Due to Penelope's condition, and limited mobility they opted to postpone their honeymoon for when Baby Morgan was born. Gramma Fran had already called dibs on staying with Baby Morgan for the occasion, in truth she was pushing them to go. Penelope and Morgan were staying at the hotel for a few days before driving to Teddi's beach house which he had offered to them. They accepted gratefully. Penelope and Luke knew the beach house well. They had spent many summers there with their families.

When the most of the guests had gone, leaving only the Danes, Morgans, and their BAU family behind they had sat around the Bridal table talking and processing the day they just had. Derek and Penelope had opted to stay with the family instead of sneaking away earlier. Their nap had done wonders for them both and their second wind kicked in late in the evening.

"Thank you everyone for such an amazing day. Everything was beautiful. Speaking of which, while you're all here, Derek and I wanted to get you guys something as a token of our love and appreciation," Derek signalled for the waiter to bring over the box full of presents they had carefully picked out and wrapped for their family.

"Aww Pen, you didn't need to get us anything." Emily said, while the rest of them chorused in agreement.

"It's nothing big, little tokens. You can open them later." Pen said brushing off their protests. Not long after Penelope had let out a discreet yawn that only Derek had caught.

"What do you say we call it a night Baby Girl?" Penelope nodded with a smile and took his had as they stood up.

"Peanut Morgan here seems tired and demanding rest so I think we'll head on up. Thank you again everyone, for everything you did, and for who you are to both of us. Words will never be able to express how much each of you mean to both of us."

Jess stepped in to hug his Aunt goodbye, he was driving back to Philly that night, therefore would not see her again for a little while.

"He better take good care of you Aunt P." he whispered in her ear, not entirely kidding. He had grown to like Morgan, and believed that he loved Penelope whole heartedly but he still felt protective.

"He will Kiddo."

"I promise." Derek assured him hearing Jess' words, who simply nodded and shook his hand after Penelope released him.

It was a quick goodbye to everyone else as the Danes' were staying at Penelope's while the Morgan's were staying at Derek's therefore there was a brunch with all of them the following morning.

Derek and Penelope had enjoyed their Wedding festivities and Honeymoon immensely. For two solid weeks they were not apart for more than an hour or so, and they savoured every minute of it knowing that Derek was due to return to work.

"I so don't want to go back to work tomorrow." Morgan admitted.

"That's because you've been spoiled for the last two weeks. Not having to think of anything for the last two weeks."

"Anything but my beautiful wife and child," He said rubbing her stomach as they lay spooned on their bed. They had opted to move to Penelope's place as it had more room, and they could convert the spare room into a study. Morgan had planned to give her a house for the wedding, but decided to wait till the baby was born. He had several properties, and there was one in particular that was his favourite. It was vacant, and he wanted to work on it on his own, and he wanted her input. He wanted it to be theirs in every essence.

"Not long to go." Penelope murmured excited that her due date was approaching fast.

"I can't wait. Peanut's going to be beautiful just like Mommy."

"Sweet Talker," Pen chuckled covering his hands with hers as she drifted off to sleep.

Weeks passed quickly and Pen was almost due to give birth, she and Derek were living in their marital bliss honeymoon period. As the days neared to Baby Morgan's arrival, Derek had asked Hotch if he could stick close to home in case Penelope gave birth unexpectedly early, unbeknownst to him that Hotch had already planned to ground him till after Baby Mo, as they fondly referred to the baby, arrived.

"Have you popped yet?" Jess asked teasingly as he picked up his phone seeing who it was on the other line.

"Such a charming boy you are, and no your cousin is bound and determined to being stubborn and staying where he or she feels comfortable, and no amount of jiggling is helping with loosening it up in there."

"Whoa Aunt P, way too much info."

"That's what you get for being a smart ass." Penelope chuckled dryly. Penelope was a week late and though she was perfectly calm about it, everyone around her was less so. As it was there was an unspoken rule of Penelope was not to be left alone under any circumstance. For weeks they have been working on a buddy system, and the organisation amused Penelope to no end.

