Regret - Chapter Three "First Date"

Throughout a majority of the rest of the week, Jeanette hardly saw her new boyfriend, Rod, as he was absent during reading class, and she didn't see him at all at lunch.

"Alvin!" Brittany snapped, tempted to toss her slice of pizza at him. "Must you talk about dissecting frogs over lunch?!"

"What's the matter?" Alvin asked. "They're already dead, you just have to cut them open so you can see their innards and stuff!"

"I suddenly lost my appetite..." Theodore said, scooting his tray away from him.

"Yeah, me too." Eleanor did the same.

"It's all a part of understanding what makes certain species 'tick', as amateurs would put it," Simon said, not bothered by the subject of dissection in science class, "right, Jeanette?"

Jeanette wasn't paying attention. She was busy thinking about Rod.

"Why bother her?" Brittany scoffed. "She can't go a minute without thinking about that new bum in her life."

Jeanette, uncharacteristically, snapped. "Rod is not a bum!"

The others were shocked at Jeanette's outburst.

"Lighten up, Jeanette," Brittany said, "I didn't mean anything by..."

"Just drop it, Brittany." Jeanette demanded.

"She really didn't mean anything by that, Jeanette," Eleanor tried to reassure Jeanette, "she's just not used to you having a boyfriend."

"Yeah, speaking of which, I'm surprised you haven't gotten a boyfriend, already." Alvin said to Brittany.

"What do you mean by that?" Brittany asked.

"Well, know you, I figured when Miss Miller said you're old enough, you'd grab the first guy who lays eyes on you." Alvin said.

"I have a very complicated singling-out process." Brittany pointed out. "What about you, Mr. Heartbreaker?"

"I can't commit myself to just one girl, you know..." Alvin said, "girls love Alvin Seville, ergo, I must make sure there's plenty of Alvin Seville to go around!"

"'Ergo'?" Brittany responded.

"Kind of fun to say, isn't it?" Alvin asked, as he grabbed his tray to empty it. "Ergo, ergo, it's off to work we go..."

"Boy, he's conceited." Brittany remarked, as she left to empty her lunch tray as well.

Theodore and Eleanor were the next to empty their trays, though Simon and Jeanette stuck around.

"So, this is the last weekend to see the ancient civilization exhibit at the museum..." Simon brought up.

"Aw, I really wanted to see it." Jeanette said.

"Well, I was hoping maybe we could head down to the museum, and see it together, before they break it down." Simon said, hopeful.

Jeanette sighed. "I can't, Simon, I have a date this weekend."

Simon nodded. "Right."

Jeanette grabbed her tray, and got up from the table. "See you in science."

Simon was disappointed. Rod must be someone pretty special if Jeanette would rather go out on a date with him, than see the exhibit at the museum with Simon. Simon glanced up, and saw Rod walking across the cafeteria with his friend, Tom.

"Come Saturday night, I'll be spending some time with my little admirer." Rod said.

"Man, I wish I knew what your secret was!" Tom moaned.

"Simple," Rod said, "I get all the girls because I have the looks, I have the know-how, and I have the personality, with a capital Y."

"Why?" Tom asked.

"Exactly." Rod responded, as the two chuckled.

Simon watched the two, but seemed a little puzzled. Jeanette said she hadn't see Rod all week long. Simon wanted to talk to her about that during science class.

"Alright students," the professor, "it's that time of the week again... dissection day."

The kids in class were looking forward to that, certainly, cutting up dead animals, to see their insides, was a lot better than having to read text books, and take notes in class.

"The process will be slightly different this week," the professor said, as he placed a plastic tub on his desk, "I was able to obtain a few extra pirch this week, so rather than assigning you all into groups of three or four, I will allow to choose a dissecting partner this week."

