Author Notes: Been sick all week, but I still managed to finish this thing for ouran_contest. xD And it's another very loose interpretation of a challenge theme, lol.

Pairings or Characters: Hikaru/Haruhi, implied Kyouya/Haruhi
Warnings: none
Word Count: 498
Summary: Kyouya hates to lose. Mainly because he doesn't. Ever, really.

If You Never Fight, You'll Never Win

Kyouya hates to lose. Mainly because he doesn't. Ever, really. And even if someone thinks he didn't get what he wanted, in the end, whatever he didn't get he probably didn't want in the first place.

Kyouya didn't want Haruhi. Courting and marrying her held no advantages for him. So when the whole Host Club reunites for the first time in years at the wedding of Hikaru and Haruhi Hitachiin, Kyouya is not particularly surprised.

But he is not happy.

The other Host Club members are their usual selves as the day wears on. Tamaki swaps between giddiness and depression every five minutes, typically when Haruhi scolds him for asking her to call him "papa" again. Hani is ecstatic about the wedding buffet, and soon his face is covered in cake frosting, despite growing two feet and his voice deepening two octaves soon after he graduated. Mori is his usual stoic self, still a head taller and standing by his cousin at all times, and donating only a handful of words to whatever conversation he finds himself in. Kaoru laughs with and drapes his arms around his brother and new sister-in-law, the happiness in his expression genuine as he teases Haruhi about how odd it is seeing her dressed like a woman for once. Hikaru, now quite used to the stubborn independence of his wife, lets her wander around the wedding party rather than try and keep her to himself. After all, he alone will have her by his side for the rest of their lives.

Haruhi visits with each of the members, but Kyouya notices that he is the only she addresses when she is sure he is alone. She asks him how his businesses are doing, where he last went on vacation, and a few other typical, impersonal questions. Just when he thinks she's about to leave him to his untouched plate of fruit, she surprises him. He forgot how well she does that.

"You know, I didn't see you after you left Ouran. Not once. Tamaki-sempai visited practically every week, and even Hani-sempai and Mori-sempai paid monthly visits," she says quietly.

She's grown less dense over the years, he notes. She also doesn't refer to him by name.

"I'm sorry Haruhi. I was very busy working with my father."

Her brown eyes, focused intently on him for the first time in years, show she is unconvinced that he's telling her the whole truth, but she lets it go after a brief moment.

"I wish you'd have visited," she frowns, looking down at her pearl-white heels before walking back to her husband's side where Hani is being chastised for eating all the sweet desserts.

Kyouya didn't want her, so he didn't lose her. He didn't even try, he reminds himself.

But he still has to fight to ignore the coppery taste in his mouth as he unclenches his jaw, releasing his tongue, and watch her back as she walks away.