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"Shimon, send a notification to el-Lahun, telling the captains there that we will send men and needed supplies immediately. Also, make sure that when the Nubian leaders come in the next fort-night that everything will be available to them, understood?" Atemu said regally to his advisor, who in response nodded enthusiastically.

Scribbling these notes into the sheets of papyrus he had handy, Shimon smiled behind his handkerchief in marvel at how far Atemu had come along in the last few weeks. Since the young pharaoh had confessed so much about why he had sidled around the powerful position, the kingdom had gotten on the right track with a focused pharaoh.

Atemu was taking everything much more seriously than before, ultimately having dropped his childish act. Things got done quickly, and the priests were no longer running around trying to figure out what to do about something.

As he leaned back into the chair in the meeting room as he watched the numerous priest and priestesses depart, Atemu sighed in exhaustion. Here was something he knew he was running away from before: being pharaoh was so stressful.

He constantly had to meet with people; powerful or common alike who held different needs for every day life, had to make decisions over different things such as which temples to hold celebrations in or which monument he should build. And there was always the prospect of his own tomb that would be ready for him when his time came.

That made him shudder every once in a while.

But overall, Atemu got a sense of power and relief that people were starting to trust him to do his duty again. A sense of security was within him that everything would be okay resided in his mind.

"My pharaoh?" Shimon tapped him on the shoulder cautiously as not to pry the ruler from his thoughts. "My pharaoh?"

Atemu straightened in his seat, blinking away his contented thoughts to focus on his advisor. "Yes, Shimon?"

"Will you be attending dinner tonight?" the elderly man asked, not quite what Atemu had been thinking he'd ask. "You haven't been present for the last couple days. Is everything alright?"

Atemu smiled lazily. "Yes, everything's alright. I'm still adjusting to everything I have to do, and, well, I'm exhausted and have been retiring early. But do not worry, I've been eating well too," he explained to the man, who smiled behind his cloth mask.

"Alright, my pharaoh, that is good to know." He ho-hoed for a moment, and Atemu stood up, ready to leave. "I'm sure you'll get the gist of things soon!"

He raised a hand up in departure when he neared the exit, and replied, "I'm sure I will," and left the meeting room altogether to leave Shimon to collect the scrolls he needed.

Walking through the palace in the places where the hallways were half inside, half outside had become a constant thing for him to do as of late. Atemu found that it relieved stress as he looked up at the night sky, at all of the twinkling stars that the gods resided by.

Leaving the limestone under his feet, Atemu strolled out onto the luscious grass in the current courtyard he was visiting, getting the full feeling of the cool night air as it surrounded him.

Yugi should be around shortly.

Ever since they had stitched things up all those weeks ago, their relationship had gotten only better from the rocky start they gave it. Atemu would instantaneously make a bee-line towards Yugi whenever he was near, or would go straight away to him when a meeting was over.

Everything was so much more relaxed nowadays and the young pharaoh was certain that he loved his little servant.

And he was certain that Yugi felt the same way towards him.

So it wasn't any surprise that when the medical assistant arrived Atemu instantly wrapped him in his arms, whispering to him how much he missed the other.

"I missed you too," Yugi replied, giggling as Atemu's arms encircled him even more, feather-light kisses being rained down his neck and face. Puling back after a while, Yugi asked, "So how was your day?"

Atemu shrugged, leading them over to one of the small planted trees near the middle of the garden and dragging Yugi into his lap. "Same as every other day I guess," he replied carelessly.

Yugi smiled. "How are your wounds healing?" With a bit of hesitation, he allowed his hand to trail down Atemu's leg, where he had stitched a couple weeks back. He had extracted the thread only a couple days ago though.

"They're fine," the pharaoh dismissed. "How was your day?"

Fingers unconsciously massaged his clothed stomach, and Yugi let his head lean back and rest lightly against Atemu's shoulder. For a moment he was confused as to why there wasn't the usual gold collar plate, but then he realized that Atemu must've taken it off earlier.

"Boring," he said. "But one of the servants who tend the horses came in with a broken ankle. Hari says that he'll have to discontinue work for a couple weeks until it heals though."