Simon looked at Jeanette with a smile. Jeanette smiled as well. Moments later, Simon and Jeanette were having a wonderful time, they coincidentally had the biggest pirch in class, and because they both were more interested in doing a good job for a good grade, rather than play around, Simon and Jeanette had a nice, clean opening for their pirch, and could clearly identify the different organs they had to describe for their diagram. For the past two weeks, neither Simon, nor Jeanette, enjoyed the dissection groups they were in, the other kids regard dissection as a game, which is why one kid in Jeanette's group from last week cut his finger with the scalpel. It was no secret that Simon and Jeanette were clearly the professor's favorite students, and because of that, he made mental note to make sure those two could work in group projects together more often. After class dismissal, the professor complemented Simon and Jeanette on their job, well done, before they went to their lockers.

"What great luck we had, getting the biggest fish!" Jeanette said, as she opened her locker.

"Certainly better than the cray fish we had last week," Simon said, "our's had been pregnant, and carrying eggs, but the girls in my group squished them all."

"You had the pregnant one?" Jeanette asked. "Lucky!"

"Well, next week's the big one..." Simon said.

"The frog!" Jeanette said, excited.

"It'd be nice if we could work together again on the frog." Simon commented.

"Yeah, it sure would be." Jeanette said.

A moment of silence followed, as Simon worked his sighting into the conversation. "Um, by the way, I think I saw your boyfriend in the cafeteria, after lunch today..."

"You did?" Jeanette asked, puzzled.

"I believe so." Simon said.

"Huh, I haven't seen him all week... he hasn't even been in reading class..."

"It is unusual, isn't it?"

"Maybe you saw somebody else?" Jeanette asked.

"I don't know." Simon said.

"Besides, you don't even know what he looks like." Jeanette said.

"I saw you have lunch with him the other day."

"You said you weren't aware my new friend was a him."

"Did I?"

"Simon, are you playing stupid with me?"

"I don't know, am I?"

"Simon, are you trying to invade my privacy?"

"Absolutely not..."

"Good!" Jeanette interrupted, before she slammed her locker shut. "I don't see how my personal life is any of your business, Simon."

"Well, I'm sorry if I upset you..."

Jeanette sighed. "I'm not upset... I just... I just can't understand why you're acting so strange lately."

Once again, Jeanette knew she was acting unusual, but placing the blame on Simon, for mentioning her boyfriend. When the chipettes got home, Jeanette was a little hostile towards her sisters.

"Boy, Simon's really getting on my nerves lately!" Jeanette said.

Brittany and Eleanor were shocked to hear that.

"How come?" Eleanor asked.

"He just is!" Jeanette said. "He's been so nosy lately!"

"About?" Brittany asked.

"Rod!" Jeanette said. "Why is it any of his business?"

"Whoa, calm down, Jeanette" Eleanor said, "you don't sound like yourself today."

"If I didn't know any better, I'd think Simon's jealous..." Jeanette pondered, "but I don't see why, he doesn't even like me like my Rod does."

Brittany and Eleanor almost felt sick the way Jeanette said 'my rod'.

"You're being a little paranoid, Jeanette." Brittany thought.

"I am not, Simon's been asking all kinds of really irritating questions all week, then today, he said he saw Rod in the cafeteria, he doesn't even know what he looks like!"

"He saw you have lunch with him the other day." Brittany said.

"And, maybe he saw his picture in last year's yearbook?" Eleanor asked.

Jeanette paused. "Yeah... that could be... but still, Rod hasn't been in school all week, how could he just suddenly be in the cafeteria?"

Brittany and Eleanor thought about it. The most logical theory they both could come up with is the possibility of Rod skipping classes, but something told them Jeanette wouldn't buy that.

"I think I'll call him tonight, and see if he's alright..." Jeanette said.

Moments later, Brittany and Eleanor met with Simon, secretly, in the backyard, to discuss Jeanette with him.

"You two know I saw them having lunch Monday," Simon said, "I haven't looked him up in the yearbook, or anything, but I know what I saw."

"We thought about it," Eleanor said, "we wonder if maybe Rod skips classes?"

"I don't know," Simon said, "but I do have a sickening feeling about him..." Simon then sighed.

"What's wrong?" Brittany asked.

"Sometimes I wonder..." Simon began, but quieted down.

"What?" Eleanor asked.

Simon sighed. "Well... I wonder if... if maybe I'm just jealous... and letting my envy get the better of me..."

