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The Confusion And Heartbreak Of A Gym Leader

"So, what happened to your Onii-tan" Kukai snickered, Utau glared at him. "How am I supposed to know!?" she yelled, not amused, Utau shrugged, "Well, he doesn't really pay attention to me anymore, it's hard to believe 'cause I'm his own sister! Born through blood!" she protested, Kukai scratched his head, "And you're also madly in love with him, which, as I might say, is incredibly stupid and weird." He pointed out. "Thanks a bundle, I feel much better now." Utau sarcastically thanked, rolling her eyes. "Now, the kiddy king, you're saying that he's in love with Amu?" she asked, Kukai nodded, "Yeah, for a bunch of twelve-year olds they know a lot about romance." He shook his head, then turning to Utau. "It's your fault you know, If you hadn't had made out with Ikuto in front of me and Hinamori she wouldn't have had the idea of kissing Tadase put into her head." He blamed, Utau stared at him wide-eyed, "She wants to kiss Tadase??" Utau asked in shock. "Well, it seems like it." Kukai said slowly. Utau blushed, "Um, so you still remember that kiss I gave Ikuto?" she asked, embarrassed. Kukai nodded slowly, "Yes... and I remember that I wasn't allowed to see a kiss like that until I turned sixteen, but thanks to you, I got to see it just months ago, and how old am I? THIRTEEN! I remember I couldn't sleep for three nights!" he shivered, remembering the memory of an angry Utau jumping onto a helpless Ikuto. Kukai and Utau stood there for awhile, then turning to each other, "… Next subject please." They suggested at the same time. "Hey, what's it like, being a pop icon everywhere?" asked Kukai, as he and Utau exited the elevator. Utau shrugged, "Well, it's like your this little entertainer that must do everything right, if you make a mistake, everyone's going to hate you, but I doubt you know how that feels..". Kukai laughed, "I know how that feels, your talking to the previous Seiyo Academy soccer captain!" he stopped walking, placing his hands on his hips.

"Look. The thing about being a soccer captain, your teammates look up to you, if you lose a game, you lose their respect, bit by bit, and finally, if you lose a big game, the whole team hates you, and they will probably want someone else as their captain, that thought always puts the pressure on me, that's why my team had only lost two battles, and that's because our game was against high school seniors, other then that, we were one of the best elementary soccer teams in Japan." Kukai explained, Utau nodded, "Cool." Kukai continued walking, Utau turned to him, "By the way, who were those kids playing with the guardians?" she asked, Kukai scratched his head, "You mean I haven't told you yet?? Those kids are friends of Amu's pen pal, Misty Waterflower Williams (A/N: I heard that it was Misty's full name), she and her friends are studying at Seiyo Academy this semester. The boy with jet-black hair, his name's Ash, the guy owns something called a 'Pikachu', It's got something to do with this species called 'Pokemon', not so sure on what they do but it's got something to do with battling and stuff, totally different from puppies, kittens and other types of animals. Tadase told me that Misty owns a Pokemon called a 'Gyarados' and it's a dragon which is at least twenty-one feet! I pity Ash, I heard that when Misty gets angry she either pounds him with her mallet or use's her Gyarados to use move's called 'Flame thrower' or 'Water gun'." He explained, picturing Ash flying thirty feet in the air.

Utau shivered, 'Both those moves sound like they could kill someone." She mumbled. After awhile they had reached Utau's front door, Kukai waved goodbye as he walked way, "Bye Hoshino Utau! It was nice talking to you." He called as he walked away, Daichi waved too. Utau returned the goodbye, "You too ramen-boy! Thanks for lunch!" Utau thanked while watching Kukai turn a corner.Utau took out her apartment key, 'Kukai... I want to know more about you.' She thought as she unlocked her door. As she entered, a familiar voice called out to her, "Welcome back Utau, had a nice day with the old Jack?" it asked, Utau dropped her bags, Eru and Iru gasped. There, sitting on Utau's couch was the last person she would've expected, Tsukiyomi Ikuto. "I-I-kuto.." she stuttered, Utau started running to him, her arms spread out, before she could glomp him, Ikuto had stepped to his right. He grabbed her T.V remote from the sofa, Ikuto glanced to the T.V then at Utau. "Watch this."


