By MasterAkira

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Warnings: Yaoi! Male/Male sex. If you don't like, don't read this, honestly. PWP. No plot whatsoever. Language, anal, oral, etc.

Note: This is my first (finished) Bleach fanfic. The yaoi in Bleach is so cannon. My guy friends don't believe me. I bet you do, don't you? Please review.


It started out as an accident, really. There had been tension between them, words of hate exchanged, but they knew it was more than that. They were unchangeably connected, unable to escape the pull. In class their eyes were always drawn together, only to turn away when it seemed like they might be discovered watching the other. Fighting side by side only worked to make them closer.

Ichigo couldn't remember why, but he'd been yelling at the Quincy, probably about the blood dripping down his forehead, and he got too close. In each others faces, they just sort of leaned in and…it was a kiss. A hard, teeth filled kiss, but a kiss nonetheless. Neither pulled away, leaning further into the contact. They were lucky they were just outside of Ishida's flat. Ichigo had been hurt and the Quincy wanted to look at the wound. He had an assortment of bandages in his bathroom.

The orange haired shinigami pressed them past the front door, they had been yelling on the threshold, and forced the door closed with Ishida's back. His clumsy hands fumbled at the others shirt, breaking the kiss when it finally defeated him. He could beat countless hollows and a Menos Grande, but not a fucking shirt. "Why the hell don't you use buttons?"

Ishida was more pissed at the kiss being broken than at the insults directed at his sewing. "It's a zipper you idiot." He undid his shirt, letting it fall to the floor and wrapping his arms around his rival's neck, pulling him towards the couch.

Ichigo was very pleased when he ended up on top of Ishida on the couch, dark eyes twinkling up at him. He had no idea what this was turning into. Well, he had some idea, but that was only because he had read some of the yaoi manga Rukia left in his closet. The girl was a freak. He wondered if she would bleed to death from her nose if she saw them now. That'd be amusing…

Ishida decided he needed to draw Ichigo out of his thoughts. What they were going to do had nothing to do with thinking. "Kurosaki, kiss me or leave." His voice was pleasant still, but if the sodding bastard couldn't take the hint he was willing to get nasty.

"Eh, Uryuu, if you want." Without letting Ishida yell at him for using his given name, Ichigo swooped in and claimed thin lips. This kiss was just as violent as the first, but it included more tongue and a copious amount of spit. It was just as enjoyable. This kiss was only momentarily broken by Ichigo's movement to take off his shirt, with minimal help from Ishida.

"Fuck." Ishida couldn't take it. His hips bucked up, trying for more friction. "Do something Kurosaki!" His fingers were bloodless from the grip he had on the shinigami's shoulder.

"God Uryuu, shut it." This time he got the zipper down on the first try. The Quincy was not wearing underwear, understandable considering how tight his pants were. All that white was drool-worthy. Ishida moaned when calloused hands started stroking his erection. He tried to reciprocate, but only ended up rubbing Ichigo through his pants and underwear.

"Kurosaki, get up, please get up, let me up. My room…" his words turned into a series of moans as Ichigo started sucking on his neck, biting and kissing. He tried to press against that broad chest but those hands were too good to try and push away. Finally the contact stopped. "Ohh, no, Kurosaki, you better not stop now." Ishida groaned when he suddenly felt cold and alone.

"I thought you wanted to go to your room." Ichigo stood up, looking ridiculous with no shirt and half-undone pants. He held out a hand. Ishida only stared. "Stupid Quincy." He picked the teen up in a fireman's carry, moving them both into the small, bright bedroom.

Ishida was deposited on the bed. He looked up, eyes half lidded. There was no point dancing around what this was about. "Are you going to fuck me or not?" His smile was more lecherous than Ichigo thought possible. "There's lube in the drawer."

Ichigo nearly choked. He almost fell over in his haste to remove his pants. Ishida had beaten him, already naked. "You're serious?" He wasn't going to ask twice. When he got a slight nod he pounced. He kissed Ishida fiercely as he blindly fumbled in the bedside drawer for the lube. He may be a stupid teenager, but it wouldn't be fun if one of them got hurt.

While Ichigo was distracted Ishida took the chance to help him out of his pants. The damn things were stuck on the moron's ankles. Naked together meant they were on equal ground for once. His own reistau flared in response to Ichigo's. Their power fighting for control, they were once more kissing, the battle for dominance reflected in the movement of their tongues. Ishida let the orange-haired teen gain the upper hand. He wanted Ichigo; and at least for now he would let the substitute shinigami take him. "Kurosaki, do it now."

Ichigo heard the order, trying to decide whether to listen or ignore it. Everything he knew about yaoi he had learned from Rukia, or more exactly, the yaoi manga she kept in a neat stack in his closet. He just found himself reading them, image after image capturing his attention. "I gotta stretch you first. Hold on." With one hand he plucked at pebbled nipples, the other popping the cap off the lube. "Hn. Strawberry?" Ichigo raised one eyebrow.

Ishida blushed, only adding to the pink of his face and neck. He had only bought that tube because it reminded him of his classmate. "Shut up Kurosaki." He stiffened as cold fingers prodded at his most intimate spot.

"Ichigo. You'll be Uryuu and I'll be Ichigo." Grinning, Ichigo sucked a tender earlobe into his mouth. His first finger was buried in unyielding heat, Ishida was incredibly tight.

"Fuck. Fine, ugh, Ichigo," he stressed the name, "hurry up." Stupid shinigami.

