Accidents 14

By MasterAkira

Warnings: Yaoi, anal, oral, a bit of pain/domination. Pretty much Aizen and Grimmjow going at each other.

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach or any of the characters, and I am not making any money off of this. What plot there is here is mine, however.

Author's Note: I love Aizen/Grimm, no matter who's the seme…this takes place soon after Grimmjow becomes an Espada. I can just picture them having rough, no kissing, hard, hot sex. Neither needs more love, they love themselves enough. Please review!


"Aizen-sama, this trash was found trying to break into your chambers." Ulquiorra let go of Grimmjow, letting the taller man fall to his knees at the sudden release.

"Grimmjow, is this true? Why would you need access to my chambers?" Aizen steepled his fingers and leaned forward on his throne, a small smirk playing across his lips.

The Espada blushed, hanging his head forward so he did not have to meet amused chocolate eyes. "It was an accident! Ichimaru stole somethin' of mine and hide it. In yer rooms." He mumbled, hoping this incident would be ignored.

"Really? And why would he do that?" Aizen was obviously very amused with the situation.

"I don't know! Maybe because he's a fuckin' bastard!" Grimmjow snarled, his eyes burning with fury.

Aizen laughed at that. "I agree with you on that subject, but you must remember that he is my bastard, and he has power over you." Settling back in his seat he dismissed Ulquiorra. "You may go, Ulquiorra."

"Aizen-sama, do you wish me to punish this trash?" There was hidden amusement in flat emerald eyes.

"No, I will take care of this matter personally." Aizen watched his most trusted Espada leave, and then turned his attention back to Grimmjow. "Now tell me, what is this item Gin took from you?"

Grimmjow fought down the blush that threatened him again. The blood felt strange under his mask, he did not blush very often. "Catnip." His mumble was quiet enough Aizen barely heard it.

"What?" Aizen suppressed his laugh at that. Grimmjow was…adorable.

"I said catnip, damn it!" Grimmjow growled, embarrassment burning in his eyes.

This time Aizen did laugh, earning him another growl from Grimmjow. "Well then, I think we should go find your catnip." Aizen gracefully rose from his seat and flash stepped next to the teal haired Arrancar. He proffered his arm. Grimmjow glared at him before taking it, and then off they were to Aizen's chambers.

Once behind the enormous white doors Aizen released his subordinate, turning to smile at him. "You have never been to my rooms before."

"No Aizen-sama." Grimmjow gritted his teeth as he looked around and saw Gin reclining on a low white sofa. "Ichimaru."

"Hiya Aizen, Grimmjow-chan. Whatcha doin'?" His grin was impossibly wide and Aizen caught the barest hint of scarlet from below silver lashes.

"We are looking for something." He gave the man a pointed look. "Do you know where it could be?"

"I don't know whatcher talkin' about." Gin's smile widened as Aizen raised one eyebrow. "Aw, don't look at me like tha'. I hid it by accident. It jus' sorta slipped outta my hand...where d'ya think it is?" Aizen knew all too well where he would find it. Gin gave him a wink and Aizen turned, heading to his favorite room. Not wanting to be alone with Gin again, Grimmjow followed his leader.

Grimmjow gazed in wonder as they entered Aizen's bedroom. "Fuck." Grimmjow whistled under his breath. It was a cavernous, simply decorated room, but it conveyed power and sophistication—exactly what Aizen wanted it to convey. It was how he thought of himself, after all. "This is a nice place ya've got." Grimmjow grinned at the centerpiece of the room, a bed large enough hold at least a half dozen people.

"Well, yes. I felt I needed something…spacious after what the shinigami thought I deserved." Aizen surveyed the room with a small smile. "Yes, I have enjoyed this room." He ran his hand over the bed spread; crimson, to match his sash and his most common lover's eyes. "We should look for what Gin hid. What did it look like?" Aizen made his way towards a settee and low table, looking around.

"It's was in a small plastic bag. It's gonna be filled with somethin' dark green, a clear bag." Grimmjow narrowed his eyes, looking at the room in a new light. In the center was the bed, to one side was a door leading to a large bathroom Grimmjow could only barely see, and to the other side was a desk and then further away a sitting area. Aizen looked around the sitting area as the Arrancar headed to an armoire.

"He will not have hidden it too well." Quickly they looked in every corner of the room, pulling apart what they had to, until only the bed was left.

