To Defeat the Dark

By: Sandreline Moon

A Sailor Moon / Harry Potter Cross


There are a few things that you need to know BEFORE you read this chapter!!!

One of those is that I have never read the Harry Potter books – not a single one. The information for HP that I am getting is from what I have watched in the movies. Therefore, if I happen to get anything wrong such as how to spell names and so forth, PLEASE tell me so that I can correct it. Another is that Mamoru is not in this story – sorry, but I did not see a need for him. I do have another idea for a couple, but that will happen in the NEXT CHAPTER!

That's right, NEXT CHAPTER is when the fluff and battles start!!! This chapter is more to get everything out of the way so that you all know what is going on – the history and everything. I am setting it up.

So YES this chapter is going to bite the big one. THIS IS A STORY THAT I WROTE WAY BACK IN HIGHSCHOOL! So if it seems like it is DEFIENTELY not my best work, THAT'S BECAUSE IT ISN'T. HOWEVER, all chapters following this will be. I just felt that it was high time that I actually posted this thing, you know? ^_^

I wanted to thank all of you that have been with me for all these years and have supported me in everything I do. Thank you so much for your kind words on my writing and letting me know how much you all enjoy it.

So in short – this chapter bites, but the next will be amazing! BATTLES, ROMANCE! Let me know if you have any suggestions, or if I have done anything wrong! Again, this chapter is one from WAY back that I felt it was high time for me to post and finish!

Chapter 1: When the Two Worlds Collide

Tsukino Usagi, who was better known as Serena, was making her way up to all-too-familiar steps of the Hikarawa Shrine. Today she was dressed in low, hip-hugging jeans and a black kimono-top with blue lining that helped to bring out her eyes. Her silvery-blond hair was pulled back in the traditional odango style of the Lunarian royal family. The only difference now was instead of reaching to her knees, her hair now brushed the top of her ankles.

She had grown well into a woman, now reaching her eighteenth year. Her curves had filled out in just the right places, and her eyes became a lighter shade of blue. Of course, that was putting it mildly. Her eyes were such a light blue that they were really just dark silver.

"It's too hot today to have to walk up all these steps for an old bag of bones like me…" Luna complained from her side, her paws making soft padding noised on the stones. Serena smiled down at her friend and advisor . "You just say that because you want me to pick you up."

"Well, since you said something about…" The felines accented voice supplied.

Serena laughed as she leaned down to pick up the black cat, holding her to her chest as she finally made it to the top of their long trek. Upon reaching the top, she noted that her friends were gathered in the main temple grounds waiting for her.

"Usagi-chan!" Minako called out happily upon seeing her cousin and best friend.

"Mina-chan!" Serena replied, jogging the last few feet to meet her friends with a large smile on her face.

"It's too hot to hug anyone today…" Makoto complained, fanning herself.

"Tell me about it." Rei added.

"Well, why don't we go inside now, since everyone is here?" Asked the white feline who was sitting on Minako's shoulder.

"I think it is an adequate time to move to the inside of the temple for a private conversation." Added a deep and unexpected voice.

The group of young women turned to their left. Under the large Sakura tree was a figure leaning against the bark as she attempted to avoid the solar rays. Setsuna's ever-evaluating gaze stared back at them.

"Puu-chan!" Serena's happy voice called out in surprise.

"Princess." Setsuna acknowledged with a nod of her head and a small smile.

"Koneko." Suddenly, Haruka appeared to the left of Setsuna, also leaning against the tree. Michiru mirrored her to Setsuna's right as a mischievous smile spread on her lips.

"What are you all doing here?" Makoto asked happily but confused.

"Like we said, we should move this inside." Michiru's musical voice laughed.

With a group nod everyone moved to enter the temple.


"Princess, something vital has caught my attention at the time gates." Setsuna began once everyone was seated and had refreshments. Could she net ever begin with a traditional greeting?

One of Serena's eyebrows rose up in question. "What would that be?" She asked.

The Time Guardian looked down into her cup of tea, choosing her words carefully. "How much do you remember of Albus Dumbledore?" She asked.

The unfamiliar name, once spoken, caused the Moon child's eyes to widen and shoot up in recognition. "He was a part of Mother's Court, her Magical Advisor." The Time guardian nodded her head in agreement.

"Wait a minute, who?" Minako asked. "I don't remember this at all."

"What is so important about him?" Makoto asked.

"I was getting to that." Setsuna sighed. "The Moon Kingdom, as you all know, was a wonderful place full of light and happiness… and magic. However, the magic that I am referring to is better known to you as what you see in the movies. The Princess' Silver Crystal not only uses the energy of the Moon and the powers of the Princess' heart, but it can do so much more."

With a sigh, she continued. "On Earth, those with magical powers have gone into hiding because of the Terrain's views and actions of violence. However, as we speak that world is in grave jeopardy."

"So you are saying that they need our help?" Amy spoke up, her curious blue eyes absorbing this information while she madly typed on her Mercurian computer.

"No." Haruka all but growled. "Setsuna has the brilliant idea to let Koneko go all alone to fight this evil by herself."

"What?" Came the three additional outraged cries of Rei, Minako, and Makoto.

"Usagi is our Princess. It is our duty to protect her and fight alongside her." Amy spoke with determination.

"Unfortunately, this is something that only the Princess can battle. What remains of the Dark Kingdom has joined forces with a being named Voldemort. He is a vile creature that used to be a man, and is now nothing more than a mass of negative energies with a face. He has killed so many lives of magical people in an attempt to take control of the magical world. Only one has managed to stand against him and win." Setsuna informed them.

"And who would that be?" Rei asked with a spit of her Martial fire.

"A young man who is your age named Harry Potter. Both of his parents were killed by Voldemort, but the power of their love for him protected Harry. Now, however, Voldemort will continuously attempt to kill him and then continue on with his plans to take over first the magical world, and then the rest of it."

"We can't let that happen." Serena said.

"You are telling us that because this… Voldemort is so dark and powered by negative energy that only Usagi, who is his complete opposite, can destroy him?" Amy asked.


"So we CAN help." Makoto spoke.


Rei growled. "Would you tell us what in Mars' name you mean?"

"Harry Potter will be aiding her, along with fellow witches and wizards who have banned together to fight Voldemort. Dumbledore is alive, Princess. He will guide you and protect you as he did for your Mother, and you and Harry will lead the attack on Voldemort and the army of the last of the Dark Kingdom." Setsuna finished. "The Princess cannot do this without the help of the Terran wizards, and they cannot do this without her."

Serena's eyebrows bunched together in thought for a moment before they settled. With a regality that never failed to surprise her friends she nodded her head. "I will do it."

"We are going with her, Setsuna." Haruka spoke up.

"We cannot just send out Princess off without any protection." Michiru added, her eyes mimicking her partners.

"If the Dark Kingdom is there, then we can help Usagi." Minako added.

"Luna is the only one that is allowed passage with her. Once the final battle begins, I will open a portal to allow the rest of us to go to her aid. Until then, however, there are other deeds that need to be done. Not one of you remembers anything about magic, save for the Princess. How could you possible hope to help her if you do not have your full memories?"

All eyes turned to look at the blonde, who was currently sporting a very embarrassed blush. "Is that true, Usagi?" Makoto asked.

Serena nodded her head. "Once I regained the Crystal, it all just came rushing back to me. Like the Luna Pen -that's magic. It is not fueled by our planetary powers like our transformations and attacks."

"So you remember all about this magical world and how to do magic and you never told us?!" Rei cried out in annoyance.

"None of you have those same powers." Setsuna cut in to save her Princess from the Martian's rage. "The inner planets, beside Earth, were never able to channel the energy needed for it, for some reason."

"Setsuna, we need to send someone with the Princess." The Wind Senshi was adamant. She looked about ready to give the Time Guardian a forceful hand if need be.

"I will go alone." Came's Serena's commanding tone.

"Koneko…" Haruka began.

"Luna shall be with me, and Setsuna will keep an eye on me. She would not send me off to do this if she knew that I would be in any danger. It is my responsibility to purge the Earth of the Dark Kingdom to restore our own Kingdom to its previous glory. I will do it." Serena said calmly, yet authority was laced in her tone. It was true, too. After she split with Mamoru because he felt she was too immature, Serena was slowly becoming more and more like her regal self.

"What if something happens?" Rei asked.

