Sakura POV

This is nothing out of the ordinary I thought to myself.

I took a piece of duck tape and taped my mouth shut. Closing my eyes I held the knife to my arm. I felt a tear slide down my cheek.

Why am I crying?

I've done this so many times before. Quickly I wiped the tear away and resumed what I was doing. I pressed the knife deep into my arm and moved it slowly savoring the pain. The cut was deep, deeper then I had ever done before.

I sighed and let my tears free now. Not because of the pain. Honestly, I don't even know why I was crying. I didn't do anything. I just sat in my living room on the floor letting my tears fall. I tore off the duck tape then cursed.

Why did I even use this? I haven't screamed since the first time I've done this.

I looked at my arm then smiled. The smile soon faded into a glare. It doesn't feel like enough! I need more! I grabbed my knife and began cutting deeper and deeper each cut. Still it didn't feel like enough. I wanted to escape. I didn't want to live this shit hell people call a life.

Slowly I raised the knife to my throat grinning manically and let out a laugh.

I wanted to end my life! And I was ready! I held it tighter to my throat.

"Goodbye world!" I whispered. I let my hand slideā€¦.

Sasuke POV

I was walking to Sakura's house to watch her; no I'm not stalking her. She has been acting weird since a couple of month ago. She started wearing arm warmers, but that's not it. Every time someone calls her she flinches as if someone was about to reveal her darkest secret. Not only that but when someone was a certain distance form her she would inch away slowly. Making sure that no one touched her.

I sighed. Why do I care so much?

Before I knew it I was in front of Sakura's home. I climbed through the window so she didn't hear me.

I reached her living room and stared at the scene wide eyed. Sakura was on the floor with a knife in her had cutting herself. I couldn't move. I wanted to but I was frozen. I wanted to knock the knife out of her hand and yell at her.

Then, she stopped. I sighed in relief. I thought she was done but then I herd her laugh. I watched wide eyed once again as she lifted the knife to her throat.

I heard her whisper "goodbye world" and pressed her knife against her throat.

Something in me snapped and before I knew it I ran toward her knocking the knife out of her hand.

3rd person POV

"S-Sasuke" Sakura whispered put.

"What the hell is wrong with you!?" He screamed at her. Sakura tilted her head a little before smiling wildly.

"Killing myself" she said as if there was nothing wrong with it. Sakura reached for the knife again only to be stopped by Sasuke pulling her away. She looked up at him and glared. "What?" she asked slightly annoyed by his actions.

"No." he said simply then shook his head. There was no way he would let her kill herself.

"What?" she asked.

"No. I'm not going to let you do that! You can't" he said. Sakura looked at him as if he was crazy.

"Who said so?" she asked. "You don't rule my life! You don't care about me! No one does!" She yelled. Once again she was reaching for the knife.

"God Damn it Sakura!" Sasuke growled. "Who in the world ever said that? Who in the fuckin' world has ever told you that they didn't care for you 'cause I swear I'll kill them for you!" Sakura looked at him wide eyed.

"You don't know one does!" she yelled once again. Sasuke sighed.

"When did I ever say that?" he asked some what calmly.

"You call me annoying and-" Sakura didn't get to finish her sentence because Sasuke crashed his lips onto hers. After a while the broke away for air.

"No tell me I don't care" Sasuke said smirking. Sakura smiled a little then broke out into tears hugging Sasuke.