"It was nice of your parents to let us stay up late and watch T.V." Misty thanked as she and Amu watched Revenge of the Undead, Amu shook her head, "No problem Misty! I'm sure your parents let you stay up late." Amu smiled, Misty frowned, "No." she squeaked, Amu placed her hand onto Misty's shoulder, "What's wrong? Did I say something?" Amu asked. Misty waved her hands in a panicky way, "No! You didn't!!" she assured, still quite panicky, Misty slowly wrapped her arms around her legs, "Actually, It's not my parents that tell me what to do, it's my sisters." She muttered, Amu scratched her head, "What about your parents?" she asked, confused by Misty's words. "My parents died when I was little." Misty said slowly, Amu clasped her hand over her mouth, "How!?" she asked surprised. Misty frowned, "Well, since you really want to know-" Misty patted the space beside her on the couch; Amu plunked herself onto the seat. Misty continued, "When I was four, me and my parents went fishing for Water Pokemon, it was a bright sunny day, my parents thought nothing could go badly that day… wrong. Before we started fishing, we ate lunch in front of the river, soothing breeze, sunny skies, I thought nothing could go wrong. That was, until a Gyarados came out of the water and-" Amu raised her hand, she couldn't take it anymore. "Misty, don't tell me the rest, I can guess what happened, I'm sorry for asking you such a question." She apologized; Misty sat up straight, her eyes wide. "What the heck are you sorry for?! You just asked a question and you think it caused me pain!? Well yeah… but, I'm fine, don't worry Amu, everything's OK." Misty assured, Amu smiled. "Thanks Mist." Amu sighed in relief; Misty returned the smile, "Your welcome." The two continued to flip through the channels for the horror movie they were watching started to make them feel sick. Amu held the remote, flipping through the channels while asking Misty what they could watch.

"Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix?"

"No, I'm eagerly waiting for 'The Half Blood Prince' right now."

"The Barbie Diaries?"

"I would rather throw Ash off a cliff."

"The Oprah Winfrey Show?"

"I would if I were a thirty year old house-wife who has nothing to do."

"Music's Greatest Hits?"

"Don't feel like listening to rap right now."


"Don't feel like watching Bella's leg being snapped into two by James again."

"Is there anything you wanna watch?"

"No idea."

"Tonight Show with Jay Leno?"

"Since there's Paris Hilton on I might actually go to Easter and choke the crud out of Ikuto."

"CSI: New York?"

"I don't want to watch Taylor Swift committing suicide, and isn't this Japan!? Why aren't there any anime's for god's sake!?"

Amu and Misty continued flipping through channels while talking to one another, "So… I need to ask you something." Said Misty, Amu turned to her. "Of course you can, what is it Misty?" Misty gave a huge sigh, then turning to Amu. "Ok, well, about Ikuto…" Amu froze, flipping through the channels slower. Amu nodded slowly, Misty continued, "Well, I know you're really close to him and all but..." Misty paused, she breathed in slowly and continued, this time in a higher tone, "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU SEE IN HIM!?" she yelled, Amu fell off her chair, 'She seems a lot like Tadase-kun..." Amu thought as she sat back up. She sighed, "Well, don't you think he's cute?" Amu asked. Misty led out a huge gasp. "Are you serious Amu? How… could you betray me!? Did you see what that idiot did to me this afternoon?" Misty asked, still in shock. Amu thought hard, a lot of things happened today, and then remembered it. "Yes. Well, that is bad but you should see the stuff he does to me." She paused, regretting she had said that. Misty's eyes were on her, full of shock and anger, "What… did…… just…say?!" Misty demanded, her mallet held at will. Amu sweat dropped, "It's nothing really, Just a few months before you came he needed a place to stay since Easter was after him and I told him he could sleep in my room and…" that sentence put Misty off, she quickly grabbed her phone and started dialing a number, pressing the buttons mentally and accidentally scrapped one off. Amu stared at her wide-eyed, "Misty, what are you doing?" asked Amu, still in shock. "I have to make a call."