"'Kay." Now two fingers moved in and out, finally he added the third, scissoring them and pulling them out in one quick motion. He lubed himself up, taking a second to lick one hand. It did taste like artificial fruit. That could be fun in the future. "Ready?"

"Yes! I have been for ages!" The raven haired boy arched up, his body demanding satisfaction. "Fuck me already! Put your goddamn cock to use!" This was it, he was seme next time. Ichigo was too slow. He couldn't believe he was losing his virginity like this.

"Your wish is my command, your majesty." With that he plunged himself inside that tight entrance, Ishida's legs wrapped tightly around his waist. "Ugh." It felt like the teen was trying to squeeze his erection off. "Relax! Uryuu, I can't move if you don't relax."

"Fine." Dark eyes closed in pain and twisted pleasure, Ishida tried desperately to make his muscles unclench. "Move." The tenseness was disappearing with each passing moment, and Ichigo could finally start slowly pulling out and thrusting back in.

So this was sex, eh? Ichigo felt good. Really good, like a good normally unachievable. He would have to have shouting matches with the Quincy more often. He hips moved faster and faster, with accompanying grunts, he was quickly reaching his peak. Blindly, he reached for Ishida's erection, sandwiched between toned stomachs. He stroked it in time with his movements. "Uryuu, I'm close."

"Go ahead, come Ichigo." Ishida felt orgasm overcoming his senses. "Come in me." Each thrust was hitting his prostate and it felt better than words could convey. He wanted that finally sign of their rutting.

That was all the permission he needed, Ichigo was racked with spasms as orgasm tore through his body, bringing Ishida with him. Their names echoed in the small room as they both screamed.

"Get off of me Kurosaki." Ishida tried to push the larger body off of his chest. He was sticky and he wanted to clean up before getting some much-needed rest.

"I told you, it's Ichigo." The scowling teen moved, letting Ishida attempt to stand, and the lithe boy crumpled to the floor. "I'll get a towel." He dragged himself to his feet. That was amazing. They should do that at least twice a day, it sure beat masturbating in the shower. He never knew he and Ishida could work together so well.

"Help me back to the bed, damn shinigami." Ishida wasn't as pissed as he let on. A little discomfort was well worth the pleasure he had felt. Accidents weren't that bad after all.


"Fuck Kurosaki, hurry up." Ishida pushed his glasses up his nose. They kept falling down because of his sweat.

"Hurry up? Uryuu, I'm not taking my sweet time here." Ichigo stood behind the Quincy archer, lining himself up. Why would he be dawdling in the boys' bathroom in the middle of afternoon classes? "Fuck, you're tight." He was still amazed at how tightly Ishida's ass always clung to his cock. Erections in class were not good, but knowing Ishida would get him off in the bathroom made them something Ichigo could look forward to. He started to move, the other teen braced against the cold tile wall.

"Faster, we need to get back to class." Ishida leaned over the white toilet and relaxed all the muscles in his lower back as well as he could. He loved the waves of reistau that were flowing out of Ichigo. The teen could barely contain his power when he was calm; at a time like this weaker beings would have faced the prospect of choking on the raw energy. Without his own, the reistau overwhelming him made him feel secure and unbelievably aroused.

"Is all you think about school?" He pulled out halfway and then pressed back in, drawing out a groan from his lover. "Fuck, you're so good." He kissed at the pale neck exposed to him as Ishida's head fell forward.

"Then hurry up." Ishida bucked his hips back, encouraging the movements of the shinigami behind him. His request granted Ichigo began slamming in and out, to a point where his legs threatened to buckle. He felt his orgasm approaching, panting as Ichigo covered his open mouth with a calloused hand to stifle his moans.

"You're always so loud Uryuu. My cock must feel so good." Ichigo was moving as hard as he could, his free hand jerking off Ishida. He finished, coming inside the raven haired boy as Ishida pulsed in his hand. "Gods, you're always a great fuck Uryuu." Before pulling out Ichigo grabbed some toilet paper to clean the Quincy up with. The prick hated getting anything on his pants.

"And you're always a bastard. Go back to class, I'll finish in here and come back after you." Ishida pushed up his glasses again.

"Hn, if you want." Ichigo washed his hands in the sink and made sure he didn't look too disheveled before leaving the small room.

When everything was clean and tucked back away properly, Ishida left the stall they had been in. "You can come out now." He turned to look at the stall on the far end. Feet dropped to the floor and a large figure emerged. "You should be glad he's so bad at reading reistau. He'll be pissed when he finds out you were watching us." Hands on his hips, Ishida watched their voyeur squirm.

"You gonna tell him?" The tall shinigami never felt so uncomfortable before.


He let out a sigh of relief. "Thanks Quincy-kun." Ishida' narrowing eyes made him tense up again.

"I'd take care of that before coming out Abarai-san." Ishida made a point of looking at the shinigami's tented uniform trousers. He turned and started washing his hands in one of the bathroom sinks. He dried his hands and fixed his hair, rubbing at a mark on his neck Ichigo had left. He'd speak with him about that later. He barely glanced away from the new student's reflection in the mirror in front of him. "If you wish to see more, come to my apartment after school today." With that he left for class, leaving a flabbergasted shinigami.

It had been an accident that Renji had been in the bathroom when the two of them came in after all. "Fuck, today must be my lucky day." The vice captain of the six division could not believe his good luck. Finally, he had something to look forward to other than the end of the school day.


End Note: This is only the first set of many "accidents." The next one should include Renji, and then later I want to do one with Toushiro, and then Byakuya and Yumichika. Bleach just has the best characters! Tell me what you thought, or if there's a special sort of "accident" you'd like to see. Thanks for reading!