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Confessions of Danny Zuko

Chapter ONE: Caitlyn Gellar


"Emma friggin' WATSON?" Shane yelled into the phone. I winced at how the sound hit a sour note in my ear drum. After meeting Emma, I just had to call Shane. I needed something to brag about after months of getting teased by him.

"Yeah, Emma Watson." I confirmed again. Shane said something undecipherable.

"Hey, Shane I have to go." I looked over at Steven who was directing a brown haired girl into the room we're suppose to do our first script reading in. "We're meeting the rest of the cast soon."

"Don't hang up! Let me talk to her!" Shane begged.

"Bye Shane." I closed my phone and sat by Emma. She somehow reminded me of, well, me. She didn't talk much. Not yet, at least. I might not have a hypnotizing accent but when she talked she said some of the funniest things. Well, it was funny to me. Like when we first met each other, which was minutes ago, she said something about the rooster not even up. Maybe it was just me. I thought it was funny. I've heard that I say funny things too, on some occasions. Never mind.

"You called your brother?" Emma stated more than asked when I sat down. I had no idea she heard my bragging. I was beyond embarrassed.

I chuckled, "Yeah, he has this celebrity crush on you."

She twisted her face, "I've heard he's with someone."I nodded, "Yeah, he met her back in Camp Rock."

Emma looked uninterested so I stopped talking. I causally leaned back in my chair. I didn't know how else to strike up another conversation with her so I remained quiet as well. Another thing we had in common, we were extremely quiet.

I was in the studio. A different kind of studio. Not a recording studio. I, Nate Grey, grabbed the role of Danny Zuko with not much but a phone call and meeting with Steven. That's all I had to do. I thought snagging a role this big required months of agonizing call backs. Thankfully, I didn't have to go through that. They guaranteed my role if I'd just take some acting classes during the summer.

The past summer was supposed to be dedicated to our summer tour. Supposed to. It never happened. Shane just had to screw it up by walking off the set of our music video and our manager had enough of it. I hated Shane for going that far. I wish he could just forget his past and move on. He was on the path to destruction for some girl? He was an idiot. Shane screwed his chances with a poor unsuspecting girl and snapped. Well, now that he's with Mitchie, Shane's been doing better. A lot better. I won't say he's the same brother I knew but he's recovering. Camp Rock was a savior. I had some girl troubles too. You don't see me moody and storming off set because my own relationship came to a screeching halt. Alex dumped me inexpertly over spring. I can't recall when she did. I'd rather forget about it. I do have to say it sucked when she blabbed to the media about us. Instead of informing me, she told the rest of the world. It was horrible. I remembered last summer when Jason and I visited him at Camp. Shane gestured towards a girl in the front row. It was the first time I ever saw Mitchie but I wasn't interested in her. I was occupied wondering who her friend was…

Emma pulled the sleeve of my shirt, "I think Steven is about to introduce us."

I stood up and walked over with Emma. We both nervously waited outside. Steven told us there was a limited number of people that knew who Sandy and Danny were. Everybody would be more than shocked to find out that Emma Watson and I, will be the leads. Heck, I've been having a hard time comprehending that I am Danny Zuko.

The door opened and Emma walked confidently. I followed her in. I was greeted by gasp and 'shut ups'. A group of girls were trying to hold in their screams. Their faces were getting noticeably red. I smiled and scanned the room of faces.

Only one stood out. And I mean really stood out. The heart shaped face of Mitchie's friend looked in awe at me. I think she was surprised to see me. I was surprised to see her too. I wondered why Mitchie didn't tell me her friend was in this movie. I could have known one soul before coming here.

Steven held up his hand, quieting the cheers. Emma and I took the last two seats left. Mitchie's friend loosened her grip on her script and placed it on her lap. Steven began to formally introduce every single person.

"Okay, shall we introduce ourselves?" Steven suggested, "Taylor start it off."

The guy beside Mitchie's friend stood up.

