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Thirty years later…

"Are you almost ready, love?" Edward asked, walking up behind me to wrap his arms around my waist and nibble at my neck playfully.

"Just about," I replied, taking packaging tape to the last of our boxes. We were getting ready to move to Canada, where I was to be changed. Finally. Not that I'm complaining. The past thirty years have been wonderful. My body only aged about one year for every ten years that passed, so I now had the body of a twenty one year old. I was the one who decided that I wanted to complete the change, and blessedly, Edward had not complained. We made plans to do it on my birthday, which would also mark our twenty fifth wedding anniversary.

It was a nice wedding. Alice had planned it, but had taken mine and Edward's preferences into consideration. Eddie wasn't truly gone for good, just better integrated with Edward, as they both proved on our honeymoon. Edward took full advantage of my increased durability during our month on Isle Esme before we went to Dartmouth, where we both received our degrees in English Literature.

I got to see my parents grow old and pass away. My dad never mentioned any of the clues to something otherworldly in my life, such as my lack of aging, suddenly strong skin, or the fact that I could put away twice as much food as him and go looking for more. I held his hand when he died of cancer. Edward said his last thoughts were that he got to see me settled into a happy life. As for my mom, some more conservative clothing and well planned hair and makeup was all that was required to fool her. She was never really the observant one.

Thirty years had been long enough for Edward to come to terms with the fact that I was committed to my decision. He had finally gotten over his addiction, and had eventually realized that I was not, in fact, going to lose my soul if I completed the transformation. We weren't sure what to expect, considering that I was probably three quarters of the way there already. Still, considering that the bloodlust would be new to me, Carlisle felt it would be prudent to plan on me being a typical newborn. Anything I was saved from having venom in my system for thirty years would be bonus.


Emmett, Jasper and I were at our new home trying to get everything prepared for Edward and Bella's arrival.

I had missed them terribly and this was to be one hell of a reunion.

The last several years Edward and Bella have been traveling the world trying to get in as many "human" experiences for Bella as possible. They really did not stay in one place for any extended amount of time before they moved on to the next.

Emmett and Rosalie had been living the past eight years in the south of France. They had been taking one of their many extended honeymoons. Rosalie was still there taking care of the final arrangements on their move back to the states. She was due back in the next week.

Carlisle and Esme were about to return from Ethiopia. They had spent several years there trying to offer help in whatever way they could. They really tried to make a difference in other's lives and I always admired them for that.

Jasper and I were not as adventurous lately. The last three years we have been in Alaska. We moved around before that just traveling the states, but lately we were looking for some roots. We had stayed with the Denali family for a bit and then got a small cabin to ourselves. Living with them was just not the same as with my family.

I had always hoped Edward would complete Bella's change. From time to time I would have visions of her transformation, get my hopes all up, and then nothing. He was always so nervous about changing her. Jazz always said that Edward felt both blessed and regretful whenever her partial change was mentioned. They were given all the extra years and they were definitely a blessing because I doubt that after thirty years of normal aging that Bella would be very receptive to being frozen at nearly sixty. Vampirism could only change so much. I know Edward wouldn't have minded but she sure as hell would have.

I think that Renee's and then Charlie's passing is what finally set their decision in stone. I will never forget the vision I had when they came to a decision.

I tried to act surprised when I received the call asking me to start house hunting for us in Alaska. Little did Edward know that Jasper and I had already started looking for a home large enough for all eight of us the moment the vision cleared. Hell, it took him three damn days to even call me. I already had our cabin on the market for Pete's sake. If it had been anyone else, I would have been seriously offended!

They didn't even realize at the time that everyone would unite to help make this easier for Bella. I knew, hence the huge home I was shopping for. It would be the first time in twenty years that we would all be living together as a family and I couldn't wait!

"I forgot how freaky you can get when you get all lost in your own thought, small fry," Emmett yanked me from my personal flashback.

"Yeah? Well I forgot how obviously intruding you could be, hulk wannabe. Ya know, you look even bigger than I remember. Did they start making 'roid juice for vamps?" I was totally kidding him and he knew it since he grabbed me in a headlock and gave me a noogie. "Hey Jolly Green, save it for the boys. I'm busy trying to hang this Picasso. You wanna be useful? The delivery company for the bedroom furniture will be arriving in seventeen minutes. You and Jazz go help them unload the furniture since there are two truckloads full and I know for a fact that the guys in the second one have been getting stoned for the last six miles. If they damage the sleigh bed I bought for Bella, I swear I may rethink this whole vegetarian lifestyle. I have not gone this long waiting for this moment to have a bunch of stoners ruin it."

He grabbed me in a Bella style hug, "Alice I have missed the shit out of you. Thank God you don't have to breathe cuz' you would have passed the fuck out from lack of oxygen on that one. Don't worry, lil' sis, I will keep them slackers in line. Hey, I always wondered. Can we get high? You don't digest it. Hmm, maybe Jazzy and I need to gank their shit before we scare them off," and as quickly as he released me he was gone looking for Jazz to save the delivery guys. Well, that and I'm pretty sure to steal their dope. Good thing too, 'cuz I was about to unload upon him.


We were just under five minutes away from our new home according to the GPS. I looked to Bella to see if there is the slightest bit of apprehension from her. She knew what was to come. What our purpose was in coming to Alaska.

I saw none. She looked just as content as if we were going on a Sunday stroll along. I know she feels as though she aged over the past thirty years or so, but she looks as breath taking as always. More so if that were even possible.

