20 Questions

Summary: Bella moves to Forks after her mom remarried when she was 13 years old. While starting 7th grade at Forks Middle School, she meets Alice Cullen, her soon to be bubbly best friend and her green-eyed twin brother, Edward. What happens when Bella comes at the Cullen's house, Alice leaves her for a while to prepare some snacks, and Edward happens to pass by Alice's room catching Bella sitting alone with a 20Q in her hands? AU/AH

Pairings: Canon

Disclaimer: No, I do not own Twilight or any of the characters. If I did, I'd be happily skipping to the meadow right now. =)

Changes: Last chapter, I said they were in 8th grade. It was a typo. They are actually in 7th grade.

Edward's POV to first chapter

"Kids! Hurry up! The bus won't wait for you." Esme, our mom called from the kitchen. I was in the living room typing my shoe laces. It was already 7:02 and in about three minutes, the bus would be rolling.

It was the second week since we just got back from summer vacation. I groaned.

It was drizzling outside. One of the downside in living at Forks? The rain. It makes me gloomy. It's like the earth has found a way to imprison everyone inside the people's own houses with minimal things to do.

I went in the kitchen and said my goodbyes to my mom. She pulled me in for a hug and kissed my forehead. "I can't believe my little boy is growing up!"

"Mom! You're embarrassing me!"

"No one's around Edward."

"I have to go now. Bye. Love you."

"Love you too. Take care." I heard a faint reply as I made my way outside.

I placed my hood over my head and ran towards my bus stop.

There stood my older brother, Emmett, waiting impatiently for the bus to come.

"Can't wait to see Rosalie?"

"No I'm not! Why would I be?" He argued.

"Don't worry dude. No one would take her away from you. You're like a giant massive bear compared to everyone. Those other boys chasing after her are like, tiny hamsters running on their wheels."

"Oh! You mean those cute furry ones!?! I wanna get one! They are so adorable! Maybe I could ask one for my birthday, or Christmas! Whichever one comes first."

I sighed, shook my head and prayed for the bus to come.

My prayer was answered after about ten seconds.

I looked around for Alice, who was nowhere to be found. "Hey, where's Alice?"

"Wait!" I heard a piercing scream.

My head whipped around spotting Alice running.

"Does that answer your question?" Emmett replied.

I got on the bus with Emmett and Alice trailing behind me. I took the empty seat in the middle of the bus as Emmett sat next to me, with Alice sitting across the aisle from us.

"Phew! I thought the bus would leave me!" Alice said fixing her hair.

"What is wrong with you?" I asked.

"She's just trying to impress Jasper that's all." Emmett said matter-of-factly. "Edward, Edward, Edward. Where have you been all these years? You should have known by now!"

I laughed then turned my head to look at the trees we were passing. Sycamore, Pine, Oak, Maple…

"Shut up Em!" Alice screamed taking her bottle of Victoria Secret perfume and spraying it all over Emmett's left arm.

"What the…" Emmett trailed off, then sniffing his sleeve. "Love Spell, Rosalie will likey! Thanks little sis!"

"Ugh!" Alice groaned, crossing her arms across her chest.

I ignored them, staring outside the window, enjoying nature's beauty.

The grass looked damp and the tree trunks where mossy. Everything is green—probably because of too much precipitation. It rains almost everyday.

In no time, we already arrived in school.

"See you at lunch bros!" Alice called before running to her locker.

"I'm not sitting with you today." I replied. I should hang out with my other friends. I didn't mean to be rude but I think I've had enough Alice at home already buzzing into my personal space.

I arrived to my 1st period class—gym. Our teacher, Mr. Benson, was going on and on about the requirements and grading system. For heaven's sake this is gym! All you do is change in your gym clothes, participate and then that's it.

The rest of the day was, as always, boring. I was glad when the bell ring, signaling that it was lunch time. I came in the cafeteria and all I could hear were buzzing noises. Everyone was talking at the same time. They were probably catching up and gossiping about whatever happened in the summer.