"I should hope that I wouldn't have to remind you that I am no longer the klutz I was when I was fourteen. It was I that defeated Queen Beryl, and then Wise Man, and Queen Nehelenia to Sailor Galaxia and Chaos. Should something happen, I can always use the Crystal to teleport you all to me."

Minako looked at her cousin with understanding. "You have decided. We will be here for you when you need us, Usa-chan." The leader of the Inner Senshi gave a warm smile to her best friend.

"What? Mina, how could you just-" Rei began, before she was cut off by the leader.

"Because, Rei, she is our Princess. Serena is right; she is more than capable of taking care of herself." Mina stated.

"I will be with her." Luna added, jumping up on the table that was in the middle of them all. "I remember everything. Dumbledore is a good man, powerful and devoted to Light. We will be fine."

"Girl, you had better give us every detail when you get back!" Makoto added, not happy with the situation but agreeing non-the-less.

"What about your parents and school?" Amy asked. The moans of the other girls answered her.

"All they need to know is that I will be at school in another country." Serena spoke.

"I shall escort the Princess to England, where we will gather the supplies needed and I will deliver her to Dumbledore. Also, Pegasus will be acting as your Ambassador to the magical creatures. He will await your arrival at Hogwarts." The Senshi of Time informed them all. Amy quickly input all the information into her computer.

Serena's eyebrow rose in surprise. Hogwarts was still an active school? She recalled hearing of it back in the Moon Kingdom… that means it had to be well over a thousand years old!

"That is wonderful…" Haruka snapped with heavy sarcasm, clearly not pleased. Michiru simply let a giggle out at her partner's antics.

"Are we leaving now?" Serena asked. She was rather eager to leave, much to her surprise.

Setsuna nodded. It was just past eleven in the morning, and they had much to do if they were to catch their ride by four.

"Now?" Came the disappointed and sad responses.

Serena turned teary eyes to her friends, before being enveloped in a big hug. All of the girls began to sob as they told each other how much they were going miss one another and how much they loved them all.

Minutes later and Setsuna and Serena, with Luna in her arms, stepped through one of Pluto's portals.

Immedietly everyone turned to Michiru.

"Oh, all right…" She sighed, before pulling out her mirror so all could watch.

"Who thinks Usagi will get a boyfriend while she is there? Men think it's a turn on for a woman to save the world." Minako spoke.

"She better not! None of those-" Haruka was quickly cut off.

"Ten bucks!" Makoto bet.

"Twenty dollars, and she has one within three months." Michiru placed.

"Fifty dollars and a new outfit." Rei added, her eyes blazing with victory. "Odango-atama will have a boyfriend in no longer than two months."

"Within a month, and I will do everyone's homework for a week." Amy added.

The room was silenced from shock at Amy's bold behavior, before all quickly turning back to Michiru's mirror.


Upon stepping out of the portal and surveying her surroundings, Usagi let out a shiver. It was wet and dreary, much colder than Japan for some strange reason. Suddenly, a black leather jacket was extended to her by Setsuna, who was wearing the same but in a dark green. Serena smiled at her oldest guardian and quickly wrapped herself in the jacket, making sure Luna was covered as well.

"This is the Leaky Cauldron. It is one of the entrance ways to the dimension they built for the shield to the magical world." Setsuna explained.

Serena nodded and they stepped inside the ancient-looking building. Instantly she was warm and dry, and she made sure to take a good look around. Spoons were stirring cups of coffee and tea by themselves, powered by magic while chairs pushed themselves back in under the tables. She wasn't startled in the least; her memories made this seem almost normal.

Until, that is, she caught her reflection in a mirror that was placed in the entranceway. Her hair had officially lost all of what little blonde coloring was left and was now shining silver, along with her eyes. Her attire had shifted from jeans and shirt to her formal white and silver gown nearly identical to that of her future self. What stood out the most, however, was the unmistakable up-turned crescent moon on her forehead. She turned to glance at Setsuna only to find her standing as Sailor Pluto with her Time Staff in hand. It would appear that in this magical realm, she would not be able to hide her birthright. So much for blending in…

People Immedietly turned to look at them, and Serena felt Luna's hackles rise from the cat's place in her arms. The princess' eyes were wide as whispers floated around. An elder, wrinkly man made his way up to them before he stopped to drop into a low bow of respect to Serena.

"Princess, I am honored that you would enter my humble establishment. I am the owner of the Leaky Cauldron, and should you need anything, please ask." She spoke with a heavy British accent.

"Thank you, kind sir. I am Serenity of the Moon Kingdom, and this is one of my Senshi, Sailor Pluto." She introduced, sweeping a short curtsey.

"Would you be so kind as to take us to the entrance to Diagon Alley?" Sailor Pluto spoke while looking down at the elderly man.

"Of course, Madam. Right this way. Might I add your Highness that it is very pleasing to see you are fairing well." He again gave a small bow before leading them to a back door and into an alley. Pluto nodded her head, silently following the Princess. Serenity, still holding a very stressed Luna, did her best to ignore the whispers as they made their way more into the alley. Upon facing a brick wall, she watched as the man took out a wand and tapped the bricks in a particular pattern. They all stepped back as the bricks began to move and arrange themselves so that a doorway presented itself, opening up to a pleasant market street.

"Welcome to Diagon Alley. May the Moon shine down on you in fortune, Princess Serenity." He said while once more bowing before he returned to his establishment.

Serenity glanced at Setsuna before entering, and heard the bricks move once more back into place behind them. As in the inn, people turned and began to whisper at their appearance. Most began to curtsey and bow, giving warm smiles.

"Pluto, do these people remember me?" She asked in curiosity.

"Not as you are thinking. These people are not from the Moon Kingdom, but they do know who you are. Legends of the Silver Millennium have survived and thrived here in the magical realm. Like the rest of the world, they have received word of your battles in the newspapers as the morals do, but here they know so much more. They respect you and are very grateful for your protection. Like the Senshi cannot fight the likes of Voldemort, they cannot fight the youma. The magic's just wouldn't compute."

"I understand." She spoke. Serenity, in turn, smiled at the people around her and looked at the quaint shops that they were passing. Setsuna took the lead, and a while later that appeared outside of a large building.

"Gringotts?" The Lunarian asked.

"Before purchasing your supplies, you must make a withdrawal." Pluto said with a secretive smile.

Serenity followed her friend inside the building. Luna was now walking beside her Princess and staying very much alert. Upon entering the apparent bank, Serena recognized the goblin creatures that appeared to be in charge.

They waited by the entrance for a moment before an elderly, unpleasant looking goblin came rushing up to them. "Princess Serenity." It spoke with a monotone voice.

"How do you do?" She asked, giving a small curtsey.

"I assume you are here for a withdrawal. Do you have your key?" It asked, giving a look of slight contempt.

The Lunarian nodded her head; she was beginning to recall this part. The troll nodded and led them away. After a bit of walking and a ride on a trolley they arrived at a large fancy door. "Vault 0005." Serenity stood and stepped out, Pluto close behind her and Luna hot on their feet.

Serenity stepped up to the gold and silver door. She closed her eyes for a moment, before calling for the Silver Crystal. Immediately her chest began to glow as it appeared and illuminating the dark tunnel. Serenity raised the Crystal above her head, letting its light shine into the moon-carved symbol on the door. Soon, the moon symbol also began to glow with it, and it swung open to allow her access.

The large vault was beyond what the young woman could imagine. It was about the size of her family's house back in Tokyo and it was piled to the ceiling with gold and jewels.

Serena's blue eyes looked around the room, spotting crowns and scepters, even elegant gowns and other jewelry among the piles of gold. Along one of the walls were several cases that had lights shining on them. Serena, almost in a trance-like state of awe, began to slowly walk towards these cases.

Very carefully she lifted her hands to place it on the glass covering as her eyes glazed over with un-shed tears. Her Mother's crown sat in the center case atop a silver pillow, just as she remembered it. Slowly she lifted the top of the case and reached inside. Tenderly she raised the intricately designed work of silver and white gold that was now hers from its place. She remembered as a child when her Mother would wear this crown. It was Serena's favorite; she admired how the diamond work glittered like the rays of the Moon and always seemed to comfort her. When her Mother wore it, she always wanted to believe that it gave her Mother a physical form of their beloved planet and the boost of regality that her Mother would just command and know how to use. A tear made its way out of the corner of her eye as she continued to have flashes from her past, each of them with her Mother in the exact crown she held delicately in the palm of her hands. The memories were filled with laughter, balls of honor or celebration, and even boring meetings with visiting delegates.

