Behind Blue Eyes Chp. 10

Well this is the last chapter I hope you all enjoy this fanfiction as much as I had trying to write this… so yeah… thanks…

Devil May Cry

Dante looked up at the dark cloud sky. Rain pour on his face blending in with his tears. Nero touched his shoulder.

"Come on…Kyrie's making dinner at my house." Nero looked at Lior's tombstone next to Dante's mother's grave. He walked away, while Dante looked at both graves.

"Dante!" Nero called him.

"Yeah I'm coming." He left two lilies by his mother and Lior's gave.

"Not a rose?"

"They're so cliché." Dante smirked "Besides she liked lilies."

"Really?" Nero looked at him.

"Yeah…hey listen kid…I need some time alone…you go on and spend time with your girl." He walked down the hill.

"Hey Dante!"


"You never answered my question."

"What question?"

"You know…what did Lior mean to you?"


- - -

Nero opened the door to his house; the food was on the table. He went to his room and found Kyrie smoothing her body with the lilac-scented lotion. He bend down and wrapped his arms around her. She pet his hair and kissed his head. Nero kissed her stomach and kissed her neck as she giggled. He gently pressed his body against her as they kissed.

- - -

Kizorin packed her things in a bag. She looked over at Dante with her pale green eyes. He was playing Lior's favorite record for the thirteenth time. She opened the door and looked at him.

"Promise me you're not going to cause trouble." Dante laid on the cough holding an empty bottle of tomato juice.

"I can't promise you anything." She smiled.

"Heh, figures…" Dante covered his eyes with his arm.



"What did Lior mean to you?" She asked.

"She…. She was a good partner." He looked like he was crying.

"Is that all?"



"Well…actually Lior was…"

Kizorin closed the door, before she could hear what he was going to say.

I think it's better if no one knows how you feel… behind your blue eyes is your world… your secret… I don't think anyone has the right to see it unless you let them…

She walked away from Devil May Cry ready to start a new life.

The End

Well I know what you all are thinking "WTF!? What did he say!?" I leave it up to all of you to decide what he said. And yes I know I was thinking Kizorin's little speech contradicted with Dante about to give her a peek into "his world." Anyway thanks for reading Behind Blue Eyes Also thank Rex Okken (Who is awesome…I know) who edited this story. Thanks again you're great people, I'm thinking about doing a Metal Gear Solid Fanfiction, after I beat it.