Aang and Katara finished kissing and looked into each other's eyes. They both saw passion and love stirring beneath the surface. Aang smiled up at Katara, "I guess you're not confused anymore."

"No, I don't think I really ever was," She blushed and looked away, "I think what I was feeling was love."

"I love you to, Katara," Aang kissed her again, and felt electricity move through his body. They pulled away and Katara was still blushing, "I guess we should get back inside before they miss us."

"They are probably still fussing over Sokka's painting," Katara looked back to the tea shop, Aang followed her gaze. Everyone was still focusing on the paper in front of Sokka, and Suki was pointing at something on the page.

Aang brought his eyes back to Katara, "Still I think we should get back."

"Okay." As soon as she said it Aang grabbed her hand and led her back to the shop.

Once inside they could hear the conversation Suki was still pointing things out to Sokka, "It's just that me firebending. We just got done fighting firebenders. No offence Zuko."

He shrugged, "None taken."

Sokka was about to reply when Toph piped up, "Well you two had a good time out there." Aang and Katara both blushed as attention turned to them. Only Mai seemed uninterested that they were holding hands and close together.

"You were spying!" Yelled Katara.

"Hey unlike you I can't just 'look' away remember," Toph held a finger to her eye, "I see all."

"It's not like we are surprised or anything," Said Zuko, "and Toph technically you don't see anything."

Toph chucked a rock at Zuko's head, he yelped and held a hand to his bruised forehead, "oops sorry I couldn't see what I was doing." Zuko stomped off with Mai following.

"So," said Sokka, everyone turned toward him, and Aang felt as his legs turned to jelly, "there is only one thing to do about this . . . Paint another picture! Of you two. How bout it?"

Suki giggled, and Katara groaned before asking, "How long would that take?"

Before Sokka could answer Suki smiled and replied, "With the stick figures he draws, probably not long."

Sokka glared at her, "Oh like you could do better."

"Yes, actually I could."

He poked a finger into her chest, "I'd like to see you try."

"Fine but only if you promise not to cry when I win," everyone laughed, but Sokka growled.

"Okay then," said Sokka grabbing his brush and handing one to Suki, "let's do this. Aang, Katara, stand in the doorway, and prepare for the painting of a lifetime." Aang and Katara looked at each other grimacing, but followed his command.

It only took Sokka a few minutes to draw up what he called a 'masterpiece' but it took Suki a few hours, and it turned out she was very talented. In the end Suki rubbed her victory in Sokka's face, literally. She took her painting and rubbed it all-over his face giving him ink stains, soon after everyone but Aang and Katara went to bed.

By this time it was pitch black out and only a few candles were lit giving the tea shop an eerie glow. Katara got up out of her chair, "Aang maybe we should go to bed to, it's getting pretty late."

"Okay, but one thing before we do."


"This," he captured her lips in a quick kiss sending shivers up both their spines.

The pulled away with Aang smiling and Katara blushing, "oh that," said Katara meekly.

Aang took her hand as they headed up the stairs. At the top they made their way down the hallway stealing embarrassed glances at each other. The end of the hallway came with two doors across from each other. Aang looked at Katara and she looked back at him, Katara broke the silence, "Well goodni-"she was cut off when Aang kissed her again more passionately than before.

Aang worked up his courage and let his tongue run against her lips, she opened her mouth to allow him access, he ran his tongue around her mouth. Then he felt as her tongue started to fight back, Aang pushed Katara against her door while their tongues grappled. The he pulled back, "Goodnight, Katara."

Before he could go Katara held him back, "Wait, you could . . . um . . . come in my room." She blushed again, and opened her door, "I mean if you want to."

Aang being only twelve and having been raised by monks, knew nothing of sex so this was nothing that made him nervous, "Sure I'd love to."

Katara seemed a little surprised but said nothing, and stepped aside as Aang entered. Once the door was shut she pulled Aang into a deep kiss.

Aang's P.O.V.

Warning Lemon!

Aang kissed back and slipped his tongue into her mouth. He felt her push up against his body and more importantly his hardening penis. He stiffened momentarily from the pleasure he felt but then continued kissing Katara. She moved her hands from his shoulders to his back and pulled him in closer. He groaned as he felt more pressure on his groin. They kissed for another minute before breaking for air.