A gloved hand was gently laid on her shoulder, and Serena looked up at her guardian. Sailor Pluto smiled fondly. "Allow me, Princess." She said softly. Taking the crown from her hands, the Senshi of Time raised it to the silver tresses and placed the crown upon her head, just as the Queen had worn before her. Sailor Pluto felt tears come to her eyes. "You look so much like your Mother. You will make her proud." She said, stepping back to give a bow.

Serena turned back to the glass cases and could somewhat make out her own reflection. It looked different from when she was allowed to try it on as a child; it was no longer a dress-up game or a fantasy of the hazy 'someday' when she would be Queen. No, for now it was reality; only she did not have her Mother by her side as she had thought she would.

"Could you hurry it up?" Came the voice of the goblin from the door.

Sailor Pluto glared at the creature, but nodded. Turning back to her Princess, she snapped Serena out of her fervor by handing her several velvet pouches. "Fill these with the gold, Princess. Once you will use now for your supplies and the other four you shall keep in your space pocket for when the need arises."

Serena nodded and took the pouches. Once they were full, she sent all but one to her space pocket while sliding the other one on her wrist with its cord.

Sailor Pluto smiled and they returned to the boat. "We are finished." She spoke, the vault door closing behind them.

"It's about time!" Its screechy voice replied before they were hastily brought back to the main hall of the bank.

"Goblins!" Sailor Pluto mumbled under her breath. A small smile twitched at the corner of Serenity's mouth before it disappeared. She reached one hand timidly to her head to touch the crown that now seemed to weigh so heavily upon her. (I will not let you down, Mother.) She promised.


"I really wish everyone would stop doing that…" Serena whispered to Luna and Pluto as they walked out of Gringotts and back to Diagon Alley.

"Come. We must gather the books you will need. But first, there is someone you must meet." Sailor Pluto said.

"Who would that be?" Serenity asked while picking up Luna and patting her on the head.

"I believe that would be me." Answered a deep voice from in front of and above her. Serena looked forward, only to be met with a stomach at her eye level. Tilting her head back, she found she had to take a step backwards to have her eyes meet the stranger's before her. "Hello, your Highness. The name is Rubius Hagrid, and Headmaster Dumbledore sent me to escort you to Hogwarts. Might I add, Princess, that it is an honor to meet you." He gave a bow to the best of his ability.

Serenity immedietly knew she would like this man, for his aura was very kind. "Please, there is no need to be so formal. You may call be Serenity. This is my guardian, Sailor Pluto, who I will assume you are already acquainted with by her smile. This is my advisor, Luna." She introduced with a smile.

"It is nice to meet you." Luna spoke, nodding her head to the giant.

"I have been most eager to meet you, Ms. Luna. Headmaster Dumbledore told me you could speak, but I didn't believe 'im! I have all sorts of questions to ask you." He added with an eager smile.

"Of course." Came the feline's pleased reply. Serena just hoped the attention would not go to the cat's head…

"Right then!" Hagrid continued. "Now, if you will follow me, I shall take you to gather your supplies. I believe you said books first?" At Serena's nod, he turned and led the way, clearing a path for them in the process. Once they reached the store, which was just one or two down from where they were their new friend turned a smile to them. "I shall wait for you here. There really is not enough room in there for a big 'fella like me." He explained.

The Princess smiled. She really did like his personality. "Of course, Hagrid. We will do our best not to keep you waiting." With that, she followed Sailor Pluto into the bookstore.

"Blimey, do you know who that is?"

"Is that really the Moon Princess?"

"Yes, it is! It's Sailor Moon!"

"The paper is going to have a field day! I can't believe they aren't here yet!"

Serenity smiled at those she passed. A clerk came forward to help her gather her books. After paying for them, she sent them to her space pocket and gave a generous tip for the help.

"Blood hell! Harry, do you know who that is?" Came a squeaky voice.

"The girl in the crown? No. Should I?"

Serena was trying her best not to eavesdrop, but the name 'Harry' caught her. The aura from the small group just outside of the bookstore had captured her attention.

"Honestly, Harry!" Came the voice of the female beside them. "That is Princess Serenity. She is Sailor Moon, the warrior that Ronald is always blubbering about when he gets the papers!"

"She's amazing, and so pretty!" Idolized the voice of the young female red-head beside the two boys.

"Hermione! She takes on evils worse than 'you-know-who' all by herself!" Came the red-headed young man's voice again.

"Actually, I have help from my friends."

The small group jumped, some giving a gasp of surprise when she walked up to them unnoticed and spoke. Serena did not know when, but she had and was now standing with Luna on her shoulder and Pluto and Hagrid behind her.

"Bloody hell…" The red-head male spoke again with wide eyes. That is, until the two girls pulled his non-responsive body into a bow of respect.

"Please, that is not necessary. I have had more than my share of that for the next year. I am Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom. It is a pleasure to meet you." She said. "This is Sailor Pluto, and this is Luna." She added, pointing to each in turn.

"Hello." Luna said.

"Did that cat just talk? Harry, that cat just talked!"

"Honestly, Ronald! After everything we have seen, why are you so surprised?" Hermione snapped at him.

"I wasn't talking to you." Ron sulked.

"What is going on here?" Spoke an older voice from a man who Serena assumed to be the father of Ron and the red-headed younger girl. "Blimey…" The older man said upon seeing Serena.

The Moon Princess merely smiled brightly and gave a small curtsey. "How do you do? I am Princess Serenity."

"Mr. Weasley. I cannot begin to tell you how much of an honor it is to meet you. You live with muggles in Japan? What is that like, for someone of your stature?" He asked.

"Honestly, I cannot leave you all alone for a moment!" Chided an older female, who clearly was Mrs. Weasley. "Do any of you know how to behave before royalty? Pardon them, my dear. I am Molly Weasley. Ignore my husband; he works for the Ministry of Magic."

Mrs. Weasley turned on the children. "Have any of you introduced yourselves?" Serena, at this point, was smiling brightly in an attempt to not burst into laughter.

"Sorry, mum. I am Ronald Weasley." He said, giving a bow.

"It is a pleasure to meet you. I am Hermione Granger." Said the blonde girl. "And this is my cat, Crookshanks." She motioned to the orange cat in her arms.

"I am Jenny Weasley, your Highness." The younger red-head spoke, her eyes wide as she stared at Serena.

"Harry Potter. What is a Princess doing in Diagon Alley?" He asked. Serena's eyes widened in surprise at the mention of his name; so she was right, this was the same Harry that Voldemort was after.

"Princess Serenity will be attending Hogwarts this year. I believe Professor Dumbledore has asked for her to assist in getting rid of 'you-know-who'." Hagrid said from behind them.

"Hagrid! I can't believe I didn't see you!" Harry said with a bright smile.

"Hello, Hagrid." The other's chorused.

"Princess, we must hurry." Sailor Pluto cut in. "Our time is running short."

"Yes, Pluto." Serenity said. She turned to the group she had just met. "It was a pleasure meeting you. I hope to see you again son." She said, sweeping them a graceful curtsey.

"Maybe on the train?" Harry asked.

"Yes, that would be wonderful!" Serena spoke, before giving a pause. Turning to her guardian, she asked, "What train?"

Sailor Pluto simply gave a secretive smile. Turning to the group, she spoke, "I will alert the conductor that you will be joining the Princess." With a nod, she turned. Serena smiled brightly, waved, and followed.

"Did we miss something?" Came the unison voices of two taller red-heads.

"You'll have to wait and see!" Jenny squealed, jumping up and down.


Hagrid entered the next store with them. Apparently, this is where she would get her wand. The store front read, much to her interest, "Makers of Fine Wands since 832 B.C."

The moment the door closed behind them, and elderly man appeared, his eyes wide. "Do my eyes deceive me?" He said to himself. "Princess Serenity. I was not expecting you." He said, bowing his head.

"Hello. Have we met?" She asked. This man did indeed look familiar…

"I knew your Mother. You look just like her. I was one of those allowed to teach Magic to the people of the Moon from Earth. At the time, I was apprenticing with my Father, who was there to teach how to make wands and so forth." He spoke, smiling fondly at her. "I am Mr. Ollivander."

Serenity smiled brightly. "Then you will be able to help me. I am apparently here for my wand."

With that said, the man tilted his head. "My dear, you already have it."

The Lunarian's eyes widened. "I do?"