Brittany and Eleanor exchanged looks. "We know you're not jealous, Simon."

"Huh?" Simon said.

"We have peculiar feelings about Jeanette's new boyfriend, too." Eleanor said.

"You do?" Simon asked, looking confused.

"Of course we do!" Brittany snapped. "I mean, come on, she just met the guy at the dance, I don't care if he's been in her reading class all this time, something's up!"

Jeanette took advantage of having the room to herself, by pulling Rod's number out of her jacket pocket, grabbed the phone, dropped to her bed, and began calling Rod. Rod, at that moment, was texting with another girl, when he heard his phone ring, so he dropped his texting to answer.

"What is it?" He asked, thinking it was Tom, or someone else.

"Hi, Rod!" Jeanette's voice squeaked through the phone.

"Who is it?" He asked.

"Me, Jeanette!" Jeanette said.

"Oh... Jeannie... what's up?"

"Just wondering how you were, I haven't seen you around lately..."

"Uh... oh that, well, I've been out of it lately..." Rod said, faking a cough.

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that." Jeanette said. "Um... you know, silly thing, somebody said they saw you in the cafeteria today..."

"Uh, oh yeah, well, I had to see the doctor earlier today for medicine, and stuff." Rod told her.

"Oh." Jeanette replied.

"Yeah, but don't worry, I look forward to your company Saturday night." Rod said.

On the other end, Jeanette was grinning, and blushing. "Yeah, I can't wait!" Jeanette squealed. "What are we going to do Saturday night?"

"Oh, I've got some plans." Rod said.

"What kind of plans?" Jeanette asked.

"It's a surprise." Rod said.

"Ooh, I love surprises!" Jeanette said.

"Oh, that's my call-waiting," Rod said, wanting to get back to texting, "I'll catch you tomorrow, we'll do lunch!"

"Great! Bye" Jeanette hung up, leaned back on her pillow, and sighed, lovingly. She felt like the luckiest girl in the world. A lot of girls go out of their way to change their appearances, and their personalities, to impress boys, but all Jeanette did was be herself. That made Jeanette so happy to know the someone liked her just the way she is. She didn't think anyone would go for a nerd like her, even after Simon wouldn't go to the dance with her. She just wished her sisters and friends would stop acting so strange just because she has him in her life now. Jeanette knows to be careful. She knows she's old enough to go out with someone to a dinner, or someplace like that, and she knows not to engage in sexual activity, especially at before she graduates high school. Why can't they just accept the fact that she's in love, and her boyfriend likes her just as she is? Maybe Brittany and Eleanor are jealous because they don't have boyfriends yet. Later that night, over dinner, Miss Miller was talking to Jeanette about her date.

"I don't know, Jeanette..." Miss Miller said.

"But, Miss Miller," Jeanette added, "you said we're old enough now."

"I know dear," Miss Miller replied, "you can't blame a mother for being concerned is all."

"You don't need to be concerned," Jeanette assured Miss Miller, "Rod's so special..."

Neither Brittany, nor Eleanor could take it anymore.

"May I be excused?" Brittany asked.

"Are you sick?" Miss Miller asked, feeling Brittany's face.

"Am I ever..." Brittany mumbled, "I mean, no, I'm just not very hungry tonight..."

"Yeah, me either," Eleanor said, "I... had seconds at lunch today..."

"Well, okay, you girls are excused." Miss Miller said, as Brittany and Eleanor left the table.

"What are we going to do?" Brittany asked.

"I don't know," Eleanor said, "you know, we really can't base our feelings about her boyfriend on opinion alone."

"But you have to admit," Brittany added, "there has to be something about this guy if she only met him at the dance, and is already going out with him, when she's had a thing for Simon for the longest time."

"If only..." Eleanor began. "No..."

"What?" Brittany asked.

"Maybe if someone spied on them at lunch tomorrow, if he's there?"

The next afternoon, over lunch, the kids waited to see if Jeanette was going to sit with them, or if Rod was at school that day, and she would be eating with him. Sure enough, Jeanette stepped out of line, with her tray, when she felt a hand on her shoulder, walking her to another table.