Bring! Bring! Went Ash's cell phone, he was sleeping on Tadase's bed. The blanket was sliding off the bed, Ash found himself on the floor, 'Wow, I wonder what I dream of when I sleep.' Thought Ash as he got up and rubbed his eyes. He turned to the dresser; his cell phone was still ringing. "I'm coming, I'm coming." He grunted as he got up from the bed, Tadase lifted his head up from his pillow; his grandmother had forced him to sleep on the floor. His eyes were half-closed, "What's wrong Ash?" he asked, still quite tired. Ash took his cell from the dresser and sat back onto the bed, "Misty's calling me." He answered; Ash pressed the green button on his cell and lifted the phone to his ear. "Hello, Ash here." He answered; Ash fell off the bed while Tadase sat right up the minute they heard a girl screaming her head off. "THE PERVERTED BASTARD HAS SLEPT OVER AMU'S HOUSE BEFORE!!!" yup, that was definitely Misty. Ash hadn't put Misty on loudspeaker but she shrieked loud enough for Tadase to hear. It took him a few seconds to realize who she was talking about. "You mean… HIM!!?!" asked Ash, a hint of anger in his voice. He could hear Misty muttering a few words, all he could make out was 'bastard', 'pervert ,'yes' and 'I hope he ends up in a car accident'. Ash could hear Amu's voice in the background, "But he doesn't drive." Misty grunted and continued, "Well that's what she told me, and she said he slept in her room." Ash's eye started to twitch. "Ask her what happened when he was… with her." he said slowly, looking at Tadase who had quite a blank expression on his face. Misty sighed, Ash could hear her talking to Amu, after a few minutes, he could tell that Misty had dropped her cell, Ash could hear her screaming. He sweat dropped, 'Wow, Misty must really hate this Ikuto, Thank god...' Ash thought; Misty had picked up the phone, "Well, she told me that…" Tadase stared at Ash as he made funny facial expressions until finally; he made one that could've made fifty police-men worry and start looking for every single robber in town. Ash nodded, "OK, well bye Misty, see you at school tomorrow." Ash said in a quiet tone. He slowly lifted down his cell. Tadase lifted up an eyebrow, "Something wrong?" he asked. Ash nodded. "Now what was she screaming about." Tadase demanded, and Ash knew he wanted to know. "Well… did you know that Ikuto had slept over Amu's house before?" Ash asked, Tadase flinched, he remembered the time when he found out about it, Ikuto had made fun of the confession he had told Amu a few days before, Tadase had regretted not listening to Amu that day. Tadase slowly nodded, Ash took a deep breath, "Well did you know what he and Amu-" Tadase covered his ears, "Nanananana, I can't hear you, I'm ignoring you, lalalalala," Tadase chorused as Ash tried to remove Tadase's hands from his ears, "SHUT UP AND LET ME TELL YOU!!" Ash yelled while Tadase still covered his ears ignoring every single word Ash was trying to tell him.


Misty placed down her cell, Amu's eye twitched, and "What… did you tell him?" Amu asked, her eyes still twitching. "Well, that is for me to know and for you to find out." Misty smirked. Amu sweat-dropped 'This is going to be tough...' Amu thought as she sat back up, they continued flipping through channels until a familiar tune caught their attention. Amu stopped, "Its Utau's 'Black Diamond'…" she gasped, Misty stared at the television screen as a beautiful woman started announcing news about Hoshino Utau, 'Now, what's Japan's favourite pop princess been up to lately? Well, our sources tell us that the princess of pop is not single anymore, she was reportedly having lunch with a handsome-looking boy from middle school, as you can see in this picture-"Misty and Amu stopped listening to the rest as soon as they saw a familiar looking boy with messy brunette hair having lunch with Utau. "That dude looks pretty familiar…" Misty examined the brunette boy; he looked a lot like… Amu and Misty gasped, "KUKAI!?!"