"Hey, I'm Taylor Lautner, I'll be playing the role of Kenickie and I'm extremely excited to be a part of this movie." The girls huddled in the corner exchanged looks.

Mitchie's friend forced a painful smile and stood up, "Hi, I'm Caitlyn Gellar. I'll be Betty Rizzo."

I had a hard time convincing myself that she would be a good Rizzo. After reading the script, four times through, watching the movie countless of times and watching the Broadway musical, Rizzo came off as…almost slutty. Mitchie's friend…um Caitlyn, looked much more innocent. She's pretty, but I don't think that would be enough to carry such a big character. We all introduced ourselves and then immediately started reading the script. I did my best Danny that I could come up with. It wasn't that hard. I just had to act like Shane at times and it came out flawlessly. I looked across the room to find her deeply reading intot he script. I wanted to talk to her. I'm sure we have something to discuss on. Camp Rock was a great subject to randomly start talking to her. I bit my lip waiting to meet her gaze. Her eyes were glued to her script. Everyone in a while she would smile at something Taylor would whisper to her. I wanted to know what he was saying to her. Maybe it wouldn't be so hard just to tell her some random comment about the weather or something…




Caitlyn glanced up at me. There was a playful smirk on her face. I didn't know what to think. It almost made me speechless. She proved me wrong on my assumption about her. Caitlyn would definitely make a great Rizzo.


"This is my bed." Taylor threw himself on the tallest bed in the room. I dragged my things over to the nearest bed I found. I was glad to finally see this house. It was literally the talk of the whole day. I began to throw my clothes out from my suit case. I wasn't much of an organized person. Most people assume I am. I don't know why. I might be the most responsible out of all of my brothers but I am not the cleanest. I know, I know. Big surprise. I'm just a bit messy. I can't help it. Usually, I have my pockets full of scraps of paper full of phrases to use in songs. I never throw one away because I never know when I could use it. That habit just translated into…everything. I shoved most of my things into drawers and didn't bother much with hanging clothes. All my shoes were kicked under the small space under my bed.

Feeling accomplished, I headed out to find Caitlyn.

In the middle of my search my phone rang.



"Hey Nate, It's Shane. Did you see her?"

I chuckled, "Emma? Duh, Shane."

"I don't mean her. Mitchie's friend. Caitlyn."

How is it that Shane knew about her and I didn't?

"Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

"I was going to tell you when you called but you just had to bring up Emma. Were you surprised? I know you saw her at Camp."

"How do you know I saw her?"

Shane scoffed, "Please. It wasn't Mitchie you were staring at."

I let out a frustrated groan. Shane was always quick to assume things. So what if I was looking at her at Camp? I sure wasn't going to be checking out Shane's interest.

"Hey well I still need to unpack." I lied.

"Whatever. You probably already have her in bed, don't you?" Shane teased.

I told you he was quick to assume. I played along.

"Yes, Shane and she's getting impatient."

"Way to go little bro."


I closed my phone and resumed my search for her. If only I knew which room she was in…Aha! I found Emma. Maybe she knows where I could find her.

"Hey Emma," I waved, "Is that girl who plays Rizzo here?"

I mentally slapped myself. I should have just called her by her real name. Rizzo, Nate? Are you serious? Emma was hanging some of her things up. She paused in mid air and thought for a while. Her eyes flickered to another entrance.

"Um, yeah. She's in the bathroom." She pointed.

I looked over to the bathroom entrance and saw her head sticking out. I guess she didn't expect me to stare at her because there was a slight tint of red growing on her cheeks. I have to remind myself to quit staring at her. Maybe, even she noticed that. She tripped on her feet as she approached me.

She's clumsy? That's something I didn't expect of her. It was kinda funny. She blushed a deeper red when she caught me smiling like an idiot.

Don't stare, Nate.

When she reached me she causally said, "Hey."

I blanked out. I had no idea what to tell her. So I went for the first thing that popped into my head.

