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Chapter 1: Forbidden Fruit

"Life is better than death, I believe, if only because it is less boring and because it has fresh peaches in it" -Thomas Walker

"Hey come on, Riku," a spirited teenage Sora edged on. A cheerful grin was stretched across his seventeen year old face and his brown, spiky, untamable hair was bouncing up and down as he trotted along the market streets.

The warm afternoon sun was hovering over the town as Sora continued on his way. He smiled as he came across a few townsmen. Some waved back while others put a warm hand on his shoulder to greet him. The happy mood of the town was very infectious; everyone seemed to be in good spirits today.

Sora felt a slight breeze blow past his face. The green, orange, and yellow marketplace flags were blowing gently and added to the bright environment. There were also vendors selling their goods. Potions, jewelry, and weapons were the most commonly bought items.

The boy known as Riku stretched his arms in the air as he kept walking several feet behind his friend. In usual calm prose, he kicked a stone to the side of the street. Watching it land into a patch of hay that was mindlessly sitting on the side, the teen's head jerked up as he heard Sora's loud voice rattle his eardrums. Riku grunted with displeasure as he opened his mouth to speak.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm coming," he sighed. "Hold your horses." It was clear as day that Riku dreaded what was going to happen next. Worse was that he had no choice but to go along with his childhood friend. Sulking further behind, he slipped his hands into his pockets and blew a lock of silver hair that was dripping down over his keen green eyes.

"Riku, show some hustle," the spiky brunette yelled over his shoulder. He was still smiling as he suddenly increased his pace.

Riku rolled his eyes and kept on walking. He didn't really care if Sora was getting impatient. Sora was always impatient. It didn't matter. Even during their sword fights Sora never hesitated to attack first. Reading the situation, planning, or even simple doubt never kept him from barging in right away. He hardly went on defense and when losing, he'd tense up and strike back harder and faster. It still wouldn't do him any good, surprisingly. The only thing Sora was hesitant about was losing. Thank goodness that do overs and retries weren't part of his dictionary. The spiky brunette also enjoyed footraces and he enjoyed the fast, action thrilled life. Sometimes Riku wondered how Sora managed those daily naps. Naptime for him was a necessity.

"We're almost at Mr. Burr's house," Sora called back. "Hurry up!"

Riku could see the excitement on his friend's face grow. Sora was always a happy-go-lucky kid, that's for certain. He was always smiling. He hardly got depressed and he never took the time to think, just like now.

"Whatever. Let's just get this thing over with," Riku said back. "The sooner I get yelled at, the better I'll feel about myself."

Sora grinned mischievously as he ducked down behind the black metal gate that surrounded Mr. Burr's enormous house. In reality, the house was a mansion and was the second biggest building in the city. The white castle on top of the hill, home to the king and queen, was obviously larger, but not my much. Best of all, Mr. Burr's two story house was easily distinguishable. Nothing in the world looked like it. A black metal gate surrounded the perimeter and the bland green rooftop really stood out. The other homes had brown roofs made of hay or straw. A lucky few even had red roofs. The two-story mansion was a sight for sore eyes and it looked over the entire marketplace.

Riku finally caught up as he took a knee next to his best friend. His eyes were glued on the giant house.

"I can't believe we're actually doing this," Riku whispered.

"Well, I did beat you in a fight and a deal is a deal," Sora told him.

"If I had known we'd be breaking into a house, I wouldn't have gone easy on you," the silver haired teen pointed out.


Riku gripped his wooden sword as sweat began to pour down his face. So far, he was able to anticipate each of Sora's movements. If he could keep this up, this duel would soon be over.

Across from him was Sora. He was panting heavily and a trail of sweat was under him. His sword was also in hand.

Screaming, Sora launched forward. His sword was cocked back and his chest was open for a direct hit. Riku noticed this and pointed the sword directly at Sora and he charged in. However, Sora did the unexpected. He stopped midway and the swords of both fighters crashed together. Riku bit his lip as he tried to push Sora back. The brunette, however, was stubborn. He pushed Riku back and thrusted his sword forward. Riku easy swiped it away and then lunged forward. Somehow Sora spun out of the way, completing a perfect 360 degree spin. In one swift movement, he brought his sword up and connected with Riku's jaw. The force of impact sent the silver haired teen to the ground.

End flashback

"I still think that was pure luck."

"Whatever you say," Sora responded, "but sometimes it's better to be lucky than good."

He grabbed a few rocks that were lying around and handed them to Riku.

"When I give you the signal throw this at the door," Sora instructed.

Riku took the rocks and dashed behind the bushes that were on the other side of the street. Sora on the other hand took his position at the side of the house. There was pile of bricks that he would be able to climb to get over the black gate into Mr. Burr's lawn.

The silver haired teen took a deep breath as he played with the rocks he was holding. Those peaches had better be worth it he thought.

Mr. Burr's garden produced some of the most delicious peaches around. The plump, yellow/orange fruit was a delicacy in Radiant Garden. However, Mr. Burr was not one who shared willingly. He charged hefty prices so only nobles and those in the royal family could afford them. Some would say you'd be considered lucky if you got the chance to taste one of Mr. Burr's peaches. Sora and Riku hoped that luck would fall on them today.

Sora looked in the direction of the bushes and flashed Riku the usual sign. Riku nodded his head and he picked up one of the rocks and tossed it in his hand a few times to get into his rhythm. With the quick flick of wrist, the rock was airborne heading straight for the door. It banged on the hard maple and fell straight to the ground.

Sora leaned forward getting to ready to the make his climb once the door opened. He could see the shadow of old Mr. Burr through the window making his way to the front door. A click was heard and Sora immediately bolted up the pile of bricks and over the black gate. He landed on the ground with two feet and he scurried behind the shed.

