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*Hinata and Sasuke can't stand each other…but what happens when they go to the college for music and get paired as roommates? Will they find love on their journey to fame? Or will they lose themselves and each other on the way there?*

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"Hinata! Wake Up! You'll be late!" Hinata's cousin, Neji, yelled from downstairs.

Hinata turned in her bed. Groaning, she sat up and looked to her left for her clock.

"Shoot! I packed it already!" Hinata hopped out of her bed and searched for clothes to wear. She was probably late and had packed all of her clothes already…like an idiot.

After searching some more she found an old pair of faded jeans that were a little too big for her and a sweat shirt. Saying she probably didn't have much time, she jut threw it on and ran downstairs, grabbing a pair of sneakers on the way.

As she entered the kitchen, she saw her cousin and her little sister, Hanabi, sitting at the table. Hanabi was poring milk in her coco puffs and looked up as she came into the kitchen.

"Good morning onee-chan. Aren't you gonna be late?" Hanabi said looking at the clock on the wall.

"Crap. Neji! Let's go! I'm gonna miss part of the orientation!" Hinata yelled franticly putting on a pair of black and white converse. She was running around like a crazy person looking for her blue Neko bag.

"Hanabi have you seen my bag!?" Hinata yelled from the living room.

"No!" Hanabi yelled back.

Hinata was losing her mind. She was running all around the house saying over and over 'where's my bag!?' to herself. Neji was trying to hold in his laughter. He hasn't seen her like this frantic since the first day of High School.

Neji was standing next to the door frame near the front door. He was about to go and help Hinata look for her bag when he realized he was standing on something. He looked down and saw that he was standing on the strap to her bag which was sitting in the corner.

Neji picked the bag up and walked into the living room where Hinata was throwing the couch cushions around the room. He stopped near the door and held the bag up.

"5…4…3…2..." Neji said counting down the seconds.

"HUH!!! YOU FOUND IT!!" Hinata yelled when she noticed he was holding the bag. She jumped up and put the bag across her shoulder. She whispered a thank you to Neji then went to the kitchen to grab a quick piece of toast.

"Hurry and eat Hinata. We have to hit the road." Neji said grabbing his jacket and car keys.

"I wish I could go" Hanabi said sighing.

"Sorry kiddo, but you have to go to school. Isn't it your first day starting the 8th grade?" Hinata asked.

"Yea, so what. You're leaving to go to college." Hanabi said frowning. She put her half eaten cereal in the sink and went up the stairs.

"What's up with her?" Hinata asked as she looked at where her sister went up the stairs.

"I'll tell you in the car, let's go." Neji said.

All of Hinata's bags were shipped to the school, and arrived the day before. Hinata got inside of Neji's silver Porsche. They strapped in and hit the road.

As Neji was driving Hinata happened to look at the clock.

"Hey, wait a minute……If it's only 6:30 now then……" Hinata said realizing that Neji tricked her into believing that she was late when really she was early.

"What? It was the only way to get you up and ready so that you have time to change those cloths." Neji said making a face. They both laughed. Hinata was going to miss Neji and Hanabi, but she couldn't help to be excited to be going to The Music and Arts Academy of Japan. She loved music, it was almost like when the music was playing it infused with her soul and made her feel alive!

All the way there they talked and laughed. It was a good way to leave things. When they got to the huge campus Neji told her to have fun, call a lot and be safe. Hinata hugged him and told him to give Hanabi a kiss for her.


Hinata stood at the entrance of the campus. She looked up at the main building. It was huge and beautiful. Grass and Sakura trees surrounded the building and the landscaping of the building was beautiful. Hinata reached into her bag and pulled out a paper to tell her where she was supposed to go.

Orientation Room: 119

Dorm Room: 408

Locker: 27

Class Schedule will be given at orientation.

Hinata put the paper back into her bag and walked into the building. She walked up the stairs and found what she thought was the office and walked in.

A woman was sitting at a desk typing on a computer. She looked young, in her early to mid 20s. She had black hair that was pulled back into a bun. She wore glasses that were pushed down on her nose. The woman looked up and smiled at Hinata when she entered.

"Hello may I help you?" She asked

"Umm…yes, I'm a freshman and—"

"Say no more, your new and you want to know where's the orientation room right?" She said politely cutting Hinata off. Hinata smiled and nodded.

"It's down the hall to your right. Oh, but it's a good 45 minutes before it starts, so you could probably go to your dorm and get settled in." She said.

"Ok, but how do I get to my dorm?" Hinata asked.

"Do you have the paper with your dorm room on it?"

Hinata reached into her bag and pulled it out and gave it to her.

"Oh, that's easy. All you have to do is go to the end of the hall and go up the stairs and stop on the fourth floor. After you come out of the staircase walk past five doors make a right and pass two more doors and the third one on your right is yours." She said slowly making sure Hinata understood. She gave her back her paper and smiled.

"Oh by the way, I really like your bag. Where'd you get it?" The woman asked.

Hinata smiled and looked down at her bag. It was light blue with a picture of a Neko girl with black hair, gloves, ears and a tail. The girl was winking with her hands held up to the sides of her face.

"Thank you. It was a gift from my mother. My name's Hinata by the way." Hinata said smiling holding out her hand.

"Shizune, and your welcome." She said smiling and shaking Hinata's hand.


After Hinata left the office she went to her dorm room and found it easily just as Shizune instructed. She opened the door and found her bags and things pilled up on one side of the bedroom. It was medium sized, at least she thought that it could have been smaller.

When you first walk in your in the small living room with a couch and TV. Then you see the kitchen to the left and a door leading the bathroom one the right.

The bedroom was straight to the back. It had two twin sized beds, two closets and a balcony.

Hinata liked the dorm, but she wondered what her room mate would be like. She hoped it would be her best friend Tenten. They had been friends since the first grade. Tenten was here to dance, Hinata thought she was so talented. Hinata herself was there to play the piano. Playing the piano inspired her, she loved it. She loved playing the piano ever since her mother taught her how to play. Her mother died when she was 15. Hanabi 10 and it hit Hinata more than her, or at least she thought it had. But now she had moved on slightly, but she still missed her mother dearly.

Her father was away at the moment on a business trip. After their mother died he was away more often. Neji practically raised her and Hanabi.

Hinata looked at her watch. She had 35 minuets before the orientation started. She decided to change her clothes. She didn't really wear these kind of cloths much outside. She wasn't one to wear skanky tight fitting cloths either but she didn't like her clothes falling off of her either. She had a great body and at first she was afraid to show it but now she did it and felt proud. Her clothes weren't tight, just fitting.

Hinata went through her bags and changed to a pair of straight legged Levi's and a cute black and gray striped shirt. Hinata had D cupped breasts so she always felt a little self conscience when she wore a low cut shirt like the one she was wearing now.

Hinata shook her insecurities off and fixed her long blue/black hair in a ponytail in the middle of her head. Hinata looked in the mirror one last time and figured she looked good enough. She grabbed her bag and started to head down the stairs to the Orentation.

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