This is it, *tears*, I've come so far, I wouldn't have made it without the support from you guys. I'll probably be writing a sequel to this, Jonathon's story, but I'm not positive yet. I hope you enjoyed my story as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Oh, this chapter is named after the song And So It Goes by Billy Joel, it's an absolutely beautiful song, my choir sang it freshman year. A couple of the versus fit with this story really well.

Epilogue – And So It Goes

Busting through the door, and I mean busting – I almost took it off it's hinges, I found all of the Cullens and my pack in the living room. I quickly made my way for Jonathon, ignoring the dozens of eyes staring at me, and took him from my mom before she could protest. I kept my strength in check, making sure I didn't hurt my child. He was asleep, looking like a little angel. I could hear the soft beating of his heart.

"Leah," Carlisle started. I looked up at him. I expected his face to be downcast… seeing that he was more than likely bringing the news that the center of my world has died, but his face was surprisingly bright. "Kaase isn't going to die."

I felt as if everything was stripped away from me, my limbs went weak; luckily there was a couch behind me. I sat down quickly, careful not to shake Jonathon too much. "What?" I whispered, "But I thought he was dying…"

"A normal person would be dead." Carlisle said, "Scientifically he would have died before the pack found him. His heart is what's keeping him alive, the only ways to kill a werewolf are if they are beheaded or a silver bullet through his heart. He's going to live and more than likely not be affected at all by this accident. He's healing quicker than a human but not as fast as either of us would."

I closed my eyes and leaned against the back of the couch, tears fell down my face involuntarily. "Can I see him?" I whispered.

"Yes, actually he's asking to see you."

My eyes sprang open, "He's awake!?"

Carlisle chuckled, "Yes, he woke up a couple moments ago. I rushed here to tell you." Nothing could have held me in that spot. I almost started running for the hospital but Seth stopped me and pushed me into a car.

I didn't even ask what room he was in, I felt the tug as soon as I got out of the car. The lady at the front desk started yelling at me but I ignored her, I heard Carlisle talking to her faintly but I was too far ahead. I hated having to act human as I weaved through the hallways, allowing the tug to bring me to my imprint.

Then I found him. He was in an intensive care unit, I barged through the doors, ignoring the warnings from nurses and other staff that I wasn't a loud in there.

"Kaase…" I sighed, it was then I realized I was still crying.

He was lying on the bed, his head wrapped in gauze and all kinds of tubes plugged into him. When I entered the room his eyes fluttered open. Those crystal blue eyes, I thought I had lost them forever.

"Leah…" He whispered hoarsely.

I was at his bedside quickly, "I thought I lost you." I whispered; tears choked me.

"Don't cry," He whispered back, lifting a bandaged hand to touch my face. I grabbed his hand and held it there. Surprisingly he let out a small chuckle, "What's with your hair? Were you rolling around in the dirt?"

I touched my hair with a timid hand and felt all kinds of crap from the forest floor stuck in it, shoot I probably looked like some kind of wild woman. I smiled, "I kind of exploded when I found out what happened to you."

"You're a wolf again?" He whispered, eyes getting wide. "Leah, I'm so sorry…"

"Shhh," I placed a finger to his lips, "this isn't your fault." I ran my fingers along his cheek delicately. "I could never escape it."

"So are you staying a wolf now? Please don't just give up because…"

"Kaase…" I quieted him with one word. "I'm doing this for Jonathon."


I nodded, running a finger along his jaw. "He's going to be a wolf someday, he will need someone there to support him both physically and mentally." I shrugged, "I don't mind, I'd do anything for that baby."

Kaase was quiet for a moment. "I love you." He whispered.

I felt another stream of tears run down my face. "Forever." I whispered back.

His lips rose in a half grin, "Forever."

~The End~