or when he snuck up in front of her, so when he cleared his throat, she was startled. Looking up, not only did she recognize who he was, but that he could also help her with her little problem. However, before her mind had time to register this, her body moved on its own. She dropped the laptop onto the couch and threw herself into the arms of her would be savior.

Her mind soon caught up and she quickly pulled away from him.


She stumbles backward and falls on the couch, bouncing and all.

Hiding his disappointment was easy since he was too busy trying to suppress his laughter. But looking at her red race just made it harder. He barely hears her apology as the laughter in his head grows increasingly loud. He regains control over himself when he notes the sad expression on her face. He sits down beside her, "what's wrong Yura chan?" Her face turns even redder as she looks over to where her lap top lays. Deducing that her problem lies with the laptop, he leans over her and grabs it. "Is it not working right?" he asks as he leans back, brushing her hands with his 'accidently.' She nods, looking down at her hand and rubbing the spot his hand touched with her other.

Looking away from her, he opens the laptop and sets it on his lap. "Ah, I see" he said, a smile forming on his lips. She looks at the screen then to his face, noticing his smile. She wonders what is so funny. He catches her staring at him so he smiles at her and tells her not to worry. "I can fix this in no time. It happens to the best of us, so don't worry."

A wave of relief sweeps over her at his words and she felt herself relaxing. He notices the change in her face, as well as the rest of her body. It is no longer stiff, but more relax. He wants to reach over and ruffle her hair, but decides to get to work right away.


Entering the room, Mizorogi Keiichi finds them close together working on her laptop. Minamitani seems to be showing her something, while she is nodding and concentrating deeply on what he is telling her.

"They are ready for you and Minamitani san, Director Nakazono is looking for you." They both look up at the same time and notices how close they were. Yura was the first to jump up. She takes the computer from Minamitani and offers him her thanks and he slowly rises.

Mizorogi holds the door open for her, following after. He turns and looks at Minamitani before shutting the door behind him. Minamitani drops back onto the couch, closing his eyes as her managers' words floats back into his mind. "Getting closer to Yura chan than necessary, please do so only in front of the cameras." The first time he was told this, he paid no attention to it, but now… sigh… He slowly rises and heads out of the room. He has a director he needs to speak to.


As they turned the corner, Mizorogi asked "what were you two doing?" She looked at him, and was surprised, not only that he asked, but by the serious expression he was wearing. She laughs a bit and replied "he was showing me what to do incase my computer got another infection. I got a virus today and I did not know what to do." He looks at her and asks her how she got it. "That's the thing, I don't know. I wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary when I got a message saying that I might be infected. Then this other thing appeared and started to scan my computer and found a lot of infections and said for it to delete these infections I need to subscribe. Which I thought was weird, I never seen it before, but my own computer was telling me to get it and these other things was popping up saying that I'm being attacked. And when I closed it, others would come up and…" As she went on with her ramblings, he kept a serious expression. By the time she finished, she was blue in the face. She caught her breath and looked up at him. He said to her "next time, come find me." Neither his face nor voice betrayed his emotion.

They walked the rest of the way in silence.


I decided to write this because a few days ago my computer got infected. The weird thing is, I wasn't affected by it. Wasn't worried or scared, I was shockingly calm. I know if this had happened a few years ago, I would have been in a panic. Would have cried and pulled out my hair and call people yelling at them to help me. Heh... It's fixed.