"Yes, I believe it is in your space pocket. You have been using it for years."

Serena blinked her eyes in confusion, and then summoned her Moon rod. It came forth, appearing in her hands as it shimmered. Immediately it lengthened to the Cosmic Staff without her command. Serena tried to get it to return to its original length, but the device refused.

"Interesting… very curious…" The shop owner spoke when the Princess looked up at him in confusion. He turned and disappeared in the rows, before entering a room in the back.


"Your answer is coming." Her friend spoke, nodding to where the man was coming back.

"I believe this is yours." He said, setting the box down on the counter. Opening it, he pulled out a wand that was pure white in color, and twelve inches long. A crescent moon marked the handle, along with a band of what appeared to be Lunar Diamonds.

Serena took the offered wand, and those gathered watched as the crescent moon on her forehead began to glow with the one on the wand.

"This feels… right." She spoke in awe.

"Of course, dear. That wand is a part of you." The wise shop owner spoke. "Your mother had that made for you when you first began to show your powers. It has two strands of your hair, along with a strand of your mother's hair inside. I now assume that the wand you had currently in your possession was one that was made by your own powers."

"It is, but of my planetary powers, not my own." She then reached for the money pouch on her wrist, but the owner help up his hands. "Nonsense, my dear. I will not accept payment from the savior who has done so much for us. I owe your family much."

Princess Serenity nodded, giving a deep curtsey. "Your help and kindness have meant much. I look forward to seeing you again soon." The small group left the shop, the final errand on their trip complete.

Just as the door closed once more behind them, Serena felt a shiver travel down her back. Instantly she stood taller, lifting her chin slightly as she turned to the dark aura approaching her rather hastily.

"Malfoy." She heard Hagrid mumble under his breath. From the corner of her eyes, she saw Pluto leave her station behind her to join her side, now holding her Time Staff in both hands as if ready for an attack. If Serenity did not already know this man was evil, this was the proof she need to know it now.

"Do my eyes deceive me?" Came the sultry sick voice of a tall many robed in black. His hair was of bleach white, and his eyes a piercing black like his robes. He stepped up to Serena, a cane in one hand that was clearly more for show than to aid in walking. He gave a small, sweeping bow and took one of her small hands in his own, bringing it to his lips. "Your Highness, what an honor to have your beauty before our eyes."

Serena shivered as his skin made contact with her own. As politely as she could, she retrieved her hand from his hold and gave a small curtsey in return. "I believe proper introductions are in order. I am Princess Serenity of the Moon. This is one of my guardians, Sailor Pluto."

"I am Lucious Malfoy, and this here is my son, Draco." For the first time, the Princess noticed the young man standing to the side of his father. He was taller than her by almost a good foot, and had the same bleach blond hair as his father. However, something about him was off. It was then that Serena noticed his green eyes were wide as he stared at her, his gaze unwavering. Serena thoroughly was confused by him. His aura was tainted only a shadow, unlike the pure black of his father's, and it seemed to be reaching out for help.

Serena was not prepared for him to step forward and bow in return; taking the same hand as his father had and placing a lingering kiss on the back of her hand. Another shiver ran through her, this one much different than the one caused by Lucious. It frightened her, and she once more gave a curtsey as she took back her hand. "It is a pleasure to meet someone that is as beautiful as she is pure and powerful." He spoke, his deep voice holding no tone of emotion at all.

"Dear Princess, I could not help seeing whom you were addressing previously." Cut in the conniving tone of the elder Malfoy once more. "Someone of your stature should not mingle with the likes of them, one of who are a mudblood, and the others poor beggars."

Serenity turned to face the man who was forcing her to use all restraint from having all of the food in her stomach return. "I do hope you do not hold this against me, Sir Malfoy, but I choose who I make my friendships with. I have been across the galaxy and have made friends with many inhabitants of moons, stars, and planets. Race, ethnicity, and most of all station hold no meaning to me. Each and every being is special and unique in their own way, and I look forward to seeing that particular quality in each of my new friends."

Serenity pretended she did not hear the muffled laughter of Hagrid from behind her or the shushed cheering form those on the streets that were observing their interaction. "I hope you can understand this, Sir Malfoy." She added, giving another curtsey and an overly-pleasant smile as she retained her air of innocence. She proudly took notice that Draco wore a face of shock at her daring words, and dare she say admiration?

Lucious did not even try to hide his evil glare as he hissed out his next words. "I can assure you that I hold no grudge, my Lady. I will be seeing you again."

Serena simply nodded her head and watched as he turned with a billow of cloaks and began to stalk away. She turned her attention then to Draco, who was still watching her with utmost interest. "Draco!" Came the commanding boom of his father. Serena kept her eyes on the younger Malfoy as he turned and went to catch up to his father before they disappeared around the corner.

Several cheers went up around the strip as clapping echoed them, all amazed that she had not even flinched at the presence of the terrible Malfoy. Serenity then turned to Hagrid. "I assume that he will keep his word and I will see him soon?"

"Yes, Your Highness." The giant gave a pleased smile with mirth in sparkling in his eyes. "You certainly don't waste any time meeting your enemies."

Serena smiled brightly. "I prefer not to."

Pluto relaxed and placed a hand on the Princess' shoulder. "It is time we leave."

Luna, who had been hissing the entire time from the ground at Serena's feet, nodded her head. "Please, I wish to leave the remnants of such negative energy as fast as possible."

Hagrid gave another small laugh. "Then if you will follow me right this way, we will arrive at Platform 9 ¾, and get you situated."

Serena nodded and followed the giant and her guardian as she waved goodbye to the other witches and wizards.


"Well, that was certainly new…" Serenity said as she emerged from the brick wall.

"I do not wish to experience that again…" Said Luna's voice.

"Princess, your car is right over here." Pluto said, smiling.

"I am afraid this is where I leave you. I have to report to Dumbledore that you arrived safe and you are on your way." The giant spoke with a smile.

"Will I see you again soon?" The Princess asked. She enjoyed his cheerful company.

Hagrid beamed at the small woman. "Of course, your Highness! You seem to have a talent for making things lively! I wouldn't miss it!"

Serena smiled, and Sailor Pluto and her waved goodbye before they walked down the platform. It was crowded with students and parents which reminded her of Tokyo. Shaking her head, she followed Pluto to a white car that had a familiar crescent moon on its side. Is this what everyone was whispering about? She had her own car?

"Pluto, I really must protest-"

"Before you start, this was not my doing. Haruka and Makoto and Rei wanted it this way to help ensure that you are safe and have some privacy… Haruka has a bad habit of using her sword to re-enforce her idea…" The Time Guardian stated, her tone saying it was best not to argue.

"Very well…" Serena spoke, though not pleased. She would have liked to ride with the other students.

The conductor was waiting for them at the door to her car. "Princess Serenity, it is an honor to have you on board. I hope you will find everything to your satisfaction. If you should need anything, please let me know."

She nodded with a smile and gave a curtsey to the man, before stepping onto her car. Looking around, she let out a gasp. It was magnificent! The interior of the car was white, decorated with black and crimson couches. Walking over to a black couch, she sat down, leaning back. "This feels so nice…" She said. "I was getting tired from doing all that curtseying!"

Luna hopped up on the chair beside her. "I have to agree."

Sailor Pluto smiled at her Princess and friend. She loved that Serena would always be who she was now, to never change no matter what happens. "This is where I leave you, Sere. You know how to reach me if you need me." She spoke.

Serena sat up straighter, worry in her eyes. "You'll make sure to let me know if they need me?" She asked.

"Of course."

The Princess smiled and nodded, and watched as Pluto opened up a portal. Her friend gave a nod of her head, and vanished. When she was gone, the Moon Child turned to Luna. "So this is it, Luna. This is the start of our adventure."

"I would hardly call this an adventure, Usagi. Right now, is seems like a vacation. I am going to take a nap…" She said.

"You know there is no such thing when it comes to us." Serena stood from the couch and walked over the window looking out at the countryside. "I can feel it – the dark energy that is gathering in power. It's calculating when to attack…"

Before Luna could reply, someone rapped at the door of their car. The conductor then entered, giving a small bow. "Princess, I was informed by your guardian that they were to join you." Serena nodded, smiling as the conductor left and her new friends entered the car, the door sliding shut and locking behind them.

"Blimey…" Ron said in amazement.

"Is that all that the boy says?" Luna asked from her seat, now knowing it was useless to get her cat nap.

