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I had never felt so much pressure than at this moment, standing here, alone, in this huge castle that I was to call my own for the rest of forever.

This pressure, I was certain, would eventually kill me. Not immediately of course, but slowly. Painfully.

This pressure was, undoubtedly, eating me alive.

I stood solidly by the window, gazing out at the lush green hills that rolled on endlessly for miles. There was no tree in sight. Not even a lake, or waterfall. The only thing that surrounded me were these thick stone walls.

I was imprisoned. Not only physically, but emotionally.

I couldn't stop thinking about Tristan, and the way he had looked at me when I had left him alone with my family.

My family.

I felt tears glisten in my eyes. They all had been my family....and yet I had turned away from them. Abandoned them.

Betrayed them.

But it was for the best. If I hadn't done what I did, Victor would have killed Tristan, and my whole entire family. I couldn't have allowed that to happen.

They had been confident. All three of them – Ben, Tristan, and Jared; they had been cocksure that they could have killed Victor. But, see, I hadn't wanted that to happen either.

No matter how much I hate Victor, I didn't want to see them kill their own brother because of me. It would have been cruel, heartless. How could I have allowed them that liberty?

And so I decided to break every single one of their hearts instead.

Was that better? Was that truly better than watching all three of them murder Victor?

Yes. I had done the right thing.

It was the consequences that I had yet to live with. The realization that, yes, I had lost everything - my fiance, my family, my life.

I couldn't back down now, no matter how much I wanted to just turn around and flee; and to plead for my family's forgiveness. The deed was done.

My life?


It's short, but then again, it's the preface. The first chapter will definitely be longer, and with a new song to listen to along with it! Reviews are deeply appreciated!