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Song for this chapter: Watch this space – Britannia High (I know it's strange but when Tanya is talking to Bella, you'll get it. She's sort of going "watch this space" and etc…)


"It's been about a year now, ain't seen or heard from you, been missing you crazy, how do you, how do you sleep?!" Rosalie, Alice and I shouted along to the lyrics as the song blasted out loudly in Rosalie's car. The fact that three girls were shouting was enough to attract attention, it didn't help we had the song turned up full volume and it happened to be one of the cheesiest songs of all time.

I spluttered into laughter as an elderly woman looked up from the sidewalk and her eyes widened considerably, before she started to hobble at an alarmingly fast pace for someone her age.

Alice was clicking her fingers in time as she bounced up and down to the beat and Rosalie was bobbing her head along comically as she drove.

Hearing someone's car horn blare out loudly we all turned to the left to see no other then Edward, Emmett and Jasper. The boys were all in a red car which was a convertible, which was pretty obvious as the hood was down. Unfortunately, I'm no Rosalie so I didn't have a clue what sort of car it was. It looked similar to Rosalie's own, but I could point out some differences.

They all had their eyebrows raised with grins on their faces as they laughed. Alice poked her tongue out at them jokily.

"YOU CAN'T SAY YOU DON'T LOVE JESSE MCCARTNEY, KEEP UP ALREADY!" Alice shouted over the music to the boys, and with that, Rosalie gave them a smirk and sped off.

I looked out of the window and squealed, "Boys approaching, I repeat boys approaching!" We all burst into laughter and Rosalie stepped up the gas as Jesse McCartney began to fade off the stereo.

Alice quickly fiddled with the stereo and then sat back with an evil smirk on her face.

"Oh no Pixie, what did you do?" I asked her, a mock look of scolding on my face.

"Simply nothing but change the song Bella dear, and let's just say it fits perfecto!" Alice chimed back as the song started.

Shut up and drive – Rihanna. Nice.

The boys by now had caught up and we winked at them jokily as we sung to the lyrics, Alice and I acting out movements to the song as Rosalie tossed her hair, singing.

I've been looking for a driver who is qualified
So if you think that you're the one step into my ride
I'm a fine-tuned supersonic speed machine
With a sunroof top and a gangster lean

So if you feel me let me know, know, know
Come on now what you waiting for, for, for
My engine's ready to explode, explode, explode
So start me up and watch me go, go, go,

Alice and I waved at them cheekily as we drove into the schools drive, and Rosalie parked neatly in a place. We slung our bags over our shoulders and jumped out of the car, turning to face the boys who'd decided to park next to us. How ironic, I chuckled to myself as Jasper switched off the engine and they got out facing us. We all had matching grins on our faces, and at once we all burst out in laughter.

Alice stepped forward with a beaming smile upon her lips, "So, never had girls serenade you like that before when they were driving huh boys?" She said in a cheeky tone, Rose and I struggling to keep in our giggles.

"Nope, never before," Emmett laughed loudly, the sound just encouraging us all to join in.

"So what're we meant to do now, sing one back to you?" Edward chuckled, the sound musical.

Rosalie rolled her eyes, "Sure. Now that'd be a treat." She snorted, "But, if you think you can upstage us; then sure, go ahead." She smirked, crossing her arms over her chest as if in a business like style.

"You really shouldn't of said that." Edward chuckled darkly as Emmett turned to Jasper and murmured something in his ear which caused Jasper to laugh but go back into the car. Curious, I bent myself sideways trying to see what Jasper was doing in the car, only thanks to my zero to no gravity, I found myself falling.

Bracing myself for the large smack as I hit the ground, I stretched out my arms as to shield myself; I was used to this by now it was practically part of my daily routine. But before I hit the ground something strange happened, I found myself being yanked into the air by a pair of strong arms around my waist. Blinking rapidly, I turned to see what had stopped my fall.