Kukai stared at his T.V's screen, a minute ago he was watching Revenge of the Undead but now he was watching an article of him being accused as Hoshino Utau's boyfriend. "Well, this might seem like a bad thing but…. I look goooddd." He bragged, as he continued examining his appearance loud thumping sounds were coming from the staircase. Kukai swung around by someone huffing and panting, it was his sixteen year old cousin, Kukai gave a sheepish grin, "Hello Mitsuki-chan, got your hair tangled up with the shower hose again?" he asked, picturing Mitsuki falling in the bath tub. "Shut up Souma Kukai! What the hell are you doing on T.V!?" she demanded, Kukai rolled his eyes, 'You're always so demanding, that must be the reason why I'm always leaving you out when they ask me how many girls there are in my family." Mitsuki glared at Kukai, all of a sudden an eleven year-old boy came running into the room, and it was Kukai's youngest cousin, Kureno. "Yo Kukai! You got yourself an idol!" congratulated Kureno while giving his cousin a high-five. "That's not the point Kureno, your cousin is on T.V, being accused as an idols boyfriend, and remember that us and Kukai's parents told us not to date until the age of sixteen." Mitsuki reminded Kukai and Kureno. Kukai smirked, "They was actually talking about you Mitsuki, we all know about your wild side." Mitsuki blushed, "What the hell are you talking about!?"She asked, still blushing. "Well everyone knows about your wild side, I have proof!" said Keroko while taking out his hand phone. The picture was one of the weirdest pictures Kukai had ever seen, Mitsuki was sitting on a man's back, she seemed to be thirteen when she took that picture. "What's so bad about that? It's not as if she did anything worse." Kukai scratched his head still examining the picture. Mitsuki blushed, Keroko shook his head, "Kukai, you have lived in this world longer then I but you don't even know your own cousin as well as I do." Keroko whispered something to Kukai, "WHAT!? Does your dad know about this?" Kukai asked, still in shocked. Keroko shook his head; his face full of disgust, Mitsuki slapped her young brother and her deranged cousin.


"Looks like you had a pretty nice day Utau." Ikuto smirked while strutting around the room, Utau stared at him, "So now you're worried about me!?" she asked, fuming. "That's not the point, why are you hanging around with the old jack." Ikuto asked while Utau clenched her fist. "I'm not working with Easter anymore Ikuto, remember?" she asked, Ikuto didn't reply. Utau continued, "And why are you telling me this, you're always acting all lovey-dovey with Hinamori Amu, didn't you know that she's already taken by the little prince?" Ikuto flinched, "She's not taken…" Utau smirked, "Oh yes she is, Kukai to-" Ikuto swung around, his face full of anger, "SHUT UP UTAU! STOP LISTENING TO THAT KID ALRIGHT!? JUST SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!" he yelled, Utau gasped, she suddenly started to argue back, "WHAT ARE YOU SO ANGRY ABOUT!?! IT'S THE TRUTH! AND KUKAI NEVER LIE'S! I KNOW HE DOESN'T! AMU TOLD ME SO!" Ikuto clenched his fist, "SO YOU AND AMU ARE CREATING A BOY'S CLUB NOW!? TALKING ABOUT US AND GOSSIPING ON ALL SORTS OF CRAP!!!" Utau shook her head, "WE DON'T TALK ABOUT CRAP YOU IDIOT!! We talk about other… stuff." Utau was close to tears now, "AND MAYBE IF YOU WOULDN'T BE SUCH A JERK ALL THE TIME SHE WOULD'VE WENT TO YOU INSTEAD OF CHOOSING TADASE! MAYBE THAT'S THE REASON WHY EVERYONE PREFERS HIM TOWARDS YOU! MAYBE THAT'S WHY YOU WERE SO JEALOUS YOU HAD TO STEAL THE DUMPTY KEY FROM HIM!" Utau yelled, before she knew it Ikuto was running towards her, when he reached her Ikuto had pushed Utau to the ground, she fell head first, Eru and Iru quickly tended to her, when Utau got up a huge gash appeared on her head, blood was oozing out of it. Yoru flew to Ikuto's side, Ikuto's face was filled with horror, "Ikuto, maybe you shouldn't have done that nya~" said Ikuto's guardian character. He stared at Utau, her face was filled with tears, "Why?" she asked, tears streaming down her face. Ikuto shrugged, "I'm sorry Utau…" he apologized. Utau started shaking, "No, you're not, just… Get the hell away from me Ikuto, just… get away…" Utau suggested, shaking like crazy. Ikuto nodded, "Is it OK if I stayed in your guest room tonight?" he asked, his voice so quiet Utau nearly couldn't hear him, she nodded, Ikuto tried to smile but failed. He turned on his heels and walked into Utau's guest room. Eru and Iru flew to Utau, holding a bandage and a bottle of ointment, "Utau use this for your gash and it'll help." Suggested Eru, Utau took the bottle and smiled, "Thanks you guys, I can't imagine life without you two." Utau applied the ointment to her forehead, after she finished she slowly placed the bandage onto the gash, 'Ikuto… what's up with him?" she thought as she finished placing the bandage onto her head, her devil guardian character seemed to understand what she was thinking, "Maybe he's going through puberty." Utau flinched, "That has to be quite disturbing..." Utau sweat dropped.