"Usually." Came the reply from everyone, before Ron pouted.

Two taller men, older than her that she had not met yet, were looking around from the back of the group, neither of them seeing her yet. "Well who does all this belong to?" They asked together.

"That would be me." Serenity said while giving a warm smile as the others dispersed around the car.

"Bloody hell!" One spoke with wide eyes.

"You're the Princess that we read about in the papers!" The other added.

"I'm George."

"I'm Fred."

"It's very nice to meet you." They said the last part together.

Serenity couldn't help but start to laugh. "It is very nice to meet you both as well. I am Serenity."

"We know." George spoke.

"We know everything about you!" Fred added.

"I'm flattered… and a bit frightened." She replied with a playful smile.

"You shouldn't be. Well, you shouldn't be flattered." Jenny said from next to her brothers.

"So, you are new to Hogwarts. What classes are you taking? Hermione asked.

"Must you be so dull? Not everything is about school." Ron whispered.

Serena laughed. "Actually, I am not sure. I do know that I have been asked to help teach Defense Against the Dark Arts class, though, and aid the teachers in their classes. I guess I am to give the Lunarian version of things…" She said, before motioning around the car. "Please, get comfortable. I have a feeling it will be a long ride."

As they all settled in, Serena noticed Crookshanks as he made his way over to Luna. Luna, upon noticing his stare from the ground up at her, sat up in a panic. "He reminds me of that one fat cat that had the Rainbow Crystal!" She said in fright.

Serenity shook her head. "I was wondering… would you all mind telling me what is going on in this realm? I was not told much. I am here because I was told that there is a growing darkness that was proving dangerous." She spoke.

Sure enough, the train began to pull away from the platform and they were on their way to Hogwarts as those words left her mouth. The scenery passes by quickly, but not as quickly as the bullet trains she was used to back in Japan.

"It is a long story…" Harry spoke up as he watched Ron open up a Chocolate Frog.

"I believe we have the time." Serena said, taking her previous seat.


"Wait till you meet our friend, Luna! She is so smart and funny."

"She's nutty is what she is…" Ron corrected his sister.

"Loony Luna." Fred and George added. Serenity found out that apparently they were held back, even though they were older. When asked why, she found they apparently were pranksters. "But it was all worth it, to meet you." They told her.

"You shouldn't talk like that!" Jenny scolded her older brothers.

"Besides, she is a great witch." Harry pointed out.

"What you have told me confirms what I have felt, and what I have been since arriving. Especially when I had the pleasure of meeting a Sir Lucious Malfoy." Serenity said.

"We heard about that from the chaps on the platform." Harry spoke, his eyes sparkling with amusement.

"Is it true? That you don't care about station or blood?" Hermione asked.

Serenity heard the pain in her voice, and watched as her aura twisted in sadness. "The horrid word, 'mudblood', is not what they use to address you, is it?" She asked. The look in the other girl's guarded eyes was answer enough. "Yes, what I said is true. I have friends across the galaxy, each one different and unique. It is what makes them special, what sets them apart from everyone else. I believe that no one should be put down because of who they are or what they are, but instead allow it to make them stronger. Love is the most powerful weapon, as is friendship. If it wasn't for the love I feel and give to my friends and the world, I wouldn't have succeeded against so many foes."

"You have a very pure personality." Harry pointed out, sitting back.

"So can we see you in your fighting skirt?" Fred and George asked at the same time.

Jenny and Hermione took it upon themselves to slap the twins upside the head at their remarks, and Serenity blushed. "For the record, we didn't design the fukus." After she said that, she changed the topic to fill them in on what she knew from Setsuna. Harry's reaction surprised her. He took her hand and shook it, saying it was a pleasure and honor to be fighting by her side. Upon the jealous pouts of the Weasley boys, Serenity laughed and assured them they would be there too.

The rest of the trip was short and filled with laughter. It also involved the new group of friends filling Serenity in about their other friends, and vice versa. Serena was told, or in Professor Snape's case she was warned, about the other teachers and how they would act. She had a feeling her time spent here was going to be interesting.

Soon, the train slowed and then whistled to announce their arrival. Night had fallen by this point, and the sky would have been black save for the sparkling stars and the full moon. Serenity picked up Luna, who perched up on her shoulder as she walked out of the train.

Off in the distance was a wonderful looking castle, which she knew to be Hogwarts. Turning up to the full moon, she whispered, "Wish me luck."

Harry, Ron, and Hermione and the other students were surprised to see the Headmaster and several of the teachers there to greet them in front of Serenity's car. Serena, however, walked passed them with a smile and stopped before Dumbledore, giving a deep curtsey. "Lord Dumbledore, it brings me great joy to see you again."

All the students watched as the powerful Headmaster of the most famous school of witchcraft and wizardry lowered himself into a deep bow. "Princess Serenity, I cannot tell you how happy to makes my heart to see you with my old eyes once more. You are the spitting image of your Mother. I trust that your journey was safe and comfortable?" He asked with the sparkle in his eyes the same as all those years ago.

"Yes, it was very pleasant."

"And I see that Lady Luna has arrived with you as well. It is good to see you, my old friend." The bearded man continued.

"And you as well, Lord Albus." The cat replied with a smile on her face.

"I would like to introduce to you several of my colleagues. This is Minerva McGonagall, head of Gryffindor house and Deputy Headmistress. To my other side is Severus Snape, head of Slytherin house. This is Professor Lupin, who will also be aiding you in teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts. You already know Hagrid." He added. Serenity smiled brightly at the mall. "It is a pleasure to meet all of you. I am Serenity of the Moon. I love forward to working alongside you."

"The coach is ready, Dumbledore sir." Hagrid spoke.

"Ah, perfect!" The Headmaster spoke. Smiling at the assembled students, she said, "I look forward to seeing you all at dinner. Until then, if you will excuse us…" He stepped forward then, offering Serenity his arm.

She smiled as she took it, Luna now on her opposite shoulder. Her Mother's old friend escorted her and the other teachers to an old fashioned stage coach, drawn by the strangest looking horses she had ever seen. (They look so familiar, though I cannot recall what they are... Thestrals?) She thought to herself, before getting into the stage coach across from Snape and McGonagall. When the carriage jolted forward, her Mother's former Magical Advisor gave her a summary of what was happening.

When he finished, she nodded her head, patting Luna's head. "So after all of this failed attempts, Voldemort has found a way to ally himself with the Negaverse, in turn granting himself more power and an army of mindless Youma that can steal more energy, and now magic, from creatures of magical origin so that he can try to once again take over the world?"

Luna shook her head. "Why must they all start out with taking over the world?"

"Fortunately, their attacks have been limited to those in the magical world. However, there is no telling when that will change." Minerva spoke.

Serenity nodded her head in determination. "I shall get started at once. What does my schedule look like?" She asked.

"Just a moment, my dear. You need not go rushing off to vanquish evil at this very moment." Dumbledore spoke, placing a hand on her arm and patting it. As he spoke those words, the carriage came to a stop. The door was opened by Hagrid, who helped them all out. Serenity had no idea how he travelled so quickly.

The Headmaster once more offered her his arm, and Serenity gratefully took it. She was lead up stone stairs through the main door of the building. Once inside, she let her eyes wonder. It was thrumming with magic. The Princess lifted her skirts as she was brought to a marble staircase and led up. At the top of the three flights of marble stairs, large wood doors were opened and allowed them entry to the dining hall.

Four long rows of tables were set up, each under a colored coat-of-arms. Serena vaguely remembered these were the symbols of the four different houses of the Hogwarts that the students were divided into, one for each founder of the school. Looking up at the ceiling, she let out a smile. Just as the one at the Moon Kingdom, it was spelled to hold illusions. The theme was clearly meant to honor her, for you could see galaxies running across the ceiling, with shooting stars and burning suns. Her explorations were cut short as Dumbledore let her to the end of the room and offered the chair to his right, and she took a seat. She smiled in gratitude as Luna leapt onto the table to a small setting that was set up for her between herself and the Headmaster.

"The students will begin to file in right now." Minerva said from Serenity's right. "Albus will greet them, and then we will get them sorted into their houses. Afterwards he will introduce you, and dinner will be served." She said, smiling slightly at the younger woman.

"Thank you, Lady Minerva. I am eager to start. Mother had told me about the sorting hat."

Minerva gave a smirk. "If you would like, just for the fun of it, before the students arrive you could be placed. After all, you will be taking a few classes to help mingle with the students."