"The more I look at him," Brittany said, "the more I feel like I wanna chirp my chips..."

"Well..." Eleanor said, "he is kind of cute... but he just doesn't look trustworthy..."

"Go get 'em, Tiger..." Brittany said.

Simon nodded, and snuck over to their table. Not wanting to be caught, Simon crawled underneath the table, and pulled a listening device out of his pocket, so he could really hear what they're talking about.

"I just wish I knew what exactly the surprise is tomorrow." Jeanette said.

"If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise, would it?" Rod said, with a chuckle.

"No, I guess not." Jeanette said, with a smile. "What time are you picking me up tomorrow?"

"Oh, I don't know..." Rod said, "eightish?"

"That sounds okay." Jeanette said.

"Wear somethin' pretty for me, huh?" Rod said, with a wink.

Jeanette blushed. "I'll see what I can dig up."

"Nice." Rod said.

Simon wasn't getting far, the only thing he could deduce about Rod is that is a bit flirty, but other than that, nothing much. Early, Saturday afternoon, Jeanette was going through the closet, tossing clothes out, as she did.

"What's going on in there, Jeanette?" Brittany asked.

"I'm going out on my first date," Jeanette said, and I don't have a thing to wear!"

Eleanor's jaw dropped. "That's something I'd expect from you, Brittany."

"Not funny, Ellie," Brittany said, "not funny."

Jeanette strolled out of the closet. "Brittany?" She asked, looking kind of pitiful.

"What's the matter?" Brittany asked.

"Could I..." Jeanette began.

"What?" Brittany asked.

"Could I borrow a dress from you?" Jeanette asked, making puppy eyes.

"Well," Brittany began, never thinking of letting Jeanette borrow a dress of her's. After all, Jeanette is so clumsy, she could trip, fall in the mud, and ruin it. "Let's... see..."

Brittany walked into the closet, and tried to look for a dress that she doesn't like, so that way, she wouldn't care if Jeanette, undoubtedly, ruined it. Finally, Brittany find a old, mauve dress that she hated, because Miss Miller picked it out, and it was so plain, and simple, she felt it did nothing for her.

"Here, try this..." Brittany said, tossing the dress to Jeanette.

Jeanette tried on Brittany's dress, but there were two small problems. Obviously, Jeanette and Brittany weren't quite the same size, Jeanette was taller than Brittany was. And, Brittany had had the dress for a few years, and the girls grew just a little since then. On Jeanette, the dress looked too short, and a little too tight. Eleanor turned her head, afraid of Jeanette seeing her facial expression.

"Oh, I can't wear this, Brittany!" Jeanette said.

"Why not?" Brittany asked.

"I feel like I'm wearing a glove!" Jeanette said, as she looked in the mirror. "And I look like... like... like I'm... trying to... draw... attention to myself..."

"Why don't you wear your new dress?" Eleanor asked.

"Well, I wore that to the dance," Jeanette said, "I wouldn't want to wear the same thing..." Jeanette looked at Brittany. "Brittany? You know that new dress you got last month?"

"No." Brittany said.

"The one with the sparkling skirt?" Jeanette asked.


"You wore it to Easter dinner?"

"I said no!"

"Please, Brittany?"

"Absoutely not, that's one of my best dresses, you'll ruin it!"

Jeanette, literally, dropped to her knees, and begged. "Please, Brittany, please?!

"N-O, N-O, N-O, N-O, no!" Brittany said.

Jeanette began to cry.

"Oh, alright, but if you ruin it, I'm going to break your ribcage, one rib at a time!" Brittany said.

Jeanette threw her arms around Brittany. "I love you, Brittany, you're the best big sister, ever!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, get the dress, and get out!" Brittany said.

Jeanette waited out on the front porch for Rod to pull up. Miss Miller poked her head out the door.

"Jeanette?" Miss Miller asked.

"Miss Miller..." Jeanette said, not knowing Miss Miller to show that she's waiting around.

Miss Miller sighed, and closed the door. She felt the need to meet Jeanette's new boyfriend for herself. Miss Miller nodded to herself, and opened the door, again. "I'm sorry Jeanette, but I need to meet this boy of your's, I am your mother, after all, now you just march right back in here, and wait inside, while I answer the door when he gets here. No ifs, and/or buts."