Atemu pressed light kisses against the side of Yugi's head, mumbling lowly, "Who made the diagnosis of it being broken and not just a stretched muscle?"

"I did," Yugi said proudly, and it earned him a full kiss in the mouth with a simple twist in position. "But I think Hari was just out of it today...he's been working overtime with all of the soldiers lately."

The pharaoh chuckled, sending shivers down Yugi's spine. "All in the same, all in the same..." he murmured lowly yet again, adding a certain tone to his voice that suggested something a little obvious.

Trying to decipher the hidden meaning of the tone, Yugi got a faint idea of what Atemu was thinking, and he was suddenly hauled to his feet as Atemu slipped out from underneath him. "Come," the taller stated, and Yugi had no choice but to follow closely behind.

Not to much of his surprise, Yugi recognized the way as the way to Atemu's chambers, and his heart sped up. Usually they would meet for a while and then make their parting ways until the next morning just after the first meal.

Yugi watched as his pharaoh firmly shut the door behind them, and he blinked, realizing that the room was already lit up with candles and the obvious moonlight from the balcony's opening.

"...Yugi," Atemu purred, unconsciously taking the servant's wrist in his hand, pulling them close together. His stomach ached with want, with lust, and Yugi blushed when he finally realized this through the pharaoh's partly opened gaze. "I need you..." he said vaguely, hoping that Yugi would understand his sudden decision.

Yugi fully understood the underlying want his pharaoh was silently asking, and he bit the inside of his bottom lip. Although they had gotten closer than ever in the past couple weeks, Yugi was still painfully reminded of the last time they tried something like this.

An arm snaked around his waist, and Yugi cautiously cuddled up against Atemu's chest, grateful for the privacy the grand bedroom offered.

Things had changed since then, though, Yugi reminded himself sternly. Ever since he was appointed to the position of medical assistant, and not just a measly servant who tended the horses, Atemu had told him that he was able to make his own choices in front of him, within reason of course.

But never the less, Yugi had the right to back out of a situation like this.

Atemu had also sworn that nobody, not even himself was allowed to pressure Yugi and thus far, he had held his word. Yugi slowly lifted his gaze, giving his pharaoh a questioning look.

"Stay with me tonight?" Atemu asked just over a whisper.

Despite that he had yet to tell Atemu, Yugi really, truly had grown to love the other. His heart swelled at the thought, a realization that it was alright overcoming him. "Yes," he replied back, closing his eyes the second his lips were captured in a searing kiss.

His was in the air...physically and mentally. His mind transferred to being carefree and flying high, enjoying the feeling of a full mouth. On the other hand, his pharaoh had lifted him up for a better position while he had wrapped his arms around Atemu's neck, while his legs wrapped around the other's waist.

Atemu moaned as Yugi's legs shyly brushed against his arousal, and he blindly moved back, feeling the edge of his bed hit the back of his knees. Registering that his lungs were starting to burn, Atemu quickly turned them around, lowering Yugi to the bed and ending the passionate kiss.

His cheeks flushed and panting, Yugi allowed Atemu -- who appeared quite the same -- to rearrange their positions and he was pushed further up the bed until he was near the top, on his back, vulnerable to any of the pharaoh's advances.

Leaning down after taking his little lover in inch by inch, Atemu initiated another kiss, moaning in surprise when hands tangled themselves into his wild hair. Kissing back with passion only for Yugi, Atemu allowed his own hands to wander once the kiss was broken and started to work his way down Yugi's neck.

To his pleasure, Yugi arched and gasped at his lips, teeth and hands' ministrations. The medical assistant squirmed in pleasure, his hands grasping Atemu's shoulders for leverage.

Glad that he had rid himself of the heavy gold jewelry earlier, Atemu took to stripping Yugi of his simple white shirt. Yugi sighed at the cooler air surrounding him, and Atemu allowed himself the pleasure of making a trail of kisses down the smaller's torso.