"Seriously, how are you?" he asked worriedly.

"I'm good Kid, I just thought I'd give you a call to let you know that I really like the new book hey."

"Aunt P, it's not a book yet, it's a draft."

"Po-tay-to, Po-tah-to." Jess laughed at her enthusiasm. He was telling her about his meeting with his publisher when she grew awfully quiet.

"Aunt P, you okay?"

"Err, kid I have to go. It seems your news has somehow excited your cousin and is now demanding to come out."

"What? Is someone with you? What can I do?"

"Derek's somewhere in this flat, I'll be okay. You coming down to meet your cousin?" she asked making her towards the living room where Derek was watching TV.

"On my way now," Jess answered picking up his jacket to go,

"Alright, don't rush. I'm sure it'll be awhile." Derek looked up hearing her last words. Penelope nodded confirming his hunch. Derek stood to his feet and pulled his phone out as he threw her bag over his shoulder and started to lead her out the door.

"See you soon Aunt P."

"That you will Kiddo. I gotta go and call the girls."

Derek was on the phone to Hotch, who he asked to spread the word to the others.

"Aunty JJ, are you ready to meet Baby Mo?" Penelope laughed and pulled the phone away from her ear as JJ squealed. Emily's reaction was much the same when she called her right after. Both Aunties vowed to meet them at the hospital. While Derek drove, as carefully as he could, but as fast as he possibly could Penelope made more calls in between her contractions.

"Uncle Luke, fancy meeting your niece or nephew, because the kid's finally ready to make it's appearing."

"Lorelai and I are leaving now." Luke said

"Baby, do you want to call your Mom?" Penelope asked, knowing how excited Fran would be.

"You can do it, put her on speaker."

"Hey Mom," they greeted in unison.

"You're in labour?" Fran stated not waiting for the announcement. Penelope and Derek laughed.

"I sure am Mom, you ready to come down and meet your grandbaby?"

"I'll be on the next flight out. Same hospital?"

"Yep, see you soon Mom."

By the time they arrived Hotch, Emily, JJ, Reid and Gideon were there waiting for them. The girls ran over to Penelope and hugged her as Derek informed the nurses that they arrived. Shortly after Dr Manning appeared,

"Well Penelope, looks like the fun has started. Who's coming in with you?"

"Derek and the girls if that's okay?" Carly Manning nodded gesturing for them to follow as Penelope was wheeled in. Penelope looked back at Reid, Gideon and Hotch and waved as they waved back affectionately.

"You can do it Baby, you're almost there. You're doing great Baby, I'm so proud of you. I love you so much. That's it Baby you can do it." Derek encouraged as he sat behind his wife holding her while her best friends held a hand each. Four hours and 27 minutes later a loud wail erupted and their daughter was born.

"She's beautiful P, just like her Mommy." Derek said tears running down his cheeks as Penelope held their baby. Derek lowered his lips to hers, and dropped a kiss on her forehead.

"I love you P."

"I love you too Baby." Penelope replied tiredly smiling down at their daughter.

"Hey Baby, did you want to meet your Aunty JJ and Aunty Emily?" JJ and Emily who had stepped back to give the Morgan family a little privacy walked up excitedly to meet the beautiful bundle in their friend's arms.

"They're going to spoil you rotten, along with everyone else standing outside. You're incredibly blessed, you have so many people who love you so much, and your Daddy and I are so proud to have you as our daughter and we love you beyond words can ever express,"

"Penelope, we'll get you and her cleaned up." Dr Manning said reaching for Baby Morgan, reluctantly Penelope kissed her baby's forehead before handing her back to Dr Manning.

"It won't take long and you can have her back. We'll transfer you to your room and bring her to you."

"We'll go and tell the others and see you in your room. You did great hon. You made it look so easy." Emily said dropping a kiss on her friend's head. Penelope tiredly leaned back on Derek whose arms firmly held her.

