Chapter 6

"Technically, I am dead!" I smirked at Edward as he shot me a slight glare. I quickly closed me eyes and felt Edward take my hand into his own. He was kneeling beside me when I heard Charlie and Jacob come in with Carlisle. I fought so hard not to open my eyes and scream surprise! I wanted my family to be happy and not mourn for me.

"Edward hasn't left her side since she passed," Carlisle explained.

"Hello Charlie," Alice spoke mournfully, "I am so sorry for your loss. Bella was my best friend… She was actually more like a sister to me. I loved her very much." I felt certain Alice was hugging my father at this point.

"She cared for a great deal as well… All of you," Charlie explained.

"Edward," Charlie began. "Was Bella really happy in her final days?"

It broke my heart that Charlie even had to ask. The only time I was ever really unhappy was when Edward had left.

"She really was," Edward sounded so sad. It almost felt as though he forgot this was just an act. "I can never apologize enough for having left her all those months. I thought I was protecting her…"

"I should be the one apologizing," Jacob spoke up. "I knew she was having pain in her stomach and I never said anything. We could have caught it faster and maybe she would still be here…"

"There was nothing we could do, Jacob. Pancreatic cancer is one of the most severe types out there. All we could really do was try and make her final days comfortable," Carlisle explained.

"Bella had something she wanted you to see," Alice began. The tape, I remembered. Emmett had come up with the idea of me taping a goodbye to my family. He thought it would bring the most closure.

"Hey Dad… If you're watching this, that means I didn't make it…" my voice sounded so weak as it boomed through the speakers. "I wanted to tell you I love you one more time and thank you for welcoming me into your home. I've truly cherished the time I had with you and I hope you did as well. Please, please take care of yourself dad. I'll be watching over you from heaven, I promise…"

Alice fast forwarded to Jacob's part.

"Jake, thank you. Thank you for helping me through the toughest time of my life. You saved me from myself in so many ways. I want you to keep the motorcycles. Both of them, as a reminder of me and all the fun trips we took on them. Don't freak out dad, of all the stupid dangerous things I have done in the past month who would have ever thought cancer would be the death of me, literally… Anyway, Jacob, you're my best friend in the entire world and you always will be. Please, please don't forget me. I love you, Jacob."

I could hear Charlie and Jacob sobbing and it absolutely broke my heart. Edward had let go of my hand and I peeked out of one eye to see that he was actually hugging Charlie.

"What do we need to do?" Charlie asked.

"If you don't mind, Esme has been on the phone all day making funeral arrangements," Carlisle spoke up.

"I would like it to be open casket and in Forks, so that all of her friends will be there," Charlie whispered.

Open casket?!

"Charlie, shouldn't we let her friends remember the way he looked before? When she was so full of life?" Edward asked cautiously.

"I think Bella looks so peaceful right now and it is comforting to me to see her this way," Charlie spoke up a little outraged that Edward was questioning him.

"Of course, Charlie," Carlisle agreed as he lead Charlie and Jacob out of the room.

Once I knew it was safe, I opened my eyes.

"What are we going to do?" I demanded.

"You'll just have to climb into the casket before the funeral and out before you're buried…" Alice was talking a mile a minute. It was hard to keep up.

"I knew it!" Jacob hissed as he entered the room. I began panicking. Edward closed the door behind him. "I was almost fooled because you don't smell like them and your heart isn't beating…"

"Now isn't the time," I warned Jacob. He stepped closer to me to hug me.

"I'm really glad you're still alive, even if you're a blood…" Jacob's voice trailed off. "You're eyes are the same… How is that possible?"

"We don't know. She doesn't even drink blood. She eats McDonalds," Edward rolled his eyes.

"What are you, then?" Jacob asked curiously.

"A freak, okay? I don't know, Jake."

"Jacob, we're going to need your help at the funeral transporting her body so that everyone thinks she's being buried…" Alice insisted.

"Yeah, I'll help any way that I can," Jacob agreed.

A couple days later I was in Forks again inside a coffin. How ironic, my first visual of vampires when I was younger had been that they slept in coffins and now here I am laying in one. It was good that I could lie so still for hours and hours. I made it through the viewing, piece of cake but the funeral was a little more difficult. I was nervous about possibly getting buried alive. I could hear lots of voices at the funeral. I must have had a pretty nice turn out. I knew Jessica, Mike, Ben, Angela and Tyler were there. Jessica was crying so dramatically and Mike was soothing her. My mother was also sobbing loudly. I felt so bad that I had never got the chance to really spend a lot of time with her in the past year. The Cullens were in attendance doing their best to look devastated, knowing I would be home with them in just a few hours.

"Bella's boyfriend, Edward has prepared a few words," a voice boomed over the crowd.

"Hello, I'm Edward Cullen… I'm… was Bella's boyfriend. Soul mate," Edward's voice was calming to me now. It sent chills down my spine. "I never thought in a million years I would have a soul mate… Not until I met Bella. You're all here today because you knew her and loved her and will greatly miss her presence in your life but I can promise you, she never touched any of your lives as greatly as she did mine. Bella was a beautiful, radiant person. Her smile could light up any room and her sense of humor… Let's just say there was never a dull moment in my life once she was a part of it… It's unfortunate that she is no longer with us. To me, it's as though my heart no longer exists, because you see, she was my heart. My whole heart and when she left she took it with her…" Edward's voice was ragged and it sounded as though he was sobbing. I heard shuffling and knew that he went back to his seat.

"I'm Alice Cullen. Bella was my best friend. She wouldn't want us to sit here, crying and being sad that she isn't with us anymore. She would want us to be laughing and remembering her. I remember when I first met her, I thought she was the clumsiest person I had ever met. She was always tripping or falling or getting hurt… Being her friend meant you were continuously on stand-by waiting to catch her or prepared to rush her to the emergency room," I could hear laughs from the crowd. I wish I could smile right now. "Be happy that we had Bella for as long as we did and remember the good times."

I couldn't stand listening to everyone talk about me anymore. I tuned it out for the rest of the funeral. It was too sad hearing everyone talk about me in past tense, especially as I laid in a casket. Before I knew it, I was surrounded by darkness. The casket was closed and I was being carried away. I was freaking out! Edward and Jacob had promised to switch my casket with an empty one before it went into the ground. I was way too claustrophobic to make the trip 6 ft. under. I felt the casket clank on something metal. A few minutes later, I felt as though the casket was being lowered into the ground. It felt like an elevator going down. No, No, No! I was really going to die in here tonight, I thought. I let the darkness surround me as I closed my eyes. I started humming the song Edward had sang to me, trying not to focus on my current situation.

"Bella," a voice called in relief as arms grasped me from the coffin. I opened my eyes to see Edward holding me an inch from his face. "I am so sorry."

I smiled at him. I noticed Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper, Alice, Carlisle, and Jacob standing close by with shovels in their hands. I giggled. They had all dug me out of my grave.

"I always knew vampires and coffins were a package deal," I winked. Everyone laughed.

"We couldn't switch the caskets in time," Edward tried to explain.

"It's okay. I was able to think a lot while I was down there. It was quite relaxing, actually," I admitted. Edward raised his eyebrows.

"What were you thinking?" Edward asked curiously.

"Marry me," I whispered. Alice dropped her shovel and broke into a huge grin.

"W-what?" Edward asked confused.

"You heard me… Marry me," I repeated. Edward sat there in silence staring into my eyes.