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Voldemort has been vanquished from power and Harry from Britain. Aiming to start a new life in muggle America Harry moves to what he thinks is a small quiet town to start over in. His destiny has just begun. Smallville Xover. HP/LL. NO SLASH.

Chapter 1 – Lightning

(Saturday, September 4th 2004)

"Welcome Mr. Potter. We've missed you." Voldemort called out as he walked out in front of his army of 200 Death Eaters in the dark, ruined streets of Diagon Alley. "Like what I've done with the place?" he taunted as he waved a hand through the air pointing out the complete destruction around him. Since his return to power Voldemort had been slowly destroying the alley piece by piece. It was now in complete ruins. Only Gringotts remained standing.

Whilst it may have only been mid afternoon, London felt as though it was night. Thick dark clouds covered the sky, blocking out most of the suns light. Occasionally lightning would streak across the sky and thunder would roar. London had never seen such weather and no one, not even the magical users had an explanation for it.

A war-torn 19 year old Harry Potter stepped out in front of the Order of the Phoenix and DA members (know known as the Order of Defence) on the opposite side of the alley clad in a black muggle t-shirt and jeans. His black messy hair streaked with a touch of grey, and with a vivid red scar running from the bottom of his famous lightning bolt scar, past his eye and half way down his nose. It gave him the look of a warrior, one that Death Eaters, whilst not in the presence of their master, now feared.

The Aurors and ministry employees were cowering inside their underground fortress nearby. He stood tall and proud, his green eyes glowing with suppressed power, "It ends tonight, Tom."

Voldemort sneered at the name but was able to control himself enough not to lash out at the use of his birth name; his fathers name. "I know it does Potter. Tonight you will die and afterwards no one else will have the courage to stand up to me."

Harry laughed, although his laughter held very little trace of humour, "You still don't get it Tom, do you? These people behind me will never stop fighting you. They will never give up."

Voldemort laughed, "Then they will die beside you Potter." The Death Eater laughed loudly behind their master, doing their best not to show their fear.

Harry merely smiled and took a few steps forward, separating himself from the crowd behind him. "Then how about it, Tom? We both know the prophecy, hell, everyone here knows that only I can kill you and vice versa. You also know that your three Horcruxes has been destroyed. So let's duel, one on one."

Voldemort sneered again, "You believe you can beat me Potter?! I, who defeated Albus Dumbledore with ease, the greatest Dark Lord this world has ever seen?" The Death Eaters remained silent, waiting on the 19 year old to answer.

"Yes," Harry answered confidently. The Death Eaters roared with laughter at the mere thought of a teenager defeating their master, despite the amount of times that Harry had single handily stopped one of Voldemort's schemes. "Albus may have been wise and powerful, but he was old and his time had passed. He knew that he couldn't beat you. I on the other hand believe I can beat you. I know that I can beat you."

Voldemort frowned at the confidence but none the less stepped away from his private army. "So be it. I, Lord Voldemort challenge Harry Potter to a duel to the Death. Any interference from either side will result in the death of the one whose side interfered." Magic swirled in the air as note of the magical binding challenge.

Harry took one step forward, ignoring the cries of protest from those behind him. Harry didn't listen. His best friends were dead, and he was going to personally kill the bastard responsible. "I, Harry Potter accept." Magic swirled from Harry and clashed with that from Voldemort's challenge. The air began to glow gold and a large dome of light shone around the separating them from those around. Voldemort drew his wand and lazily held it by his side. Harry stood still.

"Are you not going to draw your wand Potter? Have you now just realized that your death is inevitable and unavoidable?" The Death Eaters laughed again.

"No. I'm quite content as I am. Now, we bow." Harry tilted his head forward slightly, never taking his eyes off the man in front of him. He watched as Voldemort bowed mockingly, but never taking his eyes from Harry. The moment Voldemort's back straightened Harry lashed out thrusting his wandless right hand forward and throwing a burst of pure magic toward Voldemort.

Voldemort's eyes widened in disbelief at the power and the fact that no wand was used before he hastily conjured a shield. The shield cracked but was enough to defend him. Harry smiled and took two steps forward as Voldemort righted himself, "Scared yet Tom?"

Voldemort frowned, now taking his opponent seriously, "Lucky shot Potter! Avada Kedavra!" Harry side stepped the curse as it came rushing towards him.