Mr. Burr opened the door but found no one there. He mumbled something about kids and the guards, guillotines and headstocks. Mr. Burr shut his door violently as he retreated back inside his house. Riku looked through the bush and found that Sora was already over. He raised his eyebrows and rested his back on the large tree. Closing his eyes, he waited. It wouldn't take long now.

Sora poked his head from behind the shed he was hiding behind. There was no sign of Mr. Burr anywhere. Stealthily, he tiptoed his way around back and there, at last, was the glorious peach tree. Yellow/orange ripe peaches hung from the branches just ripe for the taking.

Sora licked his lips as excitement and thrill overcame his body. He could feel the drool slide down his mouth and he wiped his face. Rubbing his hands evilly, he then cracked his knuckles in preparation. Silently, he crept up to the tree and slowly climbed it. The green leaves tickled his face as he fought his way upward onto the first branch. Sitting down, he reached over and plucked two fruits.

Suddenly a chicken clucked, surprising Sora. He fell over backwards letting out a loud yell as he crashed landed on the ground. There was nothing to break his fall and he feared his back was severely wounded.

"Hey, who goes there?" a voice boomed out.

Mr. Burr rushed outside with a dirty shovel in his hand and a look that could kill. Sora rolled on to his feet as he took off wildly. Mr. Burr fiercely chased not intending to let the trespasser escape.

However, Sora was a bit too fast as he bursted into the front lawn. Using his adrenaline, he hurdled over a set of garden tools as he made his way back to the entrance of the gate. Sora could hear footsteps crunching the leaves behind him and he grinded his teeth in anxiousness. Looking over his shoulder, he found Mr. Burr right behind him. The gardener reached his hand out but Sora moved out of the way. Freedom was only twenty paces away, he figured, and all he had to do was hold on.

Mr. Burr grunted as he reached out again but this time he was stopped by a flying rock. The projectile caught him off guard that he slipped and fell. Sora smiled as he opened the gate. He had made it.

"Good throw," he breathlessly said to Riku once he was safely to the other side of the street.

"Yeah, no problem," Riku said as he blew on his fingers as if steam was rising from them. "I aim to please. By the way, did you get the peaches?"

Sora smiled as he took out the fruits. They were fairly large and certainly ripe. Both boys could smell the sweet fragrance and their mouths became wet in anticipation.

"BOYS! SORA! RIKU!" an enraged Mr. Burr shouted.

"I feel better about myself already," Riku smirked.

Sora was the first to laugh as he dug into his peach. The juices poured down his face as he hungrily devoured the golden treasure. It was tremendously good. Riku, too, took a bite and though he wasn't as voracious as his friend, he did like the fruit. It was sweet and soft. The peach was one of a kind and he wondered if he'd ever taste something as delicious as this ever again.

Soon enough, the boys were done eating and they threw the seeds on the ground. The sun was just setting and a small breeze was blowing. Sora smiled contently as he looked up at the sky. All those colors reminded him of the peaches and how he wished he was rich enough to be able to afford them.

It was hard being a street rat. He and Riku were the lowest of the low in Radiant Garden. A beautiful city such as this was no place for them.

Sora and Riku walked side by side as they followed the cement road to the "gallows" named after the executionary gallows that were erected there. It was now abandoned outside the city and was currently the home of the two friends. They built a little shack made from discarded wood and metal and it served as workable home.

There were homeless shelters in town but Sora and Riku never really liked it there. They felt constricted. The landlady was one tough customer who kept a tight house. She never approved of horseplay and all orphans had to abide by a strict code of conduct. Sora and Riku never had time to have sword fights. They couldn't walk around town or do anything they wouldn't do if they lived by themselves. Living in the gallows was just plain easier for them.

"Hey Riku," Sora began, "do you think we'll ever be able to eat those peaches again?"

"I don't know," Riku honestly answered. Looking down at Sora, he already knew what was going on inside his head.

"Hey Sora, don't worry about it man. Life isn't so bad, you know? We'll be fine."

"Yeah, I know," Sora breathed out, "but I just can't seem to wonder what it would be like if our parents didn't die."

"For starters, we'd still be living at home. It would be nice to have a bed."

Sora thought back to the time when he had his parents. They lived in a nice warm little house in the residential district. His mom was the nicest person with kind blue eyes. In fact, all the kids in the neighborhood wished she was their mom. However, Sora remembered her best as a great cook. Chicken porridge was her specialty. He could eat that all day. His dad had long brown spiky hair and blue eyes as well. He was a sailor and at one time a captain of his own ship. But that all happened five years ago. The ship he was on capsized due to a violent storm 500 miles out at sea. Crew and ship sunk and all traces were lost to Davy Jones' locker.

Sora never get his parents back.

He'd never get his home back.

He'd never get his old life back.

He remembered times when he cried for parents that wouldn't come.

He remembered times when he looked up to the heavens asking "why me?"

Was it too much to want something so bad?

There was a fire in him that burned, despite his usually calm, boyish exterior. It was something he had to live with but he wished, dearly, for the chance to let that fire out.

Riku gave Sora a reassuring smile as he pushed aside the wooden plank that served as the door to the entrance of their home.

"I guess I'll be hitting the sack early," he yawned before ducking inside.

Sora blinked a few times as he walked over to one of the tall wooden gallows. Three high walls separated them from the town. Sora probably guessed it was to hide the executions. You wouldn't want little kids to see hanging, limp, dead bodies. There was dried blood all over the place; it marked the ground and colored the surroundings. It's salty smell had eventually plained out but it had taken quite a while. When Sora first got here the sight of blood was unbearable. The smell wrecked havoc like sulfur. He took a seat and rested his back on the vertical wooden pole. The stars were shining above him and the chirping of crickets brought a sense of comfort to him. His eyes slowly closed and sleep overcame him.

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