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What Nobody Knew

Nobody knew. Not Megan or Aunty Cathy or Jonah or Kit or Kimo. No one. It was between her and him. Sometimes Darby wanted to tell someone, especially when she seen him with Megan. Seeing Megan's playful but useless flirting Darby wanted to rub it in her face. That would be horrible though, and it would put an end to their meetings. At times Darby almost chose to put an end to it all. But she always found herself there anyways. Pressed against the wall, clothes in a heap on the floor, lips bruised crimson from his kisses. She'd walk back to Sun House sweaty, her hair in a tangled mass. And he'd go back to work around the ranch.

Sometimes she'd just be walking and he'd pull her aside. She'd grin and then the clothes would start coming off. Before anyone came they'd usually have time to get naked and share mind blowing sex. Poor Megan she thought that she and him were going somewhere. If only she knew…but nobody knew.

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