"You're that Gellar girl, right?" I asked. Ugh, I should just stop talking. I hate making a fool out of myself.

Caitlyn cocked her head to the side, "Yeah. I am."

"You're friends with Mitchie right?" I asked again.

"Oh yeah. We met at Camp Rock." She responded. She looked interested as to what I was going to say next. Perhaps she was waiting for me to bring up Beach Jam or…Final Jam.

I cleared my throat, "You're name sounded familiar."

Now that was a lie. I didn't want to come off as some jerk that can't even remember names. Caitlyn narrowed her eyes, questioning my last comment. Did it sound like I was stalking her or something? I quickly made up another lie.

"Uh, Mitchie talks about you. She told Shane that you called her to tell her you landed a role in a movie?" I held my breath. I wasn't even sure that Caitlyn called Mitchie, maybe she e-mailed her, or texted her.

Caitlyn's face relaxed, "Oh! Yeah, I called Mitchie. How is she? How's Shane?"

My mind went back to the phone call I had a couple of minutes ago, "Oh they're good you know…"

Caitlyn just nodded politely as I shifted my weight around. I shoved my hands in my pocket, trying to think of something else to talk about. I couldn't. I thought talking to Caitlyn would be much easier. Taylor did it flawlessly, why can't I? Mad at myself, I decided to cut it before I said something stupid. I could imagine myself bring up what Shane said.

"You know what's funny? Shane thinks that you're in my bed right now. Funny right? And not only that, he thinks I like you for some strange reason."

Cue the dork laugh.

"Well I got to go. I want to get some sleep. Tomorrow is the start of a long month." I mumbled.

Caitlyn nodded again. She said something and then had a thoughtful expression on her face. I wish I could have listened to what she said because the next thing she said threw me off.

"Yeah. I need some too." She smiled up at me.

She needs some what? The though of her in my bed flash before my eyes. Damn you Shane. Finally, it clicked in my head. She needs some sleep. I relaxed. She wasn't throwing herself at me. It's not that I didn't wanted her to. I mean, I don't even know her that well. I waved at her and began to walk away. I was angry at myself and Shane. Mostly Shane. I dragged myself back to my room to find James packing his things away too. Taylor was still on his bed, looking up at the ceiling.

I quickly changed into my pj's. I had to buy some new ones. The minute I heard I was going to live with the cast I thought of my bright yellow ones I always wore. Now that was embarrassing. They didn't even fit me right anymore.

Taylor sighed, "Man, Caitlyn's a babe."

James smiled at Taylor, "Do I sense a crush?"

"Possibly. She's like the nicest girl I met and she's funny." Taylor sighed out.

I frowned. She wasn't exactly funny when I talked to her. She was polite. Extremely polite. Maybe she felt a bit awkward.

"Ten whole months…" Taylor said, "Think I can snag her?"

"No chance. She looks selective." James scoffed.

"Are you saying I'm not good looking?" Taylor shot back. He was joking but he still seemed offended.

James chuckled, "I'm saying you're probably not even her type."

Caitlyn has a type? I wonder who she would be into. Would she follow the tall, dark and handsome rule? I did fill the tall part…I wasn't exactly dark and I'm not sure if I fall into the handsome category. Wait. Why do I even care? I climbed into bed and turned off the light in my corner. I wasn't interested in what else Taylor had to say about Caitlyn. I'll find out for myself. I hope.


"Come back to bed, Nate."

I turned to see Caitlyn rolled up in my sheets. I stopped breathing. Not only was she in my bed but we were in the beach house back in California. Her bare back looked flawless. Her skin shimmered in the sun that was pouring in from the window. Her hair was…messy. I gulped.

She giggled, "Please Nate."

I dropped my things and raced back to her.


Having dreams about a girl I hardly knew was bad. She wasn't my friend, yet, and I had a dream. I shoved it aside. I couldn't be haunted with it. It could ruin a friendship that hasn't even begun. I looked back at her small group in the corner. They all looked pretty much the same. All their hair was in a bun. Small tops. Shorts. Taylor was looking over as well. Well to be precise, almost every guy was taking a look at the girls. They were in their own world. They never noticed us staring or nudging each other, passing along details we didn't noticed at first.

