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Tales of the Bludhaven Night

The city seemed calm, almost peaceful; right up until a scream broke through the cool night air and was suddenly silenced. A man had a girl of about seventeen held tightly to his body with a blade against her throat as his other hand roamed freely over her body as she struggled. A shape dropped unnoticed into the alley, so well was it blended with the darkness around it.

"Let her go." A rage filled voice from nowhere. The man looked around, his distraction allowing the girl to escape his grasp. She ran right by it without a second look, so well was it blended with the night. The man watched the girl flee, and his eye was drawn briefly to a blue bird shaped emblem, barely visible against the darkness that permeated the alley.

"Who's there?" He said clearly afraid as he raised his knife to where he thought the shape was, even as it disappeared into the shadows.

"Me." Came a calm growl from right beside him. The man tried to strike but had no chance as his arm was twisted and his body struck too fast and too many times for him to comprehend.

The girl was looking into the alley, she was sure she saw something there a second ago.

"Thank you." She spoke into darkness before turning and leaving, feeling decidedly safe, then taking a second to realize just how alien that feeling was to her.

The next day Dick Grayson was sitting at a table in a diner, reading the morning paper. Near the back of the paper was a blurb about an attempted rape. The article was barely a hundred words, and made fun of the situation, I mean, someone in Bludhaven actually trying to stop crime? Ridiculous.

People thought the report was a joke, trying to cash in on Gotham lore to frighten the criminals into submission, but Dick knew something no one else knew. Soon more reports like that would come in, for everything from muggings to kidnapping and gang wars. Soon all the crooked cops and judges would fear his wrath. Soon the underbelly of Bludhaven would fear his symbol. Soon, all would know his name.

A/N2: Right now this story is going to be a oneshot, but I may continue it at the fans request.