I sat staring at her for several more minutes. She didn't seem to notice my observation of her. Either that or she was doing what I suspected of her many times before. She acted a lot more oblivious than she really was. She allowed me my own inner turmoil. She let me work through it on my own before she addressed it.

As we neared the drive I was pulled from my thoughts by the thoughts of my siblings. It is funny actually. It had been so long since we lived together as a family but that is exactly what they would forever be. My loved ones.

They're almost here. I swear, if they regret coming home to us I will decapitate both of these idiot's and laugh as their headless bodies try to find the missing pieces to put back together again. Thank God Carlisle and Esme are going to be here in the morning, help to keep these two in line.

I wondered what they could be doing. Then I heard a radio playing Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Is that I Wanna Get High? What the hell? That wasn't good music when it came out.

"Well, Love. Prepare yourself. It seems the boys are up to no good. Alice is about to make our get together a party of six."

She just laughed and shook her head back and forth.

We pulled up the long drive. It was similar to all of our previous homes in the fact that it was insanely private. I don't think there was a neighbor for miles. Perfect for our upcoming needs.

"Home sweet home," Bella sighed.

I grabbed her hand and squeezed as we pulled up to the home. Alice was already standing on the porch bouncing up and down on her heels in anticipation. The car wasn't even in park when she darted to the car, ripping open the passenger door and pulling Bella into the warmest embrace I ever saw my sister give. If she could have cried, I knew she would have been.

"Hey guys. I am sooo glad to see you. Everything has been delivered and set up. Carlisle and Esme should be here in the morning. Rose within the week. She is almost done. We are all set."

"Jasper and Emmett here then?" I just had to ask.

She rolled her eyes. "Be prepared. They are outdoing themselves tonight."

We followed her into the house. She was randomly pointing out different things she had done to the house. This house was perfect. She really outdid herself.

She even had food prepared for Bella. Enough for a couple meals since she knew our intention was to change her in the morning. I was being selfish. I wanted one more night to hold her warm body against my own.

I knew I would love her just the same after the change, but I felt as though I needed to keep a mental note of every time her heart beat, every breath she took. Every hiccup. Just everything. Bottle it all up to keep forever and share with her later.

Alice kept showing us around the house, we walked upstairs to be shown our room. We passed one room, the doors were closed and a strange smell was drifting from it. I heard odd thoughts from Jasper and Emmett.

I stopped behind Alice and Bella and threw open the door to the funniest sight I had seen in years. "What the hell?"

"Oh, hey Eddie. What's up?"

There Jasper and Emmett were. Sitting Indian style on the floor across from each other passing some smoking glass contraption back and forth. They were listening to Must be the Ganga by Eminem.

Alice and Bella were at my sides laughing so hard they were buckled over.

"Um, what the hell are you doing?"

"Oh hey guys!" Emmett was up and running to embrace us in a hug. "We were just trying this stuff out. Want some?"

"I think I'll pass, thanks though."

"They stole this shit off of the delivery boys. Their bong and all. They've been sitting her for half an hour trying to catch a buzz and I keep telling them that the venom will kill it before it effects them. They are wasting their time and smelling up the house." Alice tried to look pissed although her thoughts obviously found humor in them.

It's good to be home.

We left them to their science experiments and continued to our room. It was beautiful, not that I expected any less from Alice.

We ended up the five of us in the living room catching up the remainder of the evening. Bella was eating hazelnut encrusted salmon, wilted baby green and pear salad and popcorn for desert. She always loved popcorn and oddly enough she said that would be one of her most missed human things.

About two in the morning we headed up to our bedroom.

"So who's it going to be tonight, love?" I teased and wrapped my arms around her from behind. "Edward?" I moved her hair to one side and kissed her neck reverently. "Or Eddie?" I started tickling her sides with one hand, making her squirm and writhe against me.

"I just want my Edward tonight. We'll have plenty of time for Eddie later. Make love to me, please?" I could deny her nothing.

We took our time that night. Bella let me worship every inch of her body slowly, committing every minute detail to memory. Our lovemaking lasted half the night and was just as wonderful and sweet as our wedding night.

Bella fell asleep for the last time on my chest. I basked in her warmth, listening to her heartbeat and her murmured declarations of love in her sleep for the last time.

In the light of a new dawn, I found that I was ready for the next phase of our happily ever after to begin.


One day, sixteen hours and thirteen minutes. I can't remember my own transformation, but I sure as hell will never forget Bella's.

She was trying to be so brave throughout it. I could tell she was attempting to keep her pain inside, to try to alleviate Edward's discomfort. That was our Bella. So totally unselfish.

Carlisle and Esme arrived in time and he had been diligently checking her to ensure everything was going smoothly.

Only thirteen more minutes and she would be reborn. She would suffer no more.

Edward had barely spoken since he bit her. It had to be him. Bella was concerned that it would rehash his addiction, but I assured her that after it was over, he would have nothing to be addicted to. She would no longer have the blood to sing to him.

Edward, relax. Nine more minutes. She is perfectly fine. Look at her. She has always been beautiful but now look at her. She is gorgeous. Beyond perfection.

He simply smiled and nodded his head in agreement. We sat in silence the remainder of the time.

It's time.

Her heart stopped. Complete and utter silence. I didn't need Jasper to tell me the anxiousness coming from Edward. He was a nervous wreck.

Slowly, her crimson eyes opened.