"Fuckin' bastard, always pullin' crap like this." Grimmjow huffed, tired and pissed that Gin was going to ruin his day once more. "Well, I guess it's gotta be in the bed." After all, he had already looked under it.

"Then check." Aizen leaned against one of the posts that held the canopy up, watching.

"Hn." Grimmjow pulled back the red cover to reveal silk sheets in the same color. His eyes scanned the middle and something caught his eye. "Ah-ha! It's righ' here!" With an exclamation of glee he crawled onto the bed with feline grace, snatching up the little bag in the center of the bed. He held it up in front of his face and was pleased to see none was missing.

Aizen let out a small laugh. "So this is what that whole fuss was about? Such a small thing." With a hint of evil in his eye he joined his subordinate on the bed, moving gracefully towards him.

"Well, it's good stuff. You don' need tha' much." With a grin Grimmjow tucked the bag into his pocket, getting to his knees and preparing to leave.

"Then I am pleased you found it." Aizen turned his chocolate eyes on the other's muscular form. "But I know something much better."

"Really?" Intrigued, Grimmjow raised one turquoise eyebrow. "You got any here?"

"Of course." In a movement too fast to follow, Aizen suddenly had Grimmjow pinned to the bed below him, both wrists caught in a single handed grip. "Are you sure you can handle it?"

Grimmjow licked his lips. "Yeah. I'm sure I can." He bucked up against the hard body straddling him. He'd be a fool to resist and it wasn't as if he didn't want Aizen. All of them did.

"I won't go easy on you then."

"I don't want ya ta." Grimmjow let his head fall back, exposing his neck in a primitive gesture.

Aizen smirked, leaning down and scrapping his teeth along the exposed pulse point. "Good." He let his hips fall forward, holding Grimmjow down as the Espada jerk up t meet him. He held his hips down, allowing Grimmjow to rut against him, hardness meeting hardness over and over.

Grimmjow let his eyes shut and let out a hiss. "Are ya gonna fuck me or not?"

"I am certainly going to." Aizen took a deep breath and smiled, getting off of his subordinate and untying his obi. "Strip."

Grimmjow slowly rose to his knees and shrugged his jacket off; divesting himself off the clothes Aizen had ordered him to wear. In a single movement he shucked off his hakama, baring his body completely. Aizen smiled at the sight and ran a hand down the muscled planes of the toned body, stopping as his fingers dipped into one of the depressions on either side of the male's impressive groin. "Like wha' ya see?"

"I do." Aizen dragged a hand through his hair. "Finish undressing me." He watched with lecherous eyes as large hands peeled away his kimono and hakama, leaving him equally as bare in the warm air of his room.

"Yer so excited." Grimmjow wrapped long fingers around Aizen's pulsing, red erection, stroking it half a dozen times before leaning forward and sucking the large piece of flesh into his mouth. He used his tongue to push back Aizen's foreskin, letting him taste the salt of his precome and releasing the musk of his skin.

Aizen tangled his fingers in Grimmjow's hair, tightening them when the Espada moaned around his erection. "You like this, do you not? Having my erection in your mouth?" Grimmjow moaned again and Aizen pulled his mouth back using his hair.

"Fuck yes." Ignoring the pain in his scalp he reclaimed the throbbing flesh, dragging his tongue along the vein on the underside. Aizen let out a hiss of pleasure and he smiled around the cock between his lips. He pulled back enough to speak. "Fuck my mouth."

"Yes." Aizen's voice was thick with lust. He pulled on the turquoise locks and swiped one of his thumbs across Grimmjow's puffy, reddened lips. "Delicious." The Espada was a truly gorgeous specimen. He thrust forward, swiftly forcing his cock in until the crown hit the back of his bed partner's throat. He pulled out and pushing in again, this time slower but equally as harsh. He felt himself harden further at the sight of full lips wrapped around his red cock and the feel of a sinful tongue teasing him. "Stop."

Grimmjow let out a low growl as he was forced back from the shinigami he had been pleasuring. He had wanted to taste, to feel the man who thought himself a demi-god come undone because of him. His lips, tongue, talents doing the shinigami in. "Ya better have stopped me because ya wan' ta fuck me now." Without waiting to be asked, he turned and put most of his weight on his hands, knees more than shoulder width apart, looking over his shoulder with lidded eyes."

"I think I will." He returned Grimmjow's smoldering gaze as he blindly reached under his mound of pillows and fished out a jar of oil he knew Gin would have stashed. On his knees, he stalked over to the tan body on his bed, his free hand smoothing over the muscled back bared to him. "I don't think you need to be prepared. You are ready for me now, aren't you?"