Yugi's toes curled into the sheets, and his hands clenched into Atemu's shoulders as the pharaoh pleasured him thoroughly. He moaned when the other dipped his tongue into his navel, his hands combing soothingly through his hair.

Unexpectedly, Atemu's mouth was atop of his again, their saliva moistened appendages swirling against one another. Yugi swallowed both his and Atemu's twin moans when their arousals ground against each other.

Then Atemu pulled back. Their eyes met. Crimson against amethyst.

Yugi could feel the pharaoh's fingers lightly slide down his sides in askance. Pushing the last experience away, Yugi presented a small smile, leaned up on his hands and pecked a simple kiss on Atemu's mouth.

Smiling softly himself, Atemu started another kiss, one much more demanding than the one Yugi previously gave him. Within seconds, the smaller was on his back, and the pharaoh's hands sought out the knot in Yugi's kilt. Undoing it, Atemu broke the kiss to keep their lust induced gazes locked while he pulled the fabric away from the lithe body underneath him.

Suddenly he was on his own back, looking up in surprise at Yugi who started a rough kiss, returning the favor of undressing him. Atemu moaned as this new, vicious side of Yugi was revealed, making his want of the other spark tenfold.

Gasping as Yugi mimicked most of what he had already done, Atemu purposely bucked his hips up into Yugi's, causing a string of moans erupting until the royal teen switched their positions again.

Distracting Yugi by stroking the smaller's arousal, Atemu absentmindedly reached over for a small jar, all the while relishing in the moans of pleasure Yugi was allowing him to hear so openly.

Yugi was too far gone to notice what his pharaoh was doing, but he immediately ceased all movements when he felt a finger probe his entrance, slick with an unknown substance, and then--

"Just relax, Yugi," Atemu cooed, cautiously adding another finger and tentatively scissoring the muscles apart. Yugi shut his eyes and his legs tried to curl in, but Atemu coaxed him to relax with reassuring words and touches.

However, Atemu brushed a certain spot that had Yugi audibly gasp in a whiny way and push back for more contact as immense pleasure sparked throughout his body.

Smiling in a possessive manner, Atemu teased this spot for a while until he felt that Yugi was comfortable with everything.

Yugi moaned in want as Atemu retracted his fingers. However, he watched sensuously as the pharaoh stroked himself with the same slick substance his fingers had been covered with.

Pushing his little medical servant back flush against the sheets, Atemu wordlessly stole yet another kiss as he moved into position.

Yugi half grunted, half moaned as he felt Atemu enter him, and tried his best to relax. It hurt a lot, but as Atemu's hands that had been cupping his face before started to teasingly trail down his body in an attempt to distract him.

Sweat had immediately surfaced at the overwhelming pleasure, and Atemu did everything in his power not to lose control and instead focused to give Yugi time to adjust to the odd sensation.

Blinking away his tears, Yugi smiled shyly, using his arm that was around his pharaoh's neck to bring the other down for a kiss. He moaned loudly into Atemu's hot mouth when the other started a slow pace.

"Atemu!" Said person heard Yugi moan in want, and he sloppily made another move to kiss his servant as he started to thrust faster, feeling the pleasure race up his body.

Twin moans, grunts and pleas of their shared pleasure filled the room rapidly as their pace only increased. The servant writhed under his pharaoh, crying out his release after what seemed an eternity.

Thrusting into the spent body a few more times, Atemu, too, found his release with an equally loud cry. Leaning on his hands and panting at the exertion, Atemu pulled out of the body before joining Yugi against the soft bed.

"I love you."

His eyes were drooping, and with a content smile, Yugi curled up against his pharaoh, who in return lightly kissed his forehead and wrapped his arms around his waist. Unconsciously, Atemu traced circles on Yugi's back as they both melted against one another.

"I love you, too."

After a while, Atemu noticed that Yugi had fallen into a deep slumber, and he knew that he was going to follow soon. Reaching down, he grabbed the sheet that had been pushed to the end of the bed, and pulled it over them both.

Releasing a sigh of ease, Atemu allowed himself to drift, knowing that everything was the way it was supposed to be, and that it would remain that way for a very long time.

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