We all filed into various cars and followed Alice and Jasper in convoy. I held on to the urn of Charlies ashes on my lap. We'd only been driving for 10 minutes when we started to slow in a marina. As we all parked up and followed Alice on foot we approached a rather large boat, which was decorated with fairy lights and garlands. This was so obviously Alices work.

Once we were all on board, Alice called us all to attention. "Charlie wanted a good party and a good party is what we'll have. There is only one rule on this boat and that is no being miserable, anyone caught being miserable will be thrown overboard"
There was a flurry of murmurs around the room as everyone considered if she was serious then it fell silent again.
"The other reason we're on a boat is that Charlie requested his ashes be scattered in water, somewhere with lots of fish and well I have done my research and about 6 miles due north there is an area of water that is heavily populated with fish" Alice continued.

I hugged the urn tight and simply nodded and with that we set off. Alice had placed a box with padding to the side of the room and we placed the urn there. "That'll give you the best view" Alice said.
She then sped off to the corner of the room and suddenly the boat was filled with music. A projector set off and alongside one wall there was suddenly a slide show of all the photos that Charlie had in the box file.

Initially no one dance, but when Alice repeated her earlier warning and Jasper worked his magic to life the mood in the room we were soon dancing away and having a good time.

Once we reached the spot that Alice had researched I held Renesmee's hand tight and we walked towards the edge of the boat. We both said our final goodbyes then we emptied the ashes into the water. As the ashes hit the water the sun shone and it looked as though the water was sparkling. We both stood for a few moments before giving each other a hug and returning to the party, determined to do as Charlie asked and have a good time.

As the evening wore on Alice started to play some softer music. Soon the boat deck was filled with couples having a slow dance. Edward was soon by my side and we started to dance. "I love you" he murmered "I love you too" I replied.
I lowered my shield to the Edward into my thoughts as we danced my mind was filled with images of Charlie as he stayed with us near the end. One of the images was of Charlie speaking to Edward from within his mine.

I felt Edward chuckle and I turned to face him. "What's funny" I asked "I was just remembering what Charlie had said to me" Edward replied.
I thought for a moment and said "What did he say exactly"
Edward laughed and gave me a kiss before saying "When I attempted to read Charlies mind to see how he was coping, you can't begin to imagine the surprise I got when I heard what he was thinking"

Edward paused for a moment as if trying to remember the detail

He said "No chance Edward Butt out.... I was about to react but then he said.. Don't you dare tell the others what i am doing here, that is for me to do, this is my fun. Unless you want me to come back as a ghost and haunt you till the end of time then you need to pretend like I am not doing this and let me have my fun... of all the luck in this world I had to be the father in law of a mind reader, have you any idea how frustrating that is"
I couldn't help but laugh at that and of Edwards reaction. I imagined how surprised he must have been.

We all partied till nightfall before heading back to the marina. The la push pack all said their goodbyes and we headed home. As Edward and I laid in bed in a loving embrace I was pensive. Maybe it was because I had gotten to say my goodbyes or maybe it was the fact that I was still buzzing from Alices party and the knowledge that we gave Charlie the send off that he so wanted, but laying there in Edwards arms in what I always saw as my happy place I could feel no sadness for the fact that Charlie was gone. I guess it was because I knew that even though he had gone physically, he would live on in the memories of me and my family for a long time to come.