Jaclyn has a cute nose.

Louisa has the best pout to her lips.

Jennie has a sweet face.

Marcie has a small waist.

Emma was perfect.

Caitlyn has the best legs.

I quit looking. I felt horrible. I'm sure after months of working and living with them, they'll be like sisters to us. Then, we'll look back at this day and be disgusted we ever had thoughts or dreams about them. The musical director came in. She briefly introduced herself as Anne and told us we'll be learning 'Grease Lighin' first. Some of the guys high fived each other as we began to make our way out of the dance studio.

A small women shoved past us.


They all looked startled at the small dictator. I was glad us guy don't start dancing until later.

We poured into a room far away from the dance studio. We were handed a paper with lyrics on them. I didn't need it. I knew this song by heart. Anne came around and sat by her piano. She waved us over and we circled her.

"Alright, isn't this exciting. I hope you pick up quick because I'm just going to go through this number a couple of times and then we'll record. I hope you got a vocal trainer for this like I asked." Anne said playing a couple of chords on the piano. Nobody looked nervous. I assume everybody did exactly what she asked.

"Nate? Come sit by me, you're the lead."


I was in a booth alone while nearly every single guy was crammed into another booth. Anne gave me a thumbs up.

"This car could be automatic…systematic."

I paused.


Another pause, "Why it could be Greased Lightin!"


Taylor took over.


I smiled at how funny Taylor sounded in the earphones.


Taylor sang once again




The music finished off and we waited until Anne said something.

"GREAT JOB!" Anne smiled. "That was awesome. I've never recorded a whole song in only three takes. I guess you can go to lunch now. Remember you all have dance rehearsal after this. I don't want to get in trouble if you guys don't remember."

I took off my headphones and looked over at the guys. They were high fiving each other. I sheepishly joined them.

"Hey, let's go eat somewhere. I'm starving." Mike said. He was a part of the T-bird gang. I wasn't too sure what role he was. I completely forgot. I can't recall much from the script reading. I just remember Caitlyn.

Taylor patted his pockets, "Ah, I don't have much money."

Max threw his arm around Taylor's next, "Have you not heard of Subway's five dollar footlongs?"

"Great, let's go." James said. We all shuffled out of the recording studio. Taylor, James, Mike and Max quickly began talking. I didn't say much. It seems like they got along great. I'm not that great at making friends. I actually suck at it. It's the reason why I don't have any. We passed by the dancing studio where we saw a glimpse of the girls running around. I didn't think much of it. That is until when I looked back and I saw Caitlyn collapse on the ground. A light bulb went off in my head.

"Hey, guys hold on." I told my gang.

I walked over to the group of girls. They look sweaty and tired. I thought it was funny…so I walked up to Caitlyn with the biggest grin on my face.

"Hey Caitlyn!" I called.

Her brown eyes flickered up to me.

Then I asked the most obvious question I could asked, "You guys aren't recording?"

She looked in rage, "No! You aren't dancing?"

"Nah," I shrugged, "We just finished recording Grease Lightin'. We start dancing after lunch."

I don't know what possessed me to try an dance in front of them. I did some of the recognizable moves from Grease Lightin'. I quickly stopped after the girls just stared at me like I was growing corn out of my ears.

"Soo," I cleared my throat. "You wanna get some lunch, Caitlyn? I heard there's like a Subway across the street."

She looked like she wanted to tear me into pieces, "No thanks, I think I'll let my limbs rest for a while. Maybe you should let your vocal cords rest too, you know? Wouldn't want Nate Grey to pull a muscle."

Ouch. Rejected. I tried to laugh it off but I ended up frowning.

"Oh, I'll see you later then."

