Me: ALRIGHT!!! I have been waiting to write this fanfic for a very long time

Amu: Ooookkkk, but i thought you said you were going to finish your other fanfic first?

Me: I will write this fanfic and the other one too!

Misty: You sure?

Tadase: Don't make me go king on you!!!

Ash: I thought it was pr-

ME: ~covers Ash's mouth~ ON WITH THE STORY!!!

The Meeting is in store

Misty was holding the letter that she got from her penpal, Ash and the gang were listening carefully as she read it,

' Dear Misty,

We have been writing to each other alot and i feel that it is time we met,

So i asked my school principal whether you and your friends could join us at

Seiyo Academy and he said Yes!

You could bring your friends and i really would like to meet this Ash

boy you've been talking about (Misty decided to leave that part out part as it would

be to embarrasing for her) and i would really like it if I had a friend to talk to and not

have to act all 'cool and spicy', please reply as soon as you get this letter.

Your best penpal(or so i hope)

Hinamori Amu

P.S: If you can come, my parents will be happy to send you the plane tickets to get here'

When she finally stopped reading Ash held up the tickets that Misty gave to him earlier, 'Ok, so we have enough tickets for all of us, and our flight is in five minutes so we have to get ready now, is everyone here?' asked Ash. Dawn shook her head, 'Nope, Kenny went to the toilet, he said he had to go or he might explode on the plane.' Sighed Dawn. Misty sighed, she couldn't wait to meet Amu and now Kenny has to go to the bathroom.

But to Misty's relief, Kenny came running to them, 'Come on people, we have a plane to catch!!' shouted Kenny who already past them. The gang followed, all very excited, while Paul walked, not interested in what was happening. When they got onto the plane, they sat at their seats, Dawn with Kenny, May with Drew, Paul and Zoey and Ash with Misty. Misty was staring out of the window, thinking what it will be like at Seiyo academy. She was wearing the clothes she wore when she travelled with Ash in the Hoeen region, she felt a light tap on her shoulder, it was Ash. 'Hey Misty, how long have you been writing to this girl for?' he asked. Misty thought about it for awhile, then she replied 'Ever since i stopped travelling with you.' Misty remembered when she came back from the Johto region she was always very grouchy.

So her sisters told her to stop moping around, she could still write to Ash(Which she did, and sometimes through instant messaging) But one day she found out that she had accidentally wrote to the wrong address and it turned out to be a girl named Hinamori Amu, after that they have been keeping in touch ever since. 'Wow, thats quite a long time, how old is she?' asked Ash, which made Misty stop daydreaming. 'She's the same age as us, so it's fun 'cause we both are the same age and it's easier for us.' Misty replied. Ash looked impressed, but didn't ask anymore questions about Amu, instead they talked about other subjects.

It took quite awhile to arrive at the destination, but Ash was able to spot the airport where they were going to land, 'Look Misty! We're about to land." Said Ash, pointing to the airport. Dawn and Kenny were sitting behind them, 'Fasten up your seatbelts, we're preparing for landing, While everyones awake and waiting, Drew and May are asleep.' Smirked Kenny, poiting to May and Drew, both of them were cuddling under a blanket with their heads slumped toghether. Kenny made a face of disgust and mimed vomitting into a paper bag. Dawn rolled her eyes and hit Kenny's head.

Ding! Kenny looked up, the seatbelt sign just went on, Kenny smiled, 'Get ready to land.' . They all sat down on their seats and buckled up. Ash could feel the swooping sensation in his stomach, everyone felt it to, Misty looked out the window, the plane was slowly touching the ground, closer and closer..... All of a sudden the plane started to shake, it was like driving a car on a really bumpy road. After 2 minutes the set belt sign went off and the flight attendant told everyone that they have reached their destination. Misty was the first one to get up, excited, Misty ran out of the door with her suitcase behind her, ready to see her penpal, Misty thought, 'Im coming Hinamori Amu, And you can trust me on that!'

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