It was killing her. Every day that monster was becoming more and more stronger and my Bella my beautiful, funny, courageous Bella was dying. She would not survive the birth I was sure of that. I began thinking of all the things I loved about Bella it was a coping strategy I used whenever things became too much. Whenever I got worried about life without her I thought about life with her. Her blush whenever she caught me staring at her, Her laugh which was to me the most beautiful sound in the world, Her clumsiness, her selflessness, her beauty and even more the fact that she does not try to be beautiful nor does she acknowledge it. Even silly little things like catching her dancing around the kitchen to the spice girls while cooking filled me with love for this girl.

I was brought out of my thoughts when I heard Bella gasp saying "oh he's just stretching" I nearly lost it there and then I wanted to. I wanted to scream, shout and smash the whole house up before ripping Rosalie to shreds and then getting that . . . that …thing out of her before it killed her. However I didn't. I knew that too much stress was not good for Bella in her current condition and so I settled for glaring at Rosalie. I felt a warm stroking sensation on my hand and realised that Bella was stroking it. She was silently pleading to me with her eyes to behave. I lost myself in her eyes for a few moments. To me Bella's eyes were the prettiest part of her and when she said that I dazzled her I laughed at the irony of it because she often dazzled me.

I had to do something. I tore my eyes away from Bella, kissed her head and with a last dirty look at Rosalie I walked out of the room looking for the people who could help me. I found the first one sitting on the stairs. "Hiya Alice" I greeted, sitting down next to her she glared at me suspiciously "I know your planning something" she said. I decided to plead my case "Alice please I'm begging you. This thing is a monster and its killing Bella. She will not survive it will be some mutant monster that the volturi will make us kill anyway" She frowned "Edward I agree with you but I'm physic remember? This would kill her and she'd never trust you again" I sighed impatiently "Alice, I don't care I would rather have her hate me than have her dead I love her and will do anything to save her" She looked torn and started to say something until I interrupted with the perfect argument "Imagine how guilty you'd feel if she dies and you didn't do anything to save her. You would feel like you contributed to her death and it would kill you" I saw that she made up her mind before she even told me. "just tell me what I have to do" she said glumly she was feeling guilty about betraying bella but itg would be worth it in the end. "Just make sure that everyone apart from me and Rosalie are out hunting. Believe me Alice you won't regret this" I stood up afraid to hope that everything would be alright but I couldn't help it. Maybe just maybe if Jacob plays ball this will all end happily ever after.

I found Jacob on the porch brooding about Bella's latest break. Poor kid I really have begun to like the guy this past few weeks. Now that his thoughts were all about helping and saving Bella rather than kissing her and winning her over like they were a few months back he really has become likable. I hoped that Jake would help me. "Nice night" I said nodding to the sky. He raised his eyebrows as if to say "we're talking about the weather?" I grinned and got to the point. "I've thought of a way to save Bella" I said turning to face him he looked shocked, I continued "Alice is going to persuade the whole family to go hunting tomorrow. The whole family goes hunting and it's only me, you and Rose. You grab Rose and I'll grab Bella and go upstairs I drug Bella and get rid of that thing. You keep Rose from coming upstairs at any cost attack if you must" I waited for his response "that's a risky plan" he said slowly "you sure it'll work?" I rolled my eyes impatiently "it's foolproof and will definitely work, Alice knows" He looked reassured "so are you in?" I tapped my foot impatiently and he nodded determinedly. I smiled and went to set things up for the procedure.


It was perfect. Everything was set up and the whole family was hunting, Rosalie was sat on the couch and she and Bella were watching TV. I heard Jake come in and after 5 minutes of sitting there in silence I nodded to him. He jumped on Rosalie and I didn't look at them as I quickly picked Bella up as gently and briskly as possible, she started screaming realizing what was going on. She was tossing and turning trying to get out of my iron clad grasp. We arrived at Carlisle's study and she started crying. It broke my heart to see her go through this but I knew I was doing the right thing. She grabbed an ornament of the side as we passed and she tried to hit me with it but it just smashed on impact. She tried a different tactic. "Please" She begged "Please, Edward, Please don't do this" I could barely hear her through her sobs, but I did and very nearly stopped until a picture in my mind forced me to go on. It was Bella dead. It was from Alice's vision when Bella and I started dating. I couldn't let that happen so I laid her down on the bed and I sedated her. I got to work on giving Bella a C-Section while trying to ignore the bangs coming from downstairs.

8 Hours Later - BPOV

Everything was hazy I wasn't sure were I was or even why I was there, I was slowly coming around though. The last thing I remembered I was being carried upstairs to bed by Edward that sounds nice but . . . no I was crying screaming why? Then it all came back to me as I opened my eyes. I looked down desperately at my now flat stomach. I let out a cry of pain and as I did I saw that Edward was sat next to me. He looked tortured. I saw that he was holding my hand and I felt sick. I snatched my hand away and got up, not looking at him. "Bella" I heard him say. When I didn't answer he got up and put his hand on my back I nudged his hand off and turned around saying with as much venom as possible "get your filthy murdering hands off me" He recoiled and the door opened. I turned around and saw Alice there. She looked forlorn "Is there anything i can get you Bella?" I wanted her to leave so I just said "apart from him gone, Water" She gave me a sympathetic smile and left as I located my sneakers and sat down to put them on. Edward approached me slowly, hesitantly and sat down on the bed next to me I stood up and headed towards the door but was stopped by Edward's words "It was a girl" He said them so quietly I wasn't even sure I heard right. I was torn.

I wanted to leave but I also wanted to find out more about my baby. I made my decision in seconds. I turned around and said nothing waiting for him to continue. "She had your eyes and beautiful golden curls and the most heart-warming smile" Edward whispered brokenly "She was not a monster, She had a heart that beat and strong vampire skin. She was alive for 3 seconds before she died in my arms" Edward said before collapsing and dry sobbing on the floor. I felt sick and it took me a few seconds to locate my voice but when I did I let rip. "you deserve that," I said to him my voice growing stronger with every word I said "I want you to feel the pain you inflicted on me because I feel like everything inside me has died. My poor darling little baby girl MURDERED by her own dad! She will never walk or talk or play or laugh or run or get married or go on holiday and it's your fault" Edward looked up at me pathetically from the floor he had stopped sobbing but he was still in pain. His face showed that "I will never forgive you for this . . . you're a horrible monster you killed her"