I turned on my heel and quickly walked over to the guys. They curiously looked at me, wondering what I was talking to the girls about.

"I just wanted to say hi." I lied.

Taylor laughed, "Looks like you were about to be eaten live."

"You have no idea." I replied.


I don't know what it is about her. Caitlyn was interesting. I got along with her quiet well, which was a change from our first chat. After pathetically asking her to be my friend she agreed. I don't know why she wants to be my friend. I could be a bit unstable at times. But I was glad. A week later and I had her as friend. That's the biggest accomplishment I've ever done in my whole life. I recalled the day when we finally made amends.

She was sitting in the kitchen with Marcie. I came in after Louisa had a melt down when I was practicing my singing in the living room.

"What's her problem? I was practicing." I explained.

Caitlyn and Marcie exchanged looks. Caitlyn was trying hard not to laugh. Marcie on the other hand looked composed.

"Bad day."

"Oh." I bit my lip.

I wasn't sure if I should leave or stay. Caitlyn looked up at me and looked back at her bowl. It's the small things she did that made me internally laugh. She stole a glance.

"Well I'm going to take a nap…" Marcie announced. "See ya Cait."

Marcie rushed away. Caitlyn shot her a death glare. I wasn't sure what was going on but it bothered Caitlyn to no end.

"Sorry about the other day…the Subway thing." She apologized.

"Oh that."

"I was just really tired. I'm not sure how my limbs stayed on. Dor, our dance instructor, is a reincarnation of a Nazi. She had us do these ridiculous things if we didn't get things right and," She blushed. She paused and continued with her rambling, "My charming self comes out when I'm moody."

I nodded and listened to her. Caitlyn had a lot to say. I thought she would be quiet like me but that was something I assumed wrong of her.

"…I was boiling the water and throwing in the macaroni when Louisa was screaming at me. I didn't notice I was singing and all. That got on her nerves. I thought making mac and cheese would make her happy. She had a long day at work."

"I never notice how much of a spaz you are." I piped. I nearly slapped myself when she narrowed her eyes at me.

"I'm a spaz?" She growled.

"No, it's not what I meant," I said, "I was trying to make fun of you and spaz was the only word that popped in my head. I'm sorry. I'm stupid. It's one of the reasons I hardly talk."

Caitlyn grinned, "Because you say stupid things?"

I sighed, "Yeah."

Caitlyn did this adorable snort. She covered her face as she tried to hold in another laugh bubbling from inside her. She dropped her hands and looked back at her food.

"Um," I started, "So the next time I invite you somewhere, will go you? Or should I not bother?" I sat across from her. I chewed the inside of my cheek. Having Caitlyn along for that Subway things would have been a perfect icebreaker to begin a talk with the guys…and to begin talking to Caitlyn. Two birds with one stone…

"I'll go." Caitlyn said. She didn't take her eyes off her food.

I brightened up, "That's great. Tomorrow after rehearsals me and a couple of guys are going-"

"I can't." She looked up. I twisted my face. But she just said she would go if I asked her. Caitlyn is sure confusing.

"I have my recording session from 7 to 10. Sorry." She had an apologetic look on her face face. I quickly forgave her. Who couldn't? I gnawed on my lip and watched her go into a daze. It made me smile. I'm not sure what she was thinking but her face was priceless.

"How about we go somewhere right now?" I asked, in high hopes.

She pointed at her food. I completely forgot she was eating already.


"I'm sure we'll have more time available once this month is over." She smiled. She sure knew how to cheer me up. I'm not sure why I was desperately hoping we could go off and have lunch or something. Maybe it was the fact that she was the first person in a long time who was not interested in my brothers or how the album as doing.

"Yeah," I sighed, "I haven't had the best week."


"I suck at making friends." I confessed. She seemed worthy enough to know my embarrassing secrets. Mitchie said she was trustworthy. Caitlyn had a look of disbelief. She shook her head.

"You and those other guys always hang out." she pointed out.