I spotted my group of friends all the way in the corner. As I passed the tables, I picked up some very interesting conversations.

"Oh my god. Edward Cullen is coming this way! How's my hair?" I heard a girl say as I was nearing their table.

"Did you hear about the new girl? I heard she's gorgeous." A guy said to his buddies.

"Woah. Look at her. She's got something going on there." Another boy had said.

"Hey guys. What's up?" I asked as I reached my friend's table.

"Edward! How's the second week of school coming?" My friend, Marco, asked.


"Did you hear about the new girl? She's spicy." He laughed high fiving my other friend, Dennis.

"The girl I hear everyone is talking about? Then yes."

"Dude. You should see her. She's like. WOW."

I rolled my eyes thinking my friends are crazy.'

"Woah! There she is talking to Mike Newton right now! That boy is so desperate. I bet you fifty bucks he'd date a garbage can!" Marco said laughing so hard that milk came out of his nose which caused everyone to laugh at him even more. "Aww man!"

I turned to look at the new girl but all I could see was her back. She looked so familiar to me though. It was like I have known her from somewhere. There was something about her that was so, intriguing.

I looked back at my friends who where playing with their food. Fries were everywhere and ketchup was all over Spencer's shirt.

"Edward! There she is now!"

I turned around again and was shocked. Bella Swan. That's why she was so familiar. I've known her since we were about seven years old. We would play at First Beach every time she'd come down to visit. She was walking alongside Alice. Alice had already found her and she didn't tell me. I groaned.

"What's the matter Ed?" Spencer asked.

"That's Bella Swan!"
"You know her?"

"Know her? She's one of my best friends! If I hadn't sat here today, I would have been talking to her right now." I shook my head in disgust to myself.

"Really!?! That's good! You could introduce me! You know… help me get her digits?" Marco said. I shot him a glare. "What!?! It's not like you like her!"

"One more remark and I'm leaving."

"Chill Ed."

I waited impatiently, tapping my fingers on the table, for lunch period to end. I was anxious to see Bella again. I missed her so much.

And finally it did ring. I rushed to my locker to get my books and ran to my 6th period class. I sat there waiting, hoping for Bella to come through the door. Forty minutes passed and nothing.

7th period was the same too. I was loosing hope, fast. Though on the bright side, Alice would probably be dragging her to come over today to catch up on things.

The bell rang and I walked to my 8th period class—Biology. Edward, don't get your hopes up. She's not going to be there. But you'll see her sometime anyway so you'll be fine.

I was nearing my class room when I saw two girls in front of me walking the same way. My eyes widened. The other girl I knew was my sister, so I was guessing, no, I am sure, that the other one was Bella. We had the same class—finally. I quickened my pace, hoping to catch up with them and say a simple 'hi' to Bella.

I was about three feet behind them. They entered the room and being classic Bella, she tripped on the coat rack. Through instincts, I caught her before she could fall flat on her face.

She straightened up and fixed the wrinkles on her shirt. "Thank…" She began as we both looked into each others eyes. The boys were right. She was gorgeous. Her big brown chocolate eyes were the most distinctive part of her physique.

"Edward! Guess who's back!" Alice interrupted my train of thought.

"Bella." I silently whispered under his breath. I violently shook my head and stuck my hand out. "Sorry. Hey! Uhm… er… Hi!" I stammered.

She gave a slight chuckle and shook my hand. "Hi there. Haven't seen you in a while."

"Yeah. So…" I started.

"Oh god. Bella, let's go. Edward, sit somewhere else." Alice said dragging her to the table.

I went to sit at the table behind them and the entire time, I was staring at Bella—well, her back. I didn't even notice the day was almost over when the bell rang.

I walked to my locker and went my way to the bus. I had already seen Alice and Bella get on the bus.

I got on the bus with Emmett trailing behind me. I passed their seat and gave them a shy smile and continued to the back of the bus.

"Hey Alice. Bella! There you are! I'll see you at home!" Emmett called as he passed them.

