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Hey hey hey! Here is the start to the sequel of Sticks and Stones! All my reviewers have inspired me to write this and keep going with the first one until I was done. A big hoorah to SONFANFOREVER. You clearly get the award for most loyal and being able to make me grin like a fool! Love you all, like always!

Ah I forgot to mention that Bobby is supposed to look like Chad Michael Murray. In the first story he has the longer hair and in this one he's got a buzz cut.

I try to calm myself as my plane lands with a screech in Ohio. The flight from New York was quick and painless, except the whole time I was thinking about Ashley.

I sigh as I brush my now light brown hair out of my eyes.

The process of getting off the plane and tracking down the correct baggage takes almost an hour. I'm ready to pass out as I make my way to the front of the airport to find my ride.

"Welcome back bitch."

The familiar smirking face appears in front of me and I pull Becky into a tight embrace. She squeezes me back and I can feel hot tears threatening to fall as we continue to hug.

"What no bloody hug for me? "

Becky and I start laughing as Christian's strong arms wrap around both of us, lifting us off the ground.

He sets us down and I can't help the happy tears that run down my face. It feels so good to be home with my best friends.

"You're forgetting someone."

Bobby's boyish grin takes me by complete surprise. I had no idea he was still living in Ohio and that he'd be here to pick me up.

"How could I forget you?"

I throw my arms around his strong frame and breathe in his unmistakable trademark cologne.

When he releases me all four of us are wearing matching grins. Becky hip bumps Bobby out of the way and grabs my hand.

"Let's get you home, you look like shit."

I roll my eyes and we all stuff ourselves in Christian's car. I can't say I remember the drive back because as soon as we started driving I passed out. Becky tells me that Bobby carried me to my old room in the apartment and he tucked me in.

I wake in the morning to the wonderful smell of fresh coffee. I stretch my sore back while lying down and after I rub the sleep out of my eyes, slip my glasses back on my face.

My feet hit the carpet and my first step results in my stepping on glass.

"Shit that fuckin hurt."

I reach down to throw away the offending material and my heart practically stops when I see what caused my pain. It's the same thing that's been causing my pain for almost two years now.

The now haunting picture of Ashley and me from the wine night sits in a cracked frame. It was left right where it landed after I threw it the night we had our final fight.

I carry the picture out with me and set it down on the counter in front of Becky.

"You couldn't just throw this away?"

She sighs and motions for Christian to give us some privacy. He abandons his newspaper and goes to their room.

"Listen Spence, you just ran out of her with your bags packed that same night you guys fought. I didn't want to go anywhere in your room. Plus maybe after these next few weeks are over you'll feel differently about the whole situation."

I groan and slam my forehead against the counter.

"Coffee. Now."

Becks generously slides a mug into my waiting hands. I take a deep whiff of the fantastic aroma and take a small sip.

"What's with your hair dude?"

I let out a small chuckle and run my fingers through my own hair.

"Is it safe for me to rejoin you?"

Christian pops out from behind the hallway doorframe and I nod, motioning him back into the kitchen.

I watch as he gives Becky a quick kiss and she runs her hand down his chest.

"Well when I got to New York I got piss ass drunk and went to a hair solon. They made me throw out my bottle of beer before they'd dye my hair but they ended up doing it for me. I've kept it like this ever since then. I guess it's just me trying to start over."

Christian and Becky stare at me and answer at the same time.

"I like it."

"I hate it."

I slap my forehead and take another drink of coffee.

"Well Christian thank you and suck it Becks."

They both laugh as Becky starts making breakfast.

"Hey eggs ok with you this morning?"

I can't help the astonished look that I give her. She never used to cook.

"What? You actually know how to make eggs?"

Becky quirks her eyebrow and points the spatula at me.

"Yes shut up, so are eggs ok?"

I nod my head dumbly and Christian laughs under his breath. I slap him playfully as he hands me the comics from the paper.

"So uh is Ashley here already?"

"No her flight from L.A. lands in like three hours."

Becky answers me without turning around, too focused on the eggs to bother looking at me.

Once I had got settled in New York I had called Becky and she let me know that Ashley had come back to the apartment looking for me. When she heard I had left indefinitely she took off for her hometown.

Now we are both going to be back in Ohio for the wedding.

"So are you going with Kyla to pick her up or whatever?"

Becks scoops the eggs on three plates and slides my plate in front of me.

"Actually yeah I was planning on going."

I try to act casual about this but I know she can see straight through me.

"Oh cool."

She smirks at me and sits in Christian's lap.

"Would you like to come with us?"

At just the mention of being near Ashley again my heart races and I start feeling nervous.

"I don't think that would be a very good idea."

Becky takes a ridiculously large bite of eggs and I watch with disgust at her nastiness.

"Ok before you say anything, Christian how in the hell do you find that attractive?"

He grins at her as she grins with a mouth full of eggs.

"The sex is good."

Ah sick I did not need to hear that.

"Gross, thanks buddy."

Becky chokes down her food and takes a long drink of orange juice.

"Spence you should just come with me. You have to see her eventually. Why not just get it out of the way?"

Christian nods in agreement and I know I've already made my decision.

"Ok I'll go."

My words come out softly and I trudge back to my room.

This has the potential to suck really badly. I have no idea what to expect. I wouldn't blame her if she still hates me. I grab a quick shower and dress in jeans with my favorite hoodie.

Becky is already waiting for me when I enter the living room.

"Christ you look like you're going to puke."

I try to give her a smile but I'm sure it looks more like a grimace.

"I kinda feel like I might puke."

Becky turns on her heel and starts walking to her car.

"Well don't puke inside my baby or I'll have to kill you."

I take a deep breath and follow Becky. It's time to face the music but I have a feeling I'm not going to like this music.

Ok I was on such a high from finishing Sticks and Stones that I got this first chapter done! I hope you all enjoy this one as much as the first, maybe even more! Listened to Yes I Do by Rascal Flatts.