Fall in Love Like A Comic


"Let yourself go. Fall in love."

Kairi sighed tiredly at her numerous attempts of sketches. "No…that side looks off." She muttered to herself, taking the eraser from her desk and rubbing it onto the white paper. Using her pencil again, she tried redrawing carefully until she was satisfied, "There! That's better."

"Kyah…Did you read this month's "Chaomi!"?"

Her gaze turned over to her classmates sitting two rows away from her desk. A small smile appeared as she saw the familiar magazine in their hands.

"Duh, of course I did. Especially the -Girl in Love- it's so good!!"

"Uhn, I thought so too! The male characters by Hikari sensei are so handsome and super cute!" One of the girls gushed as they surrounded the magazine.

"Kairi!" Making the redhead jump in surprise, "How's the manga-ka doing?"

"Olette!" Kairi almost exclaimed. Luckily no one had seemed to notice what they were talking about. She gave her a scolding look, "Don't yell so loud…"

"Ah…sorry!" Olette sheepishly smiled.

I am Kairi Hikari, first year high school. Actually…I play a double role as a student and a Manga-ka writer. My works contain not only girls kissing boys, but you know hugging, and fluff. A story like this is commonly popular among girls. Even though…

"The author's name sounds and looks exactly alike, and still, nobody suspected anything…" She mumbled.

Olette patted her shoulder, "That's good! If you get caught by the school, then it's gonna be bad!"

The only one that knows my comic writer identity is Olette…

"Ehm, talk about it," the brunette continued, "Kairi with no experience with having a boyfriend, can actually produce that kind of comic. How can anybody suspect anything?"

She pouted and crossed her arms. "S-So what? What if I don't have a boyfriend? I don't need a guy to make me happy!"

"Kyah…Kairi you're so cute!" Olette smiled, obviously teasing her. Before she could respond, they heard a loud squeal of girls huddled over at the opened school window.

"Eh? What's going on?" Kairi asked, walking over to another window, followed by Olette. Looking at the seaside below, she saw that the boys were playing a game of Blitzball for P.E. "Is it…"


A brunette boy hurried alongside with one of his teammates and nodded, jumping towards the ball into the goal. "Yeah!" He grinned giving high fives to his friends.

"So…handsome and cute!" Kairi thought.

Her friend clapped her hands together, "Hm, so it's really Sora! That's so like him, being on the Destiny Islands High School Blitzball team. Kairi, did you see?" she asked glancing over to see what she was doing. "Eh?" Since it was a good opportunity, the redhead decided to draw down the scene onto her sketchbook.

"I would be so lucky if I could go out with such a handsome guy!" Another girl sighed, "Especially if it's Sora Hikaru!"

The brunette sat down next to Kairi who was still concentrated on her drawing. She smiled, "You know, I heard that there were numerous girls who confessed to him and got shot down, hm…he must be picky. But this is also what makes him more interesting and attractive, ne?" She winked at the last part.

Kairi paused. "Hmph! The male character in my manga is even cuter than him!"

"Again?…" She sighed and stood up pointing at her, "You're such a child when it comes to boys!"


Olette winked and nudged her, "You should just get a boyfriend. That might help you with getting inspiration."



"The rough draft and sketches are perfect!" Kairi happily announced stretching her arms after sitting in the library for so long. "This time the rough drafts didn't even need too much corrections. Lucky me!"

"Good job," her friend grinned, since she too had finished her assignments. School work is more like it.

"Hey," they heard a male voice from the doorway, "you were right Hayner! School's already over and people are still hanging around here."

"Hayner! Pence!" Olette waved happily. She got out of her seat to hug her friends. Pence glanced over at what Kairi was working on. "What are you drawing? It looks pretty good."

"Ack!" she froze, forgetting that her work was visibly on the table. "A-Ah nothing! Don't pay any attention to it!" She quickly stuffed the papers inside the manila envelope and immediately headed towards the door. Only to run into someone else. "Ah!" As her belongings fell to the floor.

"Someone is in a hurry today, isn't she?"

She opened her eyes to see who she had just run into. The boy was still standing, blocking her way as she realized that her arms seemed to be in a hug position.

"You didn't even say anything and just ran into me." He continued with a teasing look.

She stared at him in shock, mentally thinking, "Sora!?" Her legs felt like they were glued to the floor. She couldn't seem to move. Either she was in shock or she was too embarrassed to say or do anything.

Sora put an arm around her, "What's wrong? Can't stand?"

Her heart began to beat fast, "This feeling…" she thought, "is just like a scene from a manga!" She felt faint as Olette appeared beside her, "Hey Kairi!! Hang in there!"

"Too much…" she merely whispered. Now she had new inspiration thanks to today. "I'm definitely going to use this in my story!" She declared in her mind.

"C'mon, I'll help you up."

As the girls were starting to fade from the scene, Pence chuckled, "Her expression was pretty cute. Her name's Kairi, right? She's an interesting one, don't you think so Sora?"

"Yeah right," Sora said, "a girl like her? She's too childish for me…" His eyes wavered over to an envelope lying next to his shoe. "Hm? Looks like she dropped something." He opened the top and slowly pulled out the papers. "….what?"

Chaomi Publication / Communication Room

"These are readers' comments from last month. Kairi is getting popular ne?" Selphie winked as she motioned her assistant Yuffie to haul the postal bag of mail onto the table.

She smiled nervously, the thought of her and Sora earlier today kept replaying over and over like a broken record.

"What's wrong?" Selphie tugged a strand of her red hair, "Ah, I see, finally got a boyfriend?"

