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Chapter 2- (Kairi's) Hurt and (Sora's) Family Distance

"Where are you?! You useless mistake!! You never should have entered this world! So now.. your to pay!!!" Tidus was roaring. He had made his way into Kairi's room, but she had hid on the stairs she had made Selphie use before her father tried to batter her and her mother for the millionth time. She was barely hanging on.

Kairi had only been able to get on the second stair down, out of sixteen. And it was one long drop down, which she was only just realizing. She could hear her crazed father tearing her room up for the life he had so badly wanted to end. The life that caused his to go to ruins.. her life.

Kairi hadn't chosen to born into the world by Tidus and Yuna, like everyone, she had no choice. But Tidus was in no way ready for a baby to take care of, and he had made that clear to Yuna. After all, when she was concieved he was only 18. He wanted to live his life. But Yuna and her damn baby were holding him back.

Flashback (Tidus's memory)

"Don't expect me to take care of the brat. I never should have gotten involved with you. If I knew something like this would come, I would have never even considered it. Hell, I don't even know you enough to trust that it's my child! You probably are a filthy slut who cheated and now needs someone for financial support. Fucking whore, don't expect it from me!" Tidus spat. He couldn't stand the thought of "settling down". He wanted to go out and become a blitz player, which was impossible if a child was involved, too much moving around.

Yuna was by then in tears. She had loved him, even if it was a short relationship, they had only been going out for three weeks.

"I never slept around, I swear! I love you Tidus, and would do anything for you! You have to trust me, this baby is yours, and once its born you will love the idea of fatherhood. You will end up loving this baby, and me, if you don't already! You can't walk out on me, you just can't. Would you rather me and this helpless child die trying to fend for ourselves? We need someone, and your the only one who can and is a father to this baby."

Tidus was winced at the word "father". He knew he couldn't leave Yuna, not by herself. He knew her well enough that she would be helpless, once she has her heart set on something, she won't let go. And if her left her she would wait and wait and wait for him.

"Whatever. You want support, fine. But don't ever expect or ask me to treat this thing with anything more or less than hate. It has ruined my life, and now my entire future is wasted. Thanks a lot you selfish bitch."

Tidus was so displeased, but Yuna didn't seem to care. It seemed that no matter the words and emotional hurt he threw at her, and the newborn baby- which had been named Kairi- it seemed she had formed an imaginary bubbles where the words couldn't reach. But oh, was he going to make them.

Every night Tidus was sober enough to go home- and drink more- he would brutally hurt his "family". He would punch his wife in the face, grab her and make her not be able to let go, and then rape her. Kairi? He had thrown her around since she was 7. That was the age she tried to stop her father from brutally hurting her mother. She jumped on his back and pulled his hair and tried to hurt him in any way a seven-year-old could. But he laughed at her almost pitiful attempt and threw her to the wall, knocking her unconcious. He then continued his "deeds" with his wife. This went on until Kairi had stop trying to help, she knew it was no use, Tidus was too strong. But that didn't mean he let that go unpunished. Every night when he got tired of hurting his wife he went onto his daughter, not sexually abusing her as he did his wife, but cause much physical and emotional pain.

End Flashback

"You're lucky this time you bitch. Next time you set foot in this house whilst I'm around, you will get double the pain, and who knows how far that will take me? And you do realize this is all your fault. Without you, I would be a happy blitz star, but no, now I'm stuck with a mental bitch and a whore thing that doesn't even deserve a name" Tidus chuckled evilly to himself, not hearing Kairi's muffled sobs and cries from the stair. She had made sure that he never knew of it, it was her only chance of escape. She slowy crept downward as she heard her father exit her room.

Kairi sat on the slightly damp ground, the only things with her was the shabby bear and what she was wearing. So she sat on the ground and wept, knowing that right now her mother was getting a second hurting because of her escape, and she was truly starting to believe it was really her fault, that everything was her fault.

She slowy got up, and dragged herself to Roxas's house, still sobbing. Roxas had semi gone through the same thing, and she knew that he wouldn't turn her down. After almost an hour of sobbing and half-walking, half-jogging, she had reached the familar house. Ringing the doorbell, she tried to regain her composure, and failed miserably.

"Kairi?" He was utterly shocked at how hard she was crying. She never let anyone show any problems in her life, only helped the problems of others. She was actually pretty selfless, and now he knew she need someone, badly.

"Roxas.. I need a place to stay. My father..." Kairi couldn't finish the sentence. She had completey broken down at Roxas's door, only to be hugged and lightly lead inside into a guest room.