Turning my head, I found myself vis-à-vis with Edward, his face just inches from my own. I could feel his cool breath on my lips, the air seeping through my slightly agape mouth and lingering on my tongue.

"Urr… I-I…" I stuttered as Edward chuckled quietly, a crooked smile in place upon his lips.

"Um, no problem," he teased and my cheeks flushed scarlet as he set me in place upon my feet.

I smiled at him, his own smile infectious, "Oh, yeah, thanks." Way to go Bella, I mentally hit myself at my own stupidity, I couldn't even thank the guy when he helped me.

Alice and Rosalie were shooting me strange looks, questioning in their eyes as were Emmett and Jasper to Edward, Edward just shrugged before turning back to us girls.

"Well, I believe it's our turn." He laughed as Emmett began to waggle his eyebrows comically.

Emmett grinned widely, "HIT IT JASPER!" He boomed loudly as Jasper pressed the stereo button as he came round to join Emmett and Edward as the three wore matching mischievous smiles.

Emmett stepped forward, a glint in his eyes as he stepped in front of where Rosalie was, his hands on his shirt buttons as he began to undo them slowly. Rosalie stood open-mouthed as her eyes widened, taking in the sight in front of her.

"I'm too sexy for my shirt." Emmett sung, flashing Rosalie a wink as the top part of his chest was revealed.

Jasper stepped in front of Alice, his shirt slightly further undone, "Too sexy for my shirt." He smirked as Alice stared agape at him, her eyes focused on his chest as they bugged out of their sockets.

Now it was Edward, he stepped in front of me, and it was only now I realised his shirt was completely undone as he shrugged it off, winking at me. My jaw dropped as he slung the shirt around my shoulders, "Too sexy it hurts." He moaned in a low voice, my cheeks flushing red.

I turned to see Alice and Rosalie were to caught up in the men standing in front of them as I switched my attention back to Edward who was smiling at me crookedly again. "So did we trump you then?" He asked, chuckling as he did so.

"I think you may've just beat us there," I laughed, looking up into his mesmerizing green orbs.

Edward opened his mouth, as if he was going to say something, but a voice interrupted us.

"BELLS!" The familiar, husky tone of Jacob called, I turned to see Jacob, giving him a smile and a wave, although I must admit I was kind of annoyed that he'd interrupted especially now, when Edward was here… with his shirt off.

Jacob turned, his gaze following mine to Edward, his eyes narrowed slightly as they fell upon Edward's bare, glorious chest and the shirt which was still draped around my shoulders.

"Jacob," Edward greeted politely, nodding his head in Jacob's way.

Jacob nodded back, his head dipping back and forth slowly, his jaw set hard for some reason or other, his gaze looking from me to Edward, back and forth. "What's going on here?" He demanded.

"It's just a friendly game between us six," Edward explained coolly, his voice soft as velvet.

Jacob raised his head, "Friendly indeed," he repeated, glaring at Edward as he drew himself up to his tall height.

I looked awkwardly between the two of them, Edward too had pulled himself to his full height, he wasn't as tall as Jake, but then again Jake was a giant compared to most, yet Edward still managed to look like the alpha male, a very sexy alpha male indeed…

By this time, the others had crowded around, eager to know what was going on between Jacob, Edward and me. Alice herself popped up in the middle, her impish grin set in place as she looked around at Edward and Jacob.

I shook my head, my voice coming back to me, "Jacob, calm down already it's not like you're my Dad or boyfriend or something." I rolled my eyes, "just stick to being the best friend 'kay?" I chuckled, as I folded my arms, hoping to have lost some of the tension.

Edward's eyes widened, his features quickly changing expressions from confused to shocked quickly, emotions flooding onto his face before it lapsed into a perfect poker-face; almost unreadable. I looked around to see if anyone else had seen Edward but I appeared to be the only one who'd seen this.

Jacob nodded his voice gruff as he spoke, "Alright… see you around Bells." He nodded to the rest, craftily not nodding towards Edward, but skipping to Jasper next to him, I rolled my eyes at his antics, and gave him a small wave, watching him, Embry and Quil walk away.