Misty woke up, she and Amu seemed to have slept in the living room last night, Misty checked the clock hung on the wall, "What time is it?" she muttered, Misty couldn't see the clock so well, she turned to Amu, who was still sleeping. "Amu, wake up… I think we might have overslept…" she mumbled as she started to nudge Amu, Amu woke up and started yawning. "Wow, what time is it?" she asked, Mrs. Hinamori walked in, holding Amu and Misty's uniforms, "Its seven thirty girls, you better change or you'll be late for school!!" she reminded, Amu stared at the staircase, "Mum, why isn't dad down for work yet?' she asked, Mrs. Hinamori sighed, Ami came running down the stairs while shouting, "Mama!! Papa doesn't want to go to work!!!" she complained, "PAPA IS SICK AMI!! LET HIM REST!!" Mr. Hinamori yelled, Misty and Amu turned to Amu's mother who was rubbing her head, "What's wrong with dad?" asked Amu, Mrs., Hinamori sighed, "He's still traumatized by yesterday night..." Amu and Misty stared at Mr. Hinamori as he walked down the staircase, he was huddled in a blanket and slowly crawled into a small corner, "Amu-chan and Misty…..boyfriends…..together….boys…" he mumbled, Amu and Misty sweat dropped. The two girls grabbed their uniforms and rushed upstairs, Amu changed first and she tied her hair up to the side, leaving a few strands of hair, like how she usually does. Misty was second, this time she let go her hair and wore a bandana with a huge skull on it, the background was pink and black checkered. "Come on let's go!" yelled Amu as she and Misty ran down the stair case, Mr. Hinamori was still in his 'emo corner' and repeating the same sentence he was muttering just now.


"What's going on?" asked Misty as she and Amu entered the school, in front of the schools doors there was a huge crowd. The girls began to run to the crowd and found Kukai in the midst of the commotion. "For the last time, I just owed her lunch! It was nothing else!!" he yelled, Saaya Yamabuki stepped forward from the crowd, she was wearing a shirt with Kukai's picture on it, "And I thought you were cool before, I can't believe you went on a date with Hoshino Utau!! We members of the Kukai fan club are proud to present you the award for coolest ex guardian!" she squealed, beckoning a group of girls to her, May came, wearing the exact same shirt as Saaya, she was holding a huge trophy with a small figurine of Kukai, May started blushing, "Here you go Kukai.." she mumbled, blushing her face off. Kukai scratched his head, "You mean there's award for such a category? And why is your face all hot and red, are you OK?" asked Kukai, placing his hand onto May's head, May squealed then immediately fainted. Kukai rubbed his head, "Um, did I do something wrong?" Kukai took the trophy from May's hands, nearly every girl screamed. Drew was at the back of the crowd, "What the hell!? Why is May presenting the award, not some other weirdo!?" he yelled, his face full of anger. Ash and Tadase stood next to him, "I think that It's because May is the newest member to the fan club." Said Tadase, Ash scratched his head, "How many members are there?" he asked, Tadase stroked his chin, "Every single girl in the school." He answered. "Not us." Said a familiar voice, Ash and Tadase swung around, Misty and Amu were standing behind them. "I don't think anyone is listening to Kukai right now." Sighed Misty, Amu shook her head, "We need to clear this up." She and Misty squeezed through the crowd until they had finally reached Kukai; he was waving his hand in front of May's face while knocking her forehead. "What happened to her?" asked Misty, Kukai sweat dropped, "I thought she was sick so when I placed my hand onto her forehead she immediately fainted." Explained Kukai, Misty and Amu did an anime-fall. Misty took a deep breath and started shouting, "Look everyone, Kukai isn't in a relationship with Hoshino Utau, he just accidentally whacked her lunch with his soccer ball and had to buy her back her lunch OK!? There is nothing going on between them. I repeat, THERE IS NOTHING GOING ON BETWEEN THEM!!" the whole crowd sighed, everyone walked away. Kukai turned to Misty, "Thanks Misty, I thought that I would've been the first man in this world to die out of embarrassment." He thanked, Amu and Misty smiled, "No prob, but right now we need to get Drew's woman to the infirmary." Suggested Amu, Drew swung around the minute he heard the words, 'May', 'Drew's' and 'women.', "SHE IS NOT MY WOMAN!!" he yelled. Tadase and Ash rolled their eyes, "Riigghhttt." They said in a sarcastic tone, Drew glared at them.