Serenity gave a bright smile. "I would love that!" She said, standing. The elder woman motioned her to a chair that was placed before the long table, and told her to sit. When Serenity did, Minerva walked over with the sorting hat, and placed it over her crown.

"Hmmmm…. I was not expecting to meet you, Your Majestey Neo-Queen Serenity." Came a voice from not only her ears, but her mind as well. "You are a very special and important woman to all of our futures."

"I will do all I can to keep everyone safe." Serenity spoke.

"You have been through much, and have a purity that no other can match. I have often wondered what does on in the mind of a Lunarian…" The sorting hat continued. "You have a painful sadness, though. A lost love and you hide the pain. You shouldn't worry about a male, your Highness. Your Mother never did." He spoke.

Serenity didn't bother to speak, remembering the pain of her father dying and how hard it was for her and her Mother to mourn when everyone turn to them. "Besides," he continued, "A surprise is in your future." The hat went on. "Anyone who has your love and protection is blessed. Yes, you are very strong. Very noble. I would put you in no other than… Gryffindor!"

Serenity smiled, standing when she felt Minerva lift the hat off her head. She turned to the Sorting Hat and gave a bow. "Thank you." She told it, and returned to her seat. Students were beginning to enter and take their seats. The Princess watched them as they did, keeping a warm smile on her lips as whispers floated around the room. She did not know how, but Serena even managed to keep a smile in place when Draco entered and sent her a triumphant smirk. She pet Luna, before waving to her new friends when they entered.

As the last of the students scrambled to their seats, Albus Dumbledore stood and walked to the podium. "Greetings to all of you, and welcome to yet another year at Hogwarts. This year is looking to be a very interesting one indeed. Before I continue, I would like to welcome all first-year students, and to begin the sorting ceremony."

A group of children Serenity deemed to be eleven or so came forth, and watched as just like she had each were placed with the sorting hat and then joined their tables. Serena enjoyed how each house would applaud when they received a new member, and thought that it gave a nice family touch.

Soon, all the students were sitting at their respective tables and the Headmaster began again. "Before we begin our feast, I would like to make a few announcements. First, as you all know, the forest surrounding the castle is off limits. Also, I warn all new students to avoid the Whomping Willow, for reasons that explain themselves. Finally, it gives me great pleasure to announce that not only do we have a new student, but a new teacher as well and yes, both are the same person. You have heard about her in the papers, and I use to hold the position of Magical Advisor to her family many, many moons ago. Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom, better known to most of you as the warrior Sailor Moon, and her friend Lady Luna will be joining us here at Hogwarts. Princess Serenity will be filling in as the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher as well as taking a few classes of interest to get to know all of you better." He paused in his speech as he turned to her. "Would you like to say a few words, my dear?"

Serenity blushed for a moment, and then nodded and rose before moving to take his place at the podium. Fighting down the butterflies in her stomach, she took a deep breath and spoke. "Greetings to you all; I am very much honored to be here with all of you this year. It was requested that I do my best to help teach you all to defend yourselves against a rising evil that I have faced many times before, only now they have teamed up with a villain that is very familiar to all of you. I will do everything in my power to protect you all and train you on how to protect yourselves. I look forward to meeting and getting to know each and every one of you." She gave a smile as she took a step back and letting Albus once more take the stand.

"Thank you, my dear. In honor of Princess Serenity's arrival and aid, we will be holding a ball in one month's time." Students cheered at the news as whispers floated around, all clearly ignorant of Serenity's look of shock. "Now, let us enjoy the first feast of the new school year."

Serena watched the amazed faces of the new students as a monstrous feast appeared before their eyes. She couldn't help but allow a small smile to come from her lips as she was escorted back to her seat by Albus, and then began to eat herself. Luna was purring as she swatted her tail from side to side at the tuna plate before her.

To her amusement, Severus Snape was actually an interesting conversationalist, which she discovered when he reluctantly questioned her about Lunarian herbalism. Apparently, he had not expected a Princess to know about herbs, but Serena knew not only their names and descriptions, but their uses and what mixtures were best for what ailments and potions. She had to refrain from smirking when she told him that her Mother made sure she knew everything about her planet, as well as a basic knowledge of the other eight planets under their rule. Serena ignored the several shocked whispers of the students in the front row when they saw Snape give a chuckle at some of her comments and witty replies. Honestly, even she could tell just by looking at him that his demeanor was an act! She had to admit that it was actually a pleasant conversation!

Soon all the students were dismissed to return to their dormitories. She waved to her new friends who said they would see in her in the morning for breakfast as they joined the throng of students going to their dorms for the night.

"If you would allow this old man the honor of escorting you to your rooms?" He asked with a twinkle in his eyes.

Serena gave a warm laugh and took his arm. "I look forward to the first day of classes tomorrow, Lord Albus." Luna spoke as they walked down the halls of the school. "You spoke of this school so fondly in the past that I am eager to see it for myself."

The Headmaster gave a nod. "You have free range to do as you please, old friend. I believe you would find the library interesting. It is on the second floor."

Luna all but purred at the news, and Serena felt a wave of homesickness wash over her as she thought of Amy and how much the Mercurian would love to get her hands on those books… and most likely not sleep for months while reading each one.

"My Lady, your rooms are just down the hall from my own." Albus said, stopping before a large wooden door. "When you reach the large stature of the phoenix, simply say 'lemon drops' and go up the stairs." The old wizard stepped in from of the young woman, placing his hands on her shoulders. "You look so much like your Mother. She would be very proud." He voice cracked, and Serena noticed that his eyes were shining with unshed tears as she guessed he was remembering the past. "It makes my old heart happy to see you grown and doing well; it was so difficult to hear when…"

Serenity smiled up at the man who was causing her own eyes to fill with tears. "I am glad to see you well myself. Thank you for everything." She said.

"You are most welcome, child. Come to me, should you need anything. Even if it is just a good talk." The Headmaster straightened and turned, beginning to walk away. After he had gone a few feet, he turned to look over his shoulders. "By the way, I wish to apologize in advance for his sour attitude. Your password is your identity." He continued on before she could reply, rounding the corner out of sight.

Serenity looked down at Luna, shrugging before reaching down and picking her up. "I guess I had better get used to his riddles again." She told the cat, before turning towards the door. She studied it for a moment, and then realized that in the center of the door was a gargoyle knocker. She recalled how on Earth, they were thought to guard against evil. She shook her head and reached for the door. However, the handle wouldn't turn.

"Who do you think you are to intrude in these rooms? Go away!" Snapped a raspy voice.

Serena startled only slight, her eyes trained on the door. (Should have seen that one coming…) She thought, scolding herself. "I most certainly shall not. These are my rooms." She replied.

"And I am the Queen of England. Off with you!" Serenity now could see it was the gargoyle speaking to her, its face scrunched up in annoyance.

"You would have to be a female…" Muttered Luna under her breath.

Remembering what Dumbledore had said to her, she stuck out her chin stubbornly. "I am Neo-Queen Serenity of the Moon Kingdom, and these are my rooms." She stated in her best impersonation of her mother.

The stone face on the door regarded her for a moment, before replying, "Why, you are!" Adding a huff it continued, "You silly creature, you should have said so from the start!" Suddenly, the door snapped open. "Welcome to your rooms, Highness. If there is anything you need, do not come to me. I am not a maid. I assure you no one but you and your annoying cat will be allowed in without your permission."

Serena did her best to hide her smile. "Thank you. Might I have your name?"


The Princess merely raises an eyebrow in reply. "Garth the gargoyle. The wizard who spelled me thought he had a sense of humor." Serena had to bite the inside of her cheek to stop her laughter from coming out.

"I thank you, Garth. Pleasant dreams!" She said, watching the door close without a reply.

Luna leapt onto the large white bed. "Annoying indeed…" She snapped.

Taking her time to look around the room, Serena found she was very pleased. In her quarters was a large white bed that stood beside a large window, with a desk that would hold all of her supplies. A small room to the right was her bathroom that included a nice-sized tub for bathing. Inside the bathroom was another room that was clearly her closet, for all of her supplies has already been sorted and put away. However, there were several bags that she did not recognize.

"Luna, what are these?" She asked.

"I am not sure. What does the note say?" The cat asked, following her Princess.

The familiar handwriting flowed across the page as she read it out loud. "For you: the last one is a gift for the ball." She turned it over. "There is no name, Luna, but I know who it came from." Serena vowed to do something very kind for the Headmaster in return.