"Is that all you've got Tom?" Harry taunted before throwing out his right hand again and flicking his wrist slightly. This time, instead of using pure magic as he had before, lightning exploded from his palm. Voldemort quickly cast a shield and held it against the constant stream of lightning crashing towards him.

Voldemort, having trouble maintaining his shield against the power was beginning to panic. "What magic is this Potter?"

Harry smirked, "Lightning Tom; muggle energy. I suppose I should thank you for it though. I had always wondered just why the scar you gave me was shaped like a lightning bolt and it was whilst I was in your captivity that the powers surfaced. You never did work out how I escaped, did you?" Harry laughed mockingly, trying to push the images of what had happened before the moment his gift emerged.

Harry remembered the day quite clearly. He had been helping to stop a raid in a small muggle town in north-east Scotland when the one and only spy in the Order turned on Harry and stunned him from behind. Harry had then spent the next 2 weeks being tortured repeatedly in one of Voldemort's cells with magically restricting bracelets on, despite the Death Eaters not knowing that Harry not longer needed a wand. They knew that Harry had a lot of luck on his side and were taking no chances.

Voldemort had stopped by more times than Harry could remember and slowly, meticulously and skilfully tortured him for hours at a time. When Voldemort wasn't there the Death Eaters were given almost free reign to do with them as they wished, as long as nothing of vital importance was damaged. At one point they had even crucified him, stating that it was a fitting end for 'the saviour.' He still had the scars from that, both physical and mental.

Madam Pomphery told him that he would have them for the rest of his life.

Once again, Voldemort had underestimated his potential as the magically restricting bracelets hadn't stopped his new power. At first the only thing that was different was a small tingling feeling he felt when his anger began to get the better of him. He had first thought the feeling was due to nerve damage. Eventually he had begun to focus on it and, over the next few days constantly – when not being tortured – concentrating on the power. It took three days before he was able to create small sparks from his fingers. It was then, two weeks later during the beginning of one of his daily torture session that Harry's power evolved. Harry had held his hand out in a feeble attempt to stop the whip that the Death Eater was using from crashing into his chest when a bolt of lightning shot from his hand and killed the Death Eater in front of him. Afterwards Harry had sat in his cell just wishing – praying that he had some way to escape when he felt power building up inside of him again. He grabbed the power and held onto it with everything he had. The next thing he saw was a huge bolt of lightning destroy the wards and ceiling above him and, in another bolt of lightning, drop him just outside of Hogwarts gates. The escape had electrocuted all 13 Death Eaters that were in the building. Voldemort had never worked out how that had happened.

Harry had escaped alive. Despite all he suffered, he still considered himself lucky.

Voldemort's eyes widened in shock and sweat dripped down his face as he struggled to hold up his constantly weakening shield. Harry looked up and saw the minister and his Aurors walking towards him in the distance. Minister Scrimgeour had been a bother since day one. When he was newly appointed he had hounded Harry trying to get him to play poster boy to the Ministry and lie about how well they were doing and how much confidence he had in them to win. Naturally, Harry had flat out refused and that was when the Minister took a page out of 'Fudge's book on Governing Morons'. He had tried to discredit Harry numerous times by calling him an up and coming Dark Lord. The prophet however had been hailing Harry as their savoir at the time so very few people took the claims seriously.

When the full nature of the prophecy finally came to Scrimgeour's attention mid way through Harry's 7th he had immediately given it to the Daily Prophet to show the war that the Ministry was losing could be won. That had caused Harry more trouble than any of the Minister's previous attempts to discredit him. Endless owls and endless howlers from citizens of the British magical world asking him why he hadn't defeated Voldemort yet and that he had better do so now. Every time someone died it was automatically Harry's fault because he hadn't defeated the bad man yet.

After two weeks of letters and complaints Harry no longer cared. He no longer cared about wizarding Britain or for the most part, the people in it. He placed a spell upon himself to block owl mail and continued with his training. He fought for three reason; to save his remaining friends from death and/or enslavement, to avenge his parents, Sirius and his friends that had died, and finally because it was his destiny; it was his job to defeat Voldemort.

Harry watched as the Minister drew nearer and knew that he had to end the duel now before the Minister did something stupid and caused his death. He also didn't want the Minister or those who weren't loyal to him knowing his secret. Still firing lightning from his right hand he drew up his left and fired another similar stream of electricity towards Voldemort. The two waves of lightning combined and began to glow so bright that most had to shield their eyes. As the lightning struck his shield it collapsed and the powerful stream crashed into his chest.

