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"Damn…" Hidan said crossing his legs Indian style—forgetting about his little problem. "Just damn…for once I don't know what to fucking say… I mean I guess I never really thought about anything that had to do with your child hood. I mean it was like practically…a hundred years ago! Jashin that must have sucked so fucking much…"

"Well now that's the understatement of the century," Kakuzu scoffed. His eyes once again got that glassy texture to them and Hidan could tell he was thinking back to what had happened to him again.

"Look what I got for you Kuzu-chan," Gekido said holding up a new kimono for the boy. It was made of a thick silk instead of the traditional cotton material; and was black with branches that had pink-red maple leaves on them in the background. In front of the branches were white cranes taking flight. It was beautiful and had no doubt cost a pretty penny.

"No," Kakuzu said firmly. "I don't want to dress up like some kind of doll! I'm not a toy!" a hand shot out and slapped him across the face. Kakuzu was knocked over with the force of the hit and sat on the floor holding his sore check, as his eyes began to water.

"Don't be so disobedient boy," Gekido growled. "Now go change." Standing up slowly the young boy took the kimono from the older man and left the room. He returned a few minutes later dressed in the beautiful kimono.

"Oh kuzu-chan, you look so very lovely," the sensei said as he approached the child. "Just beautiful…" he reached out to stroke Kakuzu's reddened check and smirked at how the boy flinched at the contact. "What's the matter Kakuzu? You look so sad; don't you like your new kimono? It was very expensive."

"Stop touching me Nikuyoku! I hate all these stupid kimonos! And I hate you!!" Kakuzu shouted angrily at his former sensei. He turned to try and run away from the perverted man but was stopped when a hand firmly griped a fist full of his long hair.

"Why won't you learn boy?! You don't have a say in the matter! Your only purpose now is to pleasure me!" Gekido pulled Kakuzu back toward him by his hair and continued to pull him across the room.

Kakuzu flinched as quite a few follicles were ripped out from the harsh treatment. "Now sit," the sensei said harshly and practically threw him down onto the sleeping mat. Kakuzu sat there rubbing his soar scalp as he waited to see what the bastard was going to do next.

Gekido went over to a trunk positioned against the wall near the sleeping mat. Opening it he riffled trough it until he found something to his liking.

Kakuzu's heart nearly stopped when he saw the man go to that damned trunk. He knew what kind of horrors it held, and many of them had already been used on him.

"Here we go," Gekido smirked as he turned back to Kakuzu with a leather O-ring in his hand. The child's eyes widened and he made to get up and run, but had barely gotten to his feet before being painfully pulled back down to the mat by his hair again. "Stop being such a goddamn nuisance boy!" the elder growled out as he forced Kakuzu's mouth open.

The child squirmed and tried to bite the other but failed and in the end ended up with the O-ring strapped on, holding his mouth wide open. "Vastart! Gat tis hucking ting off mh! (Bastard get this fucking this off me)"

"What's that Kuzu-chan? You say you want to taste me? Well if you insist," grinning wide Gekido undid his pants and released his already hard member. Large hands gripped Kakuzu's shoulders holding him on his knees as Gekido smirked down at the boy. "Now don't you look so cute like that? Mouth open just waiting to taste my sweet cock."

Kakuzu tried to shake off the man's grip but to no avail. One of the hands was removed from his shoulder and used to guide the sensei's cock into the poor child's open mouth. The abused boy's eyes shut tightly as the bitter taste of his sensei's arousal tickled his taste buds.

'Why…why me….? What did I do wrong to disserve this?' he sobbed as he was violated. He didn't understand why this had to happen to him. He felt like the whole world was against him. His sobs were cut off by a gag as Gekido's cock was forced down his throat.

"Umm, you feel so good around me Kuzu-chan…" he breathed and gripped Kakuzu's hair again. Pulling the boy's head back he then forced him forward, forcing the child to mouth fuck him. "Ah, yes Kuzu-chan feels so good…"

Kakuzu sobbed harder. Fat tears running down his face and dripping off his chin to stain his new kimono—not that he cared about the thing. 'Mother…father…why did you have to die and leave this horrible man to do this to me…' he knew it wasn't his parents fault but he couldn't help but feel that if they were still around this wouldn't have happened; no he knew it wouldn't have. They had loved him far too much to ever let him fall into the hell he was now stuck in.

"Ahh…Kakuzu you look so very pretty like this….oh so pretty and warm and wet…and…Gah-aahh!" Kakuzu's head was forced forward one last time as a disgustingly salty fluid filled his mouth and throat.

'Why me….oh god why me!!'

"Oi Kuzu!" the stitch-nin was brought out of his stupor by his partners call, and looked over to him with an annoyed glint in his eyes.

"What now?" he hissed. He was so fucking tired of talking about this!

"I… I just wanted to say…I'm sorry, for what happened to you." Hidan said so quietly Kakuzu almost didn't catch it. "I mean you're so strong and never act like anything could hurt you. I guess I never thought something like this could have happened to you…and I'm sorry" Kakuzu was oddly touched by the concern of his partner.

"Thanks…I guess." He wasn't quite sure what to say. "I, I never told anyone before so…"

"Keep it to myself got ya! I mean it's not like was just gonna post a bulletin on the fridge or something! Geez…"Hidan said leaning back more on the head board and shifting. This brought his attention back to the problem he had been sporting sense waking up after being chocked. "Ah fuck!" he cursed and grabbed for the sheet on the edge of the bed to cover himself.

"Don't bother, I'm not stupid. I noticed when I first looked at you…" Kakuzu said rolling his eyes at the other's desperate attempt to hide his hard-on. Kakuzu smirked and walked back to the end of the bed. "In fact I could help you with it if you want."

"Fuck you! In case you forget you chocked me to death! Like you'll be getting any from me for a while," Hidan said and crossed his arms over his chest in a defiant way.

"Oh yeah right! I just spilled my guts to you. You own me," Kakuzu smirked and climbed onto the edge of the bed.

"Hmmm, well I guess you're right…." Hidan sighed and the smirked up at his partner. "I'll make you forget all about the perverted sensei of yours!" Hidan proclaimed proudly.

"Yeah, mention that again and I swear I'll cut your dick off." Hidan's smirk disappeared immediately at the serious tone the other used.

"Okay…fair enough…" he said in surrender. "Now then make up for chocking me you asshole!" Kakuzu just shook his head at his partner's stupidity and leaned down to kiss him. He pulled back after a moment and just looked at the other face. "What?"

"Nothing just…thanks. For listening," he said and brushed a few strands of hair from Hidan's face.

Hidan just gave him a warm smile and pulled him back down. "Any time," he whispered before kissing the older again.


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