"Well, take a look at them!" Luna urged.

Serena opened the bags to find several beautiful dressed in shades of powder blue, silver, and white and lavender. They all held the same medieval style, but the corsets were light and would not smuggle her. They looked very much like the fashion the court had on the Moon Kingdom. A silver hooded cape accompanied them, which she assumed to be used a jacket to help keep her warm. The velvet was soft when she ran a hand over it.

The final bag was the most glorious gown she had ever laid eyes on. Blood red silk with gold embroidery met her eyes. The corset-style dress would leave little to the imagination in regards to her figure, but she loved the off-the-shoulder straps that had silk dangling in hair-thin strands.

"I so love this dress…" She whispered.

"It will look lovely on you." Luna admitted, also admiring the g own. "You should get some rest, Usagi. You have a busy day tomorrow."

The Princess nodded, and called for her space pocket. Pajama shorts and a t-shirt appeared in her hands, and she quickly changed out of her dress and into them before letting her hair down and brushing it. She placed her Mother's crown in her closet on a pillow, giving it a kiss before going to bed and drifting off to sleep.


"Are you both a little bit curious?" Hermione asked as they left the Gryffindor common room the next morning. Their first class of the year was Double Potions with Slytherin – someone really had it out for them.

"About what, Hermione?" Harry asked.

"Princess Serenity knew Dumbledore very well. He himself admitted to having been her Mother's Advisor or something…" The witch replied smartly.

"What's your bloody point?" Ron asked with confusion written all over his face.

"The Moon Kingdom existed well over a thousand years ago, and it fell just shortly after Hogwarts was started. So how it is that the Headmaster could still be alive?"

That left both Ron and Harry stumped. "Do you mean to tell me that you believe Dumbledore is over a thousand years old? How would that be possible, it is not like he used the Sorcerer's Stone or anything…" Ron piped up.

"Wait a minute…" Harry said, his eyes widening. "I think Hermione might be on to something… do you remember second year when Tom Riddle's dairy took be back fifty years?" As both of them nodded their heads, he continued. "Think about it – he looked only a few years younger fifty plus years ago than he does today. Isn't that a bit strange? Those fifty years had passed and he only aged maybe two or three?"

"That's my point." Hermione said.

"Blimey… just how old is he?" Ron asked. The Golden Trio looked at each other in confusion as they continued their way down the dungeons. As they rounded a corner, they took notice of the form of the Moon Princess in a pale blue gown as she came out of a stairwell, her cat at her side.

"Good morning, Princess Serenity." Harry said, giving a small bow.

"Good morning!" Ron and Hermione added.

"Oh, good morning Harry, Ron, and Hermione!" She said, giving a bright smile. "Please, no formalities from my friends. Where are you all off to?" She asked.

"We have Double Potions with Slytherin this morning…" Hermione informed her.

"Yeah, so in other words we all lose fifty points and get an essay to write." Ron grumbled.

Serena gave a smile. "I am sure that won't be the case. I am on my where there as well, actually. Would you mind if I joined you?" She asked.

"Not at all." Harry said with a smile.

"Great!" She looked down at the cat by her side. "See Luna? You won't have to worry now. Why don't you go see Hagrid or the other professors? I'll be just fine."

The cat nodded her head. "Very well, Usagi. I will see you later." She bid farewell to the other three and padded off, soon being joined by Filch's cat as they rounded a corner.

"Awe, looks like Luna made a friend!" Serena cooed.

"That's cute and all, but we really must be going. Snape will take points if we are late." Hermione spoke up.

Groans were heard from the males before Serena smiled and walked with them the rest of the way to the class. Upon entering, Serena took note that there were mostly Slytherin students, then Gryffindor students and a few from Huffelpuff and Ravenclaw mingled in. She took a seat between Harry and Ron, with Hermione on the other side of the red-head in the front row, since that was the only table left.

"Look boys, the Golden Trio has befriended the Moon Princess." Came Draco's voice.

"Bugger off, Malfoy." Ron snapped, flipping open his book.

Serena turned to look at the blonde that was sitting behind her. "As I told your father, Draco Malfoy, I shall make friends with whomever I choose. I care not for blood or titles, and I detest any form of arrogance."

"That is well said, Moon Princess." Spoke Professor Snape from the back of the room as he walked into the door. "I am sure that Draco has not meant to insult you, only to insult Potter and Weasley, as is the norm." He strode to the front of the class, this robes billowing behind him. "Now if you do not mind, I wish to begin teaching my class." With a wave of his wand, the door to the classroom shut and beakers and cauldrons appeared on the tables before them.

"Today we shall be brewing a potion that will create a shield, the Contego potion. When placed in a vile and broken at your feet, the mist from this potion will surround you and repel one magical attack that means you harm. Does this sound familiar to you, Princess?" Snape asked, giving only half a sneer.

Serenity smiled softly. "Yes, of course Professor Snape. This potion was created by the Lunarians and given to the witches and wizards of earth as a gift to help repel dark magic. We do not require a potion to do it but because the blood and magic are different, we blended it from flowers of both Earth and the Moon to substitute. However, it can only repel one attack per vile."

"Perceptive." The professor said. "Since you have already proven your knowledge, perhaps you will demonstrate how to create this potion for the students?"

His arrogant tone did not affect her in the least; in fact, she could clearly see through his mask and see his curiosity. Lunarian potions were impossible to perform because they only grew on the Moon. That is, until last night when Serenity paid a visit to the Herbology professor and used her powers to grow many of them in the greenhouse. It was necessary, after all, if they were to teach the students to fight Voldemort and the Negaverse. Snape was trying to hide his interest as seeing a Lunarian potion made, was all.

"Gladly, Professor Snape." She said, standing and making her way to his work station at the front of the room. This way, the entire class was able to see her actions.

"First, you are required to boil the water, and then add the powdered rose petals of the Crystal Rose and Lunar Lilac, both of which flowers only open their petals and blood during a Lunar Eclipse…"

The class watched on in fascination, so much so that even Hermione forgot to take notes.


"You're brilliant! You have got to be the most amazing woman in the world!" Ron admired as they left their potions class. Not once, all morning, did Professor Snape take off any points or assign detention to anyone.

"I assure you Ron that is not true. You should meet my Senshi." The Lunarian laughed.

"I would love to meet Amy." Hermione added truthfully.

"Yes, the two of you would be locked away for hours on end speaking of books and other nonsense." Ron replied.

"It isn't nonsense, Ronald." Hermione defended.

"She has a point, Ron." Serena spoke. "Knowledge is power, and I cannot begin to tell you how many times we came through because of Amy."

"The same can be said of us thanks to Hermione, Ron." Harry added.

"Well, let's gang up on me, shall we?" Ron pouted.

They all laughed, before entering the great hall for lunch. Fred and George and Jenny joined them, along with Neville and Luna and many students from other houses. Serenity found herself answering their question as she ate lunch, smiling the entire time.

The next class for the day was Defense Against the Dark Arts, which she would be aiding Professor R.J. Lupin in teaching. While the rest of the students finished up their lunch, Serenity excused herself early to meet with the man.

She walked through the empty classroom and up the stairs at the back to his office. "Professor?" She called out in greeting, standing in the door way. The man looked up from his desk, eyes wide in surprise before he gave a soft smile. "Princess Serenity, please come in."

She smiled in return and walked in, sitting in one of the chairs at the front of his desk. "I wished to speak with you in regards to a personal matter."

The man before her looked at her in curiosity. "What can I do for you?"

At this, the Moon Child gave a warm smile. "Actually, the correct term would be what 'I' can do for 'you'." After a pause, she continued. "I know you are a werewolf, Professor Lupin." She raised a hand in the air to halt his words. "Please, let me continue. I am Lunarian, Professor. I can see the aura of my home around your person. Your secret is safe with me, of course, but I was wondering if you are happy."

"You wish to know if I am happy?" He asked.

She nodded. "The legend of the werewolf dates back to when Terrans were still young and not very civilized. They would come to the Moon and commit a physically offensive crime against a native of my planet. In doing so, the offended party would curse the Terran. The Curse of the Wolf, of having to transform into a mindless beast of old."

"I assure you, this I know, Princess." The werewolf spoke with a tone of spite.

"I don't mean to insult you. I myself do not believe that you should be punished for your ancestors crimes. You did not deserve to be born a werewolf, and you most certainly should not be punished for a crime you did not commit."