Voldemort screamed only for a moment before he collapsed to the ground burnt, blackened and dead. Everyone around him stood in shock at how quickly the duel had been won and at the ease of it. The golden orb collapsed leaving and immaculate looking Harry staring down at the burnt body of his nemesis. His parents had now been avenged. Sirius had been avenged. Dumbledore had been avenged. Remus had been avenged. Ron and Hermione had been avenged.

"Huh…" Harry murmured to himself.

He had finally done it; finally killed the bastard that had brought so much pain and suffering to his life. But it was yet to be over.

As one, all the Death Eater's raised their wands to strike down Harry. Harry raised both hands ready to strike them down as he had their master, but to his shock and everyone's around him, they all grabbed their left arms and screamed in pain as mass amounts of electricity burst from their dark marks and consumed them. In moments all the Death Eaters bodies resembled that of their master; burnt, blackened and very much dead.

"That was interesting…" Harry mumbled to himself as he watched uncaringly.

The crowd behind Harry cheered as they watched the plague that had almost destroyed their world burn. But Harry's day was still not over yet. He sighed as he watched Minister Scrimgeour march purposefully towards him, pushing past the Order of Defence members with 30 Aurors close behind him. He knew what was going to happen. Scrimgeour saw him as a weapon, and once a weapons purpose had been complete, they are dismantled. Harry however had planned ahead and was eagerly waiting to enact it.

Harry watched as Neville Longbottom smirked behind the Ministers back. He knew what was about to happen. He and Harry had discussed it often.

"Harry James Potter, you are under arrest for the murders of Tom Riddle and his Death Eaters. As you committed these crimes in public with over one hundred witnesses you will not be granted a trial. You will come with the Aurors peacefully. Your sentence is life in Azkaban." The crowd an OoD members gasped and began protesting the decision, but Harry knew that the Minister would not give up. Harry was now a huge threat to the power base he had become quite accustomed to.

"No." Harry said quietly. Despite the quietness in his voice, what he said carried to everyone in alley. Those in the crowd that knew Harry well became silent recognizing the tone. It had been the same one he had used when speaking with the Death Eaters that had murdered Ron and Hermione. Those Death Eaters died very painfully afterwards. After only a few moments everyone in the crowd had gone silent as Harry stared directly at the Minister, his eyes glowing green once again. Neville's smirk grew.

"What?" the Minister asked in surprise, not having expected Harry to resist arrest in front of 30 Aurors. He had also anticipated Harry being greatly weakened by his duel with Voldemort had he won. Apparently, that was not the case. "You're resisting arrest?"

Harry shrugged, "I guess you call it that. What I am doing is giving you options. First option; do nothing, ignore me and get back to your lives. Second choice, you let me leave, not just here, but the country; banish me if you must. The third choice is to believe that I am resisting arrest and order your Aurors to take me in by force." Harry's quiet voice still carried easily amongst the winds. A few people in the crowd shivered. Harry took one step forward, "If you chose that option, I will kill any and all Aurors that try to stop me. There are maybe 30 of you, including you Minister, but I'm confident that I could kill most of them before you kill me. So what will it be Scrimgeour?" Harry asked. He knew could kill the Aurors in seconds, not with magic, no, he was good, but not that good.

Lightning on the other hand…

Hell, he was seriously tempted to just kill them all. They were nothing to him. If he hadn't planned ahead for this moment he probably would have struck them down.

The Minister froze. That hadn't been what he had expected. He hesitated and that was enough to show Harry that he was considering the second option. Harry, whose face still remained impassive, held out both his arms to his side at a 45 degree angle from his legs curve his fingers slightly as if loosely holding a tennis ball and allowed his hands to fill with suppressed lightning. Harry managed to control it sufficiently to make it appear as though his hands were merely glowing, holding no hint to the extent of his powers. The crowd tensed.

The Minister who had quickly run a threat assessment and decided that he didn't want to die today came to a decision, "Harry James Potter, as the Minster of Magic of Great Britain and Ireland I banish you for all of time."

