Okay so I have decided to start another story! Because the one that I had worked the most on got deleted.. and the other one I am taking it slow with writing. As you know, this one shall be more Kairi Centric (with Sokai.. possible Namora) But this will not be all happy fluff.. it will have some physical and emotional pain too! Okay so anyways, here it is.. no clue where its going, just feel like writing (can't work on amvs for a little while...) P.S. There will be a character chart that goes with an Island Chart at the end of every few chapters. This is so you won't get confused. Also in Italics will be either thoughts of the characters or flashbacks. And also, I know this may be random, but Kairi's eyes are going to be different than what most described them as. From the fics that I have read, most describe them as amethyst, purple-blue, and so on. They don't look so to me. Look at a screen shot from KH2 opening, you might see what I see.



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Do I Remember You?- Chapter 1- Dreams And Fear

A beautiful teen was sitting by the ocean in her hometown, or home-island, Destiny Islands. It was a part of a chain of islands, each breath-taking with their natural beauty. Tourist came and flooded the island a few over, Oblivion Islands (A/N: Couldn't think of a better name so that's what its called!), which was the only Island they were allowed to enter. Every other island belonged to the natives, and very few of those natives traveled to Oblivion. This teen always dreamed of going there though. She had crimson hair that just barely went past her shoulders. Blue eyes that looked almost like ice. She had not worn much color in her wardrobe. Blacks and white were typical, with some blue and barely any pink, and not much beyond that.

Though most would be shocked, she was much nicer and light-hearted than she seemed. If you got a mere glimpse of her personality, it would make you want to befriend her immediately. She just had that air about her, though her looks guarded her true side. She was kind and loved to laugh, though at times was absent-minded. Despite her hard exterior, a few close friends had gotten to her. Her closest friends were four girls and two boys, none nicer than the other. Selphie, a hyper girl, had always gotten her to laugh and smile, even on her darkest days, making them very close very quickly. Aerith, a quiet(but knew when to speak her mind) kind girl, had always been able to tell what she was thinking, and help with whatever was on her mind. Namine, was a very quiet timid girl, always drawing to try and capture the atmosphere, and never spoke unless spoken too, almost as if taught that way. Last of the girls was Rikku, a strong and hyper girl, who had always been friends with Selphie, which is mainly how she had met her. Her other two friends were some of the best friends she could ask for, even if they were guys. Roxas and Riku. They made sure no guys hurt her, made sure she was as happy as possible, almost like big brothers. Though Roxas had always talked about a distant half-brother of his...

"Kairi! Come on already! You can't stay out here all night! I know you love the ocean and all but your going to rot just watching it!" Selphie was practically screeching by this point, Kairi had been out there at the docks for hours.

"Fine I'm coming don't have a heart attack Selph!" But it wasn't the ocean I was looking at..

Kairi had planned a sleepover with Selphie that night, almost regretting it immediately. It wasn't that she didn't love Selphie's company, she was very grateful, but Selphie seemed a little too hyper. Plus Kairi just felt like sitting at the docks some more, and staring off at Oblivion. Even if it was always full with tourists, its beauty was twice that of Destiny. And she felt the need to go there, as if something, someone, was calling her to the island. And each day her desire to travel off of Destiny grew stronger, it seemed at if she was in a whole different, separated world. She had never passed outside of Destiny, not counting where she was born and lived until she had reached three years old, and that was 13 years ago, she hardly remembered anything. Only one thing came into mind, a pair of piercing ocean blue eyes that seemed to know her back then. That was one reason to stare into the ocean, hoping the memory would come back. Though after a year of trying it hadn't.

"Are you done just staring or are we going into your house now" Selphie giggled dragging her half-dazed friend into her home. Kairi's mother, Yuna, was cooking hurriedly at the stove top while her father Tidus (A/N: I know weird right?) was in the living room watching sports.

NO!! he's home.... again!! I thought mom said he wasn't coming back this time. Was the first thing that came to mind when Kairi saw her father, whom she wasn't particularly fond of. She had usually avoided him at all costs, though none of her friends knew why. She had put a barrier around herself when it came to family -she almost shut down completely at the thought of revealing it to anyone- and it seemed that no one would ever be able to shatter it.

Yuna had whispered only loud enough for Kairi and her oblivious friend to hear.

"You know what's to happen. Go." Yuna's hands were shaking as she prepared her husbands dinner.

Kairi nodded, and was grateful her friend hadn't heard a word.

"C'mon Selph" Kairi had started to tug on her friends arm. She knew that Selphie would probably want to introduce herself, no one had ever seen her father before, she had never let anyone come over while he was home. They questioned and questioned her, but she never revealed why, she couldn't. She trusted her life with them, but this was one part of her life she didn't want anyone to find out. Finally Selphie had given up resisting and let Kairi drag her upstairs into her room.

"So why can't I meet your father?" Selphie was confused, most would be glad for their parents to know one of their best friends since the third grade, yet Kairi wasn't.

"Selphie you have to leave!' There was a tone of urgency in Kairi's voice, for she knew what was coming.

"What? Why? I just got here!" Selphie pouted. This was so unlike her friend.

"Just go! Now! Climb out the window, There's a stair going from it to the ground that I installed in case of fire. You can't stay here. I'm sorry!" Kairi was almost begging now, she couldn't stand if her friend got hurt because of her.

"The come with me! We can go to my house and then you can tell me why you wanted me to leave so badly!"

" I can't, it would only make the situation worse! Now go!" She was close to tears. Finally Selphie agreed, still utterly clueless.

Once she had left Kairi had lied down and sobbed, knowing that once again, this would be a night of pain for both her and her mother, and they couldn't do a thing to stop it. She grasped onto the only comfort object she had, a small teddy bear that had been ripped and roughed up over the years. Kairi knew very little about it. Her mother told her that when she was too young to remember, she had been born on the island Oblivion. There was a boy that had been born only a few minutes after, and shared the same hospital nursery. Kairi's mother happened to be friends with this boys mother, so until she reached the age of three, she had regular playdates with him. And one day his mother had given him a soft, new teddy bear, that was the nicest gift for him. But when he saw that Kairi was sad about never having such a thing, he had given it to her. She kept it all these years, without even remembering his name.

So she cried and held onto the bear as she heard her mothers shrieks and her fathers heavy footsteps traveling up the stairs. She held her breath as she heard the doorknob turn.

A/N: Okay Chapter 1 done! If you haven't figured out whats so bad that Selphie had to leave.. well you find out soon enough. Time For Character and Island Charts! P.S. for islands, sometimes they are just called like "Destiny" instead of "Destiny Islands"

Strife Family- Sora Strife(son), Cloud Strife(father), Tifa Strife(mother), Roxas (half-son)

Kobayashi Family- Yuna Kobayashi(mother), Tidus Kobayashi(father), Kairi Kobayashi(daughter)

Leonhart Family- Selphie Leonhart (daughter) Squall Leonhart(father) Rinoa Leonhart (mother), Roxas (half-son)

Characters Whose family are going to be unmentioned (for now)- Riku, Aerith, Namine, Rikku, and some other sub-characters for later

Destiny Island- home to Kobayashi family, Leonhart family, and all of Kairi's close friends, along with others.

Oblivion Island- home to tourists galore! Some natives live there, but not many

Star Island- home to only the famous Natives, who tend to be very rich and popular, whether hated or liked.

Papou Island- Home to the mysterious fruit, the one and only Papou! easy to get to from any island in the chain and not many live there, not many are allowed because of the act to "preserve the papou!" (too many tourists stealing them)