"Are you saying that you can lift the curse?" The professor spoke, rising slightly from his chair with hope in his eyes.

His reaction made Serenity sadden slightly. "Unfortunately, I cannot. It is a part of your DNA, and therefore should I attempt to remove it, it may also end your life. However, I do have a solution. I can alter it, so that you are in complete control of not only your mind and actions when you transform, but can also control 'when' you transform. You will be more of an animagus than a werewolf, though your appearance and strength will not change." She looked at him with sparkling silver eyes. "Is this alright with you?"

Serenity did not have time to blink before the older man was in front of her and enveloping her in the biggest hug she had ever had in her life. Smiling brightly she gave him a hug in return, happy to be of help. Informing the werewolf they would have to wait for the full moon in a few days before she can do anything, they got up to greet the students that were filling in for class.

Several minutes later has Hermione raising her hand in the air ready to answer questions for their first DADA class of the year.

"Yes, Ms. Granger?" Lupin asked.

"The youma originated their attacks in Japan just over four years ago, Professor. They are able to steal the energy of their victims and use it to in turn make them stronger. Our magic will not work against them, but Sailor Moon and her Sailor Senshi are able to defeat them with their own powers."

"Very good, Hermione." Serenity said from her barstool at the front of the class with Luna on her lap. Lupin stood at her side with his arms crossed over his chest.

Luna Lovegood raised her hand next. "Princess, if you do not mind, I am sure that everyone would love to hear about your history. We all want to hear it, and then we would know the history of what we are facing."

Most of the students mumbled their agreement, even a few Slytherin students.

"Yes, let us hear about the story of the spoiled princess." Draco spat.

"Mr. Malfoy, that is-" Lupin began, before a laugh stopped him.

Serenity was not sure why, but she began to laugh at Draco's statement, much to the wonderment of the room. "You think I have lived a spoil life, Draco Malfoy?" Standing up, Serenity set Luna down on the first table, which happened to be where the Golden Trio was sitting. Standing in the middle of the class, she gave a ghost of a smile. "My life has been battle after battle, and while I use to complain when I was fourteen, I no longer do. I've come to realize that life is short, and you never know what will happen tomorrow. I live my life with as much laughter as I can. I have Hope, because without having hope, I really believe that you have nothing." She said this while looking into Draco's eyes, before giving a warm smile to the rest of the students.

"How about instead of words, I show you what it is we are facing."

"Usagi really, I do not think this a good idea. You can drain your energy-" Luna began.

"It's alright, Luna. I know what I'm doing." She said with a smile to her feline companion, before facing the room once more. Everyone watched with rapt attention as she brought her hands to her chest. A silver glow emanated from her, and soon the Imperial Silver Crystal floated between her hands, giving off the most pure light that anyone had ever seen. Her crescent moon on her forehead glowed faintly with it, and she raised her hands over her head. "Luna Mind Meld." She whispered, before the room was occupied with light.

Four years blurred by for all occupants of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the span of fifteen minutes. Every battle spanned was placed in their memories as their own, feeling each emotion as she did, seeing death as she experienced it. When the light vanished and the crystal returned to its rightful place, no one said a word.

Until Hermione raised her hand. "Yes?" Serenity asked.

"What did you see in that guy?" She inquired, tilting her head to the side in curiosity.

Her answer was a warm laugh by the Moon Princess. "I ask myself that same thing all the time."


Several hours later Serenity found herself with some free time, to which she allowed herself to wander the grounds and get to know the school outside of the halls. Luna was off doing something, Usagi lost track of her after the Defense class. Maybe she was off gossiping or touring the grounds with Filch's cat again…

She spied Hagrid down the path she was taking out front of what she recalled Dumbledore saying was his home. Smiling warmly, she raised her arm over her head and waved. "Good day, Hagrid!" She called cheerfully.

The half-giant looked up with a warm smile. "Well 'ello there! What can I be doin' for ya?" He asked. Yes, Hagrid has seen her memories as well, all of Hogwarts did. He has as much respect for the Moon Child before him as he did for the Headmaster.

"I was going to journey into the Forbidden Forest when I saw you and thought I would drop by to say hello." She answered.

"You're thinking of going in there? That wouldn't be a good idea, milady, no indeed." The gamekeeper answered. "It's much too dangerous, that it is!"

Serenity gave a smile. "That it may be, but I am sure I will be fine. As it is, I need to speak with the magical creatures here. There are those of Lunarian descent, such as the Unicorns, and I must speak with them." She answered with a smile.

Hagrid looked down at the female before him. It was hard to believe that such a fragile looking young woman had accomplished all that she had. "Very well, then. But you had best be back by sundown. If not, Dumbledore will want my head that he will!"

Serenity gave a warm smile, lifting a hand from beneath her silver cloak. "I shall be back by sundown. Thank you for your concern, Hagrid." Giving a playfully wink, she continued on into the tree line, her silver form soon disappearing.

The Lunarian walked for a good thirty minutes, knowing that those she wished to seek would not remain so close to the school. No, she knew she had to venture deep into the forest. To help pass the time, she would hum songs to herself. The forest was not frightening at all during the day time, though she could very easily see the fright of it all if it was during the night.

She felt the vibrations in her feet from the ground before she heard them: hooves beating into the dirt of the forest. She stood still, her silver cloak completely covering her from the shoulder down as she waited.

To her right, a large shadow flew over her head as something leap over her. Her eyes widened as a very large centaur landed several feet away, his powerful legs stomping the ground and he turned to face her. "Who are you, human, to venture into these parts of the woods?" His deep, powerful voice called. He took his bow and aimed an arrow at her. "Humans are not welcome here."

"Then I guess it is a good thing that I am not human." She surprised herself with how confident she sounded, considering how frightened she was. This was without a doubt the largest centaur that she had ever heard of.

"Then what are you, creature?" He asked. "What are you to stand so boldly before Bane of the Centaurs?" The arrow did not waver.

Serenity gave a small curtsey. "I am Serenity of the White Moon Kingdom, daughter of Queen Selenity." She looked up in time to see the centaur's eyes widen a fraction. Slowly, the arrow was lowered as he took several steps forward. She looked up into his gaze, and he clearly saw the crescent moon on her forehead.

"It is not safe for you to be here unprotected, Child of the Moon." He spoke, giving a nod of his head in respect.

She simply smiled in return. "I am sure that I will be fine. As it were, I was hoping to find the centaurs and unicorns. I wish to speak with you all about Voldemort, and how he has joined with the Negaverse. We will need all the help we can get, and I am hoping to create an alliance with all of you."

"Do not think that because you are not human that we will side with you. We will not fight alongside other humans – they try to take our lands from us. They kill our kind. Why should we help them?" Bane's voice boomed around her.

"Perhaps because she is the only one that can help you, Sir Bane." Came the mental voice. Bane fidgeted around nervously with his hooves, and Serenity let out a beaming smile. Turning to the side, she watched as red and gold dust began to swim around, before a horse's neigh was heard. A flash of light revealed a much needed friend.

"Pegasus!" Serenity cheered, rushing the few feet over the wrap her arms around the creature's neck in a hug. The Priest of Elision responded by placing his horned head on her back in an equivalent to a hug. "Princess, it is wonderful to see you again." He said.

"Lord Pegasus, welcome to the Forbidden Forest." Bane spoke, actually giving a bow.

"Thank you, cousin centaur." He responded with the correct diplomatic greeting. He then looked down at the Princess. "I am sure that Sailor Pluto has told you that I shall help in any way I can. I will act as your ambassador to the magical creatures of this realm. I will gladly do this to help you, my Princess." He told her mentally.

"But I thought your duty was to the royal family of Earth?" She asked, running a hand down his nose.

"So long as they remained loyal to the Moon. Prince Endymion no longer wishes to remain loyal to the Silver Millennium, and as such I no longer serve him. I was an ambassador to the earth kingdom, and now I shall be ambassador for you."

"You have no idea how much this means to me, Helios." She said with a smile.

Helios gave a nod of his long head, before turning to Bane. "Sir Bane, I ask you to please trust in the Princess as I have. Go, gather your heard and your allies. We will be meeting with the Princess in several days time to begin planning a course of action."

Bane gave a nod of his head, before turning as galloping off.

"He's pleasant, isn't he?" She asked.

Helios merely gave a whinny in response. "Come, the hour grows late. I shall return you to Hogwarts."


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