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Mark downed the rest of his drink and left the bar. Inside Glen & Phil's engagement party was still going on even though the guests of honour had already slipped out and headed for Glen's house.
Mark was in the middle of starting up his bike to head home himself thinking that not everybody got their happy ending when the man who had broken his heart and his lover suddenly called out to him from the door of the bar. "Mark wait!" Shannon yelled before he and Jeff hurried over. Mark still got on his bike and revved it up just to show how impatient he was to leave.
"What do you want?" Mark asked, looking off into the parking lot, refusing to look at Shannon. "When are you going to forgive Matty for what he did?" Jeff Hardy asked him. "Or us for that matter. We never meant to hurt you" Shannon added.
Mark finally turned to stare at the two of them with rage. "Don't talk to me about your brother. I may forgive you two - you can't help loving each other, but your brother is no longer a friend of mine and I have no intention of speaking to him again unless it's work related. Now go on back to the party" Mark shoved his helmet onto his head and then with one more rev of the bike sped off into the night towards his house on the edge of town, leaving Jeff and Shannon watching him leave with disappointment.
"I don't know what to do man. Matt's really broken up about it but he won't talk to me" Jeff said with a sigh of frustration. He hated to see his brother so unhappy.
"Things will work out. Mark can't hold onto his anger forever" Shannon replied, squeezing his lover's hand in comfort before they both turned and headed back to the bar.

When Mark got home he headed for the kitchen and grabbed another beer. He opened it and walked out to the porch and sat in an old recliner he'd put there next to his bike magazines and flicked through one absently before tossing it aside and laying back in the chair with a sigh. He was lonely, and goddam it after 8 months was still hurting every time he saw Shannon with Jeff. He thought time was supposed to heal those sort of wounds but it seemed like his heart was ripped out all over again every time he saw them together. He'd loved Shannon so much. He'd never been in love before and knew he'd never love like that again. He just wished he could get over it and move on.
He'd tried a few one night encounters since then, but they only left him feeling even more empty and alone. He took another long drink of the beer and lay back down again. It was going to be another long sleepless night.

A few weeks later, Mark was watching Glen and Phil drive off on their honeymoon after their wedding. It had been a small gathering and a quick ceremony as both didn't really care for weddings, they just wanted to be married. The reception seemed to pass like a blur to Mark who had spent the day wearing a fake smile and an uncomfortable suit for his brother's sake, not wanting to ruin his big day. Glen and Phil would only be gone two weeks but he would miss their company. His brother was his best friend and Mark was used to Glen always being around. Now Phil was his brother in law Mark was getting to know him better too and already considered him a good friend. They did their best to cheer him up. He knew he wasn't a lot of fun to be around right now but they put up with him regardless. It was going to be a trialling few weeks without them.

2 days and a particularly brutal match later saw Mark limping on an injured knee to the locker rooms with the help of Dave Bautista. Dave insisted he would drive Mark back to the hotel. "I'm fine Dave I've had way worse injuries than this in my time" Mark insisted.
"Oh yeah? You're fine ha? Prove it" Dave said, withdrawing his supporting arm and then catching Mark when he almost collapsed to the floor.
"Alright so I'm not fine" Mark grumbled. "Just needs a bit of ice is all"
"Well then put some ice on it and get changed. I'll bring the car around and then come back and get you" Dave insisted as he sat Mark down on a bench.
Since Kane was away Mark had their locker room to himself and so he was left alone while Dave went to get the car. Since their match had been the last for the night most of the wrestlers had by now left for the hotel and the last thing Mark expected was to have Matt Hardy walk in.
He looked up hearing footsteps to find Matt standing by the door.
"Get the hell out of here" Mark growled, not bothering to try to get up.
"Doesn't look like you can make me with your knee busted up and all so I think I'll stay" Matt replied. "I've got some things to stay to you and you're going to sit there and listen" he added as he walked over to stand over Mark with a determined look in his eye.
"Whatever you have to say I don't want to hear it" Mark replied, looking Matt in the eyes with an equal look of determination and clenching his fists in anger.
"Well you're going to listen regardless. This ignoring me has gone on too long. It's ridiculous"
"You think so ha? I don't remember asking for your opinion" Mark rasped.
"Shut the hell up and listen. All I did was what any brother would do. You can't tell me you wouldn't have done the same for Glen if it had been him. I just couldn't stand to see my brother unhappy any more. I'm sorry if you got hurt in the process but I couldn't sit back and watch my brother in pain a moment longer. I had to tell him about Shannon. Surely you understand. You've forgiven them, so why can't you forgive me for my part in it?"
"You're right. I guess I should be thanking you instead Hardy. Because of you I was saved from making an even bigger fool of myself. I'd planned to propose to Shannon the night he broke up with me you see. So I guess thanks is in order. Thanks so much Matt" Mark said sarcastically.
Matt paled with shock. He hadn't realised Mark was so in love with Shannon. They had only been dating 4 months when they had broken up.
"Didn't know about that right? Well nobody does. My little secret" Mark said with a bitter laugh. "So now instead of your brother being the one in pain it's me. But hey you're brother's happy so who gives a fuck right?"
"I'm sorry Mark. More sorry than you can imagine" Matt replied, his eyes full of sorrow.
"I'm sure you are" Mark scoffed.
"Mark... you're not the only one that's hurting. When I gave Jeff and Shannon their happiness I ruined not only yours.. but my own as well. I'm in love with you Mark. I have been for so long now I just could never get up the guts to tell you or make a move, and then you got with Shannon and..."
"..And you decided you would just break up my relationship and hope that you could pick up the pieces is that right? Damn shame for you it didn't work out that way!" Mark interrupted, shouting at Hardy.
"It's not like that at all! I never meant to hurt you! I didn't know you were so serious about Shannon. I would never have done it if I'd known how much you loved him I swear! But not having you in my life even as a friend these last 9 months has been punishment enough believe me"
"Yeah well I guess I was the only one who WAS serious since Shannon jumped ship without a backwards glance. Not like it's the first relationship to end badly for me" Mark admitted as he tossed aside the now melted ice pack that had been on his knee with frustration.
"Cant you see you're just dating the wrong guys. I mean look at your track record - all short blonds - Shannon, Jericho, Shawn Michaels, Brian Kendrick... You're not getting what you need from them. They can't give it to you.... But I can" Matt said as he leaned in and kissed Mark hard on the mouth before Mark knew what was happening.
It was over in the blink of an eye as Mark quickly pushed Matt's shoulders so hard he almost fell over backwards. "Get the fuck away from me Hardy. Like you just pointed out you're not my type - and there's no way in hell I'd give you a chance if you were. You couldn't handle me" Mark said as he wiped away Matt's surprisingly not unpleasant taste from his mouth.
"Oh you'll give me a chance Mark. You're just not ready for what I have to give you yet. You're still hurting. But soon....soon I'll prove I can handle you just fine" Matt said with a smirk and a twinkle in his eyes as he walked out.

"Hey ready to go? What did Hardy want?" Dave said as he walked in a moment later.
"More than he could handle" Mark replied as he got up slowly with Dave's help.