The other four turned to look at Edward and me, their stares inquisitive and curious. I let out a groan and Edward started to laugh, "Shut up you idiot," I grumbled, yet soon I found myself joining in with the musical laughter which was Edward.

"What? I can't help it if your friend went all Daddy on you just then." Edward laughed still.

Alice raised an eyebrow, "Jacob went 'Daddy'?" Her face wrinkled up in confusion, yet there was the subtle look of curiosity, luckily for me I knew Alice well enough to know what she was really thinking and feeling, something she sometimes detested as she could never fool me or Rosalie that is.

"Yeah, ugh, it doesn't matter, he was just being an idiot, shall we go to class? Yes? Good." I firmly chastised, flashing them all warning looks before grabbing my bag and walking off towards the building, this was just too embarrassing, first Jacob turned up looking like an idiot, doing this strange glaring thing with Edward, and now Alice was thinking that something was going on between us.

"Ur, Bella?" I heard the silky, musical voice of Edward, oh that voice… Focus Bella, I scolded myself and spun around, a grumpy expression falling onto my face.

"What now Edward?" A sigh escaped my lips as I raised my eyebrow in a sarcastic manner, something I'd learned off Rosalie.

Edward chuckled, "Can I have my shirt back, you're still wearing it around your shoulders." The other four spluttered and burst into laughter, thanks guys. I cringed to myself, and felt my cheeks flush beetroot as I hurried over and gave him the shirt, almost tripping myself up as I went to climb up the school steps just making them all laugh more.

"Shut up!" I shouted over the loud din of the five laughing young adults as I stalked into the building. Hurrying towards my locker, I shoved my spare books in, keeping only the books and equipment I needed in my bag. Glancing behind my shoulder, I saw the other five only just arriving, laughter still ringing from their lips, giving a frustrated sigh; I slammed the locker door, and turned before jumping as I bumped into…

Tanya. Fabulous, what a downer on the beginning of a great day.

Glaring at me bitterly, she scanned her eyes up and down my petite frame and let a mocking laugh tumble from her lips, "Look what the cat dragged in." She sneered, running a hand through her golden locks.

Rolling my eyes at her comment, I turned to go side step her; only to find that she was blocking me off. "What are you doing Tanya?" I questioned, I seriously wasn't in the mood for an argument with Tanya, did she think we were toddlers or something?

"I need to speak with you," she snarled, her features twisted into a spiteful stare as she grabbed my arm and pulled me into the female toilets. I looked up to the taller female with a look of disbelief upon my face – what on earth did she think she was doing?

Shoving me in the corner of the bathroom, her face was murderous and I felt myself become almost fearful of my life – how ridiculous. "Listen you bitch, I know that you and your little group of cows are thinking of snuggling up to Emmett, Jasper and Edward but hands off – we saw them first, they're ours." She hissed; her face contorted with rage.

A laugh began to fall from my lips, coming out more and more as I realized what Tanya was on about. "Look Tanya, we can be friends with who we want. Alice, Rose and I know Jasper from years ago – we went to the same school and Alice and he used to date, so… no you didn't 'see him first' actually. Emmett and Edward are his friends, and they can do as they please."

Well the part about Edward doing as he pleased wasn't true… I hoped that he and Emmett would stick around with Jasper at least.

"Whatever, Edward is mine hands off him slut, I saw you eyeing him up early and trying to seduce him – face it, he doesn't want you."

"I wasn't eye-"

"I don't care what you say, you watch this space because next week I'll be the girl hanging off his arm, and you'll be the one watching and crying your pathetic little eyes out at home." Tanya interrupted.

"I wasn't flirting with him," I protested, I hadn't been. I didn't have the confidence to, who was I after all? Little Bella from rainy old town of Forks, the one that everyone called her 'a really nice girl and all but shy' or 'you'd have to get to know her'.