"Its fine Kai. Just stay here, go to sleep, try and forget whatever happened. If your up to it, you can tell me about it tommorow." With that Roxas slowly closed the door, as Kairi had continued her sobbing into the pillow, still holding the bear.

I don't remember your name, but I know I could really use you right now. Even at three you were a great friend, and I still miss you, and wish I could just remember something , besides your eyes.

Those were Kairi's last thoughts as she played with a light blue, almost sky(A/N: if you didn't already know,the name Sora means sky) color, ribbon tied to her bears neck. Finally, after at least another hour of silent tears, she fell into the gentle slumber known as sleep.

At the time of Tidus's usual attack on his family, a boy at the age of Kairi named Sora was helping his father clean the table in his home in Oblivion Islands. His life seemed just about perfect, inside and out. He had a wonderful family, aside from the slip-up his father Cloud had made around the time Sora was conceived, which wasn't too awful, because he ended up with a half-brother around the same age as him, that visited he visited every few months. And this just so happened to be one of those months.

"Hey Dad?" Sora asked, pulling Cloud aside. He knew that Tifa was still touchy on the subject of Sora's half brother.


"Can I go call Roxas now? I want to see if I would be able to go for next week or two." Sora tried to say it quickly and quietly so Tifa would not hear.

"Fine. But you have to go outside to take the call."

"Okay, I will."

Sora was ecstatic. Though it didn't seem like much, going to see a blood relative, it was for Sora. He was an only child, and it got lonely. And Roxas always seemed to be able to cheer him up, and they were very much alike. He grabbed the phone and hurried outside.

Three rings then an answer.


"Hey Roxas. Its Sora. I was wondering if I would be able to come for the next week or two." Sora was asking grinning, and Roxas could tell through the phone that Sora was really looking foward to seeing him again.

"Sora.. You might I'm not sure. If you did, you would have to stay on the couch, someone else took the guest room for the time being" Roxas didn't want to have to move Kairi to the couch. Even if Sora was blood (or half-blood), Kairi desperately needed somewhere safe and comforting to stay, and moving her to the couch would probably only make her feel worse.

"What? Why? Why can't you just kick him out? I mean I am your half-brother! This dude should be nothing compared to me!" Sora felt a little disappointed.

"Sora.. I can't. And its not a him, its a her. Something terrible has happened, and she came to stay at my house. It just happened, and she can't even tell me yet. Though I have a feeling she never will, she was never good with expressing emotions or anything that had to do with her for that matter."

"Oh. Well maybe it would be good if I came. I could try to help. After all, people are more comfortable telling people they don't think they will ever see again. Though thats not exactly true, she could believe it. It might just make her confess." Sora knew that it was bad from what Roxas had said, and he just basically promised to help a complete stranger, but to tell the truth he just felt like getting away from Oblivion for a while, it was starting to get to him. He badly needed to return to Destiny for a while, even if it was only a week or two.

"Fine. But I swear, do not try anything on her Sora. She's hurting badly and you don't even know her. She needed someplace to stay, and she came to me. If you did anything, she would always associate me with you, thus she would distance herself from me. And right now she needs a friend." Roxas was pretty harsh, and he had already played out in his mind what would happen if things went wrong.

"Ooooh sounds like little Roxy has a thing for this girl!!" Sora was teasing, again. He knew it would get him angry.

"I do not! She really needed someone right now, and she trusted me. She's been close friends with me for as long as I can remember, and I hate to see her like this. Right now she just needs some time away from the problem she's facing, not a whole knew one on top of it."

"Sure... Whatever when can I come?" Sora was getting bored. He had only two friendships in Destiny Islands, Roxas and Riku, and he didn't feel like listening to his brother go on and on about his friendships.

"Be at docks by twelve p.m. tommorow Sora. And don't be late!" Roxas just wanted to end this conversation already.

"Fine. See you then." Sora had hung up after hearing his goodbye repeated from his brother. He came back inside, put his cell phone in his pocket and went to his room, packing up just about every piece of clothing he owned.

"What are you doing?" Tifa questioned as she came into to wish her son a goodnight.

"Oh.. umm.. Dad didn't tell you? I'm going to Roxas's for a week or two." Sora replied with a forced grin. He knew his mother wasn't happy, but he needed to get away for a while.

"Fine.. I suppose I can't really do anything anyways. Just remember that theres family here to talk when you need it." Tifa said as she left.

Sora sighed. Her mother had always assumed that he went because he needed someone to talk to, but that wasn't the case, or at least not always. He always wanted to go to Destiny, not only because of Roxas, but because his mother had told him his friend since he was a baby had moved there. Sora always hoped to see her, with no such luck. But this time it felt different.

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