Harry smirked. He knew that was going to be the option Scrimgeour picked in the end and had planned for it. The Minister took a step back in surprise. He had a sudden feeling of dread, as though he had signed a contract he hadn't read. "Wrong choice." Harry whispered and Scrimgeour recoiled.

'What have I done?' he thought to himself. Harry, still with the suppressed lightning in his hands clapped them together and pushed outward with his magic. Thunder roared from around him. He saluted once towards Neville who saluted back. A powerful shock wave burst from Harry, knocking most to the ground. The wards above the alley visibly flared for a moment before emitting a high pitched whine, indicating a catastrophic ward failure. Free from magic restraints Harry disapparated from Diagon Alley.


Seconds later Harry was standing directly at the front doors of Gringotts Bank. He dropped to one knee, exhausted from using such a method to bring down the wards. It wasn't the best idea he'd ever had. Harry smiled; he had just ruined countless ancient wards in his exit, people would be able to do so whenever they wanted in that alley for a while. He stood up straight and put on his game face.

Harry pushed open the large doors to the bank and walked in and over to the nearest teller that he recognized and bowed slightly in respect. Whereas he had lost faith in the wizards and witches of Britain, he still held respect for the goblins. "Greetings goblin Master Breaktack."

The goblin bowed slightly as well, in a rare show of respect towards a human. "Greetings Mister Potter. May I offer you congratulations on your defeat of the Dark Lord?"

Harry smiled, not surprised that the goblins already knew. "You may. You are the first to, thank you."

Breaktack nodded, "How may Gringotts be of service to you?"

"As you will have just heard, I have been banished from Great Britain and Ireland, and so I'm leaving the country, but first I'm clearing out all of my vaults as of now." Breaktack stared in shock at the thought of the ramifications of the loss of Harry's money from the bank.

Once Harry had reached the age of 17 he had been given access to the Potter family vault, one of the 10 richest pureblood families of the time. It had also been then that Harry had been given access to the Black family vault as the sole heir after Sirius' death. That had made Harry Potter the richest client in Gringotts London, only marginally ahead of the Malfoy family.

Harry's wealth continued to rise after the death of Rodolphus and Rabastan Lestrange. The money from their vault (4th in the Gringotts rich list) had been then given to Rodolphus' wife Bellatrix. Harry, as head of the Black family had then been put in charge of that money and disowned Bellatrix on the advice of Gringotts. A similar pattern then followed. As inner circle Death Eater's died and pureblood families ended, their finances were past along to their closest relatives in the blood line. Several went to the Black's (Harry) and several went to the Malfoy family. Upon the death of Lucius and Draco in a raid 2 months ago the entire wealth of the Malfoy family was passed to Narcissa, who was born a Black. Harry took the money, disowned Narcissa, and became the richest man in the world.

This was why the Minister had made the mistake of banishing Harry from Britain. He was going to take all of his gold with him. All 65 percent of the gold in Gringotts; all 7 Billion galleons (35 Billion GBP) He almost cackled at the thought. The goblins would be pissed.

"Mister Potter…" stuttered the shocked goblin, "Surely you would know what this would do to Gringotts and the economy?"

Harry nodded, "I do Breaktack, but if I don't remove this now the Ministry will have it taken from me and I can't allow that. I know that Gringotts will lose a lot because of this, but the money is mine and you have little choice." Deciding that the carrot and stick approach would help speed this up, Harry continued, "Besides, you aren't looking at the bright side of this." Harry smiled darkly, a smile that would have even made Voldemort pause.

"Oh? And what bright side is that?" he growled.

"Well, as Voldemort has just been defeated, the wizards and witches will celebrate, and it's their governments fault that Gringotts London just lost 78 percent of their holdings. To me, that sounds like a perfect excuse for a rebellion." Harry grinned as the look on the goblins face changed from skeptical, to surprised, to one of awe and then of excitement.

"Intriguing idea Mister Potter, I must report this to Lord Ragnok immediately."

"Breaktack, I need that money transferred now. The Minister will be here soon to seize my funds."

Breaktack hesitated for a moment before nodding. Harry reached into the back pocket of the black muggle jeans he was wearing and pulled out a leather wallet. He pulled out a dozen muggle bank cards he had received for this situation a month ago and passed them towards the goblin. "Please put everything equally into that. I will need to take a few things out first though." Harry said.

Over the past year he had been slowly liquidating the contents of his vaults and now all that remained was gold and shares in muggle businesses. He'd been planning this for a while.