Sneering, Tanya's face screwed up into a disbelieving expression. "Say what you want, I don't believe you. Oh and if you tell anyone about this, I will do something you'll regret. I know people who could get rid of you and nobody would ever ask any questions – I'm not one to mess with. Got it?"

I nodded slowly, swallowing saliva that had collected in my mouth slowly. Was Tanya being serious or was that just a threat? Did she really know people who could rid me as easily as she said? Either it was true or an act to design to scare – whichever it was, it worked.

Watching the tall, blonde girl stalk out of the bathroom, I shakily moved towards the bathroom sink, looking in my reflection. Nothing different, so why did I feel so… changed?

I knew she wanted me to stay away from Edward mainly, but I just couldn't see myself doing that, especially when we all hung out together as friends. Plus, did I want to stay away from any of them? Personally no; of course I didn't. But I wasn't ready to tell any of the others what Tanya had just told me, after all, she had told me not to tell anyone and I wasn't about to take chances on whether she may or may not be serious.

Exiting the bathroom, I quickly made my way towards my first lesson, trying to take my mind off of the conversation I had just had.


My lessons so far at Music Academy had been great; no horrible questions had been called upon me and those that had been asked I had managed to answer with ease. The homework load was only light but whether that was because it was the beginning of the term and they wanted to start easy with us, I wasn't sure. Either way, school seemed to be starting off great.

Suddenly an arm slung around my shoulders and I glanced up to see who it was expectantly.

Jake grinned down at me, as he strolled down the corridor in the direction I was going towards.

"Hey Jake, what's up?" I greeted the over 6 foot male beside me. I still hadn't forgiven him for embarrassing me earlier in front of Edward. I wanted him to like me, not think that I had some freakishly protective best friend who gave off the wrong image about whether I was single or what.

Shrugging nonchalantly, he met my eyes. "Nothing really, wanted to talk to you about that kid. Edward." He added, saying the name as if it were a great pain and disgust for him to do so and for some reason that bugged me. A lot. I wanted Jacob to like Edward, because I did, and him not liking him would make it awkward for me to like Edward in that way. Oh god, I was confusing myself with this speak.

Looking at him wearily, I narrowed my eyes. "What is it?"

"I don't like him." Jacob said simply, narrowing his dark eyes. "He trounces in and drapes his shirt over you, like you're his property with this stupid smirk upon his face. And I don't like the way he looks at you Bella, like you're… Well I don't know! I just don't like him.

Frowning towards Jake, I shook my head. "Jacob, it's not like that. Edward is really, really nice. You shouldn't dislike him just for no reason; he really is a good person." Not to mention a totally hot and amazing in every way one at that.

"I still don't like him." Jacob disagreed as we reached my locker and I stowed away my books.

"Jacob, I know this will sound bad but. In the end it's my choice who I hang out with. I happen to like Edward; I think he's a really decent person no matter what you keep telling yourself. He's best friends with Jasper and he's always been a good judge of character. So please, butt out in the nicest way Jake, I can choose who I befriend."

"Only trying to help." He grumbled, as he leant against the locker beside mine.

Sighing, I grasped his hand, "I know, and I do appreciate it, but let me decide okay?" I looked up at him hopefully.

"Fine," he sighed before meeting my eyes. "Sorry, I just wanted to look out for you B."

At this, I wrapped my arms around his tall figure and hugged him tightly. "I know, thanks."

"Cor, you move on quickly don't you? Slut." The nasal drawl of Lauren leaked as she strode past Jacob and I, whilst we were hugging. Shaking my head, I rolled my eyes whilst Jacob looked around confusedly from me, to Lauren and back and forth.

Frowning, he quickly caught up with Lauren and blocked her path off, "What did you just say?

Staring up at Jacob incredulously, Lauren took in his large, muscular form before changing her expression to a simpering one. "Oh, I'm sorry, I was just telling my good friend Bella here what a slut she was. Nothing for you to worry about handsome." She breathed the word handsome and battered her eyelashes in a way which could only be described as having shampoo in your eye.

