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Peace and love to you all! The site has been a pain in the ass recently so here's the final chapter of this one! The next one is called My Paradise, which I almost have the first chapter done so it should be up tonight or tomorrow! This one is pretty short but it didn't need to be any longer.

It's been several months and the whole gang is gathered at our local hospital for the birth of Kyla and Glen's child. Becky nervously plays with the engagement ring resting on her hand while Christian talks candidly with Madison's new boyfriend. As for Ashley she is actually with Kyla while Glen sits next to me, white as a sheet. See he's a little squeamish when it comes to blood so Kyla opted for Ash instead of Glen as a birthing partner, I think she made the right call on this one.

Our little group takes up over half of the small waiting room and we've managed to make friends with the other few strangers waiting news similar to ours. There is a faint smell of pizza drifting through the hospital mixed with that unique sterile, hospital smell.

A door opens and a disheveled looking Ashley appears with a grin on her face.

"It's a girl!"

Everyone cheers while Glen jumps up with tears in his eyes, hugs Ashley, then runs to where Kyla is waiting for him. Ashley blows me a kiss before taking off back to Kyla's room. Well that was a little disappointing; I was hoping Ashley would be done with Kyla.

"Hey wanna go down to the cafeteria?"

"Yeah let's go."

I graciously accept Becky's offer and we walk slowly down to get some food. As we sit at a small round table near a window I realize I haven't really talked to Becky in weeks.

"So how's engaged life treating you?"

Becky smiles widely through a mouthful of cheeseburger,

"Really, really good. He is so wonderful and we're happy as can be. I do miss living with you though."

She smiles at me sadly and shoves more food into her already overstuffed mouth.

"Ugh good to see some things never change, like your eating habits."

She laughs good naturedly at me and wipes her mouth clean.

"Yes that is something that will never change. So uh did you ask Ash yet?"

Her happy, carefree demeanor changes instantly to nervousness. I let out a frustrated sigh and take a sip of Coke.

"Nah I haven't found the right moment but I've wanted to for weeks now. It's all I can freaking think about."

She gives me a sympathetic look before standing to throw away her trash. As we walk back to the waiting room we talk animatedly and laugh our asses off. As soon as we enter the room Christian latches to Becky's side as if being away from her for just those few minutes resulted in him becoming lost.

I roll my eyes, almost in jealousy, as I sit down in my previous station. I feel pretty shitty about having not seen Ashley all day when the proud father of the day strides back into our room.

"She's beautiful and perfect. Kyla sends her love to you all and uh Spence?"

"Yeah Glen?"

He looks exhausted but his eyes twinkle with happiness and joy.

"Ash wants to see you. It's room 225."

I grin excitedly and give him a hug.

"Congratulations Glen, I'm really happy for you."

I take off down the corridor at a fast walk but screech to a halt in front of room 225. I quietly push open the door and see Kyla passed out in her hospital bed, snoring lightly. I glance to the corner of the room and spot Ashley leaning over where the baby lays, crooning softly to her.

I watch Ashley as she picks up the baby cradling her gently. The image blasts me forward in time to when it will be our child Ashley is holding.

"Hey wanna hold her?"

I snap back to reality at the sound of her tired, husky voice. She sounds tired and looks the part too with messy hair and her flushed cheeks but at the same time she looks incredible.

"Yeah, what'd they name her?"

"Alexis Paige Carlin."

I carefully take Alexis from Ashley and hold her close to my body. She gives a tiny yawn and my chest nearly explodes with happiness and love. I grin at Ashley and she has the same love filled look in her eyes that I can feel in my expression.

I gently set Alexis back down in her bed and look at Kyla.

"How'd she do?"

Ashley gazes proudly at her little sister then back to our niece.

"Oh you know Kyla, she was a champ."

I can feel Ashley's attitude change and it puts me on edge.

"Spencer, would you just ask me already?"

I stand up straight from making silly faces at Alexis and face my girlfriend.

"Ash what are you talking about you're going to have to be more specific."

She looks at me with a kind of annoyed expression and waltzes right into my personal space.

"I know what you want to ask me and I have your answer. Becky tipped me off today and so just ask me already damnit."

I think about what she's saying for several more moments before it hits me. She really does know. My mouth falls open and she smiles warmly lifting my chin back up with two of her fingers.


"Just ask me Spence."

I run my finger over the velvet box in my sweatpants before I pull it out.

"Ashley Davies will you marry me?"

Alexis gives a delighted squeal and Ashley gives a nose crinkling smile. I grin as Ashley cups my cheek with her hand and kisses me.

"Yes baby I'll marry you."

I let out a laugh and slip the diamond ring on her finger. As we kiss and hug again we hearing clapping from inside the room. We pull apart and my eyes land on a teary eyed Kyla.

"Oh my God guys I'm so happy for you! Now bring me my daughter."

I laugh as Ashley scoops up Alexis and carries her to Kyla. The door opens to reveal a proud looking Glen holding a chocolate milkshake.

"Oh good you're up."

Glen gives Kyla a quick kiss before she hands him Alexis and grabbing her milkshake all in the same motion. Glen kisses his daughter before looking at me and Ashley.

"Hm judging by the stupid grins on both your faces and the giant rock on Ash's finger I'm guessin Spence finally popped the question?"

Ashley nods and bounces up to Glen showing him her ring. I smile as I watch my fiancée, weird, and my brother laugh. Glen hands Alexis back over to Ashley and she rocks the baby carefully. I walk up next to Ashley and wrap my arm around her waist, pressing a kiss to the side of her head.

I no longer live for a boy who died years ago, I live for the future with the girl who resurrected my heart and steals my breath away every time I look at her.

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