"I know. I just can't open up to them." I looked into her warm pools of brown eyes. She was hesitant to look straight at me.

She frowned, "And you think you can open up to me?"

"Well yeah. Mitchie told us how nice you were to her and stuff."

She looked disappointed. She was pushing her food around with her fork, thinking about what I said. I'm sure I didn't say anything to make her look devastated…or did I?

"So you want to be my friend?" Caitlyn forced a smile.

I let out a sigh, "I sound pretty pathetic but yeah, please."

"Nate, my friend," She started, "I'm going to teach you a lot of things."

I knitted my brows together, "Like what?"

Her forced smile relaxed, "Like making more friends."

That made me laugh. Taylor was right. She was funny. I could see why he liked her so much. True to her word. Caitlyn showed me how to be more open to people. I slowly became friends with Taylor. We were laying around on a nice Monday night, watching tv. Well I was trying to watch tv. I couldn't help but to think about Caitlyn. She wasn't around to talk to. Emma and Cait were at the recording studio.

Taylor was blabbing something incoherent about their make out scene. He honestly couldn't wait for it. The moment he found out I had Cait's number stored in my phone, he bugged me to no end to get it. I didn't cave in. That's something I rather keep to myself. It selfish. I know. But I want to keep her to myself as long as I can. It's weird, I know. There's something about her that I can't explain. It's kinda like when you know exactly what it is but you can't put your finger on it? Like that. I wanted to know what it was about her that drew me to her.

Umm not that I like her or anything. She's just interesting. I notice in a lot of the little things she does. Like so far, she has these space out moments. Caitlyn has a blank stare with a goofy smile on her face. It's like she in her own world. Spaz. She was a total spaz. I won't ever tell her again but she was.

The front door slammed shut and Emma walked in infuriated.

"Those..UGH! Paparazzi!" She stamped her foot. "How did Caitlyn take it?" Taylor asked.

She was perhaps the only one who hasn't been exposed to the media besides Jennie.

Emma face dropped, "Caitlyn?"

"Isn't she with you? She said you two had the same recording times." I recalled.

"No. I didn't know." Emma frowned.

We quietly stared at each other. We had the same expression show up on our faces at the same time. Caitlyn was walking alone at night. Emma raced for the door but I beat her to it.

"I'll go." She insisted. Taylor shook his head, "I'm sure the photographers are still out there."

I ran to the back, "I'll take the long way then."

I don't know what possessed me to go for Caitlyn. Perhaps, because she was my only friend and I hate to see her out by herself. Or maybe because I can't see her fighting off a guy with her size. I just knew she needed somebody to walk her and that's where I came in. Nate to the rescue!

I was running down the same sidewalk we've been talking for the past week when I saw a single silhouette walking in my direction. It was Caitlyn. I rushed over and I hugged her.

Umm, I don't know why I did. It seemed fit. It was then when I discovered my gravitational pull to Caitlyn. She smelled nice. How could I miss that? A spicy sweet smell of cinnamon filled my head. She smelled like cinnamon. I could her feel her tense up but then relax her muscles.

I held her out at the length of my arm, "I didn't want you walking alone."

She weakly smiled up at me, "Thanks."

I let her go. We awkwardly started walking back.

"How did you know?" She asked.

I cleared my throat, "Um Emma."

She nodded and continued taking her small quick steps. The scent of cinnamon still hung around. I looked down at her and that same empty expression was plastered on her face. I waved my hand in front of her face. No response.


She bit her lip tenderly. It was funny to watch her.

"Cait?" I said louder.

She snapped out of her daze and blushed.


I didn't ask her about it. I was enjoying the moment of walking in the night with Caitlyn Gellar.


So I went over two chapters and is anybody surprise that Nate is unknowingly attracted to her? I can't wait for those who've read Pink Lady to find out exactly what was going on in that confusing head of Nate's. Just a note, this story will be shorter than Pink Lady. Not by much but it will be around the teen mark. Hope you liked the first chapter. Let me know what you think!