Behind Blue Eyes

A Devil May Cry fanfiction.

by Nyx405

Dante quickly dodged the devil's claw.

"Is that all you got?" He smirked.

"Watch it old timer, this guy is tough." the young devil hunter Nero said.

"Tough? Nah, you're just inexperienced." Dante chuckled.

Nero pouted. "Well I guess we'll have to find out how inexperienced am I."

"We shall see." Dante pulls out Rebellion. He runs at the devil. The devil lunged at Dante. He turned and sliced its palm. The devil roared in pain. Nero came from behind his pale blue eyes changed to the color blood red. His demonic arm glowed as he tightened his grip on Yamoto.

"Die!!!" He roared as he landed the final blow. The devil collapsed.

Dane clapped "Not bad kid but…"

The devil stood up. He quickly shot it; the devil reached out for him but Dante jumped into the air.

"I'll kill you! You stupid son of a-" Dante sliced it in half before the devil could finish what it was going to say. He put away his sword and threw a red rose at Nero. "You missed a spot."

"Tch," Nero looked at the rose and smirked "I still have a long way to go."

"Yeah, you do newbie." He patted his shoulder and walked back to the town to collect their money. Nero's smirked changed into a shocked look.

"Shoot! I forgot today's the day!" He said

"What already? Well good luck kid!" Dante gave him a thumbs-up.

Nero nodded and ran off.

Nero touched the doorknob to his house. He stopped.

"Easy Nero…" He took a deep breath; he touched the doorknob again. He heard a moan from his lover Kyrie. He opened it the door.

"Kyrie I'm…" He looked at his lover and saw her with another man.

The man panicked and ran way. Nero let him go. He was speechless.

"Nero…" Kyrie looked at him.

"Tell me it's not true…" he looked away.

"It is true Nero." Kyrie looked away.


"You spend too much time away from me. All you care about now is work."

"That's not true!" He yelled

"Than why don't you come home more often? I get so lonely and worry if you will come back alive!"

"…Why didn't you tell me?" He started to calm down.

"Because… I can't… and I'm leaving you…" she cried as she took off her necklace that he gave her. She placed it in his human hand.

Nero looked at the necklace than at his demon arm and looked at the engagement ring. He sighed and put the ring in his pocket.

"Five hundred, five thousand, ten thousand. Wow Dante I can't believe it you're finally out of debt." Said Lady and she put the money in a suitcase.

"It took me years to pay you back but now I'm done." Dante took a bite out of his pizza. "Now I can sleep easy and dream about hot girls serving me strawberry sundaes."

"You already do that," she laughed. "Well I'm off. Try to stay out trouble Dante." She walked away. Nero walked past her.

"Oh hey Nero." She smirked.

"Hey…" He walked faster.

She blinked and tilted her head. "I wonder what's gotten into him…?" She got on her motorcycle and drove off into the night.

"Hey Big-Shot! How'd it go she turned you down that bad?" Dante joked.

"I didn't even get a chance to ask her." Nero looked away.

"What happened?" Dante asked.

"She cheated on me."

"Whoa that's harsh." He patted his shoulder lightly. "Wanna talk about it?"

"I guess."

Nero didn't really Dante would listen to him. All Dante did was drink a beer or finish the rest of his pizza. Whenever Nero paused Dante would tell him to continue. Nero felt happy that Dante listened in his own way.

"So that's what happened," Nero sighed.

"Wow that's pretty sad." Dante finished his last beer. "I know just how to cure a broken heart." He smirked and grabbed Rebellion.

"I'm guessing getting laid and beer."

Dante looked away and pouted. "Shut up."

"Dante you except me to just move on? And get laid with some random chick?" Nero was annoyed.

"Uh… yeah."

"Let's just get this over with." Nero rolled his eyes.

Okay....just say I know it sucks okay? This is my first time doing something like this....please forgive me. *bow* T___T I'm just trying to something new. For those of you who like this and choose to continue read this fanfic... IT'S NOT SHONNEN-AI OR YAOI.