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Kung Fu Kitsune

By Zaion Indulias

Prologue: A Dismaying Occurrence

Sasuke staggered as he landed on the ground, depowering from his level two cursed seal of heaven. He had done it. He had killed his best friend.

Before him was the massive crater that had resulted from the collision of his Chidori and Naruto's Rasengan. The ground was still melted from the heat of the blast, and there was no sign of Naruto anywhere. Even more, Sasuke could not sense even the faintest trace of the power that Naruto had been exuding during the fight.

With a large grin on his face and a maniacal laugh on his voice he turned and leapt away, not noticing how his Sharingan had shifted, turning from three simple tomoe spinning around the red ring into a six pointed star formed by the interlocking of three sharp-pointed ovals.

On a nearby bluff a large green shinobi wearing a black cloak with red clouds rose out of the ground. Inside the pair of large plant-like leaves that surrounded his head the black and white face of the Akatsuki was not smiling.

"Pein-sama is not going to like this…"

Elsewhere, in a dimension entirely different from the one which he had been in moments before, an exhausted Naruto appeared in the middle of the air in a brilliant flash of purple light. He barely had time to open his eyes and scream before he began to plummet towards the ground below him.

Analytically part of Naruto's mind analyzed the sight before him as he fell. Elegant architecture surrounding a courtyard filled with cheering people, check. People that are apparently talking animals, check. Panda on a flaming rocket approaching at breakneck speed, check.

Wait, what?!!

Naruto reacted out of instinct, spinning in the air with what little was left of his energy and lashing out with a kick that redirected the incoming panda projectile of pummeling off course and back towards the town Naruto could now see at the base of the tall mountain.

Naruto continued to fall, and as he neared the ground below him he held out his hands and feet before him, forcing as much chakra as he could gather out in an effort to lessen his impact with the ground.


Naruto slammed into the ground, his limbs holding out for a fraction of a second before he collapsed entirely onto his stomach.

He came to shortly after impact to find five large humanoid animals all staring at him as he blinked and shook his head to clear it. Before him stood a monkey, a tiger, a snake, a crane, and a mantis. Slowly he turned his head to find what looked to be an old tortoise holding a staff pointing a finger at him.

As Naruto stumbled to his feet with what tiny fragment of energy remained within him the tortoise spoke in a soft voice.

"How interesting."

"Master, are you pointing at me?" The tigress behind Naruto asked, her gender being clearly indicated by the sound of her voice.

"Him." The tortoise replied, his finger following Naruto as he stumbled to the side slightly.

"Who?" Naruto asked in confusion, side stepping to avoid the finger. Said tortoise's finger pointedly followed Naruto no matter where he stepped.

"You." The turtle replied.

The tortoise stepped forward and reached out with his staff, lifting Naruto's arm into the air as he proclaimed loudly to the gathered animals. "The universe has brought us the dragon warrior."

"What?" Naruto asked in surprise.

"What?" The five animals who stood before him asked in surprise.

"What?" A small red panda standing on a higher part of the courtyard overseeing the presentation the Furious Five had been performing said in surprise.

"Wait, what the hell happened to me?!!" Naruto yelled in surprise as he finally realized that his arm was not pale and orange clad like he had expected to see. It was instead covered in fine orangey-red fur and ended in a paw with elegant claws on it. As he became more aware of his body he realized that he could feel the breeze directly on his skin, or rather fur, his whiskers seemed to be sending him signals on the exact motion of the air around him, and he suddenly became aware of nine tails waving behind his head.

Naruto turned his head to get a better look behind him and promptly fainted, collapsing on the ground in complete exhaustion. Nine long red-tipped tails settled onto his back as a gong was sounded and four attendants carrying a litter rushed down the steps and lifted Naruto into the elegant vehicle to carry him up the long steps and into the Jade Palace proper. As they carried off the snoozing fox the tortoise watched on with a faint smile while the five warriors looked confused and the red panda narrowed his eyes in anger and dismay.

No one noticed a large panda that had barely managed to pull him self up the steps from town and to the opening of the gates just in time to see the fox carried off into the palace.

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