Nikaidou sensei was marking the attendance as usual while Misty and Amu continued to pass each other notes in class. The bell went off, their teacher turned to face them, "Ok student's, the bell has gone off, class dismissed." Everyone cheered; another end to another school day. Misty grunted, 'Can you believe all the work we got today?" Amu smiled while packing her bag, "Well, at least tomorrow's a Friday." Misty snorted, "I guess." Ash sat at the other end of the room, packing his bag, putting each book one by one. When he finished, he looked up to find one of his classmate's staring at Misty with puppy dog eyes. Ash felt a twinge of jealousy in him, what the hell was that guy doing?! Checking Misty out like that! He got up and stood next to the boy and glared at him, the boy turned and noticed Ash doing so; he quickly packed his bags and ran out of class. Ash smirked and his chest filled with pride, he quickly ran to Misty's seat. "Hey Misty!" he greeted. Misty smiled and returned his greeting. "Where are you going after school?" he asked, Misty replied, "I need to go to the royal garden to help the guardians with some paper work since Amu has plans, are you coming?" Ash shook his head. "Nah, I'm going to the soccer field to play with Kukai." Misty nodded, "That's OK, and I'll probably see you later, Bye." Misty waved as Ash went out of the classroom. Amu began to giggle, "Aren't you two the perfect couple!" she exclaimed, Misty went red across the face. "Urusai! Me and Ash are just really good friends!" Amu rolled her eyes, "Whatever, but one day it's going to turn into love…" Amu dodged the eraser Misty had flung at her. "Well, I gotta go, hope you have a great time at the royal garden!" she called as she ran out of the class. Misty packed her bags and set off to the royal garden. As she passed a group of girls she heard tons of whispers, 'That's Misty Waterflower? WOW! She looks so cool!', 'I heard she has tons of guys chasing after her but she likes that hot new boy Ash Ketchum, it turns out they've known each other a long time!', 'Wow! They really do seem like the perfect couple!'; 'I hope she wouldn't mind being friends with me!' Misty sighed; Amu had taught her on how to deal with rumors like these. Misty stopped and turned to the group of girls whispering; she gave them a smile and walked off before hearing tons of squeals.

When Misty reached the Royal garden she was able to spot Tadase marking the private records of students. She pushed open the door and threw her bag onto the chair opposite Tadase. Misty pulled the chair next to him and sat down.


"Hello Misty."