"You tired Baby?"

"A little. We did it hon. We made a baby." She said looking up at him with her eyes twinkling with happiness. Derek grinned and kissed her on the lips.

"You did it Baby, I just held your hand."

"It was a team effort. Thank you for being you, and just loving me the way you do." Derek's arms tightened around her as he buried his face against her hair, whispering words of love in her ear. Dr Manning and the nurses all exchanged a look of envy at the undeniable love that surrounded them.

"Do you want to make the announcement Daddy?" Pen asked,

"Once Dr Manning is done, they can wait. You're my priority." Not long after Penelope closed her eyes from exhaustion.

"If you want to go and let the family know, she'll be out for a little while. If you're back in ten minutes she won't even know you've gone." Dr Manning said Derek hesitated for a moment,

"She'll be fine. I'll stick around till you come back if you want." Derek smiled appreciatively,

"Thanks Doc."

Derek slipped out of the room to find the waiting room full of their family members. The Danes clan had arrived, his Mother and sisters, and Jess had also made it in good time.

"Soooo is it a girl or a boy?" Derek looked at Em and JJ confused,

"We thought it should come from you." JJ explained.

"Thanks guys, he said planting a kiss on both their cheeks."

"It's a GIRL!" a chorus of 'Congratulations', endless hugs and pats was had.

"Is Aunt P okay?" Jess asked worriedly,

"She's fine Kid. She'll be happy to see you. All of you! I'm going to go back and be with her, and once they've moved her to her new room and she's awake I'll come and get you. Thank you all for being here." Derek said a little choked up. He gave his mother another hug before running back to where Penelope was. He arrived in time for her to be wheeled to her room. Baby Mo was to follow in her little carrier. Derek couldn't take his eyes off either of his girls. Derek picked up Baby Mo and rocked her as Pen slept peacefully beside him.

"Hey Baby, I'm your Daddy. I'm so glad to have finally met you Princess, your Mommy and I have been so excited to finally see you and hold you. You're so beautiful, and you know what? You're incredibly loved, not just by me and your Mommy but by everyone outside who's dying to meet you. Princess, I want you to know that I will always always always be here for you. Your Mommy and I love you more than anything, and though I may thoroughly annoy you as you get older, know that no one loves you more than your Mommy and I." Penelope smiled as she heard the tail end of their conversation,

"Slipping in disclaimers already?" she observed with a smile.

"Well I figure she's going to be a little mad when I tell her she's not allowed to date till she's fifty." He replied bring their daughter to her mother who lovingly took her in her arms.

"Don't worry Peanut, we'll work on Daddy. He's not as tough as he seems. Between you and I we can get him to do almost anything."

"Hey, don't teach her that!" Derek protested, knowing that it was truth.

"Are you ready for everyone yet? They're all waiting outside."

"Bring them in, and we can introduce them to our little girl."

Discreetly they all snuck into her room, breaking all rules possible. When they were all standing there gathered around her, she turned her daughter around to face the sea of adoring faces,

"Everyone meet Francesca Isabelle Naima Morgan. Fin, meet your family."

"Really?" Fran gasped, honoured to have her grand daughter named after her. Derek and Pen nodded.

"Isabelle was my Mother's name, I wanted my daughter to be named after incredible women."

"And Naima?" Emily asked

"Nadine for Luke's Mom, Aidan for you and Matea for JJ."

"Oh Pen." Both of them speechless, honoured. Luke smiled at her grateful that she had taken on his Mother's middle name and incorporated it with her daughter's name.

"Wait, you're Emily Aidan Prentiss?" Reid asked confused,

"It's my Father's favourite Aunt's Maiden name. It was either that or Gertrude so I think I was fortunate to get Aidan." Emily explained.

Hey guys, I think that's it. This is the end of the Aftermath. Thanks so much for hanging in there with me. Angst and all. I appreciate all the feedback. Be blessed! xx