"E-Eh!? O-Of course n-not!" She stuttered shaking her head.

"I was kidding."

"Eh?" Kairi whispered and sat down embarrassed again from her sudden outburst. She was overreacting again.

Her editor sat down across from her and smiled, "Actually…having a boyfriend isn't bad! For a manga-ka, any sort of experience is special. Right now your work is emotionally interesting, so if you have a relationship with a boy, maybe your work can get better."

"So…that's how to produce great stories. It must be true then, I mean Nami Neyuki can create great romantic stories and the male character's facial expressions are so cool." Kairi agreed. She analyzed the manga in her hands studying the drawings of her favorite artist. "I understand now! I'll have a ton of boyfriends!"

"Uh…well…" Selphie sweat dropped, "L-Let's just take a look at the rough drafts first!"

"Okay!" Kairi opened her school bag, fumbling around for the envelope. Her hand couldn't find it. She paused and sorted her belongings onto the table until her bag was completely empty. "Eh? My rough draft is gone!"

She bowed in front of her editor, "I had it before I came here! I must have lost it somewhere in school!"

Suddenly, an instant replay came back. "I must have dropped it when I ran into him." At that moment, she was half conscious about the situation, she didn't pay attention to the fact that it fell out of her school bag.

Hiding her face into her hands, "Wah! I'm in trouble! What am I going to do!?"

Selphie gave her a sympathetic smile, "I don't know what to tell you. Fax the stuff over tonight okay?"

"This is horrible…" Kairi muttered over and over, "I need to get back to school immediately! There were drawings in there that weren't meant for-ack! What am I doing saying this? I gotta go!"

She dashed out of the building towards the direction of her school. "Please make sure nobody took my rough drafts!" She pleaded silently, she could just imagine the consequences!

Kairi's Imagination of what could happen:

A student came running in the room, waving an envelope around, "Teacher, I found some perverted comic strips!"

"This must be XXX comics!"

"What am I gonna do if I get caught by the school?" She paused in front of the library door. Closing her eyes, she turned the handle hoping it was still there.

"Oh? You really came back."

She blinked in confusion, "Sora…why are you still…"

He stood up from the chair he was comfortably sitting in. "This must be yours," he began, holding her manila envelope to her.

"Th-that's…" the redhead stuttered in shock again, wondering why it was in his possession, "uh th-thanks…" Her hand was shaking nervously for the envelope, but was at the same time grateful that it wasn't lost. "Hopefully he didn't look inside…" she prayed.

He leaned in close to her and smirked. "You're a naughty girl."

Her face immediately turned red, "H-Hey! Those are drawings which I need for my work!"

"Work?" He questioned, keeping her item away from her grasp. "What kind of work?"

She clasped a hand over her mouth. Darn! She almost let her secret slip!

He began to walk away, "Well if you won't tell me, it'll be a great show tomorrow. Wonder if the whole school knows?"

"Wait! I'll confess! I'll tell you everything!"

"See? I'm the one who drew that manga." Kairi pointed to her story in the Chaomi magazine.

"So you're a shojo manga-ka."

She looked down guiltily, "Please don't tell anyone about this."

He handed the envelope to her, "Here, but don't you think that you're overdoing a little too much? I mean creating cliché stories like that?"

"My manga is expressing a girl's love life!"

Sora smiled, "Oh so that's it, not a lot of feelings though," his hand took a strand of her hair as he leaned closer to her, "I bet you've never gone out with a boy."

Kairi's face slightly became pink. He had already saw through her, "Do I really lack that kind of experience?" she thought. "If I go out with a boy, maybe my work will become even better…"


She gazed at him and finally decided, "Sora! Please go out with me! I want to improve my work so please help me!"

Sora stared at her with a blank look.

"I can't believe I actually said it out loud…" She muttered wishing she could take them back.

"Hm…sounds interesting. I'm in."

"R-Really?" She couldn't believe what she was hearing, "Thank you!" She gushed happily. Take that Selphie! (Her editor)

"But…" He started as he pulled the confused Kairi onto his lap, "do you know what people do when they're dating?"


"Just as I thought, you've never held hands with a boy before," he chuckled at the idea as his hand slowly found hers, "how does it feel?"

"His hand…touching my hand…" Kairi was grasping the idea in her mind.

"This also happened in your story…" Sora then closed the gap between them but it ended shortly with Kairi quickly backing away in total surprise. "Wah! W-Wait, why is it like this…"

"Hm?" He asked, acting as if he didn't know any better. "Were you not satisfied with the last kiss?" Before she could reply, he was already leaning in to kiss her again.

She shook her head to wake up from this trance, "D-Don't do anything rash!" She exclaimed, attempting to whack him with her school bag. Instead, she missed and ended up falling to the floor. She turned around to see him laughing at her.

"Wow, you're hilarious." Sora laughed while the girl started glaring at him.

"It's hard to believe what kind of person he is!" She angrily thought. "He's not the type of boy I thought he would be."

"Hey!" Breaking free from her thoughts, she turned to see him leaning against the doorway, "From now on, you belong to me, Kairi."

She froze. He was right. Doubts began to form in her head, "I don't get it! Me going out with him? With that kind of guy!? Is it really going to help me produce better stories!??"

A/N: Whoo! Done with the first chapter! :) For those of you who didn't realize, this is based from the "Fall in Love Like a Comic" manga, but I made some changes with it. More characters are bound to appear in the future! Reviews are welcome and will be recognized in my thank you section for chapter 2. Hoped you liked it!