Tales of the Bludhaven Night

So I get home from the station last night, and my wife is watching that stupid talk show she likes. This chick was talking about how she almost got raped, some vigilante saved her and now she says that if that ever happens again she'll call Nightwing. I personally think that no good can come from having some freak running around at night like they got in Gotham, but I don't get paid to give you my opinion. I get paid to listen to your opinion and tell you how stupid it is. So here we go, the lines are now open for all of you in the 'Haven. Yes caller your on the air.

"Hey man that Nightwing guy is doin' a lot of good! He's out there giving hell to those bastards the cops can't, or won't, go after. Nightwing if you can hear this, rock on man! You're a hero!"

"My son used to run with the gangs. He came home beaten up pretty badly once or twice but he was a sucker for punishment. Kept going back. One night I get this call from Bludhaven General hospital, so my wife and I go down there and he's restrained to a bed. He'd OD'd on some drug and they were purging his system, getting him on detox. When his head finally cleared the only thing he would say is that he was never going back to that life. There was some demon called Nightwing that came for them. He got my son off the drugs and out of the gangs when nothing else could. I owe him a lot."

"My husband and I are an older couple and we own a small bakery and coffee shop down on Fifth and Centennial. In the old Italian Mafia district. We were always pretty profitable. But once we finished paying our protection money... well lets just say there were more than a few night when we had to pick and choose between necessities. And that went on for years. One morning I look out my bedroom window and see this sack hanging right in front of it. I pulled it in and opened it and according to the note I found it was all the money we'd paid for the last decade or so. The collectors stopped coming around after that and our lives and out neighbourhood has been so much better since that night a few months ago. Thank you Nightwing!"

Jeez are all you people crazy!? Go ahead caller your on the air.

"This Nightwing has his heart in the right place but your right man. Every time one of these guys crops up it isn't too long until some freak comes along and takes a stadium full of people hostage to try test themselves against our self proclaimed protector."

"One night a few weeks ago I was awoken by this commotion in the alley behind my house. Some pimp was beating on one of his hookers for something or other. I was really distraught when I saw that it was this sweet girl that moved in with her family a few doors down. I was just about to go out there and shoot the fu---r when this hand comes out of nowhere and grabs him around the throat and slams him into the wall. After a few moments I see the girl run off so I go back to bed. A few days later the whole floor gets invited to a barbeque on the roof, put on by her family. They were celebrating her getting a grant from the Wayne Foundation so she could go to university. When I got her alone and asked her about the fading bruises, she told me she got mugged and the attacker got violent. She eventually mentioned that the reason she got the grant was because a friend told her about it."

Have you people lost your minds? Sure things are fine now but what happens when this guy quits or gets old and can't do it anymore? Then things will just go back to the way they were.

"I've seen a trend in this city. The people want to be free of the corrupt cops and gangs and filth. Ever since the reports started coming in people began to rally. I've seen entire communities come together and bar the metaphorical doors after Nightwing had thrown out the pushers and gangs."

"The last caller was right. No one wants to be ruled by corruption and fear and the people have been fighting back. The only reason things have gotten this out of hand is because it's been too long since someone has taken a stand against the criminals and the corrupt. By the time I'm done, this city will be more than capable of looking out for itself."