"Fuck, yes." Grimmjow hissed, his eyes shutting. "Just do it. I can take anythin' ya can do ta me."

"Let's test that theory out." Aizen spilled some of the oil into his hand, slicking his erection, and rubbing what was left into the cleft of the tight ass proffered to him, forcing his middle finger into the channel. "It feels like you've never been taken before. I will enjoy this." Without waiting for Grimmjow to answer he moved closer and forced half of his cock inside in one movement.

"Agh!" Grimmjow screamed and arched his back, pushing back against Aizen even as his brain told him to move away from the pain blossoming in his lower back. "God fuckin' damn it! Ya mother fucker!" He was panting, sweat rolling down his face and back.

Aizen leaned forward and licked up one of the salty trails. "You are so tight." He sat up and swiveled his hips without pulling out. "I bet you only take it when there is something to be gained, am I right? Only those who are powerful enough."

"Yeah, so? Ugh! Why should I let someone fuck me who can't figh' me?" Grimmjow pushed back when Aizen gave a shallow thrust. The pain was already lessening. "Hurry it the fuck up already!"

"So impatient." Aizen's next thrust shut up the growl Grimmjow had let out at his words. Grimmjow arched his back and Aizen pulled out further, only to slam back in. "You are a wonderful creation."

"I know. Shu' up and fuck me." Grimmjow closed his eyes and let his head fall forward. Aizen began to pick up his pace, his large hands tightening on his muscled hips. "Harder."

"Such a wanton whore." The shinigami's voice was tight with arousal. He suddenly stopped and the male under him let out a groan of annoyance. Aizen pulled out, and pushed Grimmjow away from him. "You are going to ride me now."

"Tha' sounds good ta me." He pushed his leader onto his back and straddled his hips, grinding down. "I like this much better." With a smirk he lined himself up and sunk onto Aizen's well endowed erection.

"I agree." Aizen closed his eyes, and then opened them, looking at the perfectly toned tan body above him. "Fuck yourself on me now."

Grimmjow began to move, little rocking movements searching for his prostate. "Hell yes." He put his head back, one hand pulling on his nipples as the other helped him move faster on Aizen.

Not one to be left out, the shinigami bent his knees and flattened his feet against the bed so he could meet Grimmjow's downwards thrust with his own upwards ones. The soon fell into a rhythm and Aizen grabbed the Espada's untouched cock and stroked it harshly. "Come for me Grimmjow. Come on my hand as I fuck you."

Aizen's throaty order and the feel of that thick erection banging into his prostate were too much and Grimmjow found himself coming before he realized, strings of pearly white fluid decorating the stomach of the man he was riding out his orgasm moving against. "Fuck yeah Aizen."

Aizen had to shut his eyes as Grimmjow arched and came, painting him with semen. He bucked up once, twice, three times and came, filling the twitching channel he was buried so deeply within. He was silent as he slumped back, boneless on the bed and felt Grimmjow fall on top of him. "Grimmjow."

"Ya can fuck me any time ya wan' if it's gonna be like tha' every time." Grimmjow rolled to the side and onto his back as Aizen pushed at his heavier body.

"All I need is your loyalty." Brown eyes met heavily lidded turquoise ones.

"Ya have it, fer now. Tha's all I can promise." Grimmjow rubbed at his face and leaned forward and licked along Aizen's jaw, capturing a drop of his stray come. "Now le' me go ta sleep. I like yer bed."

Aizen smiled, and watched as Grimmjow settled under his sheets, uncaring how filthy he was, and let out a sound that could be nothing other than a purr. "That's all I need for now." Slipping out of bed he went and cleaned himself, bringing back a washcloth to clean off his new lover. This was a deal he would most certainly enjoy. Slipping in next to the Espada he pulled the warm body against him and let his eyes close, knowing Gin would wake them up when he was needed again, or perhaps when he felt left out.

Gin was right again. A little "accident" was the perfect way to seduce a potentially wayward Espada. After all, Grimmjow had been with them for barely any time. What fun they could have until the confrontation with the silly shinigami.


End Note: This was sort of me avoiding studying…I have to go do that now. I hope to update more often now that I am almost done with school for the year. The next should be Shuuhei/Yumichika, but I'm not sure after that. Anyone have a very sexy pair for me? I could use some inspiration!