Chapter 1

"I don't love you anymore, Leah"

"No, you said you'd love me forever!" I screamed but he didn't hear. He turned from me and I reached out for him but my hand went through him.

"I love Emily, I don't love you." Sam turned back to me, but it wasn't Sam. His long raven black hair was cut short, his eyes were dark and hard, and his face was not the same happy and joyful face I fell in love with.

"How can you love Emily?! You promised me that you'd love me forever!" I screamed again but it came out in a whisper. I fell to my knees sobbing into my hands. When I looked back up at him a horrible, black monster was standing over me. The monster snarled and lifted an enormous clawed paw to swat me…

Then I woke up, drenched in sweat and shaking. I had to live through this dream night after night. The sad thing was, it wasn't just a dream.

The sun was just rising, I had 3 hours till work but I got up anyways. I took a long shower, letting the warm water run through my hair calming my shaking sobs. I had to get over this, Sam just wasn't into me anymore. The thought brought another wave of sobs.

I stomped angrily around my room, kicking myself. Sam's obviously not the one, Leah. I told myself. What was it that made him suddenly stop loving me?

I paused a second to stare at myself in the mirror. My long ebony hair fell in wet strands around my face. I thought my face was pretty, and I had heard the same thing from Sam and my father. But they both had left me. I tugged a brush through my hair bitterly, fighting another wave of tears.

I was just so stupid, it's been months since he broke up with me but I was still dreaming and crying over that stupid boy. Stupid boy. I thought. That stupid boy that had held me in his strong, bronze arms, whispering into my hair that he loved me...

"Stop it!" I growled at myself. I growled? "Ugg this is messing with my head."

I stormed out of my room, I had to get my mind on other things. Leaving the house I passed my mom and my little brat of a brother Seth in the kitchen. Mom was cooking eggs and Seth was scarfing down his and it looked like he might eat his plate and his fork too.

"Morning Leah." My mom greeted cheerfully. "I'm making you some eggs."

"Thanks, but I'm not hungry." I muttered.

Seth spoke up, his mouth full of disgusting yellow mash I guessed used to be food. "Leah thinks she's fat."

"Brat!" I yelled, punching his shoulder. I was surprised at the strength I was able to put behind it, lifting all those boxes at the store must have made me stronger. "I do not!"

Evidently Seth was surprised too because he rubbed his arm, showing weakness.

"Oh Leah, honey, you're not fat! Why don't you have some breakfast?" My mom cooed. Ugg, moms.

"I have to go mom." I nearly growled again. What's with the growling?

"But Leah it's only…" I was out the door before she could say anymore, slamming it.

I stuffed my hands in the pockets of my hoodie. The summer air was suprisingly brisk and the wind chilled me as it flowed through my hair. I closed my eyes as I walked, taking in the world around my by scent and feel. The summer air never smelt so good. I welcomed the wind like a hug, wrapping me in calmness as I kept a brisk pace up the hill.

My Zen like trance was broken by a strange sound. It was far off but I heard it all too clearly. A long howl, that seemed to dance on the once calming wind around me. Everyone said the wolves were gone, but I still heard them every day. I heard them when no one else did. Maybe I'm going crazy.

I heard several more of the ghostly howls as I walked to the store. I got there about an hour before it was supposed to be opened but I really didn't have anything to do until then so I unlocked it and switched the sign from open to close. I wandered around making sure everything was in order and doing other chores.

I was in the back about an hour later when I heard the bell ring as the door was opened. I walked to the front but before I rounded the corner I knew who it was. My heart started pounding. Stay calm Leah. I pushed a fake smile on my face as I rounded the corner to greet Sam and his "gang."

Sam obviously didn't expect to see me here, he quickly looked away and walked off down an aisle. His group of followers was getting larger, I snickered to myself. Why did all those kids hang out with him anyways? They were in fact just kids, all of them were in high school. It was so weird, these kids would disappear all of a sudden then when they came back Sam was best friends with them. One of them, Jared I think his name was, winked at me as he passed by. I glared at him and I felt another growl coming up but I disguised it as a cough.

I guess my disguise wasn't very good because all of them, even Sam, turned and stared at me with shocked looks on their faces. I stared back awkwardly not knowing what to say when that stupid Jacob Black kid barged in. He only put one foot in the door, before cocking his head to the side as if he was telling them to get out. To my surprise they did, as quickly as they had appeared they had left.

I sat down on a stool and tried to get my breathing back to normal. Things were just getting to weird around here. As if the back me up I heard a wolf howl.