"Very well Mister Potter. I will need Ragnok's approval but I do no see that being a problem; as you said, we are creatures of our word and have little choice. I will have a goblin meet you momentarily to take you to your choice of vaults."

Harry nodded in acceptance and a goblin was called over. Harry followed him towards the carts and down into the underground caverns of the bank.


Harry emerged from the bank two hours later and smiled brightly as he met the Minister and five Aurors just outside the entrance, obviously on their way to the bank do what Harry had guessed; steal from him. Harry discreetly tucked the gold chain around his neck further into his t-shirt, hiding it from view. The Minister saw Harry and scowled at him, "Potter?" What are you doing here? I thought I told you that you were banished?!"

Harry smiled sweetly at him, inside cackling away, "Minister, I'm sorry about that. I merely had to pick up a few things from my vaults. I won't keep you." Harry smiled the Minister again and made to walk past him but the Scrimgeour stepped in his way.

"Something I can do for you Minister?" Harry asked curiously.

Scrimgeour growled at the sweet tone Harry used. "What have you done Potter?"

"Me?" Harry asked pointing at himself, a mock look of surprise on his face. "Nothing at all; just sorting out some finances before I leave."

Scrimgeour smirked, "As you are no longer a British citizen that money is now property of the Ministry of Magic."

Harry merely shrugged, "Oh well. I've never been one for money. I'll survive." said Harry, still inwardly laughing at the disappointed look on the Minister's face. "Well, I've gotta go. Have fun Minister. Viva la revolution!" Harry punched the air with his right hand and disapparated on the spot leaving a highly apprehensive Minister standing in front of Gringotts.

Rufus, shaking his head and pushing away thoughts of Harry Potter taking over the world, stepped into the bank, three of his top Aurors obediently behind him. He marched towards the nearest goblin who, coincidentally happened to be the same goblin Harry had only said goodbye to minutes before, "Goblin! Harry Potter has been banished from Britain, by law 2256-b the Ministry of Magic has legal rights to confiscate all items from his vaults in Gringotts." He slapped a piece of parchment down in front of the goblin that showed that the banishment had been legal and they had a right to what was known as the Blood Fortune.

Breaktack sneered at the Minister as was the usual custom and checked the form, "Very well Minister. How would you like to proceed?"

"I want everything Potter owns transferred to the Ministries vault immediately."

"Very well Minister Scrimgeour." said Breaktack who was currently fighting a smile. He pressed several runes on the desk in front of him that completed the transaction as had been planned by Harry. "The funds have been successfully transferred."

Scrimgeour smiled, with the amount of money he had just taken from Potter he would be forever known as the greatest Minister Britain had ever seen. He smiled at the goblin, the thought of so much money making the smile difficult to clear, even if he was taking to some lowlife creature. "Good, now tell me how much was just transferred."

Breaktack sneered at him again for ordering him around. Inside though he was looking forward to what was about to happen, "The money was transferred from vault 47. The total amount was," Breaktack paused briefly. Scrimgeour never saw all the goblins in the bank looking at him. "Two sickles and a note, Minister."

Scrimgeour froze. '2 sickles?! That has to be wrong! He had over 7 billion galleons in there! I know he did!'

"Check again goblin! That was obviously a mistake!"

"No mistake Minister. Harry Potter cleared out all of his vaults only moments ago."

Scrimgeour froze again, one of the last things Potter had said echoing in his head.

'Have fun Minister.'

Potter had known. Potter had known that he was going to come for his gold. Potter had known that he was going to be attacked legally after his defeat of Voldemort, after all, the Ministry had never made it a secret that they thought he was a threat. He went red in rage, "Impossible!" he roared. "Potter can't do that! That's my money!"

"I am afraid Minister that that is not true. After all, Ministry law dictates that until a representative from the Ministry comes to show that they may legally acquire the money, that the money is still the property of the original client, not the government. Mister Potter got here before you and therefore you get what he left you."

Scrimgeour screamed again but before he could say anything Breaktack handed him a note. "This was the note Mister Potter told us to leave you."

Scrimgeour snatched the note from the goblins hand and unfolded it.

Two sickles to pay the Ferryman Minister Scrimgeour.

The richest man in the world,

Harry James Potter

Scrimgeour screamed again before turning on his heel and stomping out from the bank cursing the day Potter was born.