Jeanette sighed, and walked back into the house. Shortly later, the doorbell rang, so Miss Miller answered the door. "Yes?"

"Hi, I'm here to pick up Jeanette." Rod said.

"I take it you're her date for tonight?" Miss Miller asked.

"Yes ma'am, Rodney Griffin." Rod introduced himself.

"Right..." Miss Miller said, before calling into the house, "Jeanette, your date is here."

Jeanette walked to the door, and smiled at her boyfriend. "Hi, Rod!"

"Hey, Jeanette!" Rod greeted her. "You ready?"

"Uh, just exactly will you two be doing?" Miss Miller asked, embarrassing Jeanette.

"I had an advance in my allowance this week," Rod explained, "thought I'd take this lovely girl to a lovely restaurant for a lovely dinner."

Jeanette's blushing continued.

"Alright," Miss Miller said, "but please, have her home before ten o'clock."

"Yes, ma'am." Rod said, escorting Jeanette to his midnight blue convertible.

"Have fun you two!" Miss Miller said.

They did have fun, Jeanette loved her dinner at a cozy, little French restaurant, with Rod, but before he took her home, Rod drove Jeanette to a nice spot, overlooking downtown Los Angeles.

"Um... Rod?" Jeanette asked.

"Yeah?" Rod responded, as he changed the radio station from hip-hop, to smooth jazz.

"What are we doing here?" Jeanette asked.

"Thought we'd stop here before we call it a night..." Rod said, "awfully nice view from up here."

"Yeah, it sure is." Jeanette said, looking over the city.

Rod slowly reached his hand out to wrap his arm around Jeanette's shoulders, and just as slowly, pulled her closer to him. Jeanette kind of liked it, but then resisted.

"Um... Rod, what are you doing?" Jeanette asked.

"What?" Rod responded.

"Just thought the physical contact was a little premature..." Jeanette said.

Rod smiled. "I'm sorry. I just couldn't help it. You're the kind of girl that looks like she needs an arm around her."

Jeanette smiled. "Well..."

Rod pulled Jeanette closer again. Jeanette felt so special, Rod certainly treated her like she was special. Without her knowing, Rod turned his head, so he could smell Jeanette's hair. It felt like such a romantic night. Full moon, city lights, enjoying it with a new boyfriend, Jeanette felt like it was all a wonderful dream.

"Come here..." Rod said softly, as he tried to kiss Jeanette, on the lips.

"Whoa, wait a minute, Rod..." Jeanette said, trying to pull away from him, "I don't do stuff like that..."

"What stuff?" Rod asked.

"You know..." Jeanette hesitated to say, "necking?"

Rod smirked. "All I wanted was a little kiss."

Jeanette paused. The thought of having her first kiss, with this wonderful guy, was enough to make Jeanette change her mind, but shortly after their lips met, Jeanette, swiftly, pulled away from Rod.

"Rod... was... was that your tounge I felt in my mouth?!" Jeanette asked.

"Oh, did I get carried away?" Rod asked, acting ashamed of himself.

"Yeah, a little bit." Jeanette said.

Rod smiled. "I'm sorry Jeanette, I really am, I'm just... so excited about our first date."

Jeanette nodded. "Me too..." she smiled, "but... let's do try not to get a little too carried away, huh?"

Rod nodded. "No problem, Jeannie."

Shortly later, Jeanette was dropped off at her house. When Jeanette walked in the door, Miss Miller was waiting for her.

"Well?" Miss Miller asked. "How did your date go?"

Jeanette looked almost hypnotized. "It was wonderful, Miss Miller... Rod's just about the greatest guy on earth!"

Miss Miller smiled. "Well, I'm glad to hear all went well."

"It sure did!" Jeanette said. "Uh, Miss Miller... can I ask you something?"

"Of course, dear!" Miss Miller told her. "What is it?"

"I was wondering..." Jeanette began, "if it's not too much trouble... could I get fitted for contacts?"