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Bella POV

It's been 33 years since our encounter with the Volturi following Renesmee's arrival. Since then although we've had to live in different places in order to avoid notice, I was able to have what I desired the most and that was to keep in touch with Charlie.

His 'need to know' attitude meant that he never questioned the fact that none of us were aging or that Renesmee aged so fast for a while then stopped aging like the rest of us. He never complained when we told him we had to move to a different town and he had always spent at least a couple of weeks visiting us wherever we were, which always amused me as it reminded me of how I used to visit him in the summer when I was a kid.

He usually spent lots of time watching a game on the TV with Emmett when he visited and they had been good friends over the years due to their common love of all things sports. He and Carlisle had a curious relationship, they had tried many times to bond over a shared interest, but it always seemed slightly awkward.

The funniest attempt at bonding had to be when they tried fishing. They must have gone a dozen times, but they never caught any fish as every time they sensed Carlisle's presence they swam away. This frustrated Charlie so badly as he was, by his own estimation a good fisherman and had never had such troubles before.

The only time Charlie ever made any sort of scene was when Jacob and Remesmee became an item. Whilst we all accepted Renesmee for her advanced age he still seemed to count her age in human years, despite her appearance. He struggled to understand how she and Jacob could go from friends to much more than that with no complaints from any of us.

Jacob had offered to explain things to him, but said it would stray past the "need to no" territory and he soon backed down. Jacob and Renesmee tried to be sensitive to his feelings whilst he visited.

Though after a few years he no longer flinched when they were holding hands or cuddling or kissing and he also went to their wedding and played the doting grandpa.

He was so accepting of the fact that the Cullens were something different that we didn't make too much effort to act human around him, though we avoided talking of things such as hunts whilst he was in earshot.

As the years have gone by the only thing that has been difficult has been watching Charlie age. It's not just me that has found it difficult, I have noticed all of the family looking at him occasionally and feeling sad that he was wilting away.

All of the Cullens except for Carlisle had never gone through anything like this before, they'd never stayed around a specific human for so long before so it was all new to them and it affected them all differently,

It had affected Alice a lot as she was very fond of my dad and I could see her struggling not to show it, it was Alice who had seen that Charlie had prostate cancer and that he'd left it too late to be treated, which meant he was in considerable pain as a result. She went to great lengths to arrange for a screening programme to be set up in Forks and when Charlie had mentioned it she told him what a great thing that was for the town and that as the recently retired chielf of police he should be first in line to set a good example to others.

This early detection meant that he was able to start treatment straight away and Alice no longer saw Charlie in great pain, but could see that the cancer wouldn't be beaten for long.

Edward also found it hard to watch Charlie age. We did speak about it and he explained that he had no comprehension how hard it would be to watch someone he cared about wither with age and how he couldn't believe that he had ever fought so hard against my desire to become like him. He admitted that he didn't know how he would have coped if it was me getting so old and frail like that before him. This for some reason made me a little smug as I had always told him how bad it would be, but I never showed him my smugness