Bella? Coming to our house? Sweet!

I quickly ran up to my room to take a shower. I stank like a skunk and I wouldn't want Bella to smell me like this. I changed into a simple T-shirt and some shorts.

I walked pass Alice's room when I saw Bella sitting all alone. I gave a slight knock and said as I peeked through the door, "Hey there. I saw you sitting here alone and thought you'd like some company."

"Uhm. Sure. I guess." She answered.

I walked in the room and sat at the foot of Alice's bed. "So… How long have you been in Forks?"

"Just about two weeks. Yup."

"Oh. Ok."

"Oh, by the way, thanks for saving me today. I would have embarrassed myself if I did fall flat on my face on the first day of school."

"No biggie. Same old clumsy Bella huh?" I laughed and she joined me. She had the most adorable laugh in the whole world. It was like a thousand angels singing altogether. I eyed curiously at what she was holding. I furrowed my brows. "What are you playing?"

"20Q. I was… curious."

I gave her a small smile. "Well, why don't we play our own 20Q but I ask the questions?"

"What? You're the only one that can ask questions? That's no fair!"

"Sorry! That's the rules!" I said and she gave in.

"Hmph. Fine. Ask away."

"What's your favorite color?"

"Green." I blurted out of the blue.

"Why is green your favorite color?"

"I don't know. The color of nature?" Nature girl. I smiled on the inside.

"Okay then. What is your favorite season?"

"Spring. It's not too hot, not too cold."

"Do you play any instruments?"

"Hmmm… I tried learning how to play the piano once. I gave up."

"Interesting. What would you like to be when you grow up?"

"I'm not sure. Maybe a teacher or something?" That's five questions now isn't it? I asked myself.

"Do you like the rain?"
"Not much. I prefer the dry season."

I chuckled. "What's your favorite song?"

"Depends on my mood. I'm leaning to the classical side though."

"Never heard that one before. When's your birthday?"

"September 13th. I think I was born on Friday the 13th. That's why I got all the bad luck rubbed off on me." I gave a stifle laugh.

"If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?"

"Australia. I would want to pet kangaroos."

"What's your favorite ice cream flavor?"

"Cookies and Cream."

"What's your favorite food?"

"I prefer Italian."

"How about your favorite movie?"


"Your favorite book?"
"Uhm… Romeo and Juliet?"

"How come you're not so sure about that?"

"That counts as a question." She laughed as she saw the look on my face—defeat. "I'm not sure. I guess I love the storyline. You know, forbidden love?"
"Oh, I see. What's your favorite holiday?"
"Christmas. I like getting together with my family."

"What is your middle name?"

"Do you prefer sunset or sunrise?"

"Sunset on the beach."

"What's your favorite past time?"


"Ok. I heard your stepdad was a minor league baseball player, what's his jersey number?"

"I think, uhm, 12?"

Here I go. This is the moment now. I can do this. "Ok. What's your number?" I grinned from ear to ear.

She sat there shocked but a smile grew on her face. It made me a little bit calmer. She blushed which I thought was cute. "That was very smooth Edward, very… original."

"Thanks. I like to keep the best questions for last. So, are you going to answer?" I raised my eyebrows at her.

"As a matter of fact, I am." She grabbed a marker from Alice's desk. "Here. Give me your hand." I stood up next to her and offered her hand, and then she scribbled her number. I hope she doesn't notice that I'm sweating, or shaking. "Now that you have asked your 20 questions, I think it's my turn."

"Your turn for what?" Alice asked entering the room holding a plate of white chocolate chip and macadamia nut cookie in one hand and two glasses of milk on top of tray on the other. Nice going Alice. You just ruined the moment.

"Uhm… nothing." I had said turning to wink at Bella. "I better get going. I'll see you later Bella."

"You owe me Edward." She called.

"I know. I know." I answered disappearing into the hallway.

I looked at the number on my hand and a smirk had appeared on my face.

I wonder how her version of 20Q would go.

And here is Edward's POV on 20 Questions.

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