Katara led Aang to the bed and sat down he sat down with her. She pulled him into another kiss slowly lying down on her back bringing him down on top of her. Aang although his thoughts were clouded thought this was a strange way to kiss but he said nothing. Then he felt her fingers slip under his cloths he was about to say something when Katara began rubbing his chest, so once again he kept his mouth shut.

Katara began undoing the top of his cloths then pulled them completely off, he came out of the kiss, "What are you doing, Katara?"

He felt her stiffen, "Don't you know?" she asked nervously.

He gazed at her with confused eyes, "Know what?"

A smile crept onto her face, "You really are innocent aren't you?" he continued looking at her questioningly, "Just follow my lead and your instincts will take over."

Aang was about to ask what she meant when she started kissing him again. Then he did as she said and followed her lead. He reached under her shirt and pulled it off of her momentarily breaking their kiss. He heard her sigh before he resumed the kiss. As he set his weight back on her his crotch rubbed against hers and they both gasped in pleasure. Aang did this again and got the same result, but he wanted more. As he wondered how to get more his question was answered as Katara slipped off his sash and pulled down his pants leaving him with only underwear.

Aang pulled back and looked into Katara's deep blue eyes, "Katara I . . . I," he looked away and shook his head then he looked back determined, "Katara, I love you."

"I love you to, Aang."

Aang felt happiness overwhelm him as he started kissing her again. Then remembering he was supposed to follow her lead he pulled off her sash and yanked down her pants. Now only Aang's underwear and Katara's breast and bottom binding separated them. Aang's instincts took control as he undid Katara's breast bindings. He gazed in wonder at her chest and erect nipples, he gave one a squeeze and Katara gasped. He looked up at her and she was blushing. He kissed her and sighed as she ran a finger across his arrow and followed it down his back, avoiding the scar, and down into his underwear.

She gave it a yank and he kicked them off without thinking, then realizing he was naked he covered his full seven inches with his hand and sat up, "Katara what are we doing? Why are we naked? And why is my . . . well this bigger than normal?"

Katara sat up and looked him in the eyes still blushing, Aang shifted to make sure she didn't see his privates, "Well you see when two people love each other they . . . Well they sometimes get naked and . . . um . . . have . . . sex." She blushed deeper and continued, "Sex is when the man's . . . thing gets bigger and he . . . puts it inside the woman." Aang's eyes widened, "This feels good and eventually . . . the man squirts into the woman and this is how a baby is made."

Aang began to blush profusely and turned his back to Katara. This was too much, but he did love her, he reasoned, and it had felt right when they were kissing. Aang thought in silence until suddenly he turned around and kissed Katara taking her by surprise. She fell back and he climbed on top of her. He felt his penis graze her and he gasped at the feeling. Katara noticed and kissed him harder. Then Aang pulled back to undo Katara's bindings once undone he stared at her. He had known the differences between men and women but never thought twice about it until now.

She was beautiful and he couldn't stop staring until Katara shifted beneath him he look up a noticed she was also admiring him. He reached up and ran a hand down her face neck then her rubbed her breast. He stopped as he felt a hand wrap around his manhood. He gasped as she started stroking him. He returned the favor by placing a hand on her womanhood and started rubbing. As she moaned in pleasure he sped up and she gripped him harder.

He felt something and brought his hands down to hers to speed her up. She stopped stroking him, "not yet Aang."

He was about to question when she grabbed his waist and positioned him between her legs. He laid down on her keeping his hips up so not to enter her. Aang kissed her briefly and looked into her eyes she spoke, "Aang this is going to hurt me- oh don't worry only for a second. I'm just warning you." The she smiled and motioned him to go.

He slowly entered her and they both gasped in pleasure. Aang felt her tight warm vagina surround him until he came to a wall. He looked at Katara confused. She once again motioned him to continue. He broke through it and Katara yelped, Aang kissed her and after a moment continued his entry. As he thrust in and out his instincts took over and he bent down and took one of Katara's nipples into his mouth. She moaned as Aang thrust and sucked. Aang felt pleasure spread from his crotch and sped up. Katara tensed beneath him and screamed, her walls contracted around him. He reached orgasm as waves of pleasure washed through him, his tattoos glowed as he pumped his spurts of sperm into Katara. He felt each squirt and trust with it.

As quickly as the feeling came it vanished and he collapsed onto Katara exhausted. She wrapped her arms around him and he buried his head into the crook of her neck, "I love you, Katara."

"I love you to, Aang." And without even pulling out of her Aang fell asleep.