"Where are the others?" she asked, looking around. "Oh, the others are busy with their own plans, so only me and you were able to come today." He answered, giving her a glowing smile. Misty nodded while giving a gulp, 'Oh shoot, I'm alone with Amu's crush.' She gave him an uneasy smile. She and Tadase continued marking paperwork while chatting to each other in between. "So…. You and Amu huh?" she asked, Tadase looked up, "Hmm? Oh! Well, yes, did she tell you about my confession?" he asked, turning red. Misty laughed, "Yeah she did, don't be embarrassed you spineless king!" she patted him on the back. Tadase flinched, "Did Kukai give you that nickname?" he asked, Misty giggled, "Yeah he did, don't worry, you would die of laughter if he told you his nickname for Ash." Tadase stared at her, "You seem to be getting along with all of Amu-chan's friends aren't you?" he asked. This question startled Misty, "Really? I never thought of that." She scratched her head, "But Rima seems to want to stab me with a dagger somehow." She sighed, Tadase gave a loud laugh. "Hehe… no wonder Ash likes you, you're hilarious and easy-going." He smiled. Misty blushed, "Ash likes me?" she asked, Tadase went wide eyed before waving his hands in panic, "Uh... Forget I said anything!" Misty gave a sigh of relief before changing the topic, "So back to the topic of you and Amu, you both seem to really like each other, why don't you guys hook up already?" she asked, Tadase sighed, "Because there's another boy that Amu-chan likes." Misty's head shot up, "WHO!?!" she asked, alarmed by Tadase's words. "Tsukiyomi Ikuto." Misty snarled at the name in disgust, she didn't understand why Amu liked him, but with Amu no one can ever tell. "And there's something else." Misty stared at him puzzled. "W-what are you talking about??" Tadase sighed, "I don't know how to say this but…. My parents are thinking of moving to America next year." Misty clasped her hand over her mouth, "WHAT!?!" she exclaimed. Tadase muttered, "And… I'm thinking of breaking it off with Amu-chan, my feelings have been disappearing these past few weeks, and I've heard rumors of her that she is a…" He gave a gulp, "Person with many partners." Misty stood up, "YOU WHAT!?! I can't believe you would do such a thing to my best friend! And believe all those stupid rumors!?!" she yelled. Misty turned her back to him, "I'm sorry Tadase, I have to go." She muttered walking to the door, Tadase stoop up, "Wait Misty!" he called, running to her and grabbing her hand. "Please Misty… please don't tell Amu-chan will you? I don't want her feelings to get hurt." He pleaded, looking into Misty's eyes; his eyes were full of sorrow and sadness. She looked down, trying to prevent eye contact, "Well, I guess could, but you should've told her instead of me." She whispered, Tadase stared at her puzzled, "What do you me-" Misty pulled her hand away, before facing him, her eyes filled with tears, "I actually thought you were different from other guys!" she yelled, Tadase stood there, stuck to the ground, "But… You're all the same, MINDLESS JERKS!" she ran out of the royal garden, holding her sleeve to her eyes trying to dry the tears, Tadase stared at the female figure running away, tears falling behind her. His hand was reaching out to her, after she had disappeared from sight; his hand fell to the side. Tadase pulled out his chair and sat down, burying his face in his hands.

'What have I done?!?'


Misty slowed to a stop, removing her sleeve from her eyes. She stood there, tears streaming down her face, "How could this have happened?" She asked herself, rubbing her eyes. People were staring at her as she passed them, all asking each other why she was crying. Misty sighed, her face was a terrible mess, her eyes and nose were bright red while the tears kept streaming down, but she didn't care about her appearance right now, all she cared about was how to tell Amu. She did promise Tadase to not tell her, but Amu was her best friend, how could she not tell her? An image of Amu on her knees, tears streaming down her face, begging Tadase to stay with her flashed into Misty's mind. She stood there, dumbstruck by that horrifying image; she looked around to check whether anyone was in sight. She was all alone; Misty fell to her knee's, sobbing and huffing uncontrollably. Misty stopped, someone was coming, and the footsteps were loud and clear.

"Misty Waterflower?"

She looked up; a boy was staring at her, his eyes full of shock and surprise. Misty suddenly felt a rush of emotions flow through her: Anger, Relief that someone had found her, but most of all, shock. She was able to get up, but ended up falling onto her knees. She stuttered the boy's name uneasily.

"T-Tsukiyomi Ikuto?"

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Ash: And it was getting to the good part!!!

Me: Hehe, that was fun!

Amu: H-How could you do this to me Tadase-kun?

Tadase: Amu-chan!! I'm sorry it's not my fault it's-

Kukai: It's totally your fault!

Tadase: Oh shut up and go back to your date with Utau

Kukai: WH-what?

May: K-Kukai? You're… you… *cries and runs away

Ikuto: … My overprotective brother senses are tingling