A/N: Hey! Wrote this per the request of Hexanna. She read 'Ties to Humanity' and said I should write one were Kakuzu was the one who got raped. So here you go, Hex! Hope you like

Dreams or flash back.
Normal pov.


The moon was nearly full. It's dull platinum light illuminating the forest below just enough to see. In the forest clearing below a small, lone figure sat alone. Knees pulled up to his chest as he looked up intently at the night sky. Neon green eyes sparkled as the moon light caught them. With a heavy sigh long lashes came down to brush over tan cheeks as the young boy—no more than six or seven—closed his eyes to the warm night breeze.

As if from nowhere a larger figure appeared next to the smaller one. The boy didn't seem surprised and stood up to greet the older man. He bowed and smiled up at him—a small black hole in his smile from where he had lost a baby tooth.

"Sensei," the young boy said excitedly as he looked up at the man. "What is it? What did you want to show me?" he tried to keep the excitement out of his voice but being a child fail at this.

The older man grinned a sharp toothed grin as he leered down at the young child. "Oh, I have something very special to show you Kuzu-chan." The older man said as he placed a hand on Kakuzu's shoulder.

Annoyance passed over Kakuzu's face at being called 'chan'. He was a boy, and was always quick to remind people of this even if he knew they knew he was. "I'm a boy Sensei," he pouted as he said this, full lips making the gesture perfectly. He did that a lot, pouting that is; even if he wasn't trying to.

"Yes, Kuzu-chan, I know you're a boy. But you disserve the title, for you are far prettier than any girl in this village." His grin only grew as he said this, and any one older would have been able to see the pure lust that burned in the man's eyes. As it was Kakuzu didn't and before he could react he was pinned to the ground. One large strong hand placed firmly on his chest, keeping him in place with ease.

"Se-Sensei?" Kakuzu questioned very confused and uncomfortable with his sensei's actions. From the new position the moon light caught the neon of his eyes perfectly, the exotic green color shinning in the dark night like a beckon.

"Kuzu-chan… You really are beautiful, you know that?" he brushed a hand against the child's cheek as he said this. "You're like some kind of exotic porcelain doll. The kind you put on the highest shelf in hopes of keeping it from getting broken. But the problem with beauty like yours is that it won't last forever. You will grow, mature, and your body will fill out; and you won't be beautiful like this." The hand on Kakuzu's chest slid lower, joining its mate on the boy's slim, feminine hips. Thumbs stroked his soft skin that was exposed between shirt and pants, before one moved up dragging the long sleeved mesh shirt up with it.

Kakuzu's copper skin seemed to glow a pale gold as the platinum moon light washed over it. He could only stare up at the other man as the sense that something was terribly wrong washed over him. He didn't understand all of what his sensei was talking about, or exactly what was going on. But he did know one thing for sure: he didn't at all like it.

"Se-Sensei! Please stop!" he cried when he felt rough fingers brush over one of his small, dark nipples. The older man laughed pinching the small bud hard, and moved his hand back down—leaving Kakuzu's shirt hiked up just above his nipples. His fingers ran over the smooth youthful skin of his student's stomach as he brought his hand back down to join its mate once again at the child's hips.

With the speed of a ninja decades more experienced than the child he was molesting, he flipped the boy over on to his stomach. Putting one hand under his student he forced him to his knees before pushing his upper body firmly into the ground, and Kakuzu grunted as his face was pressed painfully into the dirt. A seemingly icy hand found its way to the small of his back and Kakuzu gasped as he felt fingers work their way under the waist band of the shorts.

"Please, please stop Sensei!!" He cried, but was completely ignored. And before he knew it his shorts were pulled down over his hips and to his knees, the button popping off and landing in the grass somewhere. One hand was placed firmly between his shoulder blades keeping his small frame pinned to the ground. The other was doing most despicable things to the young child's backside.

Kakuzu, clawed at the ground and cried out, salty tears running down his face as pain shot through body; up his spine from his backside. The older male laughed at this and removed his fingers from his student's rear, smirking at the pained whimper that came from those oh-so-pouty lips.

The hand on his back moved down his spin, briefly fingering Kakuzu's torn hole before resting on one of the round baby-skin-soft ass cheeks. The sensei parted Kakuzu's cheeks and leaned over him, so he could whisper in his ear.

"Your parents placed you on the highest shelf so you wouldn't get broken, but now they're gone and I fully intend to break you…" bone splitting pain shot through the child's small fragile body….


A/N: I know it might seem a little strange the way I have Kakuzu described as I child, but I will be elaborating on that so it makes more sense later.