"Oh really dollface?" Jacob mocked her tone, including her simpering. "I really think you should stay away from Bella or shut the hell up." He added, his voice still copying the same sickly sweet simpering that she did.

"Excuse me, who do you think you're talking to?" She dropped the simpering act as soon as Jacob had spoken.

Rolling his dark eyes, Jacob shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know. You perhaps?"

"I don't know who you think you are but I can call the freak whatever I like."

"She isn't a freak" Jacob hissed, balling his hands into fists at his side.

Lauren snorted unattractively, "she's a slut. First Cullen, now you. I'd watch out if I were you." She mock whispered, flicking her gaze pointedly at me.

"I've known her all my life you dumb bitch!" Jacob seethed, as he literally shook from anger. It was strange how Jake could act so much like an older brother to me, a protector and he wanted so much more which I could never give him. I was just grateful he didn't give up on her friendship.

Stepping back, it was clear that she was now feeling quite intimidated by Jacob, it would take a lot to not be intimidated when he acted like this. Glancing at me, Lauren gave me one last sneer before backing off quickly. I knew Jacob could be deadly when he wanted to be, and it was rare that this side of him came through.

"Thanks Jake," I muttered.

"Anytime Bells." He exhaled deeply and looped an arm over my shoulder lightly.

I was used to this behaviour with Jacob, but recently I was getting extra conscious of how he'd hug me often, wrap his arm around me protectively almost possessively. I didn't mind it – to me this was Jake and that was how he acted but there were people… certain people I'd been told to stay away from that I didn't want to get the wrong idea. I loved Jake, but as family as I wanted nothing more then Edward to realise I had no feelings for Jacob the other way.

Glancing at the large clock on the wall, I cursed under my breath. "I have to go Jake – got class. See you later!" I called over my shoulder, already running down the corridor towards the next classroom. I refused to be late to my first lesson of music composition.

Slinking in silently, I plopped myself down into the chair with a relieved sigh that I wasn't late like I thought I was. I'd forgotten to compare my time-table with the others this morning so I was unable to remember if I shared this class with anyone. Just as my thought was focused on this area, a familiar messy bronze-haired male strode in.

It was like some kind of radar how all of the girls immediately looked up and made it clear that they certainly had a place next to them for him to sit. A dozen of girls were batting their lashes and licking their lips seductively. Ah, it could be worse – Lauren, Tanya or Jessica could be in the class… Then again, I still hated the idea of all the other girls trying to flirt with Edward.

Ugh, stop it brain! You're making me sound like an obsessed crazy fool.

Maybe that's because I am…

NO. Wait, I am not, just breathe Bella. Look forward and-

"-Mind if I sit here, Bella?" The rich, soft velvet voice rang out disrupting my thoughts.

Shaking my head quickly, I quickly got the ability to speak once again. "Yeah sure, go ahead." I murmured, aware that the females in the room were all fixing their best glares and stares in my direction. Great, another army of females that would possibly be on my case…

"You looking forward to tonight?" Edward questioned, promptly reminding me of the mini talent contest that Emmett had called Rosalie about.

"Yeah, definitely! I can't wait; it's going to be great. How about you?"

Edward grinned crookedly, his piercing green eyes fixed upon my own dull brown orbs. "Pretty psyched about it, especially to see what the competition is like around here."

And that was when I remembered Tanya's words from this morning. "I know people who could get rid of you and nobody would ever ask any questions – I'm not one to mess with. Got it?"

The worst part of the entire situation was I didn't want to steer clear of Edward. I wanted to learn more about him, to know about him… why I should listen to Tanya regardless of who she 'knew', I did not know. I knew I should tell someone like Alice or Rose what she said but I wasn't about to take chances.

Fixing my dark brown orbs on the desk, I made mild conversation with Edward about tonight. At least there was one good thing that happened today: I had a class alone with Edward with no 'plastics' and no nonsense. Call me weird but I think fate could have something to do with it.

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